Flo's 2008 January Travels

January Camping Adventures 2008

Flo resting after a hike

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LOCATION: Spring Branch, Texas     SITE: Guadalupe River State Park
01/11/08 – 01/13/08     SPACE: 61     TRIPS: 30     DISTANCE: 86 miles

Friday January 11, 2008

Hi, here we are at Guadalupe River State Park for the second time. It took us two hours to get here from my house. We arrived at Guadalupe River State Park at 4:30 p.m. and dad checked in. When dad was checking in mom took me for a walk. During our walk I met a park ranger. I was happy to see him so I introduced myself. He was very nice and decided to play with me. After the park ranger finished playing with me, dad was checked in and it was time to find our campsite. Our campsite was in Turkey Sink Camping Area. The campsite has a lot of trees that provide you with privacy and shade when it gets hot. While mom and dad were setting up camp I went exploring around the campsite. During my exploring I found a bone which kept me busy so mom and dad could finish setting up camp. After mom and dad finished we had dinner. Mom and dad had steak while I ate my special food.

After dinner we went for a walk around the campground. I met many dogs and their masters. One dog I met was very friendly and we played for awhile. We were both on leash so this made it difficult to play because we kept getting tangled up. I had a great time playing but it was starting to get dark so my parents and I headed back to the campsite. On the way back I met three more dogs and their masters. These dogs were big dogs but very friendly. Their masters told us that this was a training session to see how well the dogs behaved on leash when they see other dogs. I think they did very well consider we were all excited to see each other. So we all said hi to each other. When we returned to the Minnie we went inside for the rest of the evening. During this time mom baked some sugar cookies.   

Saturday January 12, 2008

It was a little cold this morning so I let mom and dad sleep in until 7:45 a.m. When mom and dad had breakfast and mom fed me my special food. After breakfast we went on a 6 ½ mile hike for 3 ½ hours. The hiking trails at Guadalupe River State Park are easy to hike. While you hike the trails you need to watch out for the rocks so you don’t trip over them. Along the trails you can see trees, cactus and grass. The grass was cool because the grass was tall in places where I could run through it. The hike was very peaceful we didn’t see a lot of people. At the beginning of the trail we saw a jogger and his dog. I was happy to see them so I introduced myself. I ran to them to say hello. After the dog and I said hello I ran back to mom and dad. Then the man and his dog continued their jog. Towards the end of our hike we met a group of women. They all paid attention to me and this made my day.

When we returned to the campsite we had lunch. Mom and dad had steak and I had chicken for my snake. After lunch we rested because we were tired after our hike. After we rested, we went for a hike to the Guadalupe River. The hike was 1 ½ mile. Once we were at the river I was very excited. Dad took me to the river so I could get a drink. If I wasn’t on leash I would have been in the river swimming. But dad didn’t want me to smell of wet dog so dad just let me get my feet wet. The river was very pretty. While we were walking by the river was saw families fishing, picnicking and just enjoying the gorgeous day. Mom took pictures of the families and the river. When she finished taking pictures we went back to the campsite. For the rest of the day we hung out at the campsite because I was very tired.    

Sunday January 13, 2008

I woke mom and dad up at 7:30 a.m. and we had breakfast. After breakfast we went on a hike. The hike was 4 miles and took 2 hours. We hiked along the Guadalupe River and down part of the trail we did yesterday. When we started down the trail that leads to the river saw a dog lying under the trees. Dad recognized the dog as one of the neighbors. Dad was wondering why she was there all by herself, so we turned around and headed towards the dog’s campsite to find her master. We were almost back to our campsite when we saw the dog’s master. He had been looking of her. He told my parents that Molly had wondered off and that she was totally blind. Mom and dad told him that we saw her in the tree on the trail. He was so happy that someone had found her. When he got to her he called her name and she got up and walked to him. The master thanked mom and dad for founding her. After they left we went on our hike. It was a great hike. The temperature was cooler today so there was steam coming off the river. This was neat to see. There were more people hiking the trail. When we returned to the campsite we rested a little while before we broke camp. I had a great time here at Guadalupe River State Park but now it’s time to go home. I need to get rested for my next adventure.


January Hiking Adventures 2008

Flo chewing on a bone she found
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LOCATION: Lakeway, Texas     SITE: Canyonlands Trail of Lakeway     DATE: 01/05/08     DISTANCE: 8 miles

The holidays are over. This weekend we decided to stay around the house. Today was a gorgeous day and dad decided to take mom and me for a hike. Dad didn’t want to go too far so he decided to take us to Canyonlands Trails in Lakeway. When we arrived at the trails a man was there with his two dogs. There are two different ways to hike the trails. Dad didn’t want me to pester the man so we went one way and the man and his dogs went the other way. Half way through the hike we met up with the man and his dogs. I was very excited to see the dogs. The dogs were very friendly so all three of us ran to each other and played. We didn’t play too long because their dad was jogging and my parents didn’t want to hold him up from his jog. We hiked up and down the canyons. We hiked over bridges. We hiked to where a little lake was but it had dried up I was a little disappointed because I couldn’t swim. After we looked at the empty spot we continued our hike. During the hike mom took pictures of the scenery, and the trails. We had a great time hiking the Canyonlands Trails.