Flo's 2006 January Travels

January Hikes 2006

When my mom and dad introduced me to hiking at first I wasn't sure about hiking because I know I get tired very easily. After trying hiking I decided that I like it so I decided to share some of my hiking experiences.

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park

Flo swimming in the creek

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Walnut Creek City Park     DATE: 1/01/06     DISTANCE: 23 miles        

The first hike my parents and I went on this year was at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. Walnut Creek Park is located in northwest Austin with many amenities for public.

My parents and I walked part of the hiking trail. The trail is 6 miles long and runs along the Big Walnut Creek Greenbelt. While you hike you will cross Walnut Creek in different places. The creek is dry in places and other places have a lot of water where I swam. The trail is steep at places so you need the right shoes. It is a beautiful hike where you can explore and enjoy the surroundings. Along the hike you can get confused so be careful you don't get lost. After our hike we relaxed by the swimming pool where I met a family with a dog. I was very excited to meet a new friend. Walnut Creek Park is a gorgeous with many things to do that can last all day. I had a lot of fun and hope to come back.

Canyonlands Trails of Lakeway

Flo and dad resting

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LOCATION: Lakeway, Texas    SITE: Canyonlands Trails    DATE: 1/08/06 & 1/14/06    DISTANCE: 8 Miles

Canyonlands Trails are located across the road from Canyonlands Park in Lakeway Texas. The Canyonlands are beautiful trails that runs along Rough Hollow Cove which is a major arm of Lake Travis. The Canyonlands Trails were created and are kept up by volunteers. The Canyonlands Park is a 20 acre park in Lakeway with the following amenities

Canyonlands Trails are very scenic and challenging for all. I visited the Canyonlands Hiking Trails a couple of times this month and both times I had a great time. I went exploring through the trees and the hills. My parents and I hiked all the trails and we had a fabulous time. The scenery is breath taking. The hike is 2 miles and has are many places for you to rest, there are benches and rocks for you to sit on. While mom and dad rested on the rocks I just laid down on the ground. During the hike we crossed over some bridges, we climbed up and down hills. The Canyon Trails are hard because the trails are narrow and steep but they are very well maintained. I like these trails because I can explore in the trees. When we got to the bottom of the canyon there was water so I went swimming while mom and dad rested, that was fun. The Rim Trail is a very beautiful trail with great views of trees and different plants. 

Barton Creek Greenbelt

Flo waiting for dad

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Barton Creek Greenbelt Hiking Trails    DATE: 1/15/06    DISTANCE: 23 miles

Barton Creek Greenbelt Hiking Trails are locate in Austin off of Capitol of Texas Highway (360). The trails runs east and west of 360. Today my parents and I hiked the east trails, if you hike far enough it will take you all the way to Zilker Park. Zilker Park is located near downtown Austin 7.25 miles down Barton Creek Greenbelt. Barton Creek flows to a swimming area in Zilker Park where people swim year round. The hiking trails run along Barton Creek and has a lot of shaded areas to keep you cool and give you an area to rest when you're tired. I had a great time exploring the east trails along the creek. I met some dogs, people running, hiking and mountain biking. The trails are excellently
marked so you can't get lost. The trails are narrow at some place so we had to wait for the mountain bikers or joggers to go first. That was ok because it gave me a chance to rest. We didn't walk the whole trail but I had fun. I hope to come back and hike the west trail.         

Hamilton Greenbelt of Lakeway

Flo exploring

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Hamilton Greenbelt of Lakeway    DATE: 1/15//06    DISTANCE: 8 miles

Hamilton Greenbelt is another hiking area in Lakeway. The Hamilton Greenbelt was donated to Lakeway by Jack and Myrtle Hamilton for people to enjoy the beauty of the land. There are two entrances to Hamilton Greenbelt with parking. The entrance off of Lohman's Crossing is a beautiful area with a fountain and an area to enjoy playing frisbee or throwing a ball. The entrance off Palos Verdes leads to the primitive trails. The hiking trails in Hamilton Greenbelt are fantastic because they wander along Hurst Creek and Yaupon Creek. We have been here multiple times, we always like to come back to the primitive trails because it's not as busy as the other area. The trails are very well marked and maintained with mulch, gravel or asphalt, I like the mulch because it's soft on my feet.  The primitive trails are narrower and steeper terrain than the main trails. I like going up and down the hills so I can explore in the trees. I always have so much fun hiking Hamilton Trails because it leads down to Lake Travis where I can swim, if I don't swim in the lake I always find some water that I can walk in to cool off my feet and have a drink. On the trails at Lakeway you always meet people and dogs, I love that. I enjoy hiking at Lakeway because it's not that far from my house and the hiking is beautiful.       

Barton Creek Greenbelt

Mountain climbing in the greenbelt

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Barton Creek Greenbelt    DATE: 1/21//06    DISTANCE: 23 miles

Here we are back at Barton Creek Greenbelt I'm very excited dad told me that we're going to hike the west trails. The west trails go under Capitol of Texas Highway and they're just as well maintained and pretty as the east trails. While we were hiking I met a group of people climbing down the hill on the other side of the creek. The trail looked a lot more difficult than the trail we were hiking because it is very steep. While we were hiking we saw some rock climbers, it was fun to watch them and dad took some pictures of them. We hiked under Capitol of Texas Highway which was exciting because you could hear the cars over head. We saw some writing on the wall of the highway and it was a story so mom took a picture of it. The trails at Barton Creek Greenbelt are a lot fun you see people and their dogs. There are many things to do at Barton Creek Greenbelt Hiking Trails. You can hike, jog, mountain climbing and mountain biking. I always like going hiking with my parents because they take me to different places.