Flo's 2006 June Travels

Flo Boating
June Lake Adventures 2006

In June my parents and I entertained some people. Mom's sister, family and friends came to visit the same time as Dad's mom and her friend. It was a lot of fun seeing all my relatives from Tucson but it also was very tiring. Grandma and her friend stayed with us and everyone else stayed up at Canyon Lake in a timeshare. Mom and dad was busy everyday entertaining, I tried to stay out of the way but it didn't work because I like people. I'm going to let my mom tell you about all the adventures dad and she did while they were entertaining. I couldn't go to some of the adventures because there wasn't enough room for me. I still had a great time.

Boating at Canyon Lake

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LOCATION: Canyon Lake, Texas     SITE: Canyon Lake     DATE: June 2006    DISTANCE: 58 miles

Canyon Lake is a Corp of Engineer Lake located 58 miles south of Austin. Canyon Lake was created by damming up the Guadalupe River in order to prevent flooding and to conserve water. It's a great lake for recreation and boating. Canyon Lake has amenities for everyone.

Larry and I always wanted to go the Canyon Lake but never made the time. Canyon Lake is located 40 miles north of San Antonio and 15 miles northwest of New Braunfels. This was a prefect opportunity for us to play and visit at the same time. We left Flo at home because there just wasn't enough room in the boat for her, maybe next time she can come. We met my sister, her family and friends at her friend's timeshare and then went to Canyon Lake. My sister's friend towed his boat from Tucson. Larry decided to bring our boat because he thought that one boat wasn't enough for five adults and three teenage boys. We were glad we did. Canyon Lake is a very beautiful lake but you need to be careful when you're boating around because you may come across low areas and obstructions under the water. We brought our airchair with us and the boys had a great time flying it. The boys did some wakeboarding, tubing and kneeboarding. It was too rough for Larry and I to wakeboard or ski but we did fly the airchair. When the boys decided to rest we did some boating around the lake. While we were boating the lake was starting to get rough so we floated the boats as we swam and visited. After we swam Larry and I decided to head towards home because it was getting late and we had a long way to go. The rest of group decided to stayed longer because they didn't have that far to go. Larry and I had a fabulous time we probably will be back and bring Flo with us. 

My Cousin Joey

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Lake Travis Dam     DATE: June 2006    DISTANCE: 4 miles 

A couple of days after our Canyon Lake outing our visitors came to Lake Travis for another fun day of boating and playing. Larry and I met them at Mansfield Dam because the ramp at the homeowner park was out of the water and the dam is the most convenient place to meet. Larry and I arrived earlier than our visitors so we did a little skiing before they arrived. It was a perfect day for fun and games, the water was very calm. The boys had a fantastic day of wakeboarding, kneeboarding and airchairing, my brother in-law even got a chance to play on the airchair. While the boys were playing the other boat decided to check out the sites on Lake Travis such as Hippy Hollow Beach (clothes optional beach). Hippy Hollow is one of the recreational areas on Lake Travis, the beach is along a rock ledge and you have to hike down to it. Hippy Hollow is a very nice beach where you can climb down to the water and sunbath on the rocks. After they checked out the beach they joined us for a swim and to visit. It was getting late, Larry and I we're tired so we went home and the others decided to go to Carlos & Charlie for dinner. Carlos & Charlie is one of the restaurants on the lake.  


Joey Knee Boarding

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LOCATION: Buda, Texas     SITE: Austin Aquaplex Lake     DATE: June 2006    DISTANCE: 39 miles

A couple of days after our Lake Travis outing our visitor met us at Austin Aquaplex Ski Lakes. Austin Aquaplex Ski Lakes are private ski lakes located in Creedmoor Texas. Austin Aquaplex has two lakes designed for competition skiing. Larry and I have been skiing here for many years, we don't compete but we still love skiing. We live about 39 miles from Aquaplex and Canyon Lake is about 45 miles so our visitors decided to meet Larry and me at Aquaplex. We met early because we needed to leave about 4:00 p.m. before the rest of the homeowners show up. When no one else is at the lakes you are free to use both lakes other wise you have to share. At Aquaplex you can only have a ski boat so we only had one boat for the day. Larry and I arrived a little early so we skied a couple of passes before everyone else showed up. Larry is a great sport at the lake, he spends most of the day driving for everyone. At Aquaplex everyone gets a chance to ski, wakeboard and kneeboard, even the adults. We spend the whole day at Aquaplex, there is a club house where you can have lunch or just relax between pulls. Everyone always have a great time out here because you don't have to fight boat wakes, the only one is your own that way the water keeps calm. The boys enjoyed skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding. Larry even got the adults skiing and wakeboarding. We had a fantastic day at Aquaplex.

Thank you mom for sharing your boating adventures with us. Now it's time for me to go boating with you and dad.

FLo Boating 


Grandma and Ron shopping

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June Fun Time 2006

In June my dad's mom and a friend (Ron) came to visit us, I had so much fun with grandma and Ron. When dad and mom went to Canyon Lake, Lake Travis and Aquaplex I stayed home with grandma and Ron, they would take me for a walk and play with me so I wouldn't get lonely while mom and dad were gone. Grandma and Ron stayed with us for a couple of weeks and mom kept them entertained everyday. There are so many things to do around Austin so keeping people entertained isn't that hard to do. Here is a list of the fun things grandma and Ron did while they were here.

LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Lake Travis Dam     
DATE: June 2006    DISTANCE: 4 miles

Mom and dad took grandma and Ron boating on Lake Travis. Mom took some pictures so I could see where and what they did. I looked at the pictures and I wish I could have went with them but there just wasn't enough room in the boat. Dad drove the boat so grandma and Ron could see the big homes at Lakeway and Vineyard Bay, they're gorgeous and overlook Lake Travis. Dad showed them where Hippy Hollow is and a couple of the restaurants on the lake (Oasis and Carlos & Charlie). They had a great time boating, I missed them so I was very happy to see everyone when they got home.

Grandma and Ron boating
Boating on Lake Travis

LOCATION: San Antonio, Texas     SITE: Sea World     DATE: June 2006    DISTANCE: 116 miles

While mom's sister was in town she wanted to go to Sea World so mom took grandma and Ron to San Antonio to meet her sister. I couldn't go because no dogs are allowed in Sea World. When mom came home she told me all about their adventure at Sea World. Wow, they saw Shamu the killer whale, I have never seen a killer whale but it sounds like it's a big and beautiful animal. Mom took a lot of pictures of the shows at Sea World, they were all great to look at. I liked the pictures of The Cannery Row Caper show because I saw pictures of seals (one seal was Seamore), an otter and a walrus (Clyde) I have never seen these animals before either so that was cool. It sound like mom had a great time at Sea World with her sister, grandma and Ron.

Grandma and Ron at Sea World

Sea World San Antonio

LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Zilker Park    DATE: June 2006    DISTANCE: 25 miles

Mom took grandma and Ron to Zilker Park while they were here. They hiked through Zilker Botonical Gardens. Zilker Botonical Gardens are very beautiful, they have a path that winds through the gardens where you enjoy all the gorgeous flowers and plants. Zilker Botonical Garden features many different gardens, in one area some of the gardens are Green Garden, Taniguchi Oriental Garden, Rose Garden and Hartman Prehistoric Garden. A path leads you through your adventure of the gardens. During your adventure through the gardens you will experience the beauty of various plants, structures and history. The path leads you over a bridge and through the gardens there are signs all over to explain the structures and plants. While you walk the path there are many places for you to rest and enjoy nature. Mom, grandma and Ron had fun walking the path after their adventure through the gardens they went across the street to go for a train ride around Zilker Park. Zilker Park is a large park and has many things to offer.

  • Barton Springs Pool
  • Zilker Botonical Gardens
  • Miniature Train
  • Zilker Hillside Theater 
  • Umlauf Sculpture Garden
  • Soccer and Volleyball Fields
  • Zilker Polo Field
  • Nature Center
  • Picnic Tables
  • Concession Stands
  • Historical Markers

Grandma and Ron at Zilker Park

Zilker Park

LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Shopping   DATE: June 2006    DISTANCE: 22 miles

Mom took grandma and Ron shopping at some stores in Austin that they don't have in Tucson. They shopped at Whole Foods Market (Lamar location), Crate & Barrel and The Container Store. Grandma always has a great time shopping.

Grandma shopping in Whole Foods

Shopping in Austin

LOCATION: Wimberley, Texas     SITE: Wimberley Shops    DATE: June 2006    DISTANCE: 40 miles

When grandma goes to visit she really likes to go to Wimberley because of all the small shops. Mom took grandma and Ron to Wimberley so grandma could shop some more. I don't know what grandma does with everything she buys I would think she would run out of room for it all. Oh well as long as she has fun that's great. While they were at Wimberley they ate lunch at a restaurant along Cypress Creek where Ron chased some geese. Ron was lucky he got to chase the geese I wish I was there so I could chase them too. I really love my grandma hope she comes to visit again I had a lot of fun with her.

ROn chasing a geese