Flo's June 2012 Travels

June Boating Adventures 2012

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Dad getting ready to wake board                                   Cranes nesting on Lake Travis


                    Crew getting ready to drill                            Crew transporting equipment across Lake Travis

This month we did 18 days of boating. During the boat days mom and dad water skied, wake boarded and Air Chaired. When they went to the lake during the week they had the lake to themselves because they were on the lake at 8 in morning. On the weekends mom and dad were on the lake at 8:00 and was off the lake by 9:30 before it got too busy. Occasionally when mom and dad were on the lake they watched crews moving equipment to where the City of Austin is putting in a new water pump. They also watched a crew from Water District 17 getting ready to put in another water supply pump. One day while they were floating in the lake they noticed that there were a group of 6 cranes nesting on one of the University of Texas buildings. This was so cool because the two nests were the same color as the building. This month was an outstanding month of boating.


June Fun Stuff Adventures 2012

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Dad and Regal                                                         Autumn in my kennel

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  My House    DATE:  06/12/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Tuesday June 12, 2012

Today was an exciting day because Aunt Louise and my cousins Regal and Autumn came over to visit. This year people have been having trouble with bugs because it's been very humid and we haven't got the rain we needed. The bug problem we have are mosquitoes but my Aunt Louise has fleas. Aunt Louise has been treating her house and my cousins for the last week and she still has fleas so she decided to get a pest control company out to treat her house. Mom and dad invited her to come out to our house because she had to be out of the house for three to four hours. She decided to except the invitation but before they came to the house they  stopped at a puppy wash so she could treat my cousins again because she didn't want me to get any fleas. I was excited to see them when they got to my house. It was really exciting for Regal because this was her first time at my house. After we said our hellos and Aunt Louise took off my cousins leash Regal walked around the house exploring. After awhile I decided to go outside to enjoy the sun and my cousins wanted to go with me. I don't have a fence in yard so mom had to put their leash on. I don't need my leash on because I'm trained on our Invisible Fence. Aunt Louise and my cousins visit with us for a couple of hours. I had a great time and hope they will come and visit again.

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LOCATION:  Wimberley, Texas    SITE:  Blue Rock Studio    DATE:  06/14/2012    DISTANCE:  40 miles

Thursday June 14, 2012

Aunt Louise has been on vacation for the last week so mom and dad have been going over to house to do some work. Dad has talked to Aunt Louise about getting off of satellite tv because it's getting expensive. She has been thinking about it but is afraid to because she likes to watch major league basketball and if she got off of satellite she wouldn't be able to watch the playoffs because they're on TNT. Dad told her she could get a Roku and subscribe to NBA for $120 a year, where she could see five major league basketball teams for $10 a month. He also told her that still won't be able to watch the playoffs that were on TNT. After thinking about it she decided to go ahead and get off satellite and just go to regular tv.So dad had to go over to her house and install an antenna. Mom and dad went off to her house about 7:30 in the morning but before they left mom fixed me a Kong. It took dad longer to install the antenna then he thought because he couldn't get a strong enough signal on all the channels. He played with the antenna for awhile and he finally did get a strong enough signal on all the stations. Aunt Louise was very excited. Dad also told her not to cancel her satellite tv until she was sure she wanted to go this way.

A few days ago mom and dad received their Roku in the mail and started to play with it. They enjoyed it so much they decided to buy another one and give this one to Aunt Louise. They were lucky they received it a couple of days ago so they had it with them so dad set the Roku up for Aunt Louise. Dad explained to Aunt Louise how it worked and she has to be careful because not everything is free. Somethings you have to pay a yearly fee or pay for each flick you want to watch. When they left Louise's house she was very excited and was getting herself familiar with the Roku. Mom and dad didn't get home until about 4:00. I was very excited to see them and I wanted in the house because I was hot. After we said our hellos mom and dad put things away and I went inside to cool off.

Mom and dad were home for an hour and a half before they had to leave because they were going to another concert at the Blue Rock Studio. The concert was Ruth Moody Band. Ruth Moody was the main singer of The Wailin Jennys and tours with her own band. She is a folk singer and mom and dad enjoyed her concert very much. The band consisted of Ruth and three guys. Each member of the band plays a verity of instruments. Ruth plays guitar, banjo, accordion, piano, and bodhran. Mom and dad really like going to the Blue Rock Studio because it's always a relaxing evening and the scenery is gorgeous. Mom and dad got home about 11:00. When I saw them coming up the drive I so excited that I ran down the drive to greet them. After we said our hellos we went inside the house. Mom and dad stayed up for awhile because they weren't home all day and they wanted to spend some time with me before going to bed. I'm so glad that my mom and dad are home.

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This month mom and dad tried to take me down to the Homeowners Park about once a week. I ended up go about three or four times. Mom took me to the park a couple times without dad. Both times mom really didn't want to take me but I pestered her until she did. I really wanted to go because I was hot.


              Kayaking in the cove                                       Homeowners docks in the cove

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Homeowner Park    DATE:  06/6/2012    DISTANCE:  00 miles

Wednesday June 6, 2012

Today I was very hot and I wanted to go swimming but mom really didn't want to take me because it was about 100 degrees. After I pestered her for a little while she finally gave in. On this visit mom loaded me up in the truck and took me to the park. When we got to the lake mom stopped by the dumpster to get rid of our garbage. Once mom parked the truck she let me out of the truck so I could go swimming. Mom and I walked along the bank of the lake for about an hour. While we were walking I swam and explored. On the way back to the truck we saw three people kayaking in the cove. When I saw them I decided to swim out to say hi. As I swam out to them their black lab swam to me and we said our hellos. After we visited for awhile I continued my walk to the truck. I had a great time.


My friends SAS, Chaps and Vivian                                    My friend across the cove

Swimming across the cove to meet new people

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Homeowner Park    DATE:  06/21/2012    DISTANCE:  00 miles

Thursday June 21, 2012

Today was another hot day I wanted to go to the lake to go swimming. Once again mom didn't want to go but she gave into me. This time we walked down to the Homeowners Park. On the way to the park we stopped and said hi to my friends (SAS, H, Chaps and Vivian). When we were walking by their home they started to bark at us. They're on the Invisible Fence just like me so mom walked into their yard to say hi. After she said hi to them they calmed down and stopped barking. Afterwards we continued our walk to the park. We didn't walk as far around the park as we usually do because we were already hot and we had to walk back home. I still swam and explored. We walked on the dock and said hi to one of the homeowners (Jim). He was working on his boat with another man so we didn't talk to him long. As we were heading back to the house I swam across the cove to hi to a couple of teenagers. Mom was surprise because it was pretty far and I usually didn't swim that far. The guys were impressed by my swimming ability. As I was swimming across the cove I saw my friend standing on his dock. After I said my hellos I swam back to mom and we headed towards home. When we walked by my friends house they weren't outside so we continued going home. By the time we got home I was exhausted but I had a fantastic time.