Flo's 2007 February Travels

February Hiking Trip 2007
Waterfall at St. Edwards

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: St. Edwards Park     DATE: 2/10/07     DISTANCE: 20 miles

Hi, I'm very excited about going to St. Edwards Park for a hike. I've been there before but it's been about a year. It's a beautiful hiking trail that runs along Bull Creek in Austin. The trail is 2.7 miles long. The terrain is tough at some places, so make sure you wear the proper shoes.. St. Edwards Park is located off of 360 and Spicewood Springs Road. The park is pretty primitive, you have to bring in your own water and there are no restrooms. My parents and I arrived at St. Edwards Park about 9:00 a.m. and the weather was a little chilly. It was a great hike. I met a friend at the very beginning, I think she was a greyhound, she was wearing a sweater. She ran away from me, her mom said she was scared of me, image that scared of me. My parents and I hiked about half the hike when I met another friend, she was a golden retriever, her name was Bella. Bella was still a puppy she was only 10 months old. We played for awhile that was a lot of fun. We walked along Bull Creek, it had waterfalls. It was very pretty. We were almost finished with our hike when we met a family. The family had two little boys, I really like little boys but I was too tired to show how excited I was to see them. I hope to come back again because St. Edwards Park is very beautiful running along Bull Creek. The trail is designed for everyone, you can hike, bike and even ride your horses on it. I didn't see any horses but I did see the hoof prints. I'm so tired I going to go rest now, so I can get ready for my next adventure. Bye-bye.

Flo Exploring
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LOCATION: Lakeway, Texas     SITE: Canyonlands Trails of Lakeway    DATE: 2/18/07     DISTANCE: 8 Miles

It's a beautiful day here in Austin the sun is shining no clouds in the sky mom and dad are tired of being in the house, dad says lets going hiking, so here we are at Canyonlands Trails of Lakeway. I have not been here for awhile, so you can imagine how excited I am. At the very beginning of my adventure a met a friend and his dad, he was a Standard Poodle. His dad said this was the best part of the hike because his dog can meet new friends. That was the only friend I met on my adventure I wish I met some more. We hiked about a hour, up and down the canyons. There was some water in the creek, so I had to check it out, I had fun doing that. While we were hiking we came across a lake it was small, I wanted to go swimming but dad called me back, he didn't want me to get wet. It was a fantastic hike. The hike was very peaceful, we only saw one dog and his master, I was very surprise because we were in Lakeway and a lot of people live there. I guess is was too early and cold, but I did see some kids at the skateboard park when we were driving to the trails. My mom took some pictures so enjoy looking at them. I guess it's time to say good-bye until my next adventure.


February Camping Trips 2007

FLo exploring
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LOCATION: Corps of Engineers Georgetown, Texas     SITE: Jim Hogg Park
DATE: 2/23/07 – 2/25/07     SPACE: 064      TRIPS: 17   DISTANCE: 46 miles

Friday February 23, 2007

Goodie goodie, I'm going camping, the first trip this year. It's misting a little bit, but I'm going to Jim Hogg Park. We arrived at Jim Hogg at 4:00 p.m. The section of the park we usually stayed in was closed for the winter, so we ended up staying at a other space. While dad checked in park I took mom for a walk. We ate dinner about 5:00 p.m. mom and dad had pork and I had my special food. After dinner we went for a walk around the campground I had a lot of fun because I chased some deer. When we got back to the Minnie I decided to go to sleep, so I can get rested up for my adventure tomorrow. Good night I'll see you in the morning.

Saturday February 24, 2007

The weather was perfect for sleeping, so I let my mom and dad sleep until 7:15 a.m. While dad got dress, mom and I went for a little hike around the campsite. My mom and dad had some breakfast and I ate my special food. Afterwards my parents and I went for a 6 miles hike. The weather was a little cool but the wind wasn't blowing. While hiking down the trail I met my friend April and her master, I met them the last time I was here, so I was happy to see her and we played awhile. April is a beautiful Weimaraner. There were a lot of birds out this morning. Buzzards flying around the lake and sitting on stumps. Ducks were swimming. Sparrows, robins, finches and other birds were chirping in the tree tops. We had a magnificent hiking. When I got back to Minnie I was exhausted. While I rested I met a little poodle name Sam. Sam was walking with her family and friends, so I decided to introduce myself. Mom had to come and take me back to the campsite but I had fun  playing with her. After mom and dad was finished resting we had lunch, mom and dad had bacon sandwiches and i just rested. In the afternoon we just stayed around the campsite because we were tired.      

Sunday February 25, 2007

It was another beautiful morning, my parents and I went for another 3 mile hike. Dad and I were ready to go farther but mom was tired. During our hike we met a couple from Wisconsin, they 've been coming to Central Texas since 1980 and this was the first time they had stayed at Jim Hogg. Mom and dad visit with them for awhile, so I decided to lay down and wait until they were finish. We returned to camp and broke camp, so we could start back to the house. I had another great adventure but it's time for me to say good-bye. Until I see you next time, have fun and many great adventures.