Flo's April 2011 Travels

April Fun Stuff 2011

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Pace cars during the races                                                      Meeting the drivers


            Winner of the Bandoleros race                                 The children bicycle race during intermission

LOCATION:  Kyle, Texas    SITE:  Thunderhill Raceway    DATE:  04/2/2011    DISTANCE:   43 miles

Saturday April 2, 2011

We stopped our Camping Adventures early this year because it got hot but the water in the lake is still too cold for mom and dad to start their Boating Adventures. Today we've been sitting around the house all day and mom and dad wanted to do something so they decided to go to a car race at Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle Texas. Kyle is 43 miles south from where we live and the races started at 6:00 so mom and dad left the house about 4:00. Mom knew she wouldn't be here to feed me dinner so she fed me when they left. On the way to the races mom and dad stopped and had dinner at Jack-in-the-Box. After dinner they continued their adventure to Kyle. This was the first time mom and dad had ever been to Thunderhill Raceway so it was exciting. Thunderhill Raceway is a 3/8-mile, D-shaped asphalt oval. Thunderhill Raceway runs twice a month and each time it has 10 races. Every night there are races eight of the races are NASCAR A-Line Modifieds, NASCAR TSRS Late Models, NASCAR A-Line Super Stocks, TSRS Allison Legacys, Thunder Stocks, Grand Stocks, Mini Stocks and "NasKart Pro Racing Series. The other two races are different and tonight mom and dad watched Bandoleros and NASCAR Trucks. The raceway main sponsor was HEB so mom and dad saw the HEB buddy walking around through out the night. Before the races started they introduced the drivers and gave the spectators a chance to see and get autographs from the drivers. The pace cars were Challengers (one was orange and the other one was red). The red one was the main pace car. After the end of each race the pace car would drive the raceway queen to the winner so she could present the winner with a trophy. There was a special feature during intermission, which was children bicycle race. This was fantastic because it gave children a chance to race each other and have fun doing it. The spectators also enjoyed watching them and cheering them on. The races started at 6:00 and finished at 10:00. When 10:00 came around they shut down the racing and the last race still had a few laps left. Mom and dad were a little disappointed they didn't finish the race but they had a fantastic time.    

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Homeowner Park    DATE:  04/2011    

This month mom and dad took me down to the Homeowner's Park a few times so I could swim and explore. During one visit I saw a family playing at the playscape so I went over to say hi. After my visit with the family I went swimming and did some exploring. As I was walking along the shoreline mom and dad sat at a picnic table relaxing. While we were at the park we saw a few people boating and sailing. It was a perfect day for sailing because there was a little wind. I was a little disappointed during this visit because I didn't see any of my dog friends but I still had a great time. Everytime I go to the park I have a great time.


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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  My House    DATE:  04/13/2011 - 04/23/2011

This month was very special because Grandma came to visit us for 10 days. Aunt Louise and mom had to work during Grandma's visit so dad and I had to entertain Grandma. Grandma has visit us many time and she had seen all the sites so we hung around the house. Mom only works to 1:00 so she had plenty of time to visit with Grandma and the days that Aunt Louise was off she came out to visit. Grandma arrived in Austin on Wednesday April 13 and left Saturday April 23.  During Grandma's visit she picked fresh strawberries, mad homemade ice cream and visit with Aunt Louise and us.


Checking in at Sweet Berry Farm                                                Rows of strawberries

Friday April 15, 2011

Today was a special day for Grandma because mom and dad took her to Sweet Berry Farm to pick strawberries. Sweet Berry Farm is located in Marble Falls Texas, which is 46 miles from our house.They were going to be gone for a few hours so mom put a Kong together for me before they left. Mom and Grandma picked strawberries while dad took pictures. Mom, dad and Grandma had a great time at Sweet Berry Farm. They were gone for three hours so when they got home I was happy to see them.

At Sweet Berry Farm you can pick your own fresh fruits and vegetables. Certain fruits and vegetables become available different times of the year:  Strawberries- early March to mid May, Blackberries – mid May through June, New Potatoes – May, Onions – late April and May, Tomatoes – late May through June and Pumpkins and Gourds – October. When you arrive at Sweet Berry Farm you go to the counter to get a basket for the strawberries, than you walk up and down rows of strawberries and pick the strawberries want and than you take the basket back to the counter, where they weigh the basket to see how many pounds of strawberries you picked and than you pay for them. It cost $2.75 a pound, this may sound like a lot of money but it is well worth it because you have fresh strawberries and have a lot of fun picking them.


Grandma making homemade ice cream                               Picnicing at the park during Grandma's visit

Saturday April 16, 2011

Aunt Louise came out to visit us but she didn't come out until late in the afternoon because she had to work last night. While we were waiting for Aunt Louise mom and Grandma made homemade ice cream. They made two containers of ice cream, one container had fresh strawberries in it and the other one didn't. When Aunt Louise showed up I ran down the driveway to say hello. While everyone was saying their hellos mom put a picnic together. Afterwards we all loaded up the truck and went to the park for a barbecue. While dad was barbecuing pork steaks for dinner I went down to the lake for a swim. As I was going to down to the lake and coming back I did a little exploring. By the time I got back it was time to eat dinner. My family had pork steaks and potato salad for dinner. I have a great mom because she thought about me before we left the house and put some of my food in a bowl so I had that for dinner. When it started to get dark we went home.  Once at home we had dessert and than Aunt Louise went home to Cousin Regal.

Sugar visiting Grandma                                                   Going to Goodwill Store
Sunday April 17, 2011

Aunt Louise didn't have to go to work today so she came over early in the morning to spend time with Grandma. While everyone was visiting my neighbor Sugar came by to say hi. When Sugar came over she came to our back door and mom let her in. I was excited to see her and we both said hi and than she went over to the chair where Grandma was sitting to say hi to her. Sugar sad hi to everyone and than she went home. After Sugar left mom made some lunch. While eating lunch Grandma and Aunt Louise were talking about going to the Goodwill Store so mom got on the computer to see what the hours are at the Goodwill Store. She found out the hours so they all went to the Goodwill Store. Before they left mom gave me a Kong. Mom and dad were giving to the Goodwill for many years and now they finally went shopping in one. Everyone bought something. When they got home I was happy to see them. A little while later mom made dinner for us. After dinner everyone had some homemade ice cream except for Aunt Louise and me. Aunt Louise had an ice cream sandwich because she doesn't really like homemade ice cream and I had a little snack of gizzards. When dessert was finished Aunt Louise went home to Cousin Regal.


Relaxing at the park                                                          Saying hi to a dock worker 

Tuesday April 19, 2011

Mom had to work today so we just hung around the house visiting . When mom came from work we continued visiting until dinnertime and than mom made dinner. After dinner we went to the park to relax. While there I went swimming and did some exploring. As I was swimming I saw a guy walking in the water so I went to him to say hi. When I got to where he was I saw he was moving some type of floating device for the dock so I kept him company. Aunt Louise didn't come out today because she had to work until Thursday. We stayed at the park until it was starting to get dark. When we got home we called it a day.


Relaxing during Grandma's visit                                      Grandma playing a computer game

Thursday April 21, 2011

Aunt Louise was off today so she came out in the afternoon to see Grandma before she leaves Saturday. We just hung out at the house and visit today. While everyone was talking and relaxing I went under the desk and relaxed. Aunt Louise was tired because she work all night so she napped on the couch. While she was napping Grandma played Spider Solitaire and visit with mom and dad. When dinnertime came around mom barbecued hamburgers for everyone. When she finished barbecuing she fed me my food and everyone sat down and had dinner. After dinner everyone had dessert and than Aunt Louise went home.

Grandma getting ready to go back to Tucson

Saturday April 23, 2011

Today Grandma went back to Tucson. It was fun seeing Grandma for ten days but now it's time for her to go back to her dog Holly. We didn't too much because mom and Aunt Louise had to work but we still had a fantastic time with her. After mom and dad took Grandma to the airport they came back to me and we spent the rest of the day just relaxing around the house.