Flo's 2009 April Adventures

April Fun Stuff Adventures 2009

Front Door

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Dad retired in February and has been very busy. Dad has been working on different projects around the house. Mom is still working and helped with the projects when she could. The projects that dad and mom have been working on are:

The front door was a white metal door now it’s a fiberglass door. This was the first time mom and dad ever hung a door. They had to remove the old and fit the new one in its place. Once they hung the new door they had to wait for the insulation to dry in order for them to finish their project. After the insulation set up they worked on the door fame inside and outside the house. They replaced some of the fame and than they painted it. After the project was finished mom and dad had done a fantastic job.

Dad repainted the eaves. Mom and dad repainted the siding on the back poach. Dad replaced the driveway lights from black electric lights to copper solar lights.

Dad stained the landscaping timber that goes around the house from a natural color to a forest green. Dad had to move the gravel away from the timber in order to stain them. After the stain dried dad moved the gravel back. Dad did a great job and the timbers look fantastic. Dads redistribute the gravel around the house to even it out. This project came out great.

Mom and dad work on the brick wall in the front yard. The wall was starting to lean towards the grass so mom and dad moved the gravel back and re-laid the wall.

Mom and dad repainted the wall and baseboards through out the house. The walls are bone and the baseboards are white. Mom repainted the pantry which is white. After mom and dad were finished painting the house looks great.

Mom and dad worked on all the projects all month so they decided to take the last Sunday off and go to the New Car Show. They did take any pictures but they had a fun time.