Flo's June 2013 Travels

June Fun Stuff Adventures 2013

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  My House    DATE:  6/01/2013

Saturday June 1, 2013

Today was a special day for me because I met a new friend. Mom and dad invited their friends Linda and Brian out for dinner and they bought their dog Bravo. Bravo is a two year old miniature Australian Shepard. Dinner wasn't until 6:00 so mom fed me before our company showed up. When Bravo first showed up he wasn't too sure about mom and dad. After a little bit he warmed up to dad. He didn't warm up to mom until she gave him a treat. Bravo and I got along very well. We ran around the front yard until everyone went inside. We were going to have a barbecue at the park but the wind came up so we ate at home. Before we ate we all walked to the Homeowners Park so Bravo and I could go swimming. I was excited about this because it has been awhile since I've walked to the park. On the way to the park we saw all my friends. Once at the park we walked down to the lake. I have my routine so I started walking to the dock. Mom joined me because there was a lot of people by the dock. Dad, Linda, Brian and Bravo went towards the marina that's next door to the park. Bravo went swimming by the marina while I swam the boat ramp. After I swam mom and I walked around the park. Mom made sure that I didn't pester the people by the dock so we didn't do our normal routine. We walked around for about a half hour and then we joined everyone else and headed back home. When we got home everyone had dinner, which was ham sandwiches and potato salad. For dessert mom, dad, Linda and Brian had Nutter Butter cookies. Mom asked Linda and Brian if Bravo ate before they came. They said he already ate. She asked if she could give Bravo a little snack and they said yes so Bravo and I had a little ham for a snack. Linda, Brian and Bravo visited with us for a few hours and then they left. We had a great time with our friends. I hope the next time Linda and Brian come to visit again that they bring Bravo with them.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  My House    DATE:  6/06/2013

Thursday June 6, 2013

Today was a hot day and I have been good so mom decided to take me to the park. We had just finished eating dinner when mom decided to take me to the park. Mom asked dad if he wanted to go with us. He said he would prefer to stay home. She was going to take the truck but than she she chanced her mind and we walked. I was very surprise because I wasn't even pestering her. We were gone for a little over an hour. We walked around the park and by the lake. Today we did our normal routine. While we were walking I swam and explored. This time of the year it is so hot that I swim more then I explore. Today when I got in the lake I didn't want to to get out because it felt so good to cool off. As we were walking around we saw a lot of people on the lake. Some of the people were at the island on party boats, some were sailing, some were boating and some were tubing and wake surfing. We figured the reason so many people were on the lake was because it was the first day of summer for the kids. When we were walking on the dock we saw a neighbor taking his kids and dog boating and we saw four kids coming in the cove so mom said hi to them. After walking around for awhile mom and I walked home by the time we got home I was exhausted so I went straight to my bed and went to sleep.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  My House    DATE:  6/13/2013

Thursday June 13, 2013

Dad received an e-mail from Blue Rock inviting mom and him to stream the last concert of the season. So at 7:30 mom and dad streamed the concert. The performer was Sarah Jarosz. She is a young Bluegrass/Folk singer who was raised in Wimberley, Texas. She plays the Mandolin, banjo, guitar and Octave Mandolin. The concert was about an hour and half. The streaming of the concert was a shaking because of the weather. Mom and dad didn't watch the whole concert because there was too much buffering. But what they watched of the concert they enjoyed.

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LOCATION:  Temple, Texas    SITE:  Our New Home    DATE:  06/19/2013    DISTANCE:  71 miles

Wednesday June 19, 2013

Wow!!! What a surprise we moving to Belton Texas. Mom and dad weren't planning to move at all. They didn't even have our house on the market. Our neighbor (Greg) was talking to dad about downsizing. Dad suggested he should buy our house and we would move to Belton. We have owned a lot in Belton for about seven years so we had a place to go. The neighbor talked to his wife (Marykay) and they decided that they were going to build on their other lot they owned in the neighborhood. Marykay called dad and said one of her relatives was moving to Austin and they needed a house. Dad told her that we would sell our house at market value minus 6% of realtor cost. They agreed to the price and the closing date was June 14, which was a couple weeks away. But in the contract the new owners gave us an option to lease the house back until July 10 for $1.00 a day so we took the option. A week before the closing mom and dad started to box up our belongings because they knew the deal was going through. During this week dad found us a place to park the Minnie so we can live in it until our new house is built. Dad also found places to store the boat and our belonging. The closing on Friday June 14 went very smoothly because there wasn't a realtor to worry about. After the closing we rented an U-Haul trailer for three days. We loaded the truck in the evening and drove to Belton in the morning because Belton is so far away we could only make one trip up and back in a day. We were busy all weekend and Monday. We returned the U-Haul Monday afternoon. On Tuesday we drove up to Belton and paid rent for our RV spot and dropped off the Minnie. While we were in Belton we rented an open air trailer for a couple of days so we can finish moving to Belton. When we got back to Austin we started loading the trailer. On Wednesday we had a carpet cleaning company come in and clean the carpets. While they were cleaning the carpets we finished loading up the trailer. We were surprise that everything fit in the trailer. After we finished loading up the trailer we started our new adventure to Belton. We're not living in Belton right now but Temple butts up to Belton. During the whole process of moving I was trying to figure out what was going because my bed was packed up and my house was empty. Mom told me that we were moving and it will be ok. When the Minnie was brought to the house I thought we were going on a camping trip but when we dropped the Minnie off I was a little confused. But tonight we're going to be sleeping in the Minnie. We're very excited about starting our new adventure. We have along way to go but it's going to be fun.

Thursday June 20, 2013

Last night was the first night in Temple and we slept very well. We were surprise because where we're staying is right next to a railroad track and trains went by all night. The spot we're renting is on a gentleman (Scott) property. Scott owns a lot of land and has multiple buildings he rents out. He has a couple of RV spots with full hookups. He rents out a couple of trailers and one big building he converted into four apartments. He owns other lots close by where he runs his company out of. He is a very nice guy. By our spot there is a fenced in area where dogs can play in. I think I'm going to like it here. Today I drove around with mom and dad. We went by the lot and dad started to get familiar with Temple and Belton. After driving around a little while we went home and had some lunch. After lunch mom and dad located a city run gym called the Summit and joined it. They wanted to join a gym so they could take showers. We have a small shower in the Minnie and they really didn't want to use it. The gym has a pool, tennis courts, weight machines, free weights, treadmills, stationary bikes, steppers and gliding steppers. The gym offers some classes. Some of them are free and other ones cost a little. I think mom and dad are going to enjoy the gym very much. When they go to the gym I will say home and sleep. 

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Living on Belton Lake                                              Resting during my swim

LOCATION:  Belton, Texas    SITE:  Our New Home Site    DATE:  6/21/2013    DISTANCE:  15 miles

Friday June 21, 2013

Dad had talked to Jeff the owner of All Around Tree Care about clearing our lot so today we met with him at the lot. We showed up a little earlier because mom and dad wanted to make sure all the property pins were marked. Before Jeff showed up mom and dad walked me to Lake Belton so I could go swimming. There's a boat ramp a block away from our lot so we walked to the lake. Once we got to the lake dad told me that I could go swimming. I was so excited I ran into the water and swam. After I swam I did a little exploring along the bank. When I finished swimming and exploring we went back to the lot. While we were waiting for Jeff, our surveyor Toby came by to take a few measurements so he could locate a pin that was removed. He told dad that once he got the measurements he would come back and put the pin in. Dad thanked him for all the hard work he was doing. Jeff and his wife Paula showed up a little while later. Dad talked to Jeff about what he wanted done and how big our lot was. After talking to Jeff and Paula we went back to the Minnie for lunch. After lunch mom and dad went to the gym for a couple of hours. While at the gym they did the treadmill, stationary bikes and some weight machines. They also took a shower. When they got back I was very happy to see them.  

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Our lot before it was cleared                                         Our lot after it was cleared

Saturday June 22, 2013

Today is exciting because dad made arrangements for our lot to be cleared. Jeff met us at the lot with William who actually did the clearing. William worked on clearing the lot for 10 hours. Our lot is only 70 feet wide so dad had to make sure that William didn't go onto the neighbors lots on both sides. Our lot is 230 feet deep and backs up to the Corps of Engineers property line so dad had to make sure he didn't clear their trees. Before dad made arrangements for the clearing of the lot mom and he walked the lot and marked the the pins with bright orange poles so you can see the property lines. We were there all day watching William working but Jeff left for a few hours. After William got going mom and dad worked me to the lake so I could go swimming. We weren't gone too long because dad wanted to keep an eye on William so he would stay on our lot. Once dad told William that our property lines were marked by orange poles he stayed on our property. Before Jeff returned we went and got some lunch. By the time we got back Jeff had returned and Paula was with him because he had to pick up some old glass bottles before they were broken. After the bottles were picked up Paula and Jeff stayed around. I was left in the truck while the work was being done so I wouldn't get in the way. It wasn't too bad because there was a breeze. About mid afternoon Paula left and mom came to check up on me because it was starting to get hot. She turned on the air conditioner and stayed with me for awhile. When she was leaving she decided to take me with her. When we got back to the lot Jeff told her to let me in his truck because it was too hot and he had the air going. When William was almost finished mom took me back to the truck. Dad came back to the truck a little while later to get the check book so he could pay Jeff for the job. When William was finished they started to load up the machine but ended up unloading it because they didn't have enough air in the tires of the trailer. While they went to get air we left and went back to the Minnie. It was a long day but it was fun watching the shredding machine shred the big cedar trees. It was amazing how it worked. It took a hugh tree and shredded it to mulch. Before the lot was cleared there were so many trees you could barely walk on the lot but by the time all the cedar trees were shredded you could see the back of the lot. By removing all the cedar trees we found out we had a lot of beautiful oak trees and that our lot had more of a slop to it. We had an enjoyable day.

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Cousin Autumn helping Aunt Louise                           Waiting for mom and dad to finish

LOCATION:  Round Rock, Texas    SITE:  Aunt Louise's House   DATE:  6/23/2013    DISTANCE:  55 miles

Sunday June 23, 2013

The last time we visited Aunt Louise dad noticed that her trees needed to be trimmed back away from her house. He didn't have the right tools with him so he told her that the next time he was around he would bring the right tools. We didn't have anything on our agenda today and Aunt Louise wasn't working so we drove to Round Rock to trim her trees. Round Rock is about 55 miles one way from where we're staying and dad doesn't drive too fast so it took us a little over an hour to get to Aunt Louise. We got to her house about 9:00 because we wanted to trim the trees before it got too hot. Aunt Louise was surprised to see us because we didn't call and tell her we were going to come over. Dad started by climbing on the roof and cutting the trees away from it. After he finished doing that he trimmed the lower branches. While he was trimming mom sawed the branches in smaller pieces so Aunt Louise could put the pieces in bags. After dad finished trimming the trees in the front yard he trimmed the tree in the back yard. While dad was trimming Aunt Louise's trees her neighbor came out to visit with us. When she was visiting she mentioned she needed to call her tree guy to get him to trim her tree. Dad asked her if she wanted him to trim the tree and she said sure if he didn't mind. He told her not at all he was already trimming Aunt Louise's trees. After he trimmed the tree the neighbor was very grateful and thanked him. While the trees were getting trimmed Cousin Autumn and I stayed outside. Aunt Louise was having problems listening to her music through a program dad had installed on her ROKU so dad got the program to work. He also explained to Aunt Louise how the program worked and what she can do with it. We were at Aunt Louise's house for a few hours and then we went back to Belton. We had a wonderful time visiting with Aunt Louise and Autumn.

When we moved to Belton we didn't let anyone know including Aunt Louise instead dad wrote everyone a letter to let them know. While we were at Aunt Louise's house she thought we had just come from our old house and we didn't tell her otherwise because we wanted to make sure she got the letter first. When we got back to the Minnie Aunt Louise called and asked dad why he didn't tell her that we moved to Belton. He said he wanted to make sure she received the letter first. She told him she usually checked her mail every day but yesterday she didn't. Today she went to her mailbox and got the letter. She called us so she could get more information. So dad explained to her what had accured. She asked how far away Belton was from her house and he told her about 55 miles. When Aunt Louise called she was upset she was just surprised.

The backhoe that dug our septic holes

LOCATION:  Belton, Texas    SITE:  Our New Home Site    DATE:  6/24/2013    DISTANCE:  15 miles

Monday June 24, 2013

Yesterday dad asked our landlord Scott if he had a truck that could dig a couple of holes on our lot. Scott told dad he had a truck that could because that's what he does for a living. He also told dad that one of his guys would call him and it would cost $350.00. Dad said no problem. Dad needed the holes dug because he needed a septic designed. The septic designer Chad needed to know what kind of soil was on the lot in order for him to tell dad what type of septic he needed to have for the house. Scott's guys were going to be at the lot between 9 and 10 so we arrived earlier because dad wanted to measure where the trees were located on the lot. He wanted to know how many oak trees we were going to lose when we built the house. Before mom and dad started measuring where the trees were they took me to the lake so I could go swimming. When we got back to the lot I stayed in the truck while they measured where the trees were on the lot. They were almost finished when Scott's three guy crew showed up. Dad showed them where to dig the holes and told them how deep to go. The guy that was digging the hole said they probably won't be able to go as deep as he wanted because there too much rock in the area. Scooter started digging the first hole and he was about 1.5 feet deep when dad told him that the hole was deep enough. The second hole Scooter dug was 3 feet when dad told him that the hole was deep enough. Dad told him it wasn't worth beating up his equipment to get the hole deeper. Dad thanked Scotter for his hard work and then they loaded up the backhoe truck and left. After the crew left mom and dad finished up measuring where the trees were on the lot.

Today mom and dad left me at the Minnie because they were going to do a few earns. They stopped by a Credit Union to open an account but decided not to. They decided that the Credit Union in Austin offered a lot more and it didn't have all the fees the new one had. Then they stopped and picked up our mail. Afterwards they came home to me. After saying our hellos mom made lunch and gave me a snack.
After having lunch and relaxing a little while mom and dad went to the gym. They were gone for a couple of hours. While they were gone I slept but when they returned I was very happy to see them. This was the first day mom and dad left me at the Minnie all day but I didn't mind because I' m still trying to get to know my surroundings. I'm having a get time because I have met all the neighbors and their dogs.

When we moved to Belton mom and dad thought they didn't need a television but after a couple of days they decided they needed one so dad ordered one. When they stopped to get our mail they retrieved a couple of packages one was the new television and the other one was a magazine rack. When dad was started to install the bracket onto the television he found out that the screws were too long. Dad told mom he had to go to Lowe's or The Home Depot but was going to wait until tomorrow. When he opened the magazine rack package he started to laugh because it was very small. He tried to put some file folders in it but the folders won't fit. It only cost $10.00 and it wasn't worth shipping back so we'll have to found a Goodwill Store and donate the rack. Mom and dad had a very productive day.

Tuesday June 25, 2013

Today mom and dad are going to meet with a builder named Jerry Wright at the lot. They were going to be driving around and stopping at homes Jerry was building so they left me at the Minnie. They met with Jerry at 11 and he walked the lot with mom and dad. Dad asked Jerry some questions about building homes and Jerry answered the questions. After awhile dad asked Jerry if he had any homes that mom and he could walk through. Jerry said he did so dad followed him to the other homes. Mom and dad walked through three different homes. As they walked through the homes Jerry talked about things he could do and what was standard in what he could offer. They really like Jerry but dad is still going to get a couple more builders to bid on the new house before making up his mind. They were gone all morning and didn't get home until 3. When they got home I was very happy to see them. After saying our hellos dad made a call to a gentleman to draw up the plans for the house. The gentleman said it would take eight to ten weeks. Dad made an appointment to see him. Afterwards he called Jerry back and told him what the gentleman said. Jerry told dad it shouldn't take that long. Jerry gave dad another name and dad called him. The gentleman said it would take six to eight weeks so dad made an appointment to see him.       

Wednesday June 26, 2013

Today I went to the lot with mom and dad. On the way to the lot we stopped at The Home Depot because dad needed to get some screws to mount our new television. After dad got what he needed he drove to Lake Belton so I could go swimming and explore. When I finished we went to the lot. Mom's and dad's appointment with Chad wasn't until 11 and we were a little early so mom and dad did walked around the lot. Dad had designed a rough house plan where the drive would go on the south side of the lot. But while they were walking the lot they discussed where the drive was going. They decided they would flip the plan and put the drive on the north side because that way they would save more trees. I didn't really like walking on the shredded trees because it poked my feet so I stayed in the truck. When they got back to the truck Chad called and said he was on his way. While Chad looked at the holes and the lot I stayed in the truck. Dad told Chad that the drive was going to be on the opposite side of lot then the plan he had. Chad told him that wasn't a problem. Chad told dad that there were a couple of different options he had for a septic. He said he would design the septic and let dad know which septic would be the best for the house. Chad told dad that it would take a few days to design the septic system and he would get back with dad. Before Chad left dad gave him a copy of the house plan with the garage on the south side. The meeting with Chad went very well. Shortly after Chad left we went back to the Minnie. By the time we got back it was time for lunch. Mom made lunch for dad and her and gave me a little snack.

Dad had another appointment at 2:30 with Tom a draftsman to get the house plan finalized. Mom was afraid that she wouldn't be able to go to the gym because of the appointment but dad told her that he would drop her off at the gym on the way to the appointment. She said that would workout great. So about 2:00 they left me in the Minnie to do their things. I didn't care because it was too hot to leave the Minnie anyways. They were gone for a little over two hours. When they got back it was excited to see them. After we said our hellos and relaxed a little while mom made dinner. While mom was making dinner dad got the television to work. Mom and dad were happy now they could watch the news. 

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Saturday June 29, 2013

Today was another relaxing day. Mom and dad decided to take the day off from water skiing because their muscles were a little soar. Instead they decided to take me to Temple Park on Lake Belton so I could go swimming. I really didn't swim because it was too shallow. I walked pretty far out in the lake and I could still touch bottom. While we were at the park we saw a lot of fishing boats and the parking lot for boat trailers was full. So we figured there was a fishing tournament going on. After I finished wading in the water we headed back to the truck. When we got to the truck we met three people (father, mother and son) and visited with them for a little bit. The father was raised in the Belton area and has seen a lot of changes to Belton and the lakes in the area. After our visit we headed back to the Minnie. On the way home we drove by our lot and the boat ramp near it. The parking lot at the ramp was full of boat trailers also. So this made us think for sure there was a tournament going on. Then we drove around Temple looking for locksmiths because dad wanted a couple of keys made. But the locksmiths we drove by were closed and are only opened Monday through Friday. So dad will have to wait until Monday. When we finished driving around we went back to the Minnie. When we drove up to the Minnie we saw that Scott had told one of his workers to mow the yard. So dad moved a few things around so the guy could mow. Mom and I went inside and relaxed until lunchtime. After lunch I went outside and did a little sunning. Mom thought I was crazy because it was too hot for her but I really like sunning. While I was sunning mom cut up some bell peppers and lettuce because mom and dad were going to have a salad for dinner and she wanted the salad makings to be cold. About 2:00 mom decided she wanted to go to the gym. So dad dropped her off and then he did a couple of earns while she worked out. Mom worked about for an hour and half. When mom and dad got home I greeted them at the door. After we said our hellos mom and dad relaxed until dinner. Then mom made dad and her a salad and fed me my food. We had a very easy day. Have fun!!!!!!

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Sunday June 30, 2013

It rained early this morning so mom and dad decided not to go boating. Instead they took me down to the ramp by our lot so I could go swimming. When we got to the ramp the parking lot wasn't full so we didn't have any problem finding a parking space. While I was swimming we saw a few people kayaking so mom took a few pictures of them. I was happy to be at this ramp because the lake was deep enough for me to actually swim. I swam for a little bit and did a little exploring. Afterwards we drove through a housing development and looked at the houses that we being built. Mom and dad walked through one of the houses because dad wanted to see how the houses were being constructed. Dad was looking at the foundation to see what type of foundation is being used. He found out that the post tension foundation is being used everywhere. Dad really doesn't like this he wanted to use a rebar type of foundation just like the other two homes he designed. But if he has to go post tension he will. They also looked at the frame work and how the slop of the garage was done. While mom and dad walked through the house I stayed in the truck. As we were living the housing development we saw a lot of deer walking through the trees. After leaving the housing development we drove around to get more familiar with Temple and Belton. By the time we got back to the Minnie it was almost lunchtime.

When lunchtime came around mom barbecued some Italian sausage patties for dad and her lunch. She fed me a little snack and a little bit of her pattie. After lunch we stayed in the Minnie and relaxed. At 1:00 mom and dad went to the gym. They worked out for a couple of hours and then they came home to me. When they got home we said her hellos. For the rest of the day we hung around the Minnie. For dinner mom and dad had a salad and I had my food. Today was another relaxing day. The temperature didn't get to 100 so it was very comfortable to stay in the Minnie.


June Boating Adventures 2013


A fawn mom and dad saw at Lake Belton

LOCATION:  Belton, Texas    SITE:  Lake Belton   DATE:  6/27/2013 - 6/28/2013    DISTANCE:  15 miles

Thursday June 27, 2013

Today was very exciting for mom and dad because they went to Lake Belton. Mom and dad haven't been boating this year because all the ramps were out of Lake Travis but now that we're close to Lake Belton and the ramps are in the water they can go boating. We've been here for a week and the wind has been blowing so mom and dad haven't been able to enjoy Lake Belton. The wind went down so they decided to so boating. When they go boating they leave me at home because I get bored today they left me in the Minnie. They were only gone for a couple hours. The boat ramp they used was at Cedar Ridge because it's real close to the boat storage center. When they were driving though the campground to the ramp they saw a lot of deer grazing. When they got to the ramp it was a little challenging because it was the first time dad had ever used this ramp but dad did outstanding. The next challenging part was for mom. Texas is in a drought so Lake Belton is low and the docks are on the bank. So when mom came to the dock to pick up dad she had to be extra careful because there wasn't a lot of water at the dock (3 to 4 feet of water) and there is a rock bed on one side of the dock and another one on one side of the ramp. Mom picked up dad very well but when she was backing up dad got nervous about the rock beds so he took over. While they were at the lake they water skied, Air Chaired and floated. They didn't want to do too much because it was the first time they were on the lake this year and they didn't want to get to sore. Mom did a super job dropping dad off on the dock. When dad was backing the trailer down the ramp a big boat trailer backed down the ramp with him so mom had to watch out for it. She put the boat on the trailer perfect, which surprised her because at the beginning of each year dad has to refresh her memory on how to put the boat on the trailer. After dad pulled the trailer to the parking lot mom and dad wiped it down. While they were wiping it down the men with the big trailer loaded a houseboat on the trailer. When they were pulling the boat up the ramp the trailer broke and lost a couple of wheels and flattened the rest. They pulled the boat to the top of the ramp onto the road when they realized what had happened so they stopped. The trailer had been dragging on the road for awhile before they stopped. When mom and dad were finished wiping down the boat they had to leave using the entrance side of the road because the houseboat and trailer was on the other side of the road. On the way back through the campground they saw a cute fawn on the side of the road so mom took a picture of it. After putting the boat in storage mom and dad came back to me. When they got back we said our hellos and relaxed until it was time for lunch.

After lunch dad wanted to drive around and look at some homes to get an idea of what type elevation he wanted for the roof of our new house. So we all loaded up into the truck and drove around looking at homes and taking pictures of them. We drove around for about an hour before go back to the Minnie. Once we got back to the Minnie mom and dad got ready to go to the gym. They were gone for a couple of hours again. I think mom and dad are enjoying go to the gym. When they got back it was dinnertime. We said our hellos and then mom made dinner. While mom was making dinner dad called a gentleman named Arthur to see if he could engineer the foundation of our new house. He said he couldn't do it here in Belton but the piece of the company he works for in Austin can. Arthur said he would go to the lot and look at the holes and then send the information down to Austin so they could engineer the foundation. Wow!!! Mom and dad have been busy since we have been in Belton. Now they'll slow down because they have to wait on Chad, Tom and Arthur in order to continue on.

Friday June 28, 2013

Today was a very relaxing day. Mom and dad went back to the lake in the morning to do a little boating. They were gone a couple of hours. While they were at the lake they water skied and waked boarded. Yesterday when mom tried to get up on the water ski it took her three times but today she got up the first time. But when she tried to get up on the wake board it took her a couple of tries. Dad didn't have any trouble get up on the ski, board and Air Chair. After mom and dad skied and wake boarded they relaxed in the boat. The lake only had a couple of fishermen and one other boater so it was very relaxing. Today mom was a lot more comfortable driving the boat on the trailer and driving the boat to the dock to let dad off. Mom and dad had a great time at the lake. On the way back to me they stopped at the storage center to put a few things back into storage and to take a couple of things out of storage. When they got back to me we said our hellos and then mom made lunch and gave me a snack. After lunch we stayed at the Minnie. About 2:30 mom and dad went to the gym. Today working out at the gym was a little tough because both mom and dad were a little sore from water skiing. Every year at the beginning of the summer mom and dad get sore because when they ski they use muscles they usually don't use. But after a couple of days the soreness will go away. Even though they were sore they still were gone a couple of hours. When they got back to me we said our hellos and then they rested until dinnertime. Then mom made dinner and fed me my food. We are having a great time here in Temple and Belton. Maybe tomorrow mom and dad will take me to the lake.