Flo's June 2011 Travels

June Boating Adventures 2011

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  06/2011    DISTANCE:  5 miles

In June mom and dad had 16 boating days. During their time on Lake Travis they did a lot of skiing, floating, air chairing and wake boarding. This year mom and dad have been able to do more water skiing on Lake Travis by Mansfield Dam then normal because mom has been getting home from work early. Mom has been starting working an hour early this year so most days she gets home an hour early. This makes a big different because they beat the crowds, which makes the lake have less wakes to fight. Also on the weekends they have been leaving home at 7:00 am instead of 7:30 am. Most of the time they go to the lake on the weekend they can do a set of skiing before another boat would show up. When the other boats show up mom and dad will wake board, air chair or float. Because Lake Travis is so low you're limited to where to go to get good water so everyone ends up in the same area. The area everyone goes to is across the lake from the dam. Occasionally mom and dad got lucky and could water ski right after they put the boat in the lake at the dam. This year mom and dad have noticed that there are a lot more people swimming by the dam during the week than normal. I think it's because the weather has been hotter. The temperature has been in the 100s for a long period of time, I don't remember the last time it wasn't in the 100s.      

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Aunt Louise water skiing                                               Mom wake boarding


Dad air chairing                                                          Aunt Louise wake boarding

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  06/29/2011    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Wednesday June 29, 2011

Aunt Louise didn't have to work today so she decided to come out and go boating. Mom only had to work until noon and on the way home she stopped by the store to pick up a few items for dinner. Mom was home by 1:00 and Aunt Louise was already at the house. As soon as mom got home she put the items away and than changed clothes. Afterwards mom gave me a Kong full with my food and than everyone loaded up into the truck. My parents and Aunt Louise left me at home with a Kong while they went to the lake to go boating. Mom forgot her camera at so she had to use Aunt Louise's camera. This was great because now I'll be able to look at pictures of my parents and Aunt Louise. While they were at the lake they water skied, wake boarded, air chaired and floated. They had a great time because the water was very nice. They were gone for a couple of hours and I was very happy to see them when they got home. Dad backed the boat into the garage and than he let me in the truck so I could go for a little ride. The ride is only down the driveway and up the driveway into the garage. I do this everytime mom and dad go boating. After my ride we all said our hellos and than went inside. Mom barbecued hamburgers for dinner and she fed me my food. After dinner Aunt Louise went home to my Cousin Regal and my Cousin Autumn. I always like it when my Aunt Louise comes and visit.


June Fun Stuff 2011

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  06/02/2011    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Thursday June 2, 2011

My Cousin Joey has been in living in Texas for 2 weeks, when he called to see if he could come out and go to the lake. Dad told him it yes. Dad asked if Cory was come with him but he told him that Cory was working. Dad asked him if he found a job yet and he said no but he's still looking for a job. Cousin Joey came out and mom and dad took him to the lake. Before they left to go to the lake mom put a Kong together for me. When they got to the lake they decided they would air chair. They air chaired for awhile and than they floated for awhile. When they finished air chairing and floating they came home. I ran down the driveway to greet them. After we all said our hellos we went inside and everyone changed out of their swimsuits into shorts. Mom and dad asked Cousin Joey if he was going to stay for dinner and he said yes. Mom barbecued hamburgers for their dinner and they had potato chips to go with the hamburgers. When the burgers were ready mom fed me my food. After dinner mom and dad thought Cousin Joey was going to leave and go back to Cory's house but he decided to stay for awhile and visit. I was glad he decided to stay because he paid attention to me not that I don't get enough attention to me. I hope that Cousin Joey comes and visit us again.

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Playing with two boys at the park                                       Major, Moe and their mom

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Homeowners Park    DATE:  06/04/2011    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Saturday June 4, 2011

Mom and dad took today off from boating so in the evening they took me down to the homeowners park to go swimming. When we got to the park we saw a couple of trucks parked by the lake. I was excited to see that because maybe there will be someone else to play with. I ran down the hill to the trucks. When I got there I met a couple of boys and they played with me. Mom and dad went to a picnic table and relaxed. While they were relaxing mom took pictures of the lake. There were people boating, sailing, swimming, jet skiing and water sports. There is a cove on Lake Travis called Devil’s Cove, where people party in on their boats. Today there were a lot of people in Devil’s Cove so mom took pictures of it. As mom and dad were sitting at the table they were glad they weren’t on the lake because it was way too busy and rough. Meanwhile I was playing with the two boys. One of the boys talked me into go for a ride to the dock. When we got to the dock he was going to leave me there but mom and dad figured out what he was going to do so mom started to walk down the hill to where I was. He saw mom and decided to go back for me. By the time we were back on the back mom was there to take me back to where dad was. On the way back I swam and explored. After we were got back to dad I lay down and mom sat next to dad. While we were relaxing my friends Major and Moe showed up with their parents. Major didn’t come over right away, he waited for his parents to give him permission to visit us. Mo didn’t come over because he was on leash. After Major was visiting us for awhile his dad came over to get him. A little while later I went over to way Major and Moe were to play for little bit. After we finished playing Major, Moe and their parents went home. Shortly afterwards we went home. I had fun at the park because I played with two boys, Major and Moe.  

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Sunning during Autumn's visit                                                        Autumn in my kennel

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Our House    DATE:  06/14/2011 - 06/18/2011    DISTANCE:  0 miles

In June something special happened, Aunt Louise decided to get a second dog. My Cousin Rusty died a couple of years ago and my Cousin Regal has been alone ever since. Aunt Louise works a lot of hours and she thought Cousin Regal was lonely so she started looking for another dog. She has always wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Aunt Louise found one on Craig's List for free so she called the owner and made an appointment to look at the dog. Before she went to look at the dog she called dad and told him about the dog. Aunt Louise told him that she couldn't take the dog home until Saturday because that was the next day she would have off. Dad told her that we would be more than happy to take care of the dog until she Saturday. Aunt Louise was very excited that dad offered to take care of the dog for her. So she went and picked up the dog. The dog's name is Autumn and she is six years old. When Autumn first came to visit I wasn't to sure about her because she was so much smaller than I am. Autumn wasn't to sure about me or my parents because she now was in a new house but once she realized I had a kennel she was happy. She had been in a kennel her whole life so when she saw mine she ran straight to it. The only time the door of the kennel was closed was during the night so Autumn had the freedom to leave the kennel anytime she wanted. During Autumn's stay I didn't use my kennel because she was using it. I didn't mind at all sharing my kennel with Autumn. During the night I would sleep in the hall by my parents room. The first couple of days Autumn was with us she would come out of the kennel but as soon as mom or dad would look around she would run back to the kennel. The third day Autumn started to warm up to us, this was good for Aunt Louise because that way Autumn would be able to adjust to Aunt Louise a lot easier. Autumn wasn't fully house broken so mom and dad had to take her out a lot. I like this very much and everytime they would go out I would go out with them. I enjoyed having Autumn at my house and I hope she will come and visit again.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Homeowners Park    DATE:  06/24/2011    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Friday June 24, 2011

Mom and dad decided not to go boating today so we went down to the homeowners park earlier than we normally. We went down to the park at 2:30 instead of 7:00 or 8:00. When we got to the park there was a family there and they had two labs. The black lab was Sam and when he saw me he came running to me. When he started to run to me his family called him back but mom told them it was ok. We have met before but it has been awhile since we have seen each other so we checked each other out. Afterwards Sam went to say hi to dad and than dad went into the lake to swim. I swam with mom and dad for a little while and than I went to visit Sam's family and his sister. When I finished visiting I explored and swam. After our swim we went home because it was time for dinner. I had a wonderful time at the park playing with my friends.