Flo's February 2012 Travels

February Camping Adventures 2012

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LOCATION:  Spicewood, Texas    SITE:  Grelle LCRA Park
DATE:  02/21/2012 to 02/25/2012    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  83    DISTANCE:  28 miles

The weather has been unpredictable so we  haven't been camping. We would have a day here and there where the weather was nice and than it would rain or get too cold. This week we're suppose to have beautiful weather so we're going camping. We have camped at Muleshoe Bend Park many times and we wanted to camp some place new so we decided to go to another LCRA park called Grelle. I'm very excited to be going to Grelle.

Grelle is a 400-acre park where camping is allowed without any facilities. It has one outdoor bathroom and has no drinking water. The entrance fee to the park is $5 per vehicle or rider (bike or horse).  Eleven of the campsites cost $10 a night to use but other campsites are free. There is a two mile hiking trail and a four mile horse trail. Grelle is located on the south shore of Lake Travis in a isolated cove. 


             Grelle Campground                                                    Lake Travis from Grelle

Tuesday February 21, 2012

We arrived at Grelle Park about 10:30 a.m. We didn't have to pay to get in the park because we have a year pass to all LCRA parks. Grelle has a very campsites that are free so we decided to stay at one of them. We were the only ones camping in the park so we had no problem getting a site. After we set up camp for a few days we walked around the park to get familiar with it. We walked around for about a half hour and then we came back and relaxed until it was time for lunch. It was a beautiful day so we decided to eat lunch outside. Mom brought out some ham, bread, lettuce, cheese, pickles, mustard and Miracle Whip to make sandwiches. Of course she didn't forget about me she gave me a milk bone. After lunch we sat in our chairs and enjoyed the afternoon. Dad read, mom played Sudoku and I laid in the sun. When dinnertime came around dad barbecued some Polish sausages for mom and him. Mom fed me my food. After dinner we went for a walk around the park and checked out the hiking trail. We only walked part of it because the sun was starting to go down. We walked around about a half hour. When we got back to our site we sat in our chairs until it got dark and then we went inside. We had a very wonderful day.


Dad and I walking through a field during a hike                          Fishing on the banks of Lake Travis

Wednesday February 22, 2012

We woke up at 6:45 and had a little breakfast. After breakfast we went for a four mile hike. Before we started our hike we met the park host. She told us that today was their last day and wanted to know if we would be interested in being a host. Mom and dad said no but they would keep their ears open.  After the host left we went on our hike. The hiking trail went through trees, up and down hills, along a ridge and cross over a creek a few times. When we hiked across the creek mom and dad walked on rocks and I walked through it. As we were walking through the trees we scared an owl out of a tree. Once we were on the other side of the cove we walked to a park road that was part of the horse trail. We walked the road to a hill and then we hiked down the hill to a meadow. When Lake Travis is up the meadow is usually under water. We walked through the meadow to the lake, where we saw cranes and white pelicans standing on the bank fishing. This was the first time we have ever seen any pelicans on Lake Travis so this was very exciting. After watching the birds for a while we went back to the road and sat on a rock to rest before we head back to our site. When we finished our rest we headed back. As we were climbing up the hill we met a man jogging. He stopped and to say hi. As we continued our hike back to our campsite we saw the jogger a couple more times. When we got back to the creek I walked down the creek until the water got up to my chest. That felt good because I was hot. After I waded a little bit we went back to our site. Also during our hike we saw a few deer. When we got back to our site we relaxed in our chairs. We spent the rest of the day hung out at our site. While relaxing in our chairs we watched a woodpecker. Before we went inside for the night we walked around the campground. The temperature today got up to 88 degrees but it didn't feel like it because there was a little breeze and we were in the shade. We had a fantastic day.


    Mom and I hiking the trails                                            White pelicans on Lake Travis

Thursday February 23, 2012

We woke up about 7:00 and had breakfast. After we ate we went for another four mile hike. Before we started our hike we stopped at the restroom. While my was taking care of business dad and I sat at a picnic table waiting for her. While dad and I were waiting for mom we met a couple of ladies and a dog jogging around the campground. When mom finally got ready we went on our hike. We started our hike the same way as we did yesterday except when we got on the other side of the cove we chanced it up a little. The trail on the other side of cove has different arms and we decide to take some of them. We didn't go down to the lake instead we hiked the ridge. As we hiked the ridge it took us down a hill and along the bank of the cove back to the creek. When we got to the creek mom and dad walked on rocks to get across but I walked in the creek to cool off. Today I walked a little farther down the creek and as I was walking it got deeper it got so deep I swam. This felt so great because I was hot and thirsty. After my little swim we went back to our site to relax. We relaxed until lunchtime. After we eat lunch we broke camp because we had to go get some propane and water. We ended up going all the way to Marble Falls which was fifteen miles from Grelle. But once we got propane and water we went back to Grelle and set up camp again. Once again we spent the rest of the day relaxing in our chairs. As we were relaxing the woodpecker came back to visit so dad got up and took a few pictures. Mom's allergies were acting up so she went inside to take a nap but she wasn't gone long because it too hot in the Minnie. Today the temperature got up to 86 degree, there wasn't a breeze so it felt hot. When dinnertime came around we went inside. Mom made a salad for dad and her and fed me my food. After dinner we walked around the campground. As we were walking around the campground we decided to sit at a picnic table and watch for deer. While sitting there we saw a couple of deer walking through the cove grazing. A little while later we saw a big group slowly walking through the campground to get to a meadow to graze. The meadow is right by a creek that feeds into Lake Travis. We had a few inches of rain a few days ago so the creek was running nicely. The group of deer had about sixteen deer. We watched the young deer playing with each other. When the deer saw us they stopped eating and playing so they could check us out. After the deer moved on down by the creek we started to walk back to our site. On the way back we walked to the gate and down to the creek. Once back to our site we went in for the night. Even though it was hot today we still had a great day. 


A woodpecker at our campsite                                          Chilling out after a hike

Friday February 24, 2012

The wind came up during the night so we woke up at 6:30 and had breakfast. After breakfast we hiked for five miles. While we were inside the Minnie last night we heard a car come in the park and as we walked to the trails we saw where it stayed the night. It was so windy last night that the man had to sleep in car. We saw him sleeping and he didn't look too comfortable but he quietly walked by his car so we would disturb him. Our hike was longer because we did a little exploring in the trees and took other arms of the horse trail. Instead of starting our hike at the hiking trail sign we walked across a meadow to the hill and hiked up the side to get to the trail. This part of the hike was very steep and challenging but fun. Once we were on the trail we hiked it to the road. When we got to the road we decided to hike down to the lake. Once we were at the lake we saw a lot more pelicans then we had seen a couple of days ago but we didn't see as many cranes. After walking around and watching the pelicans we continued our hike. But instead of going back up the road we decided to walked along the banks of a cove to the park boundaries fence and then we hiked up a hill. There really wasn't a trail so we had to make our own trail. This was so much fun because we had to do some exploring through the trees to find the main trail. I knew we would find the trail because mom and I were following dad and he never gets us lost. Once we found the trail we hiked it but this part of the trail we hadn't hiked before so it was interesting to see where it went. We hiked the trail as far as we could. The trail dead ended, we looked around for the trail and saw that it looped around a tree and headed to the road. When we got to the road we hiked it back towards the campground but instead of taking the hiking trail we continued down the road until it came to the park boundaries fence. It was still early so instead of taking the fence back to the campground we decided to do a little exploring the other way. We walked about a mile and then decided to turn around and head back to our site. On the way back we stopped at the creek so I could go for a swim but today I didn't feel like going swimming but I did get wet up to my belly. Our hike was fantastic because we climbed up hills, did some exploring, saw some pelicans, walked through trees and cross over a creek. When we got back to our site we were a little tired so we sat in our chairs until lunchtime. Mom made some sandwiches. While we were inside dad turned on the weather radio and found out that it was going to get down into the thirties so we decided to go home. We had a super time at Grelle Recreational Area and we will differently come back again.


February Fun Stuff Adventures 2012

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                    Jesse Winchester                     Mom standing on the stage at Blue Rock Studio

LOCATION:  Wimberley, Texas    SITE:  Blue Rock Studio    DATE:  02/09/2012    DISTANCE:  40 miles

Thursday February 9, 2012

Today was a special day because mom and dad went to a concert at Blue Rock Studio in Wimberley starring Jesse Winchester. Mom and dad have been to Wimberley many times but they never went to a concert there. The Blue Rock Studio is located 4 miles east of Wimberley at Billy and Dodee Crocket home, which has a six room recording studio. The home is on 9 acres of land with walking trails, wildlife, cabin, pool, and guest facilities. The house itself is gorgeous with high ceilings, tall fireplaces, dark wood and each room is big. The exterior is made with stone and wood with a pool, spa, and sitting areas to enjoy beautiful vistas of the hill county. One area of the house that stood out was a tower that took you to a very nice sitting room with a deck that runs completely around it. As you stand on the deck you can see beautiful views of the hill country. Mom and dad are fans of Jesse Winchester and dad found out he was going to be at Blue Rock Studio so dad made reservations for mom and him. You pay at the door but you have to make reservations because there is limited seating of 80 seats. The concert was actually performed in one of the studio rooms in front of a big stone fireplace. It didn't matter where you seat during the concert you had a great view and the audience was very respectful to Jesse Winchester. Mom and dad had a fantastic time singing, laughing and listening to Jesse Winchester. They hope to do another concert at Blue Rock Studio.

click on photo for more pictures of the RV Show

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  The Convention Center    DATE:  02/16/2012    DISTANCE:  25 miles

Thursday February 16, 2012

The convention was having a RV show this weekend and mom and dad hadn't been to one in a few years so they decided to go. Before mom and dad left mom made me a Kong. It took them about an hour and half to walk through it. The show had mainly travel trailers and fifth wheelers. So they walked through a few travel trailers, a couple of Cs and a A. They looked at a few Bs. They had a great time just to see what was on the market. They decided that they like our Minnie the best because it was perfect for how we camp. When they got home I was excited to see them. I know they were gone only a few hours but it seemed ti me that they were gone forever.

click on photo for more pictures of James McMurtry Concert

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Continental Club    DATE:  02/28/2012    DISTANCE:  24 miles

Tuesday February 28, 2012

Wow!!! Mom and dad went to another concert this month. The concert they went to was James McMurtry, who lives in Austin so when ever he's in town he will perform at the Continental Club. He either plays solo or with his band when ever they're in town. James McMurtry is a folk singer and occasionally he does a little acting. James McMurtry performed solo tonight and he will be with his band tomorrow night. Mom and dad decided to go tonight because the concert was at 8:30 and if they had gone tomorrow night it would be at midnight. James McMurtry performed in the gallery for an hour and half. Mom and dad had a great time.

click on picture for more photos of cleaning our new coach and dad's chair


                    Dad cleaning his chair                                      Our new coach drying in the garage

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Our House    DATE:  02/28/2012 - 02/29/2012    DISTANCE:  00 miles

Tuesday February 28, 2012 and Wednesday February 29, 2012

We bought a new coach in January, dad has had a chemical reaction to the coach from day one so mom and dad decided to rent a carpet cleaner for a day. After the coach was cleaned there was some cleaner left so dad cleaned his chair. When they finished cleaning the coach and chair they decided to let the coach dry over night in the garage. In the morning they cleaned the coach again just to make sure the chemicals were gone. They had some cleaner left over so they cleaned the carpet in their bathroom and bedroom. When they finished doing this they took the cleaner back.  

click on photo for more pictures of mowing our lawn

Location:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Our House    DATE:  02/29/2012    DISTANCE:  00 miles

Wednesday February 29, 2012

Since dad has been retired for three years he has been mowing our lawn. He had to start early this year because we have been getting a lot of rain so the weeds are growing. In fact most of our yard right now are weeds. Now that mom is retired she going to me mowing the yard occasionally to help dad out.