Flo's July 2012 Travels

July Boating Adventures 2012

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Aunt Louise water skiing                                         Lunch mom barbecued

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  07/01/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Sunday July 1, 2012

Aunt Louise didn't have to work this weekend and she hasn't been out to go boating with mom and dad for awhile so she came out today. The last time she was out she thought the water was too cold at 84 degrees but now that the water temperature is 86 degrees she decided it was warm enough for her. Aunt Louise arrived at the house about 7:30 in the morning because dad asked her to be here early so they could beat the crowd. When she got to the house mom and dad were ready to leave. Dad gave me a little treat before they left for the lake. They were gone about 3 hours. During their visit at the lake they water skied and floated. It was a little busy with other boats and the lake wasn't as smooth as mom and dad like it so they didn't wake board. Mom and dad didn't even Air Chair because they were a little tired. Aunt Louise was excited because the water temperature was perfect and she water skied. While they were at they lake they watched people enjoying the lake. A couple of guys that mom and dad knew were Air Chairing. They watched a family wake boarding and water skiing. There was another boat with a couple of guys wake boarding. They also saw a few boats with people fishing on them. Everyone had a super time at the lake. Mom and dad were surprise that it wasn't busier then normal because it was the fourth of July weekend. When they got home I was very excited to see them. We all said our hellos and than we went inside the house and relaxed. When it was time for lunch came around mom barbecued steak for lunch and cooked up some corn on the cobs. After lunch Aunt Louise went home. Aunt Louise took the steak bones home to Regal and Autumn because I'm not allowed to have beef because I'm allergic to beef. I was disappointed but I always get over it. We had a fantastic visit with Aunt Louise.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam and Homeowners Park
DATE:  07/06/2012 - 07/08/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Fourth of July was on Wednesday this year and my parents were busy preparing our master bath floor for the installers so they didn't go to the lake. Aunt Louise had to work so she didn't come out. Mom and dad didn't go any where to see fireworks because Carlos and Charlie didn't have a show but they did hear fireworks.


A family wake boarding                                            Our regular wake boarders

 Friday July 6, 2012 and Saturday July 7, 2012

Mom and dad went to the lake both days early in the morning about 7:30 to avoid the crowd. When the arrived at the lake there were already people using the lake. But the boaters were the boats that my parents normally see using the lake on the weekend. While they were at the lake they water skied, Air Chaired and floated. Mom and dad are always happy to see the same boats on the lake. One of the boats was a family who have a dock on the lake. The family was wake boarding and water skiing. Another boat had a couple of guys that come out all the time who keeps their boat at a marina. The guys were wake boarding. While they were there they saw a few kayakers and a few fishermen. As they were getting ready to leave they saw a few more boats putting. They had a great time.


Our homeowners dock                                                    Walking back to mom

Sunday July 8, 2012

When we woke up this morning it had rained so mom and dad didn't go to the lake but they did take me down to the Homeowners Park. While we were there I swam and explored and my parents sat at a picnic table. We were by ourselves at the park so I didn't say hi to anyone. During our stay we realized the lake wasn't busy and we only saw a couple of boats. When mom and dad were ready to go home mom went looking for me because I hadn't come back to them yet. It took her a little while but she did find me. When we got back to the truck mom wiped me down and then we went home. Even though the park was quiet we still had fun at the park.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam
DATE:  07/22/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Sunday July 22, 2012

This weekend was Aunt Louise's days off so dad invited her out to go skiing. Aunt Louise showed up at 7:30 and my parents and her went to the lake. Before they left mom made a Kong for me so I wouldn't miss them. While they were at the lake they water skied and floated. They only water skied because there were a few boats and the water was a little rough with wakes. As the floated they saw a few people water skiing and a couple of people Air Chairing. They had a great time. They returned to the house at 10:15 and it was a little too early for lunch but Aunt Louise had brought some rolls for breakfast so they ate them. When lunchtime came about mom barbecued sausages for lunch. While dad and Aunt Louise were waiting for lunch they talked about the Roku and the different pictures programs dad has on the computer. The programs dad have on the computer he can stream it through the television so they looked at pictures. While everyone was eating lunch mom cooked me up some chicken for my snack. After the chicken cooled off mom cut it up for me and fed me a little of it. An hour after lunch Aunt Louise left. We had a great visit with Aunt Louise.

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Retrieving the second anchor out of the lake                       Removing the chain from the first anchor

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam
DATE:  07/26/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Thursday July 26, 2012

This morning mom and dad went to Lake Travis to do a little water skiing but when they got there it was windy so they air chaired. While they were air chairing they noticed that the barges that were being used for the water drilling by the City of Austin were moving across the lake. So they stopped and watched the crew tear down their work area. It was interesting watching the crew bring up a huge anchor that held a buoy that held barges with equipment on it until they needed the equipment. In fact the buoy had two anchors on it. The first anchor had a lot of mud on it. When they were raising it you could see the mud fall from it. The second anchor was didn't have any mud at all. When they pulled up the first anchor and there was a chain on the end of it. The chain was over 100 feet long and the crane ran out of height so they had to lay the first anchor on deck. Before they could do this they had to cut the chain with a torch. In order to keep the chain from go back in the lake they connected to another truck. When they finally got the first anchor on deck they went back to the second. Meanwhile they had two tug boats holding the two barges together. While they were watching the crew dad tried to keep the boat close enough so mom could take pictures. They have watched the crew move barges back and forth from where the crew worked during the summer but today they watch the crew remove the barges from the lake. Mom and dad thought this was interesting because the crew was moving all their equipment at one time. They had a great time watching the break down.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam
DATE:  07/31/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Tuesday July 31, 2012

Today was the last day in July and mom and dad had 20 days of boating this month, which was 4 days more than last year in July. Good Job!!!! While they were at the lake today they decided to have an easy day so they air chaired and floated. I was surprises when they came home because they weren't gone that long. But I still was very happy to see them.


July Fun Stuff Adventures 2012

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     The floor and wall color before remodeling                    The floor and wall color after remodeling     

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  My House    DATE:  07/08/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Sunday July 8, 2012

Our house was built in 1991 and we haven't changed anything in the house during the years. Mom and dad have been thinking about remodeling the master bath and replacing the kitchen counter top. My parents have been working on the remodeling of our master bath for the last week and today they finally finished. They changed the room from a white carpeting to a tile floor. The toilet area was changed from a vinyl floor to the tile floor. They contracted out the installation of the tile but they did prepared the room. They pulled up the carpet and vinyl and prepared the floor for the installation. they changed the color of the wall and ceiling and repainted the floor boards. The walls and ceiling were a bone color before and now the walls are a camel and the ceiling is a bright white. Dad replaced the floor boards but kept them the same color which is white. They replaced the old light fixtures from a brass fixtures to chrome fixtures. The fixture above the vanity changed from a five light bulb fixture to a three light bulb fixture. The fixture above the medicine cabinet changed from a seven light bulb fixture to a five light bulb fixture. After the remodeling was done the bath seems bigger and by replacing the carpet with tile the noise level is higher and you can hear yourself talk in the room. Mom and dad had a super time remodeling the bath and the remodeling came out fantastic.

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          Parasailing on the lake                                       A party boat on Lake Travis

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Homeowners Park    DATE:  07/12/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Thursday July 12, 2012

It's been raining on and off for the last few days and the humidity is very high. I've been pestering mom everyday because I'm hot and I want to go to the lake. Mom has been trying to ignore me but today she finally gave in. In the morning mom and dad went to the lake to water ski.and left me at home. There was only a couple other boats on the lake besides theirs. One was at the dock working on an Echo sensor and the other one had two guys fishing on it. While they were at the lake they water skied and floated a little. The lake was a little choppy because of the little breeze and the clouds building up so they didn't do anything else. When they were wiping down the boat they saw a few people loading up on a sheriff's boat. After wiping down the boat they came home to me. They weren't home too long before they went back to town to go grocery shopping and returning the extra material they didn't use for the master bath remodeling. After doing their earns in town they came home. They were home by 1:30 so I had them for the whole afternoon.

After mom played her Zigzone game on the computer for awhile she decided to workout. She worked out on the Roku Fitness Program for 30 minutes she worked out on her WII Fit for another 30 minutes. The last 10 minutes of her workout I start to pester her about going to the lake. After she finished it was 4:15 and she really didn't want to walk down to the lake because it was close to dinnertime but she gave into me. On the way to the lake I said hi to my neighbors dogs. They all came out to say hello. We were at the lake for a hour and 15 minutes. We walked around the park along the banks of Lake Travis. This time we walked the opposite way that we usually walk so it was more fun. During our walk mom took pictures of people enjoying the lake. People were tubing, jet skiing, boating, partying on a party barge and parasailing. We got to the lake at the right time because we saw the parasail flying and landing back on the boat. This was so cool. Of course while we were walking along the bank I swam every chance I could because it was so hot. I also did a little exploring. By the time we were going home I was exhausted but I did make it all the way back home. I had a fantastic time but now I'm tired so I'll say good-bye.

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checking out the storm damage                                       removing a boat from Lake Travis

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Homeowners Park    DATE:  07/17/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Tuesday July 17, 2012

Today we were watching the news on television when a report came in about our homeowner dock was flipped by the wind on Sunday. We were surprise so we waited for the news to be over and then we drove down to the park to see for it ourselves. The small dock where 10 boats were being store was under water and the boats were floating upside down. This was amazing and very surprising. There were a few homeowners and a dock moving crew down there trying to decide what to do.he homeowners that were down there told us what happened. There were some homeowners on the bigger dock when a gust of wind came along and flipped the dock upside down and on another dock. The owners of the boats in the dock that went upside down were notified about the incident. The dock mover crew had already moved the dock off of the other dock. We were lucky that no one was hurt. When we were there I was so excited that I went swimming to check it out the damage. While mom and dad were talking I did my normal thing which was walking along the bank of the cove, swam as I walked and I did some exploring. After awhile we went back home because not too much was going on because they were waiting for a crane to show up.

Wednesday July 18, 2012

In the morning mom and dad what to the lake and did their water sports they came home. We said our hellos and then went inside to relax for awhile. After mom and dad had lunch they decided to go to town and pick up a few things. Mom put a Kong together for me and then said good-bye to me. On the way to the store they stopped buy the park to check out what was going on. While they were there they watch the dock crew and the crane were getting the homeowners boats out of the lake. They told me it was very interesting. The crew took their time and slowly flipped each boat over one at a time. As each boat flipped over it was amazing to see that everything stayed in the boat such as vests and noodle floats. It didn't take them long to flip each boat because they slowly left the boat with the crane. After flipping the boats up the crew floated the boat to a trailer and cranked the boat on the trailer. Once the boat was trailered on dry ground people checked it out. The boats had fish in them and a lot of water in it. It took a long time to drain the water out just to move the boat up the hill. When the boat had all the water in it the trailer looked like both tires were flat and the fin of the motor was dragging on the ground. Once enough water was empty out of the boat they trailered the boat to the dry slip so the owner could decide what to do. Mom and dad were there for a couple of hours and then they went shopping. After they went shopping they came home to me. After they relaxed awhile they decided to take me down to the park so they could watch them take other boat out. There was a lot of people there so I had to stay by mom and dad because they didn't want me to get in the way. I still went swimming and said hi to the people. We had a great time watching and visiting with other homeowners. The hardest boats to move were the wake board boats because of the towers. In order to move them they had to fold down the tower. After all the boats were recovered they moved the dock to the bank to decide what to do with it.

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                  cutting tree stump closer to ground                         loading up the bigger pieces of the oak tree  

trimming a big oak tree off the roof                                        grinding the oak tree stump

 LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  My House    DATE:  07/23/2012 - 07/24/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Monday July 23, 2012 and Tuesday July 24, 2012

Dad decided we needed some of our trees trimmed back and a couple of them taken down so he called a couple of tree trimming companies last week to see how much it would cost to do the job. Both companies came out and bid the job and they both were cost about the same. He decided to go with Austex Tree Service because we had them trim our trees before and they did an excellent job. A crew of four guys came out to our house to do the job. Dad showed them what he wanted to have done. The first tree they took down was a small juniper that was growing in our front yard. We had a big oak tree by the dining room window and the roots were starting to damage the driveway and dad wanted the tree taken down so they took that one down next. Mom and dad were amazed that they just cut it down and not take it down in pieces. It came down very nicely. After it came down they cut it in pieces and carried it to the truck. The bigger pieces they put in the back of the truck but the smaller pieces they grinded up. Mom and dad watch them work because they were fascinated by how they worked. After cutting down the oak tree they trimmed up a lot more trees. We had a juniper tree on the side of the house that needed to be taken down because it was growing over our neighbor's fence. This was a more of a challenge because they had to be careful not to damage the fence. First they trimmed what they could off the tree. Then one of the guys climbed the tree with a harness and cut the rest of the tree down in pieces. The rest of the crew dragged the pieces to the grinder. Another member of the crew had to climb on the roof to trim our giant oak tree off the roof. He got on the roof with a rope, which was very interesting to watch him climb the rope. He was on the roof a long time trimming the trees off. The last tree they had to take down was at the end of the drive because it was growing over the drive. They were going to trim it back because it was an oak tree but it was small so dad told them to cut it down. After they finished trimming and cutting down the trees they cleaned up. After the crew was finished with the job mom let me out of the house to say hi to them. The crew did a super job and did a lot more than we expected. 

The next day while we were sitting down have lunch we heard a loud noise outside so dad went to check it out. He found that another crew had shown up to grind the stumps of two of the trees that had been taken down yesterday. Mom and dad went outside and watched the two men crew do the job. Once they grinded each stump they would take the remainings back in the hole. This was interesting to watch. As mom and dad were watching the guys work mom took pictures and I watched through the window of the dining room. I know wasn't suppose to be in the dining room because it has carpeting but I couldn't help myself I just wanted to watch. This crew also did a super job.

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  Old countertop and sink                                                New countertop and sink

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  My House    DATE:  07/21/2012 - 07/29/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Saturday July 21, 2012 to Sunday July 29, 2012

We have been working on the kitchen for over a week. We took our time doing it. We changed the color of the walls from a bone color to Magnolia Spray, which is brighter and has more yellow in it. We replaced our black laminate countertop to a New Venetian Gold granite countertop. We brought and had the granite installed by Austin Granite Direct. We are very pleased with the work that was done by the installers. The new countertop was installed on Wednesday so before the installers came we painted the kitchen. This was very fun doing because mom and dad got a very samples of different colors of paint. They liked all four colors but decided on Magnolia Spray because they thought it would go better with the new countertop and the rest of the decor in the kitchen. On Wednesday the installers showed up and were at the house all day. There were three guys that did the installing. They first of all took out the old countertop. We have a corner appliance garage so they had a little problem removing the countertop because this was the first time they ever had to deal with an appliance garage. Once they had the old countertop out they started the install. The crew worked very hard because they had to do a lot of the cuts in the granite on site. They had big slabs of granite in the truck and they had to cut the slabs to fit each area. They cut the slab for the bar, back splash, sink area and the area around the stove. We have a big refrigerator that barely fit in the slot for it in the kitchen so they had to cut the granite to lay flush of the cabinet instead of about an inch and a half over lay. We had the refrigerator in the family room when they came so dad told them they had to cut a half inch off the overlay the bar and countertop by the sink and on one side of the stove area so we could get the refrigerator back in the kitchen. They had no problem doing that. They also installed a new stainless steel sink which we bought from them. It's a lot different than the sink we had before because it is an unmounted sink and 9" deep and our old one was on top of the counter and 8" deep. They also cut the hole for our new faucet. They did it perfectly. After they finished installing the countertops they cleaned up their mess. Dad wanted to make sure that the refrigerator and stove would fit in the holes that were left for them. So they helped dad put them back they fix perfectly. Before they left dad asked how long did he have to wait to do the plumbing of the sink and faucet and they told him he could do it in the morning. Mom and dad were very happy for that. Thursday morning dad figured out what he needed for the plumbing and then mom and dad went to get the parts. The last few days mom and dad have been touching up the paint in the kitchen, installing a casing around the bar where there's a little gap from the wall and granite and caulking the granite around the bar. Mom and dad are very glad they decided to go for a granite countertop instead of tile. We like our kitchen new look. I'm especially happy that the project is done because now I can back into my normal routine.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Homeowners Park    DATE:  07/30/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Monday July 30, 2012

Today mom and dad went to the lake to do some water sports and left me at home. When they returned from the lake they finished touching up the paint in the kitchen. Afterwards they sat on the couch and watched the Olympics. They have been busy for the last week remodeling the kitchen and they haven't had time to take me down to the park so I could go swimming. I've been wanting to go swimming and pestered mom and dad every day but they ignored me but today I pestered mom until she gave in. So she loaded the garage in the truck and then put me in the truck. Afterwards she drove me down to the park. No one was there and it was hot so we were there about 45 minutes. Mom and I did our normal routine except we didn't walk as far. Mom walked with me along the banks of the lake and I swam and explored as we walked. When we got to the dock we walked on it. Even though we weren't there as long as normal amd didn't see anyone we still had a fantastic time.