Flo's December 2011 Travels

December Camping Adventures 2011

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getting ready to ride by Lake Travis                                       camping at Muleshoe Bend Park


drying off after a swim                                             sharing my water with a bird

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Muleshoe Bend Park
DATE:  12/28/2011 to 01/01/2012    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  80    DISTANCE:  33 miles

Wednesday December 28, 2011 to Sunday January 1, 2012

Christmas is over and we haven't done any camping this month because of the weather and for next few days the weather is going to be great so we decided to go to Muleshoe Bend Park for four nights. We have been to Muleshoe so many times I won't bore you with all the detail but I will summarize what we did. We walked over 18 miles around the park and the hiking trail. While hiking the trail we saw only one guy riding his bike and a little later he was running the trail. This was very surprising because we usually see more people riding their bikes. There weren't too many people camping. The weather was outstanding it was in the high 60s and sunny and at night it got down to the high 30s. The temperature was perfect to sleep in but in the morning it was a little cold because at Muleshoe there is no power. During our stay at Muleshoe we saw a few deer. While we were there we saw a few deer, people riding horses, people riding their bikes and college kids playing Frisbee. We had a fantastic time at Muleshoe even though I'm exhausted.

December Hiking Adventures 2011

click on photo for more pictures of Canyonlands Hiking Trails

LOCATION:  Lakeway, Texas    SITE:  Canyonlands Trails    DATE:  12/17/2011    DISTANCE:  8 miles

Saturday December 17, 2011

The weather so far this month has been very unpredictable so we haven't done much of anything. Mom took me down to the Homeowners' Park yesterday and we had a great time. Today dad was tired of sitting around the house so decided to take mom and me to Lakeway to hike the Canyonlands Trails. We have been here many times but this is the first time this year. Our hike was our normal hike for about an hour and a half. During our hike we hiked up and down the canyons and through the trees. The trails were a little damp because we had a little rain on and off all month but they were still nice to hike. As we hiked we only met a man and we saw a lady climbing up the powerline hill. The man was hiking up one of the trails as we were hiking down so dad put me on leash and got me off the trail so he could pass. When he was passing us I whined for him then he put out his hand to pet me. After he pet me we finished our hike. The hike was very pretty because some of the trees were changing colors. We had a great time hiking the Canyonlands Hiking Trails at Lakeway. Have a great day.

December Fun Stuff 2011

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walking the Homeowners dock                                       My friends SAS, Chaps and H

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LOCATION:  Austin. Texas    SITE:  Homeowners Park    DATE:  12/09/2011    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Friday December 9, 2011

The weather has been cold and a little rainy for almost a month so we haven't been camping. Today the weather started out foggy but about noon the fog went away and it warmed up a little bit so mom took me down to the Homeowners Park. Mom really didn't want to but dad was pestering her about it, she finally gave in. As we were walking to the park we walked by my friends' (SAS, H, Chaps and Vivianne) house and they came out to say hi. All four of my friends are on the visible fence so they barked at me. H got brave and came out of the fence to see me. Once Chaps saw her do this he decided to join her. After all three of us said our hellos mom and I continued our walk to the park and H and Chaps went back into their yard. While mom and I were walking down to the lake we met a mom and her two kids and their two labs (yellow and black). The family and the black lab were friendly. Mom really didn't trust the yellow one because her hair was standing up on her back so we just looked at each other. Afterwards mom took me down to the lake. As we were walking along the shoreline I swam and explored. When I finished swimming we walked on the dock and then we headed back home. Once again we walked by my friends and H and Chaps came out of their yard to say hi. Mom and I continued our walk home. While we were at the park mom took pictures. I had a great time at the park.

A couple of hours later mom and dad went over to Aunt Louise's house I stayed home with a Kong. Dad wanted to help Aunt Louise out by trying to make her computer a little faster by rebuilding. While mom and dad were at Aunt Louise's house mom played with my cousins Regal and Autumn, while dad set up his computer for Aunt Louise. Dad didn't want Aunt Louise to be without a couple for a few days. Aunt Louise was very thankful that dad did this. After dad explained his computer to Aunt Louise mom and dad left. I was very happy to see mom and dad when they returned because they were gone for a few hours. After I finished saying hi mom fed me my dinner. When I finished my dinner I went to sleep for the rest of night.

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Dad and me waiting for the celebration to begin                                        Aunt Louise                      


        Mom opening presents                                                  Christmas Dinner

LOCATION:  Austin. Texas    SITE:  My House    DATE:  12/24/2011 12/25/2011    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Saturday December 24, 2011 and Sunday December 25, 2011

We haven't done much this month because the weather has been a little weird. First of all the weather got cold and then it rained a little on and off. But we need the rain so I won't complain about not being able to do anything. This year I'm very happy my Aunt Louise was off both Christmas Eve and Christmas so she came out both days. On Christmas Eve we had a little dinner and then we opened our Christmas presents. Aunt Louise came out about 4:00 with fudge, cookies and peanut and chocolate balls, all the goodies were delicious. Mom cooked up some potato sticks, cheese sticks and popcorn shrimp for everyone for dinner and mom fed me my food. After dinner we started opening our gifts. It took us a couple of hours to open all our gifts so I slept during that time. I'm not going to bored you with all the details I'm just going to tell you that all the gifts were very nice. After we finished opening our gifts dad called Grandma in Tucson to wish her a Merry Christmas. We weren't on the phone too long with her because she was in the middle of opening her gifts.

On Christmas day Aunt Louise came out about 11:00 for Christmas dinner. This year our Christmas dinner was baked ham, mash potatoes, gravy, chicken dressing, homemade noodles, rolls and a relish tray (cheese, ham, sweet pickles, olives and salami). Mom gave me a little ham. Mom always makes a fantastic Christmas dinner. Aunt Louise made a delicious cheese cake for dessert. We had a great Christmas. Oh I almost forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.