Flo's 2007 April Travels

April Camping Trips 2007

FLo and dad standing in bluebonnet

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LOCATION: Burnett, Texas     SITE: Canyon of the Eagles LCRA Park
DATE: 4/13/07 – 4/15/07     SPACE: 25    TRIPS: 19     DISTANCE: 76 miles

Canyon of the Eagles is an LCRA park, located on Lake Buchanan. Lake Buchanan is the first lake of the 6 Highland Lakes in the chain of lakes on the Colorado River. The Highland Lakes are Lake Buchanan, Inks Lake, Lake LBJ, Lake Marble Falls, Lake Travis, Lake Austin and Town Lake. Lake Buchanan is the second largest lake of the chain. During November through March is a wonderful time to see one of the largest colonies of the American Bald Eagles that migrate to Lake Buchanan. The Canyon of the Eagles park many amenities.

Friday April 13, 2007

The ride to the Canyon of the Eagles Park is very beautiful ride because you see a lot of wildflowers. We saw bluebonnets all over the place go down the highways. My parents and I arrived at the Canyon of the Eagles LCRA Park about 5:00 p.m. The entrance to the park is very rustic looking. There are a Rustic Lodge, RV Park and Campgrounds. We stayed at the RV Park with many amenities. The amenities are:

After my dad checked in we went to the RV Park to find are space. There are 25 campsites located in the RV Park and each campsite is shaded with many trees. Once we located the space we wanted we setup camp. Each campsite are very close together so you don't get much privacy. After mom and dad setup camp, we had dinner. My parents had hamburgers and I had my special food. Than we went for a hike. We walked to the amphitheater to start our hike, there is so many bluebonnets growing among the cactus, that mom had to take some pictures of dad and me in them. We hiked a very short hike because the weather started to deteriorate, so we had to turn back and head back to camp. When we got back mom put up the chairs and dad put the grills away. They did it right in time before the rain came. When the rain came we were inside the Minnie and mom baked some cookies, they smelled good. After awhile we went to bed.
Saturday April 14, 2007

It rained all night but by morning it was gone. I'm very excited, it's time to get up and go hiking, it's the first camping adventure this month because of the rain. I let my mom and dad sleep until about 7:15 a.m. My parents got out of bed and had breakfast and I ate my special food. After we had breakfast we went for a 4 miles hike through the trees. The trails weren't that muddy even after all the rain we had the night before because the trails had a lot of leaves from the oak trees. We hiked about half the trail because the rest was closed to the public. Part of the trail is close between 3/1-8/31, because of the Golden-Cheeked Warbler and Black-Capped Vireo. It was a beautiful hike down by the lake. While we were hiking we saw some American Bald Eagles in flight. The eagles were gorgeous flying over head. I never seen an eagle before so that was very exciting. I think the eagles were hunting for breakfast. We also so many other birds chirping in the trees. When we got to the end of the hike my dad had to pick me up and carry me because we came to a cattle guard and couldn't walk over it. I liked that very much because my dad carried me for awhile at the beginning I wasn't sure what dad was doing. During the whole hike we didn't see anyone or any dogs, I thought that was weird. When we got back to the amphitheater I saw a lot of people getting ready for their hike. All the girls wanted to pet me I really enjoyed that. Dad took a picture of mom and me on the stage of the amphitheater. I was tired so we had to go back to camp to rest because we were going to go for another hike in the afternoon.
While I was resting and dad was barbecuing a steak for lunch I met a new friend. My new friend is a nine week old golden retriever name Brandy. She was very cute and playful, so I decided to play with her, I had to be careful because she was a lot smaller than me. At first her master wasn't sure about letting her play, my dad explained to him that I was friendly and I wouldn't hurt her. I had fun playing now it's time to eat lunch. After lunch we went for a short hike about 2 miles. We hiked to the Rustin Lodge to check it out. It was very nice. There is a swimming pool, restaurant, meeting room and units to sleep in. The swimming pool has a waterfall in it. The Lodge is very well kept up and you can see Lake Buchanan when you go out to the observation area. At one end of the observation area there are steps made out of granite stones. My parents and I hiked down the stairs, the stairs leads you to the Waterfront Area. The Waterfront Area is beautiful you can rent kayaks, paddle boats and canoes. You can play volleyball, pitch horseshoes and have a picnic. There is a dock there, where you can take a cruise down the Colorado River on 
Vanishing Texas River Cruises or sail with Lake Buchanan River Adventures to see where the American Bald Eagles nesting ground is. While we were at the lake we saw some girls playing leap frog. I like people so much I had to say hi. One of the girls pet me and another one was jealous because she couldn't pet me. I taught that was cool two girls fighting over me. We headed back to the campsite because I really was tired. The rest of the afternoon we hung out at campsite and took a little nap. 
Sunday April 15, 2007

It is a great day the sun is shining and the wind is down. It is time to get up my parents woke me up today about 7:20 a.m. We had breakfast and went for another hike down the same trail as yesterday. Before we went on the hike I had to say hi to Brandy and we played awhile. I really like Brandy a lot and I think she likes me too. The hiking trail is very nice and easy. We saw a lot of birds chirping in the trees, the birds were Cardinals. There is cardinals all over the place, so mom took some pictures of them. When we got to the lake, the lake was so low we decided to walk close to it. We found a log and rested for awhile. While we were resting we saw an eagle fishing along the Colorado River, we watched the eagle for awhile. During the rest time I went exploring and watched a big flock of gulls in formation going towards the water. That was so neat there had to be about fifty gulls, they were flying right above us. I watched them for along time. Now it's time to finish our hike so we can get ready to go home. I had a great time at the Canyon of the Eagles Park I hope to return. Bye-bye.

MInnie at Lake Ouachita State Park

Arkansas Spring Trip 2007 

Spring Trip to Arkansas 2007

LOCATION: Henderson, Texas     SITE: Wal-Mart Supercenter Parking Lot    DISTANCE: 248 miles     DATE: 4/20/07

Friday April 20, 2007

Hip, hip, hurray!!! It's time for my Spring Adventure. My parents are taking a week off of work for the trip. This year we're going to Hot Spring Arkansas. I've never been to Arkansas, but mom and dad went there many years ago. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun. My parents told me that the trip is far away, so we will have to stop about half way for the night. My mom took today off to get everything ready. When dad got home from work we started our adventure to Arkansas. We left the house at 2:00 p.m. and stopped at 7:00 p.m. at Walmart Supercenter in Henderson Texas. I am very excited I never slept in Walmart parking lot before. Walmart is located off two main highways, so there is a lot of activities going on. People shopping, cars coming and going from the parking lot, people walking around and kids just driving their trucks through the parking lot. Henderson is a small city of 11,139 people and covers 11 square miles. After dad parked Minnie we had dinner I had my special food and my parents had some ham sandwiches. After dinner we walked around the parking lot I saw a lot of people and I didn't really know what to do, so I just stayed with my parents. We tried to go to sleep about 10:00 p.m., but it was a little hard to sleep because of all the traffic and activities going on around us. I'm not sure what time we finally went to sleep but we did. I woke my parents up about 7:00 a.m. We walked around the parking lot again and than had breakfast. It was time to continue our adventure towards Arkansas.

Hot Rod at Jefferson Texas

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LOCATION: Jefferson, Texas     SITE: Jefferson Texas Downtown    DISTANCE: 31 miles     DATE: 4/21/07

Saturday April 21, 2007

We were about 30 miles down the road when my parents saw some hot rods and a sign that said there was a hot rod show going on in Jefferson. So dad started to look for the hot rods. Dad saw a hot rod and turned around to follow it to see where the show was being held. We ended up in downtown Jefferson Texas. Jefferson is a small historic city with many historic buildings. The buildings are still being used for businesses. Some of the businesses are hotel (Excelsior House), Greek Revival and antebellum homes (Bed and Breakfasts), Marion county tax offices, three churches, museums and many little shops. Jefferson is located in Marion County with two beautiful lakes Caddo Lake and Lake O' the Pines. We didn't have time to check out the lakes maybe next time. The downtown streets are made with red brick. There are many things to do in Jefferson such as tours of the city, its cemeteries and neighboring waterways. You can visit and learn the history of the churches, the museums and the city. Jefferson has shopping, dining, two old-fashioned soda fountains and lodging for everyone. You can take a ride on a steam train rides, horse-back riding, carriage rides, tours of the city and ghost walk tour. While we walked the downtown area dad took pictures of the hot rod cars, buildings and the different attractions Jefferson has to offer. There is a R.V. park located on the Big Cypress Bayou with electricity hook-ups. There is a big Historic Bridge that goes over the bayou and picnic tables along the bayou so you can enjoy a nice picnic on the river. We had a fantastic time, now it's time to leave and go to Lake Catherine in Arkansas.      

Flo checking out a turtle at Lake Catherine

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LOCATION: Hot Spring, Arkansas     SITE: Lake Catherine State Park    
DATE: 4/21/07 – 4/23/07     SPACE: 52    TRIPS: 20     DISTANCE: 204 miles

Lake Catherine State Park is the first park we stayed at on our spring trip to Arkansas. Lake Catherine State Park is located between Hot Spring and Malvern in Ouachita Mountains. Lake Catherine is a beautiful 11 miles long lake with the state's first major hydroelectric power plant. Lake Catherine is known for water skiing, swimming, other water sports and fishing. The campsites are along Lake Catherine's banks with docks for boats and fishing. Lake Catherine State Park has many amenities.   
Saturday April 21, 2007

We arrived at Lake Catherine State Park about 1:30 p.m. While dad checked in, mom and I went for a walk around. Mom and I saw the beach, picnic area, a bathhouse and pavilion. I know how much mom likes stairs so I took her to some. I saw a couple of boys swimming and wanted to join them, but I couldn't because no dogs are allowed on the beach. Oh well, that too bad I could still watch them. After dad checked in we decided to go to our campsite but we couldn't get in it because people were still there, check out time isn't until 3:00 p.m. We had to wait a little while, dad parked Minnie by the bathroom, we walked up to the Amphitheater and waited. While we waited for our campsite dad noticed that there were a few R.V. spots by the bathroom, that were free to hook-up to the electricity. The hiking trails and day use areas are free to the public. This is so cool, wow, free electricity and free use of th hiking trails. At 2:30 p.m. we set-up camp. It is a neat campsite. It has a little deck that looks over Lake Catherine, where you can sit and enjoy the scenery. When you walk down the stairs from the deck you walk down a hill that leads you to a little dock. You can fish from the dock and tire up your boat after along day on the lake. There is many trees around the campsites and a lot of squirrels. Oh boy, squirrels new friends to play with. After we settled in, dad barbecued some hamburgers for lunch. We took it easy the rest of the day. While we sat on our chairs, we watched the squirrels playing with each other and eating, there were people on the lake boating, wake boarding and kids being pulled in a tube. Lake Catherine is very family oriented. Families were playing, riding bicycles, fishing and swimming. A couple of campsites from us there was a man that sang and played a guitar. That was cool free entertainment and he sang very well. Our neighbor right next to us had two big dogs, they were Mastiffs. They were beautiful dogs and I wanted to play with them but I wasn't sure they were friendly, so I stayed with my parents. My dad barbecued some pork for dinner and I had my special food. After dinner we went for a little walk and met a lady. She said she had two Rottweilers that she left at home and missed them, so I gave her a big kiss to make her feel better. When we returned to Minnie we had a campfire. Now it's time to say good night.

Sunday April 22, 2007      

My parents and I woke up about 7:00 a.m. and had breakfast. After we ate we got ready to go for our hike. We hiked to the t railhead area, there are three trails here yellow, red and white. The Horseshoe Mountain Trail is the yellow trail about 3.5 miles long. The Falls Branch Trail is the red trail about 1.5 miles long. The Dam Mountain Trail is the white trail about 4.5 miles long. All the trails have trees all over the place and pine needles on the ground to make it easy to walk on. While we were walking to the trailhead we saw a red-headed woodpecker, he was beautiful. We arrived at the trailhead to decided which trail to take. We wanted to hike the most difficult trail as our first hike, which is the Dam Mountain Trail (white trail), but we couldn't find where it started so we hiked the Falls Branch Trail (red trail). We hiked the red trail, it is the easiest and shortest of the trails. The red trail leads to the waterfall. We thought it was very steep. We had not hiked for awhile, so we were glad we did the red trail instead of the white trail. We didn't see anyone on the trail because I guess we hiked too early. When we got to the waterfall I went walking in the water. I had a great time doing this. Dad took some pictures of me playing in the water. Mom wanted him to take a picture of me in the waterfall but I wasn't to sure about the waterfall hitting me on the head. I really like swimming but I don't really care for the water hitting me on the head. We continued on our hike, when we got to a bench my parents rested and enjoyed the view of the lake. After we rested a little we went to this cool suspension bridge. It suspended over a creek and when you walk on the bridge, it will sway a little. Mom was very excited about seeing this bridge, she started to walk quickly over it calling for me to join her. Mom didn't expect the bridge to sway and when it did she almost fall off it. She was lucky it had some cables she could grab on to and she walked a little slower after that. I didn't care I ran across the bridge, that was so much fun. After mom and I played on the bridge, my parents and I went back to the campsite. The Falls Branch Trail takes about 1.5 hours to complete. We walked through the camping area, people were starting to wake up and move around. We sat down for awhile and then went to the park store for some ice. When we returned to the campsite we had some lunch. Dad barbecued some bacon on the griddle for mom and his lunch. Mom gave me some gizzards as a treat.
Our afternoon hike was the Dam Mountain Trail (white trail), it leads you to the dam. While we were hiking the red trail in the morning we found out where the white trail was. The trail terrain was diffidently steeper than the white trail. The Dam Mountain Trail (white trail) is very scenic. During the hike I saw something rolling down the hill, I decided to check it out. I found out it was a pine cone, so left it alone. We stopped occasionally to rest. One such stop we saw a guy hiking by himself and seemed to have no problems hiking up the hills as we huff and puff. We stopped at a few vistas to admire the view of Lake Catherine. One vista you can see how big Lake Catherine is. If you look to the left you can see some boaters skiing, wake-boarding and fishing. If you look to the right you can see the dam, lake houses and a public boat ramp. It was Sunday afternoon so there were a few boats coming off the ramp. While mom and dad enjoyed the vistas I explored. We continued our hike through the trees. We met a group of people, who had hiked up the trail going the other way, they didn't look as tired as we did. Dad was hoping that the last half of the hike would be easier. It was a lot easier. We met a couple that had a Dachshund I wanted to play but the Dachshund was older than me and her mom was carrying her. That was ok I still said hi. We ended up at the waterfall, where we met a group of people playing in the water. After I swam a little we finished our hike, the hike started at the cool bridge and ended at the cool bridge. Wow, we crossed the bridge twice in one hike, that was so neat. The Dam Mountain Trail takes about 4.5 hours to complete. By the time we returned to camp we were real tired, so we rested before dad barbecued some dinner. Mom and dad had brisket wraps, while I ate my special food. After dinner we hung around the campsite and enjoyed the scenery. After awhile mom baked some cookies. It's time to get a good night sleep, so I can hike the Horseshoe Mountain Trail.

Monday April 23, 2007

My parents and I woke up about 7:00 a.m. and had breakfast. After breakfast we went on our last hike at Lake Catherine. This hike is the Horseshoe Mountain Trail (yellow trail), it's steep and rugged. The Horseshoe Mountain Trail (yellow trail) starts right before the cool suspension bridge and goes straight up the hill. It was very steep, so we had to rest a few times before we reached the top. When we reached the top dad and I saw a deer on the trail. I chased the deer up the trail. Mom was so far behind us she never did see the deer. We stopped at a gorgeous vista to rest and admire the view of Lake Catherine. It was gorgeous with all the trees looking over the lake. While mom and dad were resting and taking pictures I went exploring and found a caterpillar. On the way down from the top mom was talking about all the acorns and dad stopped to listen. When he stopped he saw a turtle and showed mom and me it. I checked it out for awhile that was fun. We saw squirrels running and jumping through the trees. A little farther down the trail we saw another turtle, he was littler than the first one. That was so cool two turtles in one hike. Hiking down the hill was a lot easier than hiking up it because it didn't seem as steep. At the bottom of the hill, there is a creek with water in it, so I walked through it to cool off. The Horseshoe Mountain Trail takes about 2 hours. By the time we got back to the campsite I was exhausted. We rested a little bit and than broke camp. We were going to another lake to camp at for a couple of night. The lake is called Lake Ouachita.

FLo checking out how far she hiked

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LOCATION: Hot Spring, Arkansas     SITE: Lake Ouachita State Park    
DATE: 4/23/07 – 4/25/07     SPACE: 53 & 54    TRIPS: 20     DISTANCE: 39 miles

Lake Ouachita State Park is the second park we stayed at on our spring trip to Arkansas. Lake Ouachita State Park is located about 39 miles northwest of Lake Catherine State Park. Lake Ouachita is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest. Lake Ouachita is the largest man made lake in Arkansas. Lake Ouachita is known for its scenic beauty and the clarity of its water. Lake Ouachita is water sports mecca for scuba diving, water skiing, swimming, other water sports and fishing. The campsites are along Lake Ouachita banks. Lake Ouachita State Park has many amenities.
Monday April 23, 2007

We arrived at Lake Ouachita State Park about 11:00 a.m. We set up camp and met our neighbors. There were only three other R.V.s at the camping area we were staying at. One couple didn't have any dogs but the other two couples had a dog a piece. One of them had a Chihuahua named Max. His mom said he wasn't friendly to other people or other dogs. The other couple had a small Shih Tzu named Brady, she was friendly. Brady wore ribbons in her hair, she looked cute that way. I can't wear ribbons in my hair because my hair's not long enough. She really liked to bark when ever I went walking by that was ok because she was just saying hi. The three couples were very nice and friendly, I think they were traveling together. Dad barbecued some hamburgers for lunch and mom gave me some gizzards for a snack. After lunch we sat around and admired how beautiful Lake Ouachita is. Mom walked down to the water and took some pictures of the marina and the lake. I walked down to join her. The lake is so clear I wasn't sure I could touch bottom, I tested it out with my paw first and found out that I could. I didn't go swimming but I did get my feet wet. Mom and I returned to where dad was sitting as we sat there looking at the lake we saw some turtles. After we relaxed for awhile we walked down to the marina and boat ramp. The boat ramp was very well protected from the wind. The ramp is located in a small cove by the picnic area, playground and marina. At the marina you can rent boats and buy gas, fish bait, ice and snacks. While we were at the ramp we met some fishermen.  When returned to the campsite we sat on our chair and just enjoyed the lake. While we were resting we observed all the activities on the lake. We saw some fishermen fishing in the marina area, where there is no wake zone. We watched some people Kayaking down the lake. Our neighbors across the cove coming back from fishing and another going out to fish. It was neat watching all the activities.  
Later my parents ate brisket wraps for dinner and I ate my special food. After dinner my mom and I went for a little hike through Dogwood Trail, while dad took a shower. It's a beautiful hike, it has trees and signs telling what the trees are and the different wildlife that Lake Ouachita State Park attracts, such as turkeys and foxes. Mom and I walked so slow that dad was waiting for us to finish our hike. It was starting to get dark when we returned to the campsite, so we went inside for the night. Good night.     

Tuesday April 24, 2007

I woke up my parents about 6:30 a.m. and had breakfast. We started our hike about 7:300 a.m. The trail is very beautiful with all the trees and quartz to see. The Caddo Bend Trail is a 4 mile long loop around the entire peninsula. It takes 3 hours to complete the hike. The trail goes up and down the hills, there are many vistas to stop and rest at. While you rest you can enjoy the scenery. About half way through the hike there is an observation deck for you to see fishermen, Lake Ouachita and other attractions. There is a trail marker every half mile threw out the hike, in cause you get tired you can access to the road and quit. During our hike we crossed over bridges, walked through creeks and looked at the scenery. At one point of the hike dad and I scared three deer out of the trees to a ridge. Mom didn't see the deer again. Mom is always so far behind that she misses seeing the deer. We saw squirrels running through the leaves. We saw a mother and daughter canoeing. The girl said hi to us that was cool. We took advantage of the observation deck to rest and look around. It is very beautiful at the observation deck, there are trees and other plants. It is very peaceful in the woods you can hear the birds chirping and squirrels running through the leaves. When we crossed over a couple of small bridges that went over a creek I decided to talk through the creek instead. I needed to cool off  because the humidity was a little high today and I was hot. The Caddo Trail is a very nice trail and we had a lot of fun doing it. Now it's time to go back to Minnie and rest a little bit. When we returned to Minnie our neighbors were gone and we were alone in the camping area. We went to our chairs to rest. While we were relaxing a park ranger came by to warn us about a storm coming. He told us where to take shelter in cause the storm is really bad. He played with me awhile and I liked that. The ranger use to have a lab but he died. When his lab was a live he use to sit in a chair like I do. His wife and him taught their lab was the only lab that sat in a chair and was glad to see me sitting in my chair. After the ranger left mom picked up the chairs and put them in Minnie.
Shortly after mom picked up the chairs the rain came, so we went inside. Mom made pancakes for lunch in Minnie. The smoke alarm went off because mom forgot to open a vent. Dad thought mom was trying to burn down Minnie. I was very tired from our hike I was taking a nap when the smoke alarm went off it woke me up. The rain storm didn't last long. When the storm left we went back outside, we didn't bring the chairs back outside because the rain was suppose to come back. All the birds and squirrels came back out. We watched a couple of squirrels playing, they were running up the tree and rolling on the ground. While we were outside mom tired to take pictures of the turtles, but everytime mom tired the turtles would go under the water. The turtles were too smart to let mom take their pictures. Mom finally gave up and came back to the picnic table where dad and I were sitting. Dad barbecued Italian sausages for dinner and I ate my special food. After we ate we watch the wildlife playing around us. Mom took some pictures of the ducks, I wanted to play with the ducks but dad didn't let me. He thought I would go swimming, me go swimming not me I won't go swimming just because I love to swim. We watched a rabbit eating and than we went in Minnie for the night. Mom baked some cookies before we went to bed. 

Wednesday April 25, 2007

It rained all through the night, so I let my parents sleep in until 7:15 a.m. I really don't like going out when it's raining because I don't like the rain hitting me on the head. Mom tired to get me to go out with her but I wouldn't, mom gave up and came back in Minnie. When mom came back in we had breakfast and waited for the rain to stop. The rain finally stopped around 9:00 a.m. we went for a walk. We walked to the park store to pay for another night. We were told we had to move to another campsite because the campsite we were at was reserved for the night. That was ok because it was right next to the one we were at. After we move Minnie to the new campsite, we walked down to the famous Three Sisters Springs world's wonder waters. Each spring was thought to have curative powers for different ailments, and convincing personal testimonials gave support to the belief. On the way to The Three Sisters Springs we went by the cabins. They are beautiful cabins located in the trees. The cabins have an upstairs loft with 2 double beds, downstairs bedrooms with 1 double bed, living room, dining room and kitchen. The cabins are furnished with towels and linens, telephones and televisions with DVD player. Some of the cabins have a lake view, porch and fireplace. Mom took pictures of the cabins. When we arrived at the Three Sisters Springs we saw some older cabins, where the workers live, these cabins were a little more rustic than the park cabins. The Three Sisters Springs Resort is one of the rustic cabins, where the springs  are displayed. It's a gorgeous display of the three springs. There is a sign over each spring explaining what curative powers it has. After mom took some pictures we walked to the lake, where dad taught mom how to skip rocks on the water. When dad was showing mom how to do skip rocks I wanted to chase after the rock, but dad didn't want me to. Because if I get wet it takes me forever to dry and I would smell of wet dog all day. That was all right I got my feet and belly wet and I gave dad a rock to skip. We had a lot of fun skipping rocks. 
Dad barbecued some pork ribs for lunch. I like it when my parents have pork ribs than I get the bones, yummy. Mom gave me one of the bones for a snack, it was delicious. After lunch we walked down to the park store to buy some ice. While we were there we walked around the marina and I met a man that works there. He was very nice he and paid attention to me. When we returned to our campsite we met our new neighbors. They were from Houston Texas and had a pop-up trailer. We sat around the campsite watching the turtles playing on a log. Today mom was lucky the turtles let her take some pictures of them. While we were watching the turtles a pick-up camper showed up with a man and woman in it. They had stayed here the night before but it was raining so I didn't meet them. The lady liked me very much and said I was very friendly. I made her happy buy saying hi and giving her a kiss. She said was missing her dog, they had left him at home this trip. I guess I'm a lucky dog because my mom and dad take me camping.
For dinner my parents had pork steaks and I had my special food. We spent most of the day just hanging around Lake Ouachita and watching the wildlife. It is so cool just enjoying the lake and its surroundings. When we went in for the night mom baked some cookies, while mom and dad ate the cookies a little storm came through for about 1/2 hour Than there was blue skies and our neighbors made a campfire. It time to say good night because tomorrow we start our adventure back to Texas.


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LOCATION: Arkansas     SITE: Lake Hamilton and Lake Ouachita Bridge     DATE: 4/25/07

It's time to say good-bye to Arkansas and head back to Texas. We had a fanstatic time and hope to go back. We woke up about 6:30 a.m. to start our adventure to Tyle State Park. We had breakfast and broke camp. We started towards Texas about 8:00 a.m. Dad decided to take a scenic route because he wanted to drive by Lake Milwood. Dad drove towards Lake Ouachita spillway. When we got to the spillway we stopped at a little park and my parents got out to look around. I stayed in Minnie because they weren't going to be gone long. There is a boat ramp and a few parking spaces. When you walk down to the boat ramp you have a beautiful view of Lake Ouachita. Mom took a few pictures of the park than we were on the road again. A little ways down the road we crossed over a bridge. Lake Hamilton was on one side of the bridge and Lake Ouachita was on the other side. Mom got out and took a few more pictures, while dad and I stayed in Minnie. We drove through many small towns. About 12:00 p.m. we stopped at a small town and had lunch. Dad bought mom lunch at Burger King. They had hamburgers, onion rings and cheese potatoes, while I had a little gizzards. After lunch we continued our adventure to Tyle Texas. The drive is very beautiful with all the tree and very pleasant, so I could sleep and enjoy the ride. Occasionally dad stopped so I could stretch my legs.     

Flo exploring campsite at Tyler State Park

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LOCATION: Tyler, Texas     SITE: Tyler State Park Park    
DATE: 4/25/07 – 4/26/07     SPACE: 19    TRIPS: 20     DISTANCE: 341 miles

Tyler State Park is the third park we stayed at on our spring trip to Arkansas. Tyler State Park is located in East Texas. Tyler State Park has many amenities.
Thursday April 26, 2007

We arrived at Tyler State Park about 4:00 p.m. Dad went in the booth to check in, he wanted to stay two nights but he was told he could only stay one night. What a bummer, oh well I think we will still have fun, one night in a new park how exciting. Once we set-up camp Dad barbecued some pork for dinner and I had my special food. After dinner mom gave me another pork rib bone that was delicious. Now it's time to go for a hike. In Tyler State Park there is 14 miles of hiking and biking trails. We hiked 2 miles of  the trail. It was a beautiful hike up and down the hill and through some creeks. During the hike I went exploring through the trees. As I was exploring I smelled something, so I decided to investigate. I didn't find out what the smell was by that time I had run off the trail through the trees and couldn't see my parents. I decided to run back to where I left them before I got there dad called me. I looked around to see where he was and than I saw him waving at me. I was so excited I found my parents that I stayed with them for the rest of the hike because I didn't want to lose them again. We hiked to the group picnic area and saw the lake at a distance. I really enjoyed our hike because I walked through the creek to cool off my feet as my parents took the bridges. The trail has a lot of trees, mile marks along the trail and occasionally you will see squirrels running through the leaves. Too bad we're only going to stay one night I would like to do the trail again. Maybe we'll go on a little hike in the morning before we leave to continue our adventure towards home.


Flo and dad standing on the Friendship Bridge

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LOCATION: Granger, Texas     SITE: Lake Granger Taylor Park Corp of Engineer    
DATE: 4/26/07 – 4/27/07     SPACE: 19    TRIPS: 20     DISTANCE: 213 miles

Taylor Park is the fourth park we stayed at on our spring trip to Arkansas. Taylor Park is one of the two parks at Lake Granger Corp of Engineer Lake. Taylor Park has many amenities.

Friday April 27, 2007
 I woke my parents up about 6:30 a.m. because the birds woke me me. Mom took me for a little walk around the campsite, while dad got dressed. When mom and I returned to the Minnie, we had breakfast. After breakfast we started to get ready to go to Lake Granger. Before we left Tyler State Park we drove by the lake. Mom got out and took some pictures of the lake and the surrounding area. Lake Tyler is a cute little lake with a beach, fishing piers, picnic areas, diving and swimming platform and a snack bar. There is a hiking trail that goes around the lake. After we left Tyler State Park we drove by a big lake called Palestine. Lake Palestine is located very close to Dallas. The lake has homes on both sides of the lake. There is a bridge that goes across Lake Palestine and dad drove over it to see what Lake Palestine looked like. Lake Palestine is a beautiful lake and my parents were very expressed by its beauty. When we drove through Buffalo Texas we saw some buffaloes. That was neat.
We arrived at Lake Granger about 1:00 p.m. Lake Granger has two parks. We decided to stay at Taylor Park this time because we already had stayed at Wilson H. Fox Park before. Taylor Park has a hiking trail in it and Wilson H. Fox doesn't. Dad checked in at the gate, the lady at the gate said there was no problem getting a space. She was right there was no problem finding a space. We decided on a space real close to the hiking trail. After dad checked and we set up camp we had lunch. My parents had ham sandwiches and had some gizzards. After we finished lunch we went on a little hike to the boat ramp. At the beginning of the hike we had to cross a big bridge. The bridge is called the Friendship Bridge. The Friendship Bridge is built with iron trusses and wood planks. It doesn't sway like the bridge I cross over at Lake Catherine but it's still pretty cool. After we cross the bridge I met a couple of Dachshunds they belonged to one of the park host. We met one of the park host farther down the road, he was working hard mowing the grass. When we arrived at the boat ramp I was very hot, so dad let me go in the water to get my feet and belly wet. It felt so good to get cooled off. While we were at the boat ramp mom took pictures. She took pictures of the picnic area across the cove from us, it looked so beautiful looking over the lake. The lake was very calm today because there was no wind. There was a fishing pier and a boat dock. We didn't stay too long looking at the lake because it was hot. The hike was only about 1 mile because it was too hot to go any farther. When we returned to our campsite we sat in our chairs under the ramada to keep cool. There isn't a lot of trees at Lake Granger, so you have to find any shade that you can to keep cool. Our campsite had a lot of bluebonnets and Indian painter flowers. We saw a lot of butterflies flying around all the flowers. While we were keeping cool I met a lady and she played with me. After awhile we had dinner. Mom and dad had hamburgers and I had my special food.
After dinner, it cooled off a little so we went for a walk around the camping area. We saw the playground and some people. There wasn't a lot of people here this time. We saw a couple of fishermen, a couple of kids and a few people walking around. I guess there wasn't a lot of people because it was starting to get hot. The walk after dinner was about a mile. After returned to our site we went inside and mom baked some more cookies. Mom really likes making cookies. When it got dark we saw some lighting bugs, that was cool. Now it's time to say good night, tomorrow we will be at home.

We had a fantastic trip, we visit new places, we saw great things and a lot of wildlife. I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventure to Arkansas.


FLo and mom playing in a field of bluebunnets

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April Fun Times 2007

LOCATION: Hill Country, Texas     DATE: 4/01/07 Sunday

It's been raining a lot this year, so we have not been camping, but we have been doing some hiking and other fun things. One of the fun times we had was going for a ride through the Hill Country to see the flowers. This year is a great year for the bluebonnets, I saw a lot of them along the side of the road as we were driving. Mom has been bugging dad about going in the Hill Country to see the flowers for awhile, today is the perfect day to do it. The sun is out and it's not too hot. We drove up to Llano and stopped at the park and walked around. The Llano River was running very fast because of the rain the Hill Country had the past few days. Mom and dad are happy about all the rain in the Hill Country because it means Lake Travis will get some water. Oh boy, does Lake Travis ever need the water. The Llano River flows into the Pedernales River, which feeds into Lake Travis. There wasn't anyone at the park when we were there. I saw some ducks and a lot of turtles swimming in the river. I didn't go in the water but that was ok because I was busy sniffing the flowers and the the other smells from the rain. Mom was taking pictures as we were walking. We saw some bluebonnets, so dad took some pictures of my mom and me in the bluebonnets. I really didn't want to get my picture taken in flowers because I was busy smelling other things, but mom made me. I had fun walking around to stretch my legs. Now it's time to continue my adventure through the Hill Country.
As we continued our adventure dad saw a turkey sculpture in a rancher's yard. It was so cool dad had to turn around and go back to take some pictures of it. We stopped at Lake Buchanan Dam and walked for awhile. There was an observation area to look over the lake but you couldn't go on it since September 11 attack. There also was a beautiful walkway over the dam but you couldn't enjoy that either because of September 11. It was the first time I every been to Lake Buchanan, but I've been to the lake just below Buchanan. I went there last year to camp it's called Inks. Even though I never been here I could see where the water use to be, it made me sad to see how low Lake Buchanan is. Lake Buchanan didn't get the rain that we got.
After Lake Buchanan dad drove through Marble Falls, where Lake Marble Falls is. It looked great because it's a continuous level lake. That's great for the people who live there. I always have a great time just driving around with my mom and dad, I can sleep when I get tired or just sit there and lookout the windows. I'll see you next adventure good-bye for now.