Flo's 2009 July Adventures

July Boating Adventures 2009

    Dad getting ready to ski    Lauching a boat at Carlos N Charles            

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In July mom and dad spent a lot of time skiing, wake boarding, air chairing and swimming. During the week dad trailered the boat to Lake Travis and on the weekend they either went to Lake Travis or Lake Belton. Lake Travis keeps going down so mom and dad wouldn't be able to use Lake Travis because the only ramp that is still open is at Mansfield Dam.


July Fun Stuff Adventures 2009

Flo going to the lake

Flo headed to the lake

Aunt Louise at Lake Belton

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Saturday July 4, 2009

Mom and dad decided to stay around the house today. In the morning mom and dad put the boat in at Mansfield Dam so they could do their watersports. After they finished playing they came home. I was very excited to see them. Mom and dad rested a little while and then decided to have a picnic. Mom put a picnic lunch together. Once she finished mom and dad asked me if I wanted to go to the park with them. What a dumb question of course I want to go to the park. When we got to the park mom and dad got ready to barbecue hamburger. While they were doing this I did my normal routine. I explored around the park and along the banks of the lake. As I was exploring along the banks I went swimming. After I finished doing my routine I returned to mom and dad. When I got back to them they were ready to eat. After lunch we watched people enjoying the lake. People were boating, tubing, skiing, wakeboarding and swimming. 

Sunday July 5, 2009

Aunt Louise was off today so mom and dad decided to take her to Lake Belton.  Aunt Louise leaves in Round Rock and it's on the way to Lake Belton mom and dad met her at the McDonald in Round Rock. When ever mom and dad goes to Lake Belton they're gone all day so mom always leaves me with a Kong. This is great that way I won't miss them too much. While they were at Lake Belton they waterskied, wakeboarded and air chaired. Aunt Louise even tried to get up on the air chair. After they finished their watersports they swam. When they were resting they had lunch and watched people enjoying the lake. They had a great time at Lake Travis.