Flo's January 2010 Travels

January Hiking Adventures 2010

Flo waiting for mom

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LOCATION:  Lakeway, Texas    SITE:  Canyonlands Trails    DATE:  01/24/2010    DISTANCE:  8 miles

The weather in January has been very unpredictable all month. Mom and dad woke up this morning and the rain was gone so they decided to go on a hike. They decided to hike the Canyonlands Trails in Lakeway. They asked me if I wanted to go with them. Are you kidding do I want to go with you? Of course I do!!

When we got to the trails we were the only ones there. As we hiked the trails we didn’t see anyone and I didn’t even see a dog. We hiked for an hour. It was nice to see the creeks running and the pond full again. We hiked up and down the canyons and over bridges. We were finishing our hike when I finally saw a few friends. The first friend was hiking with his mom and dad and they were just starting their hike. We all said hi to each other. As mom, dad and I continued hiking to the truck I saw a couple more friends. Once again we all said hi. When we got back to the truck we went home. I’m very tired after our hike now I’m going to take a nap.