Flo's 2009 June Adventures

June Boating Adventures 2009

 Aunt Louise Wake Boarding

Mom driving boat
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Sunday June 14, 2009

Aunt Louise wasn't working today so mom and dad invited her to go to Lake Belton with them. On the way to Lake Belton mom and dad stopped by McDonald's to pick Aunt Louise up. It was a little windy when they arrived at Lake Belton but it didn't stop them from enjoying the lake. Where mom and dad usually skied was a little busy because of the wind. Mom, dad and Aunt Louise did some skiing and wake boarding. Mom and dad air chaired. After everyone finished doing their water sports dad drove to a cove so they could have a little lunch.

For lunch mom, dad and Aunt Louise had pitas and chips. When lunch was over they drove around the lake. During their drive they saw people on the beaches, people tubing, people skiing and people boating. After they finished driving around it was time to leave. Mom, dad and Aunt Louise had a great time at Lake Belton. 


June Fun Stuff Adventures 2009

Sunday June 28, 2009

Mom and dad has been enjoying Lake Travis through out June with their watersports, today they decided to go scuba diving. Mom and dad use to scuba dive a lot but once they got into snow skiing they did have time for scuba diving. Mom and dad drove down to Mansfield Dam to dive. When mom and dad arrived at the dive area they got ready for their dive. Once they were ready they had to walk down to water. Because we haven't had any rain for awhile they had to walk a ways. When mom and dad got to the water they started their dive. The dive was for 40 minutes. The visibility was about 3 feet so they had to stay close to each other because they didn't want to get separated. During their dive they saw a few small fish and a couple of large carps. They also saw a few boats that had sunk. They said that was cool because the boats still had their motors on them. After they finished their dive they rested. While they were resting they talked about the dive and decided they really liked the dive even though the visibility wasn't that great After they were rested they came home. I was very excited to see them so I ran the driveway to meet them.