June Boating Adventures 2010

In June mom and dad spent 17 days boating on Lake Travis.

     Dad Air Chairing

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Saturday June 5, 2010 and Sunday June 6, 2010

Mom and dad went to Camp Pedernales, Saturday morning to do their water sports. While they were there they saw the bare footers and the water on the lake was flat and beautiful. Mom and dad could water ski, wake board and Air Chair anywhere. Mom and dad had a great time at Camp Pedernales. Aunt Louise was off this weekend. So on Sunday Aunt Louise came out to go to the lake. Aunt Louise came over at 7:30 in the morning. Mom, dad and Aunt Louise went to Camp Pedernales. The water wasn't as flat as it was the day before but they had a great time. Aunt Louise water skied, wake boarded and tried to Air Chair. While they were there they saw a boat full of Hydrofoils. Mom and dad had hydro foiled with the driver of the boat before. The driver usually flys his Sky Ski in Lake Austin. So dad asked him why he was on Lake Travis. The driver told him that Lake Austin had too many people on it and too much hydrilla in the lake. Mom, dad and Aunt Louise watched them fly their Sky Skis. The people were good they could do front flips, back flips. jumps, they jumped wake to wake and did circles in the air. Mom, dad and Aunt Louise had a great time. When they came home I did my normal routine. After mom and dad disconnected the boat from the truck I went for my little ride. Mom barbecued sausages and fixed corn on the cob for lunch. Mom gave me a couple of bones. After lunch Aunt Louise went home. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing around the house.

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Saturday June 26, 2010

Lake Travis is 63.75 miles long. Two different rivers feed into it (Colorado River and Pedernales River). Mom and dad usually launch the boat on the Pedernales River side. Today mom and dad decided to launch the boat at Narrows Park. Narrows Park. This was the first time mom and dad had ever launched there. Many years ago when mom and dad were driving around Lake Travis they drove by Narrows Park. Mom and dad didn't do any skiing, wake boarding or air chair but they had a great time. While mom and dad were driving around the area to get familiar with the area. As they were driving around they saw beautiful homes, a few deer, some cows, people kayaking and people enjoying their homeowner park.          


June Fun Stuff Adventures 2010

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Monday May 31, 2010 - Thursday June 3, 2010

Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike came to visit us for a few days. Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike live in Tucson. They have been here many times so they didn't care what they did. Two of the days dad took them to Lake Travis. Tuesday mom had to work so dad, Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike waited for her to come home before going to the lake. When they got to the lake the lake was rough so dad drove the boat to a cove and they all swam. After they swam they came home to me. The next day dad took mom to work because they were going to Belton after mom got off. Dad decided to take Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike to lake so they could ski before the water got rough. Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike hadn't skied in a couple of years so they skied hard and long. When they got home from the lake they got ready to pick up mom. Mom and dad decided to take Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike to Belton to show them their lot and the lake. They we very impressed by Belton Lake. On the way home from Belton they stopped by Rudy to have dinner. Tucson doesn't have any Rudys so this was a treat for them. Thursday everyone hung around the house until mom came home from work because the weather wasn't great. In fact it rained a little. When mom came home dad took them all for a ride so Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike could see Lake Austin. Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike left to go back to Tucson when mom went to work Friday. They wanted to stay a little longer but Uncle Mike had to go to work Saturday morning. It was great to see Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike. Now I can get back to my normal routine.

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Wednesday June 23, 2010

Mom and dad took me down to he homeowners park many times during June so I could cool off. While we were down at the park I would play with many of my dog friends and meet other homeowners. One of my dog friends lives across the cove so when ever he sees anyone on at the park he would come over to visit. Today Aunt Louise came out go skiing but it was too windy so mom, dad and Aunt Louise decided to go swimming instead. I liked that because that means I can go with them. While mom, dad and Aunt Louise were sitting at a picnic table visiting I went exploring. While I was exploring my friend came over to play. I don't know his name but I know he is a Border Collie. When ever he visit we check each other out and go swimming. He really likes children and other dogs but he keeps his distance from adults. This doesn't stop dad from trying to pet him. Maybe sooner or later he will let dad pet him but for now I'm glad he comes over to play.