Flo's 2007 June Travels

June Fun Stuff 2007

New friends at the park

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Homeowner Park     DATE: 6/1/07 - 6/30/07 

In June I did a lot of hanging out at the homeowner park off of Lake Travis. The lake is very high and that's great because I don’t have far to go to swim. On June 7th, I met a family of people 2 girls and their dad. They were putting their jet ski in the lake, so they could go tubing I couldn’t help myself I had to introduce myself. The girls didn’t mind me swimming by them and they played with me. Their dad was worried he was going to run me over when he was backing the jet ski trailer into the lake, so mom called me out of the water. Mom and I continued our walk around the park. I swam, chased ducks, explored through the tall grass and watched the family tubing. On the way to the truck I saw a roadrunner and he flew into the tree. I didn’t know they could fly that high. When I got back to the truck I decided I would look for my friends Zena and SAS, but mom said we had to go home. Oh well maybe next time. At home I saw my neighbor Sugar sunning in her yard. Sugar is a yellow lab just like me and everyone gets us mixed up when we’re playing.

June 12th, I was swimming by the boat ramp when I saw a big fish he was in the weeds so I had to check it out. I was determined to play with him but he went underwater and mom told me to leave him alone. So I went exploring and swimming. As I was swimming I saw ducks and swam after them until they flew away. Then I went looking for my fish friend when I saw another big fish he was on his side and having trouble but when I swam up to him he started to swim away. He didn’t get too far when I caught up with him and we swam together for awhile. Then he decided to go underwater and I couldn’t follow him. I got out of the lake and explored some more. When I was walking on the docks I kept looking for the fish I was playing with but I never did find him. After I finished exploring I went home. I was tired after all the swimming I did but I had to walk home.

The next day when I was at the lake I met some kids they were the grandchildren of Sugar’s mom. I played with them for awhile they kept calling me Sugar because we look a like. I was having fun playing with the kids when another neighbor came to the park. He brought his dog Buckwheat. I already know Buckwheat I always have fun with him because he swims after a ball and I swim with him. After I played I went longing for my fish friend but I still couldn’t find him so mom and I went home.