Flo's 2007 January Travels

January Hikes 2007

This year January was a wet and cold so we didn't do any camping with Minnie. But I did some hiking I would like to share these adventures with you. Have fun reading about them.

Reimers Ranch Park

Rock Formation at Reimers

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Reimers Ranch Park     DATE: 1/09/07     DISTANCE: 26 miles        

My parents and I went to Reimers Ranch Park for a hike. Reimers Ranch Park is located off of Hamilton Pool Road in Travis County. It opened December of 2005 and the entrance road is 2 1/5 miles long. When the park first open the park road was a dirt road and very rough now that the county paved the road it's a lot better. Reimers Ranch Park has a few amenities to offer.

My parents and I arrived at Reimers Park about 3:30 p.m. Dad was told the park closes at dark so we didn't have much time to hike. There are three parking areas bike riders, rock climbers and river level. Dad parked at the rock climbers area where the hiking trails run along the Pedernales River and the rim. We weren't sure where the entrance was to the river trails so we hiked on the rim, the trail is very beautiful you can see the Pedernales River and the canyon the river made. Mom took some pictures of the river and the scenery. When we got to the end of the trail we walked to the road to get back. We walked through a field that had stickers all over the place so I had to stop a lot and mom had to get them out of my paws. After we got to the road I was happy because there was no more stickers. We hiked to the bike trails to check them out to see if we could hike them. We found out the bike trails were designed just for mountain bikes so we walked back to the parking lot. We looked around and found the entrance to the trail that leads to the river the entrance isn't obviously marked. The trail to the river is narrow and steep at places and other places you have to climb over trees and big rocks. I surprised my parents by jumping over a tree branch instead of going under it or around it. The scenery along the trail is gorgeous with the trees, caves and rock formations. While we were hiking we saw some people rock climbing I wanted to go see them but dad and mom didn't want me to bother them. We hiked to the river bed and mom took some pictures of our hiking adventure. I really enjoyed this hike because I explored and I saw neat things.    

FLo and Sugar playing

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Flo's House     DATE: 1/16/07     DISTANCE: 0 miles

It's Tuesday mom and dad couldn't go to work today because there's ice on the roads and driveway, so they're stuck at home with me. That's great mom and dad can keep me company and play with me. It's really cold, the ice is still coming down and we even getting snow. I've never seen snow because I'm only three years old it doesn't snow much in Austin. My mom is a good mom she took me out in the ice and snow she stayed with me. At first I wasn't sure about the ice but after playing in it a little I decided it wasn't that bad. My friend from next store came over to play her name is Sugar, she a yellow lab just like me, except she a lot bigger. I always have fun when Sugar comes over because we ran, roll in the grass and explore in the trees. Today was a special day, when Sugar and I would run we would slide on the ice, that was fun. As I was exploring I would see leaves covered with ice and I would try to eat them but I couldn't. I tryed to figure out why I couldn't get the leaves, mom told me it was because of the ice. Mom took a lot of pictures of the Winter Storm. I had so much fun playing in the ice and snow I wish it would stay all the time.      

 Flo meeting horses

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LOCATION: Cedar Park, Texas     SITE: Williamson County Regional Park     DATE: 1/21/07     DISTANCE: 17 miles

 Williamson County Regional Park is located in Leander Texas. There are two trails, both are 2 miles long loops around the park. When you enter into the park you drive to the parking lot and park your vehicle. The trail are located on both sides of the parking lot. One trail is crushed granite along the perimeter of the developed part of the park and the other trail is mulch along the perimeter of the undeveloped part of the park. The park has many current and future amenities.



10 Soccer Field Veloway
2 Softball Fields Equestrian Center
6 Basketball Courts Hillside Theater
1 Playscape Skateboard Park
Concession Stands Swimming Pool
Restrooms 18-Hole Golf Course
2 Hiking Trails
Football Field 
400-Meter Track
8 Tennis Courts
2 Pond
Miniature Train


Wow, the sun came out, no clouds, no rain and no ice. It's time to get out of the house lets go hiking dad, I'm tired of being in the house. Dad said lets go to Williams County Regional Park, it will be the best place to go after all the rain. I've been there before but it's always fun to come back because you're never sure who you will meet on the trails. Today, everyone was out hiking, biking and jogging, people were tired of being cooped up in the house for 10 days. My parents and I decided to take the trail that went around the undeveloped part of the park. The trail is beautiful with trees and maintain with mulch. While I was exploring during our hike I met a man and he had two small dogs, they were Italian Greyhounds. I played with them a little and then continued my exploring. Halfway through the hike I met some horses, I growled at them and dad told me it was ok, they were horses and they wouldn't hurt me. I never seen horse before, so one of the riders let her horse put his nose next to mine. I jumped back, he scared me, he was a lot bigger than me. The horses liked dogs but I wasn't sure about them. Dad didn't want to disturb the horses so we turned around and went back towards the truck. On the way back I met another friend his name is Rascal, he was a little dog. We played while mom and dad talked with his master. She was telling dad that Rascal was wearing her out and was glad to see me, so I could wear him down. As we continued on our hike the horses came back I was very excited my new friends came back. I decided that I really like horses even if they we a lot bigger than me. It was a fantastic day for hiking it's time to go home now. 


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LOCATION: Cedar Park, Texas     SITE: Williamson County Regional Park     DATE: 1/28/07     DISTANCE: 17 miles

Hi, I had so much fun last week at Williamson County Regional Park that we decided to come back. I wonder if I'm going to see any more horses, it would be great if we did. We're back on the same trail as we were on before, something's different I see frisbees flying, where they come from. I looked to my left I see a frisbee golf course with people playing. I guess that's where they came from. I continued down the trail exploring I hope I will meet new friends, but I didn't. the trail was a little quiet today, because we came out a little later than before. We were hiking back to the truck when I saw three dogs, but they were to far away to play with anyways I was tired. I'm ready to go back home so I could rest up for my next adventure. I'll see you later bye bye.