Flo's 2006 July Travels

Dad and Flo Boating

Flo Boating
July Lake Adventures 2006

In July my parents and I did a lot of boating. My Aunt Louise comes out sometimes to enjoy skiing and wakeboarding. Aunt Louise has a lot of fun. I have never seen her actually ski or wakeboard but I've seen pictures Aunt Louise looks fabulous wakeboarding. When Aunt Louise goes boating with mom and dad there's not enough room for me because of all the toys they take with them. There are two rivers that feed into Lake Travis, one is the Colorado and the other is Pedernales. Dad usually tows the boat to the Pedernales because there's less boats using that part of Lake Travis so the water is calmer than at Mansfield Dam. I've been there a few times but it's a lot easier for me to get in and out of the boat at the dam so thats where I go boating with my mom and dad. When Aunt Louise comes out to ski my dad tows the boat down to the Pedernales River. This year dad couldn't put the boat in the water at the Pedernales because the boat ramp was out of the water. Dad had to tow it to Pace Bend Park. Pace Bend Park ramp is a little steep so be careful when you put your boat in there. Dad put the boat in at Pace Bend Park and drove towards the Y where the Colorado River and Pedernales River join together. Dad decided to go on the Colorado River side because the Pedernales River side didn't have a lot water because of the drought in Texas. Once mom, dad and Aunt Louise got to their destination they skied, wakeboarded, airchaired and swam. They had a fantastic time.       

Aunt Louise wake boarding

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