Flo's 2008 August Travels

August Boating Adventures 2008

Flo and Sugar swimming

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Lake Travis    DATE: 08/30/08 - 09/01/08

Saturday August 30, 2008

Today is Grandma’s last day of her visit. Grandma has never seen Aunt Louise waterski or wakeboard so mom and dad decided to take Grandma and Aunt Louise to the Pedernales so she could. I stayed home with a Kong because there wasn’t enough move for me. Aunt Louise had to drive to Camp Pedernales because there was only room for three people in the truck. All of them arrived at Camp Pedernales about 8:00 am to do their watersports. Grandma doesn’t know how to waterski or wakeboard but she had a great time just watching Aunt Louise, mom and dad waterskiing and wakeboarding. Mom and dad air chaired a little bit. After everyone finished doing their watersports they all swam. Mom and dad didn’t know if Grandma could get off and on the platform of the boat but she did fantastic. When they finished swimming they came home to me. Mom made some lunch for everyone. After lunch Grandma said good-bye and thanked mom and dad for the great time she had visiting with us. I said good-bye to Grandma.

After Grandma and Aunt Louise left mom, dad and I took it easy for the rest of the day. It is always great to see Grandma but it is very tiring at the same time.     

Sunday August 31, 2008

In the morning mom and dad were rested so they went back to Camp Pedernales. The water was very flat so mom and dad had a great time waterskiing, wakeboarding and air chairing. After they finished their watersports they drove around the lake. Dad drove the boat to Muleshoe Park. Muleshoe was very busy with campers in tents and RVs. On the way back to Camp Pedernales mom and dad saw Ultra-lite flying on the lake. When mom and dad were almost to the Y they stopped and did a little swimming before they left the lake for the day.

In the afternoon we stayed around the house and relaxed.   

Monday September 1, 2008

The morning of Labor Day mom and dad put the boat in at the homeowners’ park instead of Camp Pedernales. The water in the cove was very low and I would have to swim to the boat and once I got to boat I would have trouble getting into the boat so I stayed home with my Kong. I wouldn’t have mind swimming to the boat but once I got to the boat mom and dad would have to help me in the boat and this would create a problem. I didn’t mind staying at home that way I could watch the neighbors.

Mom and dad had a fantastic time on Lake Travis. They drove all the way to Pace Bend Park and back. The ride by boat is pretty far from our house. Lake Travis is over 50 miles long. The route mom and dad took was very beautiful and scenic. The first place they saw was Lakeway. The second place they saw was Lago Vista. The final place they saw was Pace Bend Park. As they visit each place they saw gorgeous homes and people enjoying the lake. People were boating and doing water sports. When mom and dad got to Pace Bend Park there were people camping with tents and RVs. During their adventure mom and dad swam and watched people having a great time. On at the way back mom and dad saw a cool wooden boat. When mom and dad returned home I was happy to see them so I ran down the driveway to greet them.         

In the afternoon mom took me to the homeowners’ park to go swimming. Mom and I started walking to the lake and my friend Sugar decided to joy us. I was very happy she did because that way I had another dog to play with. Sugar and I had a great time. We swam and did some exploring. The lake is going down so there were more places to explore. One place in particular Sugar and I explored was some land that was coming out of the water. In order to explore this land Sugar and I had to swim to it. This was a lot of fun because we had to swim over boat wakes. Once Sugar and I got to the point we checked out the stumps and rocks. After we checked out the point we swam back to mom so we could start our walk back home. On the way back to the house we stopped to visit SAS, H and SAS’s puppy. By the time I got home I was tired so I slept for the rest of the day.      

August Fun Stuff 2008

Aunt Louise's Birthday                

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Aunt Louise House    DATE: 08/17/08

Sunday August 17, 2008

Every year on Aunt Louise’s birthday mom and dad do something special for her. This year was no different. Aunt Louise had to work on her birthday so mom and dad over went to her house while she was working to decorated it. Mom and dad blew up 51 balloons because Aunt Louise was turning 51. Mom and dad put the balloons on Aunt Louise’s television stand and her bath tub. They also hung streamers in the hallway and on the walls. Dad wrote a note and told Aunt Louise that there was a present for every month of the year hidden through out the house. The note told her not to start looking for her presents until
midnight because her birthday wasn’t until the 17th. Mom and dad left Aunt Louise a cake on her counter to help her celebrate her birthday. When Aunt Louise came home from work she was very surprise because of how her house was decorated. Aunt Louise called mom and dad on her birthday and thanked them for decorating her house. Dad told Aunt Louise that there were 51 balloons in her house. She said she didn’t count them but she knew there were a lot them. It took Aunt Louise a few days to find all her presents. When she found all her presents she called dad and told him she found them all. Aunt Louise decided not to open her presents until Grandma came to town.


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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Homeowners' Park    DATE: 08/24/08 - 08/30/08

I’m so excited my Grandma is coming to town and I haven’t seen her in a year. Grandma is coming to town to celebrate dad’s 50th birthday. Mom could only get Thursday and Friday off of work so Grandma stayed with Aunt Louise during her visit. During the day Aunt Louise and Grandma would spend time with each other and in the evening they would come out to the house.

Sunday August 24, 2008

Grandma wasn’t going to come to town until late in the afternoon so it gave mom and dad a chance to go to the lake in the morning. Mom and dad went to Camp Pedernales to do their watersports and stayed home with a Kong. It was a great day for waterskiing, wakeboarding and air chairing because the sun was out and there was no wind. After mom and finished doing their watersports they drove around to look at the homes. When mom and dad were done they came home to spend time with me before they went to the airport to get Grandma.  

Monday August 25, 2008

Dad decided to work from home today because he wanted to be there when Grandma woke up. Dad wanted to spend time with her. Aunt Louise came out to the house in the afternoon to visit and celebrate her birthday. We had a great time watching Aunt Louise opening her gifts. She opened all of the gifts mom and dad hind in her house. Some of the gifts were gang gifts such as bubbles, crayons, coloring book, a case of diet coke, pencil sharpener and dog treats. The other gifts were coffee. Mom cooked dinner and we had cake and ice cream for dessert. After dessert Aunt Louise and Grandma went to Aunt Louise’s house for the night. Mom, dad and I relaxed the rest of the night.

Tuesday August 26, 2008

Today is a special day because dad turned 50 years old. Mom and dad worked today so this gave me a chance to rest before Aunt Louise and Grandma got here. When mom and dad got home from work Aunt Louise and Grandma were waiting for them. This was fantastic for me because Aunt Louise and Grandma played with me. After mom and dad got home everyone visit until dinner time. Mom barbequed quail and gave me my special food. After a delicious dinner dad opened his birthday gifts. When dad finished mom served everyone cake and ice cream. After dessert everyone said good night and Aunt Louise and Grandma left.

Wednesday August 27, 2008 - Saturday August 30, 2008

The rest of Grandma’s visit was laid back. Grandma stayed with mom, dad and me because mom was off work Thursday and Friday. The days mom was off we didn’t do too much. Grandma has visited us every year so she has seen all the sites multiple times. Grandma didn’t mind just hanging around the house and visiting with mom and dad. While Grandma was staying with us she played computer games and watched a few DVDs with mom and dad. Grandma also played with me. When Grandma stayed with Aunt Louise they went shopping during the day and came out to my house for the evening. I had a great time with my Grandma and maybe she will be back next year.