Flo's August 2012 Travels

August Boating Adventures 2012

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          Aunt Louise skiing                                              Aunt Louise wake boarding

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  08/01/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Wednesday August 1, 2012

Dad and mom had finished up remodeling the kitchen and Aunt Louise wanted to see the finished product. Aunt Louise has been off for the last two days so she decided to come out to go boating with mom and dad. While she was boating mom and dad waterskied and air chaired and  Aunt Louise water skied and wakeboarded. After everyone was finished doing their water sports they all swam a little while. When they came home to me I was excited to see them so I ran down the driveway. At lunchtime mom made  Mexican
. Aunt Louise had never had this dish before so she was surprise and she told mom it tasted good. After lunch Aunt Louise visited for a little longer and then she went home. We had a great visit with Aunt Louise.

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Veronica learning how to wakeboard                               Veronica learning to waterski

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  08/05/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Sunday August 5, 2012

Today was a special day because dad started to teach Veronica (Lance's daughter) to wakeboard and waterski. Lance is a friend of mom and dad. He comes out once in awhile to do a little waterskiing. Lance called earlier this week and asked dad if he would teach his nine year old daughter (Veronica) to ski and wakeboard. Dad told him that he would love to. Mom and dad met Lance and Veronica at the dam at 7:30. After dad launched the boat and mom picked him up at the dock the teaching lesson started. The first part was wakeboarding. Dad and Veronica got in the water and then dad explained to her what she needed to remember. It took her a few times but she did get up on the board. This was totally exciting Lance and mom cheered her on. After she went a little way dad and her got out of the water so her dad (Lance) could waterski. Veronica has never seen her dad waterski so she was very excited. Lance doesn't ski that often so he wasn't sure if he would get up. Amazing he got up the first time and they cheered him on. After he finished skiing, Veronica wanted to wakeboard again. She didn't want dad to get in the water with her but he did until she got up on her own. She got up the first time so dad climbed back in the boat. Veronica tried wakeboarding a couple more times and then Lance told her to rest awhile. While she was resting mom wakeboarded. When mom finished it was time for Veronica to learn to waterski. Dad and Veronica got back into the water and dad explained to her what she needed to do. Veronica got up the first time. Dad got back into the boat and then Veronica tried to ski a couple more times. She got tired so she got back in the boat. While she was resting mom and dad air chaired. When they finished Veronica and mom swam for a little while. Afterwards they called it a day because the lake was starting to get busy and Veronica was tired. Good Job Veronica!!!!!

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  08/06/2012, 08/08/2012 & 08/10/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Monday August 6, 2012

In the mornings when mom and dad go to the lake to do their water sports they have seen a gentleman walking his dog. When ever they saw him they would say hi. Last week the gentleman came up to them and introduced himself (Vic) and his dog (Cayman). Vic gave mom and dad a very nice map of Lake Travis and explained that he makes maps for a living. While they were visiting Vic mentioned that he skied but he hasn't done it for awhile and asked if he could going skiing with them sometime. Of course mom and dad told him he was welcome to ski with them when ever he wanted to. Vic and dad exchanged phone numbers.

Saturday Vic called dad and asked if he could go skiing on Monday. Dad told him that mom and he would be at the dam about 8:00. Vic got up a little early so he could take Cayman for a walk and then he met mom and dad at the dam. Vic was very excited about going skiing because he hadn't skied for a couple of years. He wasn't sure if he could get up on the ski. He had no problems. Mom and dad told me that he was a good skier. Besides watching Vic ski mom and dad skied and air chaired. While mom was air chairing  dad and Vic saw people from the University of Texas building playing with a robot that was running on the water. They had a great time with Vic. While saying their good-byes mom and dad told Vic when ever he wanted to go skiing again he was more then welcome to come along.

          Vic learning to Air Chair                                             Dad taking the Air Chair apart

Wednesday August 8, 2012

Vic called last night to see if he could go skiing again. He told dad that he was surprise that he could still move after skiing Monday. He told dad that he was a little sore. So he met mom and dad at the dam again. Mom took a few pictures of him skiing. She said it was hard to take pictures because he was so fast going over the wakes. After mom, dad and Vic skied mom and dad wake boarded. Afterwards dad offered to teach him to air chair and Vic excepted the offer. Vic did very well he tried 5 different times and he got out of the water 3 times. He was tired so he called it a day. When he got back to the boat dad air chaired. They all had a super day on the lake.


Dad skiing during Vic's visit                                                   Vic skiing

Friday August 10, 2012

This morning mom and dad went to Lake Travis to do some water sports. They thought that they were going to go boating by themselves but as they were turning to go to the dam Vic stopped them and dad invited him to join them. He excepted but he had to take Cayman home and get his ski. Mom and dad went ahead and put the boat in the lake. Afterwards dad parked the trailer in the parking lot. Mom drove the boat to the dock and picked up dad. As dad was getting in the boat Vic was already coming down to the dock. This was perfect because mom and dad didn't have to wait for him. While they were at the lake mom and dad waterskied and air chaired and Vic water skied. When mom was dropping dad off at the dock and golden retriever (Sugar) jumped into the boat. Mom, dad and Vic were surprise but didn't care. Her master called her back so she jumped right back out of the boat. She was confused because she thought it was her boat. I wish I was there. They had a great time on the lake.

Monday August 13, 2012

Today Vic came out to the lake to do some skiing but this time he brought his girl friend Susan. Mom and dad met her Saturday when they went over to Vic's house for dinner. Vic wanted to thank mom and dad for letting him water ski so he invited them over for dinner. Mom and dad had a great time at dinner and Vic is a fantastic cook. I guess I'll get back to boating on Lake Travis. Susan didn't ski but she enjoyed watching everyone. Everyone waterskied a set and then mom and dad air chaired. After they finished air chairing Vic decided that he would try to air chair. He did a great job. He actually got out of the water and the next step is to learn more control but this takes a little time. Vic has only tried chairing a couple of days. Susan was very impress on how well everyone skied and chaired. Mom and dad always enjoy having people come out to ski because there's only so much they can do by themselves. It was a super day on the lake.

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    Aunt Louise waterskiing                                                       Aunt Louise wakeboarding

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  08/14/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Tuesday August 14, 2012

Aunt Louise is off this week so she came out to visit and boat with us. While Aunt Louise, mom and dad were at the lake I stayed home and enjoyed my Kong. Dad decided to take the day off of skiing but he still went to the lake and drove the boat. Mom and Aunt Louise waterskied and wakeboarded. After they were finished everyone floated for a while. They were gone an hour and a half. When they got home I was happy to see them. Aunt Louise visited for awhile and then mom barbecued Hatch Chile pork for lunch. After lunch they visited a little longer and then Aunt Louise went home.


August Fun Stuff Adventures 2012

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                              cooling off in the lake                            checking out a tube that survived the wind last month

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Homeowners Park    DATE:  08/13/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Monday August 13, 2012

Mom has been watch the Olympics for last two weeks so I haven't gone to the homeowners park. Today mom decided to walk me down to the park. We were gone an hour and half. On the way to the park I didn't see any of my friends because they must have been inside because it was 100 degrees outside. While we were at the park I did a lot of swimming and exploring. I always thought mom was pretty smart but I figured out she isn't. I say this because when ever she takes me to the park she walks around the park with me but if dad comes with us I walk by myself and they sit under the trees where's its cooler. It's 100 degrees and she walks the banks of the lake where there is no shade at all. Before we went home she was hot and tired so she went to the gazebo to rest. While she was resting I continued exploring. When I finished I forgot she said she was going to do this and I lost her. When I got to where she could see me she called me and I ran to her because I was so excited to see her. When I got to her we rested a little longer and then we left. On the way home I was my friends. Mom never totally trusted my friend Vivian because sometimes she not too nice. Today was one of those days she got out of her yard and attacked me on the trail. Mom had to grab her by the neck to get her off of me. I was so glad mom did this because Vivian would have hurt me. She was growling and biting at me when mom did this. I don't know how to fight and I don't think I would have if I did. When we got home dad wrote her master an E-mail just to let him know what happened. He replied back and apologized for Vivian's behave and he wished he was there to apology to me in person.

About 10:00 in the evening and we were getting ready to go to bed when another friend of mine Major came to the back door to see me. We haven't seen him in a long time so mom let him to say hello. Mom gave his parents a call and told them he was here. So a little while later they came by to pick him up. He really didn't want to leave because he was happy sleeping in the living room but his dad made him go. I really like Major but today I was too tired to show it too much.

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Aunt Louise waterskiing                                                     Dad and I relaxing

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  My House and Mansfield Dam    DATE:  08/17/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Friday August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Aunt Louise!!!! We're going to be out of town on mom's and dad's birthday so they decided to celebrate their birthdays with Aunt Louise's. We're going to be leaving on our fall trip camping adventure Tuesday so today was our last day of boating. We had a super summer because we ended up having 57 days of boating. Today Aunt Louise came out to go boating and then celebrate everyones birthday. While everyone was at the lake I stayed home with my Kong. Dad took the day off of skiing but he did float awhile. Aunt Louise and mom waterskied and wakeboarded. When mom was getting ready to ski dad noticed that there was a cabin cruiser on land at Windy Point. So after mom and Aunt Louise finished skiing and boarding they drove by Windy Point to look at the boat. After taking pictures they drove closer to the dam to float. They were at the lake an hour and half. When they got back we said our hellos. While mom was straightening up the boat and dad and I were putting the truck in the garage our new neighbors boxer Leila came over to visit me. Her mom Jeanie came off to take her back home. But before they left Jeanie called her husband Joe and asked him to come over and met us. While mom and dad visited with Jeanie and Joe, Leila and I played. After our visit we went inside to join Aunt Louise. Mom barbecued Hatch chili pork sausages for lunch After lunch everyone opened up their birthday presents. Mom and dad got a lot of snacks for our trip and a few bath towels. For dessert everyone had pecan pie, which Aunt Louise supplied. Grandma shipped some homemade Barackolate Chip cookies and peanut brittle, which were delicious. Mom and dad had a great Birthday Celebration and I had fun with my Aunt Louise.


August Camping Adventures 2012



LOCATION:  Hamlin, Texas    SITE:  Hamlin RV Park
DATE:  08/21/12    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  85    DISTANCE:  267 miles

Tuesday August 21, 2012

We're very excited because we started our two month long Fall trip today!!!! We started our trip about 7:30 this morning and we stopped in Hamlin at 2:00. The ride to Hamlin was very relaxing. Mom and I napped on the way there. We stopped at Goldthwaite city park to stretch our legs. We stopped again to have lunch 70 miles from Hamlin at a picnic area. Hamlin RV Park was easy to find because it was located right off the highway in a dirt parking lot. It's not a fancy place to camp but it was free with full hookups. The first night of camping is free and the other nights are $12. After parking the Minnie for the night and turned on the air conditioner, mom took me for a short walk around the neighborhood. When we got back mom gave me a milk bone. Mom worked on her Sudoku while dad read. Mom cooked up a can of chicken and dumplings for dinner and fed me my food. After dinner we relaxed until it cooled off a little and then mom and dad took me for walk through Hamlin. When we got back mom and dad read a little while and then they walked to the Dairy Queen for desert. While they were gone I stayed in the Minnie sleeping. Before mom left she gave me another milk bone but I was so tired that I didn't even know she did. So when they got back the milk bone was still laying on the floor and I was sleeping in mom's chair. Mom and dad read until it was time to go to bed.

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LOCATION:  Dumas, Texas    SITE:  Texoma Park
DATE:  08/22/12    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  85    DISTANCE:  272 miles

Wednesday August 22, 2012

Today we woke up at 7:00 and we had breakfast. After breakfast mom straighten up the Minnie and dad took me for a walk. When mom finished she joined dad and me. After our walk we left Hamlin, today was another relaxing day. As we drove from Hamlin to Dumas mom and I slept. Mom tried to stay awake but she just couldn't keep her eyes open. So dad had to rely on music but when mom did wake up they talked. We were on the road a few hours when we stopped at a picnic area to stretch our legs. We stopped again at a Flying J in Amarillo to get gas and have lunch. When dad finished getting gas he parked the Minnie in the parking lot and then mom took me for a walk. While we were walking dad walked over to check out the truck scales because he has been curious on how much the Minnie weighs when it's loaded up for our trips and he wanted to find out how the scales work. When we got back Mom made sandwiches for dad and her and she gave me a little snack. After lunch mom and dad went into the store to find out how much it cost to weigh the Minnie and how to pay. The lady inside told him that the scales would beep when it was ready to weigh the Minnie. Then they would ask for vehicle number in our case he would say personal vehicle. Then they would ask if it was a reweigh or first time. When they got back, dad drove over to the scales and put the Minnie on the scales and went through the procedure but the scales couldn't weigh the Minnie because it was too small and not heavy enough. Dad thanked the lady and we left. We arrived at Texoma Park at 2:00 and parked the Minnie for the night and turn on the air conditioner. Once again camping was free and the camping spots had electricity. Texoma Park was actually a park. It had a play area with swings, playscape, restrooms and a couple of grills. After we set up camp we walked around the park. I liked walking around the park because it had grass and I didn't get any stickers in my paws. After our walk mom and dad read until dinnertime. While mom was cooking more people started to show up to camp. Mom cooked up some bow tie noodles and a can of chili for dad and her dinner. She fed me my food and when we finished dinner she gave me a few noodles. We waited until it cooled over a little before we went for another walk. This walk was through the park and down the road towards town. We didn't go too far because I had to walk on leash and I got tired. When we got back to the Minnie we stayed inside the rest of the night. Mom and dad read. By the time we went to bed there were six more RVs in the park. Good night.


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LOCATION:  Greeley, Colorado    SITE:  Missile Site Park
DATE:  08/23/12    SPACE:  01    TRIP:  85    DISTANCE:  471 miles

Thursday 23, 2012

We woke up at 7:00 and had a little breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk around the park before leaving Texoma Park. Today we're going to drive to Colorado. In order to get to Colorado we traveled through New Mexico. As we were driving through New Mexico we saw pronghorns. The first two we saw were after two different places and they were walking across a field. This surprised us because usually pronghorns aren't by themselves. A little while later we saw a herd of pronghorns grazing in a field with cows. When we got to Colorado mom and dad saw a coyote running across the highway. During the drive mom and I napped. When we got to Trinidad Colorado we stopped to get gas and have lunch. After we ate our lunch mom took a few pictures of Trinidad because there was a rows of flags from different states and countries and an old train and mom and dad thought this was cool. After taking pictures she came back to dad and me so we could continue our adventures. We were going to stop right outside of Colorado Springs but it was too early and it was too hot so we continued down the road. We ended up driving an other 240 miles before stopping in Greeley at the Missile Site Park. Dad was glad we decided to go on because we got through Denver about 3:00 instead of rush hour in the morning. As we drove through Denver mom took a picture of the Denver Broncos Stadium. We arrived at the Missile Site Park about 4:30. While driving the road to the Missile Site Park we saw a few turkeys walking across the road and we saw a few hawks hunting by a corn field. The Missile Site Park is the former nuclear warhead equipped Alias E site, which was constructed in 1961 and deactivated in 1965. The park has 12 campsites with no hookups, restroom with running water, a playground and cost $5 a night. It is a beautiful park with great views of Poudre River Valley and magnificent sunsets of the Rocky Mountains. While we were here we walked around the campground. We had a very nice time.


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Wyoming Capitol Building in Cheyenne                                  Wyoming State Museum          

LOCATION:  Cheyenne, Wyoming    SITE:  Curt Gowdy State Park
DATE:  08/24/12    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  85    DISTANCE:  92 miles

Friday August 24, 2012

Today we woke up about 6:45 and had breakfast. After breakfast we walked around the park and mom took a very pictures. We had a nice time at the Missile Site Park but now it's time to move on. Our next destination was Cheyenne Wyoming. As we were driving to Cheyenne the scenery was mainly plains but we did see Pronghorns and a coyote. When we were entering into Wyoming we saw a cool statue on a hill of a buffalo. We stopped at the rest area right outside of Cheyenne to get more information about Wyoming. The rest area was very nice and had an information center. Mom and dad went inside and when they were coming back they saw a couple of statues. They stopped at the statues to find out about them. One was an Indian and the other one was a Mountain Man, they represented a typical meeting of them both on the open plains in Wyoming in the 1800's. When they finished we went into Cheyenne so mom and dad could tour the Capitol Building. At the entrance of the Capitol Building there were a couple of magnificent statues. One was of Esther Hobart Morris, who represented where the territory of Wyoming in 1869 gave Women Equal Rights. The other one was Chief Washakie, who represented bravery and courage. He was a peacemaker, a strong leader and a wise and generous man. The tour of the Capitol was a self-tour. As they walked through the Capitol Building mom took pictures. Some of the pictures didn't come out because it was pretty dark inside. They saw the Senate Chamber and the House Chamber. Each chamber was very pretty with pictures on the walls. When they were leaving they met a man who worked for the Secretary of State. They talked to him for a few minutes. The Capitol Building was beautiful. On the way back to the Minnie they stopped by the State Museum. The museum was very nice it had exhibits and signs telling about the history of Wyoming. There was a great exhibit of Wyoming wildlife and another exhibit of Wyoming first ladies gowns. There was a sign that had keys facts about tourism and how much money they brought into Wyoming. On the way out they stopped in the museum store and bought a book and post cards. While checking out they visit with the clerk. After they returned to me we went to Curt Gowdy State Park, which was 26 miles from Cheyenne.

Curt Gowdy State Park has two reservoirs (Crystal Reservoir and the larger Granite Reservoir). Granite Reservoir has fourteen campgrounds and Crystal Reservoir has five. There are activities for everyone: fishing, boating on Granite Reservoir, archery range, over 30 miles of mountain/hiking trails, no swimming in either reservoir, picnicking and group sites.We stayed on Granite Reservoir at Twin Bays. Our site looked over the reservoir and was big. While we were at Curt Gowdy we relaxed in our chairs and walked around. We saw a few deer when the sun was going down. We didn't hike because all the trails were out in the open and there wasn't a lot of trees. We still had a great time.


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LOCATION:  Lander, Wyoming    SITE:  Sinks Canyon State Park
DATE:  08/25/12 - 08/26/12    SPACE:  17    TRIP:  85    DISTANCE:  267 miles


     Lincoln Memorial at a rest area                             Dad and I on the suspension bridge

Saturday August 25, 2012

We woke up about 6:00 and had a little breakfast. After breakfast we walked around the campground. As we were walking we saw six deer grazing and three of them were fawns. They were the same ones dad saw walking through the campground last night. We saw them better today because the sun was shining on them. After we got back we got the Minnie ready to leave. Our adventure today was to Sinks Canyon State Park. On the way to Sinks Canyon we took the highway so it wasn't too interesting. When we were passing a rest area we stopped because there was a statue of Abe Lincoln. The statue use to be on the Lincoln Highway but when this highway was made Wyoming moved it. It is a memorial of Lincoln's birthday. After taking a few pictures we continued our adventure to Sinks Canyon State Park.
Sinks Canyon offers hiking trails, wildlife viewing, bird-watching, fishing, and the Sinks and the Rise, a geological phenomenon. There a couple of campgrounds, Sinks and Popo Agu, which is pronounced Po-Po-shuh. Popo Agu is a Crow Indian word which means "gurgling river". We stayed at Popo Agu campground because it was setup for small RVs. The park is located in a beautiful canyon. When we first got there we went to the Visitor Center to pick up some information. The Popo Agie River runs right next to Popo Agu Campground. There's a suspension bridge that goes over the river to get to a couple of loop trails. When we got to Sinks Canyon we setup the Minnie for the night. Then mom made sandwiches and a pasta salad for lunch. After lunch we went down to the fee station to pay for the night, which was $11. After paying we walked around and then we went inside and relaxed. There wasn't a lot of shade so we stayed inside for the day. There is no power here so when dinnertime came around mom heated up the left over bacon on the stove and mom and dad had wraps and the rest of the pasta salad for dinner. I had my food. When the sun started to go down we went for a walk around the campground. As we were walking we met a couple from Massachusetts. We visit with them for awhile and then finished our walk.When we got back we called it a night.


Wading in the Popo Agu River                                            Meeting a new friend    

Sunday August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad. Today we woke up at 6:00 and had breakfast. After breakfast we went on a hike. We hiked a four mile loop trail for a couple of hours. As we hiked we hiked near the river and through a little bit of trees but most of the trail was out in the open. The trail was open range so we saw a lot of cows. When the cows saw me they watched me and I watched them. Mom was worried that I would chase them at the beginning so dad put me back on leash. But after awhile dad took me off leash again and I surprised mom because I just stayed on the trail. When we were walking by the river in some growth we saw a few Blue Grouses. They weren't even scared of us but dad did keep me back so I wouldn't scare them. After walking pass the Blue Grouses, there was an opening that went to the river so we walked to the river. When we got to the river dad let me go in the water to cool off. Oh did this feel so good. While I was wading I drink some water. After I finished cooling off we continued our hike. We were half way through the hie when we met a lady and her German Shepard (Cody). Cody and I said our hellos while mom and dad and his master said hello. This made my day. When we were looping back to the campground we took a little rest in some trees. After we rested we hiked a little ways and met Cody and his mom again. I was so excited I ran to him and we said our hellos again. We were almost back to the campground when we met an couple they were from California. They paid attention to me and asked if we saw the Blue Grouses. We told them yes and where to look for them. They thanked us and we all said good-bye. When we got back to the campground we stopped at the couple from Massachusetts and visited. After our visit we went to the site and setup our chairs. It was only 9:00 so we sat in our chairs and relaxed. Today was going to be a relaxing day. We decided to stay another night so after we rested mom walked down and paid for another night. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing in our chairs. I slept while mom worked on her Sudoku and dad read. For lunch dad barbecued some sausages. Mom gave me a little snack. It was a little windy so we ate inside. So when mom and dad finished lunch they went back outside but I stayed inside. I was comfortable just sleeping by the door because there was a nice breeze. When dinnertime came around dad barbecued some sausage patties and mom fed me my food. After dinner dad saw the couple from Massachusetts walking by so mom and dad went outside and visit with them again. After their visit they came back in the Minnie and called it a night. While we were inside mom baked cookies (turtles). I'll say good night.

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LOCATION:  Dubois, Wyoming    SITE:  Falls Campground in Shoshone National Forest
DATE:  08/27/12 - 08/28/12    SPACE:  46    TRIP:  85    DISTANCE:  128 miles


 The sinks cavern                                                              Sacajawea Grave Site

Monday August 27, 2012

Today we woke up at 6:00 and had a little breakfast. After breakfast we got the Minnie ready to move on to Falls Campground. Once the Minnie was ready we went for a walk around the campground. On the way to Falls Campground we stopped at Sinks Canyon State Park Visitor Center so mom and dad could see The Sinks and Rise. The Popo Agie River flows over the Madison Limestone at the sinks. As the river goes over the limestone it sinks into cracks of the limestone and runs through a cavern, which was formed by the river. It takes the river over two hours to get to the rise, which is 1/4 mile away. Geologists believes the reason it takes so long is because the underground passages are small and wind under the canyon floor is like a maze. At the Sinks they saw the river flow through a cavern and start to go underground. On the way to the Rise they saw a cottontail and a deer. Once they were at the Rise they saw the trout hole and the river rising out of the ground. They thought this was very interesting. When they got back I greeted them at the back door. Once we said our hellos we continued our adventure. When we got to Fort Washakie we stopped to look at Sacajawea Grave Site. It took us awhile to find it because it wasn't marked very well. We only saw one sign, which was on the highway saying where to turn. We were ready to give up when we saw a big cemetery on a hill. So we drove to the cemetery and it was called Sacajawea Cemetery. Mom and dad walked around the site. It took them a little time to actually find her grave. Once they found it they were impressed. While they were there they learned a lot about Sacajawea such as she was 16 years old mother when she went on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Sacajawea only son was Jean Baptiste, who was adopted and educated by Captain Clark. They also found out she lived until she was 100 years old and her adopted son Bazil lived until he was 81 years old. His grave was next to hers. They found it was worth stopping at Sacajawea Grave Site. After they got back to the Minnie we went went down the road to Dubois. We stopped in Dubois for gas and so mom and dad could take a shower. While dad took a shower mom took me for a walk. After mom and dad finished taking their showers we went to Falls Campground, which was 22 miles from Dubois.

Falls Campground is a Federal Forest Campground. It was very nice with tall pine trees and waterfalls. It also have hiking trails, which are used for cross-country snow skiing. Once we were at Falls we setup camp for the night. Afterwards mom made ham sandwiches for lunch. It was nice outside so we ate outside. Mom gave me a milk bone. After lunch we went to pay for the night. As we walked around the campground we decided to go to the falls. They weren't too far away. Before looking at the falls we walked to the stream that made the falls. When we got there dad let me go in the stream to go swimming. At first I wasn't to sure about it because the current was strong but after awhile I got use to it. I tried to swim but the water only went up to me stomach but it felt good. I had a great time playing in the cold water. When I finished we walked to the falls. The falls were very nice. After mom took a few pictures we went back to our site. We sat in our chairs and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. At dinnertime dad barbecued pork steaks for mom and himself. Mom fed me my food. After dinner we walked to the falls, where we met three people taking pictures of the falls and the mountain range behind them. We visit with them for awhile and they liked dogs so they paid attention to me. After our visit we went back our site and relaxed. Mom got cold so she went inside but dad and I stayed outside. While we were outside dad saw a couple of deer and a mouse. So he told mom about it and he was going to go for a walk. She decided she wasn't too cold to go for a walk. While we were walking we looked for wildlife but we didn't see any so we went back to our site. Once back to the site we went inside and called it a night.


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Dad and I playing in the stream                                        The Falls at the campground

Tuesday August 28, 2012

I can't believe it we've been camping for a week already!!! We slept in today we didn't get up until 6:15 we've been getting up at 6:00. After mom and dad got dressed we had breakfast. After breakfast we went on a two hour hike for about 3 miles. The trail we hiked was the cross country skiing trail. It was challenging because there was a lot of fallen trees in the trail and holes made by the wildlife walking when it was wet. Some of the fallen trees had been down a long time and some growth were growing over it so we had to watch where we stepped. Other fallen trees we had to climb over, except one I crawled under it. Some of the trail markers were on the down trees so it was hard to know where the trail was. During the hike we saw a few deer and Blue Grouses. We had a great time hiking through the forest even though we had to climb over trees. When we got back to the campsite I was exhausted so I went straight to my chair to sleep. Dad joined me and read while mom went down to the pay station to pay for another night. When mom got back she went to her chair and finished one of her Sudoku books. The rest of the morning we relaxed in our chairs. I occasionally went out of the shade to sun. While I was sunning and dad and mom were in their chairs a fox walked right by our campsite. This was too cool. Thank you dad for telling us about the fox. When lunchtime came around dad cooked up some baked beans with a little sausage in them on the grill. Mom gave me a pork bone for a snack. After lunch we stayed outside and relaxed. We relaxed for awhile and then mom and dad took me back to the stream so I could soak my tired feet. While walking to the stream I walked very slow because my feet hurt but once we were at the stream I was ready to get in it. Dad told me it was ok so I went into the stream. I kept looking at the stream to see if there was a place that was deep enough for me to swim but I couldn't find one. At least I could stand in the stream because the cold water felt so good on me feet. After I cooled off we went back to our campsite. We stayed at the campsite for the rest of the day relaxing. A little before dinner we got a neighbor. He came over to see if his generator was bothering us. We told him it wasn't. I was glad to see him so I went to him to say hi. While he was giving me attention he visit with my parents. When dinnertime came around dad barbecued up some Hatch Chile pork. Mom and dad said it was delicious. Mom fed me my food. After dinner we stayed outside until 7:00 and then we called it a night. Mom and dad bagged our chairs and then went inside for the rest of the night. Mom baked some cookies for dessert. Mom is too good to me because she gives me a piece of the cookies she eats. I guess I will say good night because I'm really tired.   

click on photo for more pictures of Grand Teton National Park

LOCATION:  Moran Junction, Wyoming    SITE:  Colter Bay Campground in Grand Teton National Park
DATE:  08/29/12 - 09/01/12    SPACE:  M 271    TRIP:  85    DISTANCE:  42 miles

Wednesday August 29, 2012

Today we woke up about 6:00 and had breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk around the campground. When we got to the Minnie we got ready to leave. Today we're going to Grand Teton National Park. We were at Grand Teton National Park three years ago so we knew what campground we wanted to stay at. We arrived about 8:00 and checked into Colter Bay. We had no problem getting a spot so dad paid for four nights. We had no problem finding our site because it was in the same loop we stayed in the last time. After setting up camp mom took me for a little walk around the campground. As we were walking we saw people getting ready to leave and I said hi to a few people. When we got back we setup our chairs. Today was going to be an easy day because I'm still tired from the hike I did yesterday. After setting up our chairs mom and dad put me in the Minnie because they were going to walk around the campground and to Jackson Lake. They were gone for a couple of hours. They walked by the marina and looked at the boats. While they were looking at the boats they talked to a man that works at the marina. He worked for company that takes people on tours of the lake. After talking with him they decided to walk to the visitor center. While they were at the visitor center they watched a movie about the park. After the movie they stopped at the store and pickup a few things. We really didn't need any thing but while they were walking through the store they saw a brand of bacon they really liked so they picked up a couple of pounds and they also bought an apple, bananas and a cinnamon roll. When they follow got back I was very happy to see them. Mom heated up a couple of sausage patties to have sandwiches. She gave me a pork bone for my lunch. After lunch we went outside to relax in our chairs. About 2:00 mom decided she would work out a little with her weights. While she worked out for 30 minutes dad walked around the loop a few times and looked for a place for me to get to the lake so I could swim. I slept while mom worked out. After mom finished her workout and dad got back we just stayed in our chairs and relaxed. While we were sitting in our chairs we saw a deer walk through the campground. When dinnertime came around dad cooked up some bacon on the grill for sandwiches and mom fed me my food. After dinner mom and dad took me down to the lake so I could go swimming because I was filthy. This is the only lake that I'm allowed to swim in so I was very excited. In order to get to the lake we walked through trees and down a hill. Once we were at the lake I went swimming. The water felt so good. After I finished swimming we went back to the Minnie and went inside because mom and dad didn't want me to get dirty again. About 8:00 mom and dad left me in the Minnie and went to the amphitheater for a ranger program. Tonight the program was a movie about wolves and bear the movie was called Clash. Before they watched the movie a ranger made a campfire and talked a little about Grand Teton National Park. After he finished talking he started the movie, which was about an hour long. During the move a dad roasted marshmallows on the fire mom and dad thought this was cool. Mom and dad really enjoyed the movie. They had to walk home in the dark. Dad had bought a flashlight so they could see on the way home because they had to walk through the trees. They really didn't need a flashlight because the moon was bright enough. When they got home we said our hellos and then called it a night.


                   A fox hunting                                          Dad checking out a beaver's pelt


    Park Ranger Mike driving Menor's Ferry                  Park Ranger Bob giving a presentation on weasels

Thursday August 30, 2012

Today we woke up about 6:00 and had breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk. Mom and dad wanted to get an early start because they wanted to see some wildlife so we left our site at 7:00. Today mom and dad were going on a hike at Taggart & Bradley Lakes with a ranger at 9:00 so they had a couple of hours to kill. The drive to Taggart Lake Trail was 25 miles so it was going to take some time. As we were driving down the road we saw wildlife we saw elk, pronghorns, a coyote and a fox. The coyote we saw was hunting a couple of pronghorns. We watched this for awhile then the coyote gave up. As we were watching the coyote a buck elk came over the ridge. After watching the coyote and pronghorns we continued our adventure. Dad saw a fox walking across the road so he followed him in parking lot, where mom and dad watched him hunt for awhile. Mom took pictures of the fox hunting. While watching him we actually saw him catch a chipmunk. This was very fascinating to watch. So far this morning was very exciting. It was getting close for mom and dad to meet with the ranger so we headed to Taggart Lake Trail parking lot. I'm not allowed to go hiking with mom and dad so I stayed in the Minnie. They were gone about 2 and half hours. During our first visit to Grand Teton National Park mom and dad had hiked this trail but the ranger programs was finished for the season and this time they wanted to do the trail with a ranger. Mike was the ranger that did the guided hike. Mom and dad learned a lot about the Teton Mountains and the ecosystem around them. There are four areas the wetland, sage bush, forest and alpine. When they walked each area Mike explained them. They learned an interesting a couple of facts about the aspen trees. One fact was when you rubbed the bark with you get a white power on your hand which can be used for sun block. Another fact was one aspen tree can look like hundreds. It starts as one and every time there's a fire the tree will spout out. Mike also told them that they might see a bear but they didn't. Once the group was at Taggart Lake Mike let them do more exploring and he left the group. Mom and dad had done the trail around the lake before so they decided to come back to me. On the way back to me they passed a lot of people, who were just starting their hike. They had a fantastic hike. It went up and down hills, through trees and out in the open. When they got back mom took me for a short walk around the parking lot and then she made sandwiches for lunch. While making sandwiches she gave me a piece of ham. After lunch we drove down the road to Menor's Ferry Historic District. When we got there mom and dad walked around the site. They ate a fresh bake cookie from an old stove from the 1920s. Then they took a ferry ride. The captain of the ferry was the ranger they had for the hike. As they rode on the ferry they saw a young bald eagle in a tree and they learned the history of the ferry. The ferry was very cool because the park service made it look exactly like the one that was used by Bill Menor to transport people across the river. After their ride on the ferry they continued their walk around the site they walked through a beautiful cabin and The Chapel of the Transfiguration, which is still being used for services. They enjoyed walking around and learning the history of Grand Teton National Park. After we left the ferry site we went to Grand Teton National Park Visitor Center at Moose and mom and dad walked through it we started back to Colter Bay. We passed a lot of people on a bridge looking at a moose but we didn't stop because there were too many people. We decided we could come back another day to see the moose because they're there every day. On the way back we saw some bison on a range, pronghorns and people going horseback riding. We also stopped by a ramp into Snake River, where we saw a group of people getting ready to go rafting down the river and a group of people kayaking. By the time we got home dad's feet were hurting so we stayed inside of the Minnie and relaxed. At dinnertime mom heated up the leftover pork and corn and she fed me my dinner. After dinner we sat outside for awhile. Then mom and dad put me inside because they were going to another range presentation that started at 7:00. The presentation was about weasels. The ranger that did the presentation was Bob. A lot more people showed up tonight then last night. The presentation was very interesting about weasels and the weasel family. They were home earlier then last night so we sat outside for awhile. Mom made some Jiffy Pop popcorn for dessert. After we ate the popcorn we called it a night.      


Mom standing in front of the Chapel of the Scared Heart          Park Ranger Jamie giving a presentation on moose

Friday August 31, 2012

Today was a very relaxing day. We woke up at our regular time 6:00 and had breakfast. After breakfast we walked around the campground. When we finished our walk we got ready to drive around the park. As we drove around we looked for wildlife but today we didn't see much. We ended up only seeing a couple of elk, a small herd of pronghorns, a few grouses, a couple of sand cranes and a few water fowl. We drove by the area we saw a lot of wildlife yesterday but we didn't see any. We stopped occasionally to look into the sage grass areas to see if we could see any wildlife but we didn't. We drove up a curvy road to Signal Mountain Summit to look at the view but when we got up to the top it was smoked in so we didn't see much. This was disappointed but while we were driving the curvy road we saw the grouses along the side of the road. When we drove down the road back towards Jackson Lake Lodge we stopped by a beautiful chapel, which was called Chapel of the Sacred Heart. Mom and dad walked in the chapel and took a few pictures. Afterwards we went to Jackson Lake lodge so mom and dad could do a ranger program, where you can look through a high power scope to see wildlife. But today the ranger told us that they didn't see much. This is where mom and dad saw the sand cranes. The lodge was big and very beautiful. It had a wide staircase, which took you to the second floor lobby and out to a big area to view the wildlife. The lodge was very busy because there was a convention going on. The lobby had a grizzle bear, a swan and places for people to use their computers. The lobby was huge. Mom and dad had fun just trying to find the wildlife. When they got back we started back to our campsite. Once back to our site mom took me for a walk around the campground. During our walk we met a dog named Miller and his master. We checked each other out Miller wanted to play but I really didn't feel like it. When lunchtime came around dad barbecued some pork steaks and mom gave me a half a milk bone and a little bone from their steaks. After lunch we relaxed in our chairs until it started to sprinkle and then we went inside. The rain stopped after a few minutes. After the rain stopped mom and dad took me for a walk to the Visitor Center so dad could find out what ranger programs were going on today. The flags were at half mask for a couple of days so while dad was inside the center he asked why. The ranger told him because Neil Armstrong had died. We didn't know because we don't watch television and listen to the radio while we're on vacation. While he was inside mom and I stayed outside and met a few people. When he came back to us we went back to our site and relaxed in our chairs. It started to thunder so we went back inside. When dinnertime came around mom cooked up some chili and fed me my food. After dinner I was so tired that I went to mom's chair and went to sleep. A little before 7:00 mom and dad went to the ranger program about moose. The ranger was Jamie, she did a great job. She was a lot of fun and everyone there laughed and had a great time. I didn't even know they were gone so when they got back home mom woke me up to say hi. As soon as she stopped pestering me I went back to sleep. After they relaxed awhile they called it a night.


A photo of the Tetons

Saturday September 1, 2012

It rained last night and is suppose to rain again today so we didn't do too much. We woke up at 6:15 and had breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk around the campground. When we got back to the Minnie  we put some things down because we wanted to drive around the park a little. We drove down to a pull over by Jackson Lake so we could look at the pelicans, ducks and other water fouls. Then we drove to Jackson Lodge again to look for wildlife. On the way there we looked for wildlife but the wildlife was staying out of the rain so we didn't see any. Same thing happened at the lodge no wildlife at the viewing area. On the way back to our campsite we stopped at the laundromat and shower building to do a little laundry and mom and dad wanted to take a shower. While there dad checked his e-mail. Mom wasn't ready to update my website yet so she didn't. While they were there I stayed in the Minnie sleeping. When they finished we went to our campsite. We stayed in the Minnie because it was raining a little. When the rain stopped dad barbecued some Hatch pork sausages for mom and his lunch. Mom gave me a pork bone. We stayed in the Minnie until the sun came out and then we set up our chairs. While dad and I were relaxing in our chairs mom worked out a little with weights. When she finished her workout it started to rain again so we bagged the chairs and then went inside. While we were inside mom baked some banana nut muffins for a snack. Mom gave me a piece of her muffin. At dinnertime the sun came out again so dad put the griddle on the grill and made pancakes for mom and his dinner. Mom fed me my food. After we ate we stayed in the Minnie and relaxed. Mom did some dishes and when she finished we went for a walk around the campground. We walked for about a half hour. By the time we got home it was starting to rain again. Mom and dad were going to go see a presentation about bison but the weather wasn't cooperating. Dad didn't want to drive to the presentation. Mom forgot the umbrella at home and they didn't want to walk in the rain. So they decided to stay home and relax.