July Boating Adventures 2010

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In July mom and dad spent 11 days boating at Lake Travis on Pedernales side. They enjoying water skiing, wake boarding and air chairing at Camp Pedernales because where're a lot less boats and people. When they go boating by Mansfield Dam they usually air chair and float because the water is too rough for them to ski or wake board.


Aunt Louise Wake Boarding                                                      Dad driving the boat
Sunday July 18, 2010

Aunt Louise had the weekend off so she came out to go water skiing and wake boarding. She always enjoy going to the lake when she can and I like it when she comes over to visit. Mom, dad and Aunt Louise took the boat up to Camp Pedernales to do their water sports but before they left mom fixed me a Kong so I wouldn't miss them too much. When they got home mom fixed lunch for them and gave me a little treat. After lunch Aunt Louise went home to my Cousin Regal. A little later mom and dad took me down the Homeowners' Park so I could go swimming and do some exploring. While we were there we saw a beautiful rainbow. After I finished swimming and exploring we went home for the rest of the day.


July Fun Stuff 2010


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Patrolling AquaPalooza                                              Boating at AquaPalooza

Saturday July 10, 2010

This weekend was a very special weekend on Lake Travis because AquaPalooza was going on. AquaPalooza is the name given to a series of on-water celebrations held during the last two weekends of July at more than 100 locations around the world. AquaPalooza is free to boaters and non boaters. Each gathering has live entertainment, games, giveaways and much more. AquaPalooza started in 2006 and has tripled in size with approximately 15,600 boats and 84,000 people. Every year the Signature Event is at a different location this year it was on Lake Travis and last year it was on Lake Martin in Alabama. Boats started to show up at 7 am Friday 9 and continued through Saturday 10.

Mom and dad went early to Camp Pedernales to do a little water skiing, wake boarding and air chairing. While they were doing their water sports they didn't see too many people on the lake and while they were resting they talked about if they really wanted to go to the AquaPalooza Event or just go home. They decided they would go to it. They had to travel clear across the Lake Travis to where the AquaPalooza Event was, it was about 23 miles by water. As they were driving down the lake the closer they got to the event the rougher it got because of the boat traffic. Dad had to go very slow at places because it was so rough. Once they were at the location they were amazed how many people were there. The area was bowied off with no a no wake zone and was highly patrolled by law enforcement people. They were patrolling by water and air. Mom and dad stayed pretty far away from land because they weren't planning to be there too long and didn't want to fight the boat traffic. The boats that were real close had to pay to raft up. The vendors were on the land with food, drinks and items to sale. There also was a huge stage where the bands were performing the main attraction was Brad Paisley. Mom and dad had a great time just driving around and looking at the other boats and people. People were playing music, dancing, jumping off the top of their boats and just driving around. There was also a boat saling barbecue, where people were driving up to it for lunch. As they were floating at AquaPalooza they helicopters flying around to make sure everything was ok and the helicopters were so close to the water they actually saw the men in it. Mom and dad stayed around for about an hour waiting for the music to start but it didn't so they headed back to Camp Pedernales to the truck so they could come home to me.