Flo's July 2011 Travels

July Boating Adventures 2011

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During their time on the lake they water skied, wake boarded, air chaired and swam. The month of July was very hot there were only two days that didn't get to 100 degrees. One of the days got to 99 degrees and the other one got to 97 degrees. It really has been a hot and dry summer I can hardly wait for the temperatures to drop. I hope we get some rain pretty soon because my yard is very dry the grass is crunchy and feels like straw. Dad only waters the grass once a week because he feels it isn't doing any good because it's too hot. While they we at the boat ramp they saw a few kayaks. One day during the week mom and dad saw a couple of ladies in kayaks with a dog. It took them some time to get the dog in one of the kayaks. First of all the dog swam to the kayak and one of the ladies tried to lift him in but this didn't work so the ladies had the dog swim to the beach and then they paddled their kayaks to shore. Once they were at the beach the ladies put him in a kayaks and took him for a ride down the lake. One Saturday morning while they were boating they saw four more kayaks and they put their dogs in the kayaks and took them for a ride to the sometime islands so the dogs could go for a run. I wish I was with mom and dad when they saw the dogs in kayaks because this would be so cool to see the dogs riding in a kayak. But I know it is a lot easier on mom and dad if I stay home with a Kong.


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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Lake Travis at Mansfield Dam    DATE:  07/01/2011 - 07/05/2011    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Mom took a couple of days off for Fourth of July, which gave her a four day weekend. This made dad and I very happy because this meant we could spend more time with her.


A float plane flying over Lake Travis                                             Sailing on Lake Travis

Friday July 1, 2011

Mom had to work today but she was home by 2:00. Mom and dad didn’t go boating instead they took me down to the homeowner. We didn’t go until 7 the temperature was over 100 degree and my parents wanted to wait until the sun started to go down. When we arrived at the park there were a couple of vehicles down by the water. I was excited to see that we weren’t the only ones at the park. I was hoping that there were other dogs for me to play with so as soon as dad let me out of the truck I ran to the vehicles to visit. While I was visiting mom and dad sat at a picnic table in the shade. On the way to the vehicles I did a little exploring. One of the vehicles was empty but the other one had two dogs and their parents. I went to the family and introduced myself to them. One of the dogs was a German Shepard and the other one was a brown small dog. The German Shepard was swimming with its dad and the brown dog was with its mom. When I got to the family we all said our hellos and then the German Shepard went back to its dad to swim and the other dog stayed to play with me. After we played for awhile I said good-bye and continued my adventure along the bank of the lake. During my adventure I swam, explored and rolled in the dirt. While I was doing all this mom and dad were relaxing in the shade. The lake was starting to get busy. People were boating, sailing, tubing, swimming, parasailing and partying on party boats. We also saw a float plane flying over the lake. I had never seen a float plane before so this was very cool to see. We were at the park for about an hour and than we called it a night.      


                         Enjoying Lake Travis                                                       Dad getting ready to ski                           

Saturday July 2, 2011

Mom and dad woke up about 6:30am and got ready to go to the lake. They knew the lake would be crowed and they wanted to get some smooth water. Once they got ready they fed me my breakfast and than had breakfast themselves. After breakfast mom fixed me a Kong because they were going to the lake so they could do their water sports. They were gone for about an hour and a half. They arrived at the lake at 7:15 and there were already a few boats on the lake. I guess these people wanted to beat the crowd just like mom and dad. That was ok with mom and dad they still water skied and air chaired. After they did their water sports they floated a little while and than they came home to me. I’m always happy to see mom and dad come home. I ran down the driveway to greet them. Dad backed the boat into the garage and than he let me in the truck so I could go for a little ride. While I went for a ride with dad, mom straightens up the boat and put the life jackets on the trailer so they could dry.

In the evening mom and dad took me down to the dam so we could watch people. When we got to the dam there were a lot of people there. People were picnicking, boating, swimming and jet skiing. While we were there people came by and played with me. We also saw people being towed to the boat ramp. This was very interesting to watch because the man that was towing the other boat would bring tow the boat all the way to the ramp and waited to make sure the other boat was on its trailer before he left. There were a lot of people going down the boat ramp so there were a couple of men directing traffic to make sure that people got down and up the ramp safely. We also saw a helicopter flying around the lake. We were at the ramp for about an hour and than we went home and called it a night.     


                                             Loading and unloading boats on Lake Travis                                                      

Sunday July 3, 2011

Mom and dad stayed up later last night watching a movie so they slept in and decided not to go to the lake. During the day they went to town and did a little shopping. While they we in town they had lunch and than after lunch they came home. We all hung around the house the rest of the day. When evening came around mom and dad took me back to the dam to watch people again. Today they didn’t have anyone directing traffic on the ramp but it still went smoothly. We were there once again for about an hour


A housing complex on the banks of Lake Travis                        Camping on your boat on Lake Travis

Monday July 4, 2011

Mom and dad woke up about 6:30 to go to the lake. After they got ready they fed me my breakfast and than sat down and had breakfast themselves. After breakfast they went to the lake for an hour and a half. During this visit they water skied and wake boarded. They were surprised that it wasn't that busy for being a holiday. They had a great time.


Boating on Lake Travis                                                            Look at Lake Travis!!!!

Tuesday July 5, 2011

Today mom and dad got up once again at 6:30. They weren't in a hurry to get to the lake because a lot of people had to go to work so they figured it wouldn't be too busy. Mom and dad had breakfast and fed me my breakfast. They went to the lake about 7:15 but before they left mom made me a Kong just like she always does. When they got to the lake they were very excited because the lake was very flat. They didn't have to go too far from the ramp to start their water sports, in fact dad skied across the lake to the bank they ski along. The lake was so gorgeous, they water skied twice, air chaired, and floated. They didn't see a lot of people on the lake. They were gone for an hour and a half.

In the evening mom and dad took me down to the homeowners park so I could go swimming. When we got to the park we were the only ones there. I did my normal routine exploring and swimming. I didn't do this too long because there was no one there to play with so I went back to my parents and hung out with them. We were at the park for about an hour before we called it a night.
Our Fourth of July weekend was fantastic, even though we couldn't see any fireworks because of the severe drought Texas is having. Maybe next year there will be fireworks. 


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Aunt Louise getting ready to ski                                                       Dad swimming

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  07/12/2011    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Tuesday July 12, 2011

Aunt Louise took a week off of work to relax and enjoy herself. Dad called her and invited her out to go to the lake. I was excited to hear she excepted his invitation. Mom got off of work at 12:00 so Aunt Louise came out at 1:00. Aunt Louise and I said our hellos while mom and dad got the boat ready for the lake. Before mom, dad and Aunt Louise left mom put a Kong together for me. The lake wasn’t as flat as it was on July 5th but it still was very nice. While they were at the lake they water skied, wake boarded and swam. They all had a great time at the lake. When they got home mom made dinner for everyone. Mom barbecued pork steaks and bake potatoes for dad, Aunt Louise and her. She fed me my food for my dinner. I was glad mom barbecued pork steaks because that means I will have a few bones to eat. After dinner Aunt Louise went home to Regal and Autumn. Aunt Louise’s visit was fantastic.  


July Fun Stuff 2011


The cove at the homeowners park                                    Dad and I relaxing at the park

During the month of July mom and dad tried to take me down to the homeowners park at else twice a week so I can go swimming and cool off. They also took me down to the dam so I can watch people taking their boats out of the lake. While I watch the boats and people some of the people stops to say hello. One night it was cool because a family was walking up the ramp and stopped to say hi. The family had kids and two of them were very young. The youngest one was very excited to see me and came right up to me to pet me but the other one was scared of me at first because I'm a big dog. After awhile the whole family was petting me I was in heaven because I was getting some much attention. Their mom forgot her camera in the car and was very disappointed because she wanted to take pictures of the two little girls playing with me. Mom didn't have her camera either. I had a great time with the little girls.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam & Our Park    DATE:  07/31/2011    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Sunday July 31, 2011

In the morning mom and dad went to Lake Travis to do their watersports. While they were boating I stayed home with a Kong waiting for them to come home. When they go boating they're only gone for about an hour so I never have to wait too long. While dad was backing the boat down the ramp, a jet ski was going down the ramp with him. After putting the boat and parking the trailer dad walked down to the dock with the owner of the jet ski dad asked him why he was so early. The owner told him it was because he had to go clear on the other side of the lake to the Island (32 miles by car) to get his boat out because the day before he got his truck stuck in the mud. Dad wished him luck because he had to go a long way. When dad got in the boat mom and dad looked at the lake, the lake was flat so dad water skied across the lake to the bank they ski on. After dad finished skiing mom water skied along the bank. They both rested for a little bit and than they air chaired. They were finished early so they decided to swim and float for a little while. They were surprise that they were the only people water skiing but while they were floating a few people started to show up. When mom and dad got home I was happy to see them and ran down the drive to meet them. After they put the boat in the garage we all went inside for awhile.

In the afternoon mom decided to take me down to the homeowners park so I could go swimming. Dad decided to stay home because it was hot and he wanted to rest. He was right it was about 100 degree but mom and I still walked around the park for about an hour. I was very excited because mom hasn't walked around the park with me for a long time. As we were walking I explored and swam. I swam a lot it was really hot I didn't want to get out of the water but I had to in order to get back to the truck. By the time I got back to the truck I was exhausted. Mom wiped me down and then I slowly climbed into the truck. When we got home I went inside and slept the rest of the afternoon.