Flo's 2008 July Travels

July Boating Adventures 2008

Aunt Louise Air Chairing

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Austin, Texas    SITE: Homeowners' Park    DATE: 07/03/08 - 07/06/08

Mom took the Fourth of July week off of work so she could spend some time with me and do a few things around the house. Dad decided to work from home because mom was going to be home. This was very exciting because mom and dad were home and gave me people play with. While dad worked mom did some housework and a few earns in town.

Thursday July 3, 2008

On July 3rd Aunt Louise came out to the house to visit. She arrived about 7:00 am to waterski and wakeboard with mom and dad. When I saw Aunt Louise I was so happy I ran down the driveway to meet her. Aunt Louise and I visit while mom and dad got the boat ready to go to the lake. Dad decided to put the boat in the lake at the homeowners’ park instead of Camp Pedernales that was great for me because they weren’t going too far. They left me at home with a Kong because there wasn’t enough room for me to go.

After mom, dad and Aunt Louise loaded up in the boat dad drove the boat to the main body of Lake Travis. Once they got to the main body they saw one of the homeowners getting ready to fly his radio control planes with his son. Dad thought this was too cool not to stop and watch for awhile. While they were watching the planes mom took pictures. When mom finished taking pictures dad drove the boat to a cove called Sandy so they could do their watersports. It was very exciting for Aunt Louise today because she learned how to fly the air chair for the first time. Mom was taking pictures of Aunt Louise as she waterskied and wakeboarded. When Aunt Louise got up on the air chair mom actually got a picture of it. Please look at the pictures to see this special event of Aunt Louise. After they finished their watersports they came back home. I was so happy to see them all.

In the afternoon my parents, Aunt Louise and I went to the park to have a picnic. I always like this because I can swim and explore. While dad was barbequing hamburgers for lunch I swam and explored. When the hamburgers were ready everyone sat down to eat and I lay under the picnic table. After lunch we all walked to the boat ramp to go swimming. While mom and Aunt Louise were swimming dad took pictures. When we returned to the house Aunt Louise went home to my cousins.  

Mom and dad go to Carlos N Charles to watch the fireworks every year because they can walk there and the display is fantastic. This year was no exception. In the evening mom and dad walked down to Carlos N Charles to watch the fireworks. They left me at home because there was going to be too many people and the traffic was going to be heavy. I didn’t care because mom always gives me a Kong to keep me busy.

                The bridge on the Pedernales River    Flo swimming in Lake Travis
Friday July 4, 2008 - Sunday July 6, 2008

The rest of the weekend mom and dad went to the lake in the morning and did their watersports. When they finished with their watersports they would swim for awhile. After they finished swimming they came home to me. In the evening mom and dad took me to the park to swim, explore and play with my friends. We had a great weekend at the lake.  

July Fun Stuff 2008

Flo's friends on the way to the lake

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In July I spent a lot of time swimming and exploring in Lake Travis at the homeowners’ park. On the way to the park I always have to stop and visit my friends. My friends live right off a pathway mom and I take when we walk to the park. My friend are a chocolate lab name SAS, a mix breed name H and couple of Labrador puppies. SAS is the mother of H and the puppies. When mom and I walk by their house they get very excited and start to bark. When they bark mom will say lets stop and say hello to them. I get just as excited as my friends do. Mom makes sure that we walk into their yard because SAS and H are on the visible fence and we don’t want them to get zapped. I know how that feels because I’m on one myself. The fence isn’t that bad it just keeps us safe. The puppies are too young to be trained on the fence so their dad put them in a kennel. I really enjoy seeing all my friends. I will play with them for a little while before I go to the park and on the way back. Once I get to the park I run down the boat ramp to go swimming. It feels so good to get wet and cool off. In between my swims I do some exploring. Mom and I stay at the park for about 30 to 45 minutes before we head home. Sometimes mom will swim with me in the lake. I know I’m spoiled but mom says I’m her baby and it’s her job to spoil me. I definitely don’t mind it a bit.

Cousin Joey

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Monday July 7, 2008 - Sunday July 13, 2008

My Cousin Joey from came to visit us in July for a week. This is the first time Cousin Joey has visit us without his family so this was very exciting for him. Mom and dad weren’t sure what they were going to do to keep a sixteen year kid for a week. I’m very proud of mom and dad because they had no problem entertaining Cousin Joey.

Mom took the week off of work and dad worked from home. This worked out very well because mom and dad knew Cousin Joey wouldn’t be out of bed too early. One day mom took Cousin Joey and me for a hike at the Canyonlands Trails. We only hiked a mile because it was too hot to go any farther and also mom got us lost. The rest of the week mom and dad took Cousin Joey to the lake to waterski, wakeboard and air chair. When they went to the lake I stayed home because there wasn’t enough room for me in the truck. Cousin Joey really likes being on the lake so he didn’t mind going to the lake every day. One day dad took Cousin Joey and mom to Lake Austin and Cousin Joey was very excited because he never had been there before. They had a great time on Lake Austin. But Cousin Joey told mom and dad that one day on Lake Austin was enough because the water was colder then in Lake Travis. Some days mom and Cousin Joey would take me for a walk down to the lake so I could go swimming. I really liked this because that way I could go swimming with my Cousin Joey. In the evenings we watched DVDs. While dad was working Cousin Joey and mom would play computer games. I don’t think Cousin Joey ever got bored when he was with us. I know I surely didn’t. I can hardly wait for Cousin Joey to come back to visit us because I had a great time with him.