Flo's August 2011 Travels

August Boating Adventures 2011


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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  August 2011    DISTANCE: 5 miles  

In August mom and dad had 7 days of boating. Mom and dad didn't have has many days of boating as they did last month because three of the four lanes of the boat ramp came out of the water. The first weekend mom and dad had a feeling that the ramp will soon be out of the water put they could still use all the lanes. Sunday morning their friend Lance came out to see he hadn't been out for a couple of years so it was great to see him again. Mom, dad and Lance went to the lake and skied. They all did a set of skiing and they sat on the boat visiting. Mom and dad flew the Air Chair, Lance doesn't know how to Air Chair but he always liked to watch mom and dad. They all had a great time at the lake. The second Sunday of the month when they put the boat in the lake they thought they backed over a rock so when dad backed the trailer in to take the boat out of the water we realized it wasn't a rock it was the end of the ramp. He looked around and found that the LCRA had extended half of the last two lanes the last time the lake was low so he told mom if they were to continue use the ramp they would have to use the extensions.That meant they would only be able to use it early on the weekends so they decided to stop using the ramp because it gets busy on the weekend and if it's down to one lane they would have to wait putting the boat in and taking it out and this would be a pain. So they decided to call it a season. Mom retired Friday August 26, so they decided that maybe they could use the lake the last three days of the month because they could go early and no one is at the lake early during the week. They were right, in fact they were the only ones on the lake during those days. All three days they water skied, mom waked boarded one day and they both Air Chaired two of the days. On August 31 dad decided to ski on an old ski of his. He hadn't skied on his O'Brain ski for over 18 years. Dad's normal ski is set up with hard shell bindings and it's a little wide then the O'Brain so when he got up on it he was all over the place. Mom also skied on the O'Brain dad said she did better than he did on the ski. She told him it was because he skied first and told her that it skied a little differently than the normal ski so she adjusted her weight on the ski. They said even though the ski was all over the place they still had fun on it. After they both skied mom tried to put on their normal ski in the water instead of on the platform. She said you could put it on but it was a lot harder than on the platform. They wanted to see how difficult it would be just in case Lance would ask them to go on his boat. Lance's boat doesn't have a platform so they would have to put their ski on in the water. They decided if Lance did invite them on his boat they could use their ski.

August Fun Stuff Adventures 2011

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Waiting for everyone to open their gifts                                           Dad playing with his present


Bacon wrapped around sausages for lunch                    birthday cakes (carrot cake and Reese cake)

LOCATION:  Austin,Texas    SITE:  Our Home    DATE:  August 21, 2011    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Sunday August 21, 2011

Dad's and Aunt Louise's birthdays are in August so every year Aunt Louise comes out to house to celebrate both birthdays. But this year we're going to celebrate mom's birthday on the same day because we're going to be on our Fall Trip when mom's birthday comes in September. When Aunt Louise comes out mom and dad usually go boating but this year because the ramp is out of the water we to go down to the Homeowners park to swim. I prefer this because that means I can go with them. We swam for about an hour because it was too hot to stay any longer. When we got back home mom barbecued sausages and cooked bacon to wrap around the sausage for lunch. The sausages came out pretty good and for dessert they had a Reese cake, a carrot cake and ice cream. Mom and dad got a lot food for camping as presents. Mom got some word find books, Sudoku books, a big eraser, pencils and mechanical pencils. Dad bought her candy for our Fall camping trip. Dad got a brake tool that he can use when he works on the brakes of our vehicles and Aunt Louise's car and he also got pistachios from Grandma. Aunt Louise got jewelery, coffee and other cool stuff. We all got lemon cookies, peanut brittle and white chocolate fudge from Grandma. All three from them had a birthday celebration.