Flo's January 2011 Travels

January Camping Adventures 2011

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LOCATION:  Georgetown, Texas    SITE:  Jim Hogg Park at Lake Georgetown
DATE:  12/31/2010 - 01/02/2011        SPACE:  74   TRIP:  64    DISTANCE:  42 miles

Friday December 31, 2010

Mom got home from work about 2:00 I waiting for her inside the house because it had been cold all day. Mom changed her clothes and finished getting the Minnie for our camping adventure to Jim Hogg Park for the weekend. I watched her get everything ready, after she finished I started to jump up and down. Mom took my safe collar off, I ran to the Minne and jumped inside. As soon as I got inside I ran to my spot and laid down now I was ready to go. It took us an hour and half to get to the Cedar Breaks Park at Lake Georgetown but we didn't stay there because it was closed because it was under construction so we left and went to Jim Hogg which was on the other side of Lake Georgetown. We didn't care because we enjoy camping at Jim Hogg. The lady at the entrance told us that there were plenty of opening. We were surprise because Cedar Breaks was closed and one of the circles was closed in Jim Hogg for the winter. After finding a campsite mom and dad sat up camp for the weekend and than we went for a walk around the closed loop at Jim Hogg. We walked for about a half hour dad wasn't feeling well so we went back to the Minnie. Mom fixed dinner about 5:00, she fed me my food and heated up chicken for her and dad. Mom liked this dinner because it was easy to fix because we stopped by Walmart on the way here and bought a chicken. I was glad because this means I get a few bones. After dinner mom took me for a walk around the closed loop, dad stayed back at the Minnie because he still wasn't feeling well. As we were walking around I saw a couple of dogs they were too far away so we didn't say hello to each other. While walking around I kept looking over my shoulder because I thought maybe dad was coming behind us but he wasn't. I also was afraid mom would get us lost but she didn't. I was glad to get back to the Minnie that way I didn't have to worry about getting lost. We went inside for the night.    

Saturday January 1, 2011

We woke up about 7:15 mom and dad got dressed, then mom fed me my breakfast and sat down with dad for breakfast. After breakfast we hiked for 2 hours for 4 miles. As we were walking to the trail we saw a few deer in the closed loop. I sat there and just looked at them because they were too far away for me to chase them. The hike was very peaceful we didn't see anyone or any deer on the trail. We hiked along the park fence, through tree, up and down hills and across a creek. As we were hiking by the park fence we saw a man in a deer blind waiting for a deer to come to his feeder so he could shoot it. When we walked by him he waved at us and we waved back. When we got to the main entrance street dad made me heel as we crossed it. At places the trail was very soft and muddy. When we got to the creek mom and dad looked around to find a stick to help them cross the creek and they found one. They really didn't need a stick but it made them feel better so they wouldn't fall in the water as they cross on the rocks. When we got on the other side of the creek we hiked to a ledge and rested a little while before we turned around and went back. When we got back mom and dad set up our chairs but we didn't stay out too long because it was a little cold. We went inside and mom cooked up some chile for her and dad and she gave me a little snack.

After lunch we all took a nap. After our nap we went on a walk around the campground to the lake. Once at the lake we saw a man and his son getting ready to go fishing. They had a small boat and dad helped them get going I wanted to say hi to them but dad wouldn't let me because I had gone swimming. They thanked dad and we continued our walk along the bank of Lake Georgetown. I didn't swim too long because I was tired from our morning hike. When we got back it was warmer so we sat in our chair and relaxed. After awhile mom and dad took me for another walk around the closed loop. We like it when they close the loop that way I can walk off leash. This time we walked longer. We walked most of the loop, there was a trailer parked at the end of the loop and dad didn't want me to disturb the camper so we turned around and headed back the way we came from. As we were walking back we saw a guy riding on the trail so we walked to the trail to see him closer. He was on the other side of the lake but the trail comes around to our side so we walked towards where he would meet up with us. While walking towards where he was mom and dad had to walk around a big tree that had fallen on the trail but I walked right under it. We had to be careful walking on the rocks because they were a little wet which made it slippery for mom and dad. We walked until it started to get muddy, we didn't see the biker so we turned around and headed back to the Minnie. Once again we got to the fallen tree and I walked under it while mom and dad walked around it. By the time we got back I was exhausted, we had walked about an hour. We sat in our chairs for awhile. As we were sitting in our chairs a few deer started to snort at us. I was laying on the ground so I got up to find out where they were. They were right by our campsite in the trees, they thought we were going to hurt them. We could barely see them in the trees. We watched them for a little while and it started to get cold so we bagged our chairs and than went inside. We were in the Minnie a while when mom and dad saw the deer walk across the road towards the close loop. When dinnertime came around mom fed me my food and than she cooked a frozen pizza for dad and her. After dinner we stayed inside for the rest of the day.   

Sunday January 2, 2011

It was cold last night so mom and dad decided to stay in bed a little longer today. They stayed in bed until 8:15 and I was patiently waiting for them. Mom and dad got dressed, mom fed me my breakfast and than she at down with dad to have breakfast. After breakfast we went for walk, we walked for an hour and a half. We started by walking around the closed loop and when we were heading back to our campsite we decided to walk part of the hiking trail. We walked along a ledge that looked over Lake Georgetown and through a cove to other side of the lake. Once on the other side of the lake we walked through trees and up a hill. We walked for 45 minutes, than we turned around and went back to the Minnie. During our walk we didn't see anyone until we were back to the loop, where I introduced myself to a couple and their two labs. One lab was 7 years old just like me and her sister was 2 years old. The younger one was very active she ran all over the place. Mom and dad visit with their mom and dad while we played. We played with each other all the way back to the loop that was open. I had a great time playing with the other dogs. When we got back to the Minnie mom and dad started to break camp, while they were breaking camp dad saw a couple of deer grazing right next to the Minnie. He took pictures of them and than they ran across the street to the trees. After we finished watching the deer mom and dad finished breaking camp. We had another fantastic camping adventure at Jim Hogg Park. I met a couple of new friends. It's time for me to say good-bye until my next adventure.