Flo's 2006 July Travels

July Hikes 2006

Williamson County Regional Park

Flo exploring

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LOCATION: Cedar Park, Texas     SITE: Williamson County Regional Park     DATE: 7/8/07    DISTANCE: 17 miles

This year it seems like the rain will never go away, but that's ok because we don't have a boat to use on the lake. My parents sold our boat in February, they taught by now they would have another one. They just can't find the right one to meet our needs but dad is being very patient because he wants one that we will be happy with for many years.

On July 8th, the rain stopped we decided to go hiking at Williamson County Regional Park. When we arrived at the park there wasn't a lot of people there, this was a little surprising because it's been raining a lot, we thought maybe other people would be as tired as we were being stuck in the house. We hiked about 1 mile and didn't see anyone. We walked only 1 mile because it was pretty humid and I was getting tired. During the hike I did some exploring, there were so many different smells because of the rain and everything was green. I even saw some wildflowers and mushrooms along the trail. We were almost finished with our hike when we finally saw a young couple with their dog. He was a beautiful dog so I had to introduce myself to him. At first he was scared of me imagine that because he was bigger than me. After he met me he decided I wasn't going to hurt him so we became friends. I really liked that because I met a new friend now it's time to go home.


Hamilton Greenbelt of Lakeway

Flo swimming

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Hamilton Greenbelt of Lakeway    DATE: 7/29//06    DISTANCE: 8 miles

Lake Travis is finally going down but it’s still over the full point, my parents decided to take me for a hike at Lakeway. We ended up at the Hamilton Greenbelt because dad figured it wouldn’t be muddy as Canyonlands. Dad also figured it wouldn’t be as tough to hike considering it has been awhile since we went hike. We didn’t hike the whole trail because parts of it were underwater. I had so much fun because the creeks were flowing and as we were hiking I would jump over the bridges and go swimming in the creeks. We didn’t see hardly anyone hiking today that was a little weird because every time we were here before we saw people. Maybe the reason why we didn’t see anyone is because it was very humid. Mom and dad were hot and tired so we decided to rest, we were going to rest on a wall but we couldn’t get to it because it was underwater. It didn’t stop me it gave me another chance to go swimming. While I was swimming mom and dad rested and looked at the lake and the surrounding area. It was beautiful because everything was so green. During our hike it was hard to find the trail because parts of it were washed out from the water. We were finishing our hike when I met a couple of new friends. My new friends were both girl dogs just like me. One was a Yorkie and the other one was a Schnoodle. I was tired but not too tired to play. My friends were from California and very small dogs. It didn’t bother them that I was so big. Their master said that they really enjoy playing with bigger dogs that was good because I really like playing with other dogs. We played a little and than their master said it was time for them to go for a hike. I said good-bye and they went on their hike. It was time to go home now that we were rested. On the way home I slept in fact I slept the rest of the day.        

July Fun Stuff 2007

2007 July Flood 

Carlos N Charlie 

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Homeowner’s Park     DATE: 6/28/07

It’s been raining on and off for the last two months. Marble Falls Texas got 16 inches of rain in one day at the end of June, so everything is under water. All the surrounding lakes are over full and no boats are allowed on the water. There’s not much to do right now you can’t even go swimming in the lake. My parents decided to drive around the Hudson Bend area to take pictures of Lake Travis to see how much damage the rain did. My dad drove down to one of the restaurants on the lake called Carlos N Charlie and two of their parking lots were underwater. The lower parking lot had some vehicles in it and the water came up so fast people didn't have enough time to get them out so they're underwater. We walked around the parking lot that was still dry and mom took pictures. It was neat just seeing how high Lake Travis is. We walked on a ramp that led to the boat docks and saw some carts underwater. Carlos N Charlie has a stage for live music and palm trees all over the place but there was so much water you could see the stage and the trees were almost underwater. Carlos N Charlie was floating but it was made to float when the water come up just like the boat docks. That was cool to see a floating restaurants. There wasn't a lot of people at the restaurant because people come to the restaurant by boat and car. Some people were there getting the restaurant ready for Lake Travis to come up some more. We went back down the next day and there was a lot of water in the park lot that was dry the day before, in order to get inside the restaurant to eat you had to walk through water up to your ankles.

Hill Country Trip in July 

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LOCATION: Central, Texas     SITE: Hill County Trip     DATE: 7/7/07

The rain finally stopped, we are tired of being cooped up in the house, so dad took mom and me for a ride around the Hill County to see what damage the rain did. We stoped at a few place. We stopped at Llano Texas along the Llano River, Brady Texas at Brady Lake and Mason Texas at their city park. I had a fanstastic time at all three stops.

Our first stop was Llano Texas. My parents and I walked along the Llano River at the city park there was a lot of water in the river and the current was strong. We have been to the Llano River many times but this is the first time I ever saw so much water in the river. While mom was taking pictures dad and I went for a walk along the river. Dad let me get my feet wet and that felt great. We saw some people fishing off the dam and other people walking around looking at the river.  After looking at the river for awhile we went for a walk around downtown Llano. We check out the old Llano County Jail that was built in 1895, that was cool looking at it. I had fun walking around Llano but now it’s time to go.

 The second stop was Brady Texas. We have driven through Brady many times but today we decided to stay a little while. We ended up stopping at Brady Lake. The lake has many amenities for all ages and they are.

While we were at Brady Lake we wlked aroung to check out the facilities. There was a lot of families using the facilities. There were families boating, waterskiing, tubing and wakeboarding. We saw people fishing at the fish house that was so cool. I even saw some ducks I like chasing ducks but today dad kept me close by because there were too many people. We walked over an old wooden bridge, you had to be very careful because some of the boards were either missing or falling a part. But my parents and I wanted to check out the camping area. I was surprise there was so many people camping because it's the summertime and its too hot for me. People were camping in tents and RVs. I guess if you get too hot you could go jump in the lake to cool off. Dad let me put my feet in the lake to cool off and was great. He didn't let me swim because there was way too many people and I would be a pest. Image that me a pest.

When we returned to the truck we rested a little because it was humid and hot. While we were resting we saw families a the pavilion playing and picnicing. I was really too hot and tired to go and play so I just laid on the ground and watched. After we rested awhile dad drove around the lake to see how big it is. Than dad drove to Brady to get something to eat because mom and dad were starting to get hungry, while they ate I slept.

Our final destination was Mason Texas. We drove through the downtown. Mason is a small city and had a cute little downtown, where you can shop, take a walking tour of the city and its history, take in a movis at an old fashion movie house, visit some museums, places to stay the night such as bed and breakfasts and hotels, and places to eat at. We ended up stopping at the city park. It is a beautiful park I've been here before. The amenities the park has to offer are.

My parents and I walked around the park and just enjoyed the facilities. We saw a family picnicing and play in the playground. Mom even enjoyed the playground she sat in a truck while dad took a picture of her. My parents took some pictures of the park. The RV sites were very nice with the trees to keep them shaded and cool. The sites also had picnic tables for you to enjoy. It's time to go home now but I had a very great time.


Family Visit July 2007

Family Visit

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Lake Travis     DATE: 7/12/07 - 7/14/07

My mom's family came to visit in July and spend a couple of days with us. They were going to stay a week but with all the rain mom called her sister Andrea and told her that she should go to Alabama first and than stop by on the way back. She agreed and came by Thursday night July 12 and left Saturday afternoon July 14. They left Saturday because they had to get back to work on Monday.

Mom and dad took Thursday and Friday off of work, so they could entertain my mom’s family. My Aunt Andrea came to visit last summer with Uncle Mike and Cousin Joey, but this time she came with her daughter Ashley and my Aunt Alexis. It was exciting to meet another aunt and cousin. The family didn’t arrive until the evening of Thursday so we didn’t do too much.

Friday, my parents took the visitors to Zilker Park. They walked through the Botanical Gardens. After they finished the gardens they went across the road and rode the train. While they were waiting for the train, they had a snow cone and watched people sunbathing and swimming at Barton Creek pool and dogs playing in the creek. There is an area that is designated for the dogs to swimming and play fetch. I wish I was there but I had to stay home because there wasn’t enough move for me and I couldn’t ride on the train anyways. I still had fun because mom fixed a Kong for me before they left. It sounds like they all had a great time because our visitors never had done any of this before. I was very happy to see everyone when they returned home because I missed them.

In the afternoon mom, her sisters and Cousin Ashley went for a little ride. They drove to the dam because four of the gates were open because Lake Travis was still pretty high. My Aunt Andrea was very excited and fascinated with the gates being open because she never had seen it before. They drove around the neighborhood to see how high the water was. They had a lot of fun just driving around.

In the evening our visitors watched a DVD. After the movie was over Uncle Mike and Cousin Joey played a computer game and I slept under the desk by their feet. I really like doing this because it is my safe spot. My Aunt Andrea and Aunt Alexis weren't interested in the movie everyone was watching so they drove to Lakeway to see some deers. When they returned they said they didn't see many deer so they were a little disappointed but they said they still had fun.

The next day our visitors had to go back to Tucson. Before they left my parents and them went to eat at Carlos N Charles. It sound like our visitors had a great time. I really enjoyed our visitors.  


Lake Travis July 2007

Flo Running

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Lake Travis     DATE: 7/17/07 - 7/31/07

After our visitors left I spent the rest of July playing at our homeowner park. I always have fun down at the park because I can swim, explore and play. This year I had fun running on the walkways going to the docks because they were underwater. This is so cool just look at me run in the picture above. I really like to play at the lake. In fact I probably just like to play.