Flo's 2008 March Travels

March Camping Adventures 2008

Picnicking at Cedar Breaks Park

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Friday March 14, 2008

Alright it's Friday and we haven’t been camping for a couple of weeks. I'm ready to go camping. Mom and dad told me we're going to Cedar Breaks Park at Lake Georgetown. We arrived at Cedar Breaks Park about 4:00 p.m. Dad was very grateful he made reservations for the weekend because it was very busy. It’s Spring Break so the park is full. I saw a lot of kids and dogs. Mom and dad set up camp and I stayed out of their way. After mom and dad finished we went for a walk around the campground towards the picnic area off Lake Georgetown. When we got to the lake dad told me I could go swimming. I was glad because I was hot. Oh boy does this feel good to get in the cold water. I swam for a little bit and than we went back to our campsite to have dinner. Mom and dad had sandwiches while I ate my special food. After dinner we sat outside until it started to get dark. Than we went inside and mom baked some cookies. I was tired from my swim so I tried to sleep but I couldn’t because there were way too much activities going on. Once everyone settled in I went to sleep.

Saturday March 15, 2008

I woke mom and dad up about 8:00 a.m. this was later for me. I think I slept in because I had not adjusted to Daylight Saving Time yet. Mom took me for my morning walk. When we returned to the Minnie we had breakfast with dad. After breakfast we went for a 3 mile hike to the dam. On the way to the dam we saw a deer hiding in the trees. It was hard to see him. We weren’t sure at first if it was a deer or a sign. Then he move and he definitely was a deer. The hike was very quiet because the kids were still sleeping. That was ok with me because than dad could let me off leash. When I’m off leash I have a lot more fun and it’s easier for dad. When we got to the dam dad took pictures of Lake Georgetown and I did a little exploring. It was windy so there we're only a couple of fishing boats on the lake. When we were almost to the end of the dam we turned around and headed back. Dad saw some people and he didn’t want me to disturb them. When we got back to the campground I was tired so we sat in our chairs and rested.

After our rest we went for a walk to the lake and I went for another swim. When I finished swimming we walked back to the campsite because Aunt Louise was coming out for lunch. When Aunt Louise showed up I was very excited. Dad barbequed hamburgers for lunch and mom gave me a chicken snack. Aunt Louise stayed and visits with mom and dad for a couple of hours. While they were visiting I slept.

When Aunt Louise left mom and dad took me for walk to the boat ramp so we could watch people put their boats in and take them out. This is a lot of fun to watch because everyone does it different. While we were watch people one boat had to be towed in. This was interesting to watch the boat driver put the boat on the trailer. He had to float the boat on the trailer and this can be a challenge but the driver did great he got the boat on the trailer on the first try. We watched people for a while than we went back to the campsite for the rest of the night. 

 Sunday March 16, 2008

I woke mom and dad up at 7:30 a.m. Dad got dress while mom and I went for a walk around the campground. When mom and I returned to the Minnie we ate breakfast with dad. After breakfast we went for another 3 mile hike towards the dam. Instead of hiking over the dam we took a trail that went below it. The trail we hiked went to a river but before we got to the river we took a trail that leads to the main road to the park. When we got to the main road there was a fence with a gate. Mom and dad really didn’t want to climb over fence so they looked around to see if they could find a trail that led back to the dam area but they couldn’t. Dad climbed between two bars in the gate while mom and I squeezed though the gate and the fence. I liked this hike because I hiked where I never hiked before. When we returned to the campsite we rested before mom and dad broke camp.


I'm so tired

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LOCATION:  Smithville, Texas     SITE:  Buescher State Park
DATE:  3/21/08 – 3/23/08     SPACE:  03    TRIPS: 35      DISTANCE:  68 miles

Friday March 21, 2008

It’s Friday and time to go camping. Mom and dad told me we’re going to Buescher State Park. This is our second camping adventure in March. I’m ready to go I can hardly wait. I’ve been to Buescher State Park before but it’s still exciting every time I can go camping at Buescher.

Mom and dad came home from work and finished loading up the Minnie. Now it’s time to head toward Buescher. We got stuck in traffic getting to Buescher because its Easter weekend. It took us 2 hours to get to Buescher and it usually takes us about 1 ½ hours. I didn’t care because I slept most of the way. When we arrived at Buescher there were only 3 campsites left in Cozy Circle and we took space 3. Mom and dad set up camp and then dad barbequed hamburgers for dinner. While mom and dad ate their burgers I ate my special food.

After dinner we went for a walk to the tent campground. When we were walking I met a black lab named Bear. Bear was there with his masters. They were from Houston. While mom and dad visit with his masters I played with Bear. After Bear and I finished playing my parents and I continued our walk. We walked for about 2 miles and for an hour. When we got back to the Minnie we went sat on our chairs. While I was resting in my chair mom and dad visit with our neighbors. The neighbors were from Redwood which is located in the Dallas area. They thought it was great that I had my own chair. When it started to get dark we went inside for the night.    

Saturday March 22, 2008

I woke mom up about 7:30 a.m. Mom got dress and took me for a morning walk around the campsite. When returned we had breakfast with dad. After breakfast we went for an 8 mile hike for about 3 ½ hours. We hiked down to the Buescher Hiking Trail. The hiking trail is a 7.7 miles loop. The hiking trail runs though pine trees to keep you cool. There is one place you hike out in the open along the pipeline. The pipeline area is about ½ mile long and then you get back in the trees. When we got to the pipeline area we saw a few deer. I ran after them but they were too far away to catch them. By the time I got to where they were I saw them run into the trees so I stopped and looked in the trees to see them but I couldn’t. I sniffed around a little and than ran back to mom and dad. We continued our hike. We hiked about 1 ½ miles when we came upon a Cancer Research Center. It was huge but you couldn’t get in because it was gated. Dad took pictures and we continued on our way down the trail. When we got to a part of the trail way it splits into two. We usually take the trail that goes up the hill but this time we decided to take the trail that goes along the creek. I did some exploring along the trail. When we got back to the pipeline area we met a few people and their dog. The dog’s master would let him play with me but that was ok because I was getting tired. We hiked along the pipeline area right before we got back in the trees we met a family and the kids paid attention to me. I liked this very much and this made my day. When we got back to our campground we saw a big cottontail. I want to play with it but I was tired. When we got back to the Minnie it was lunch time so dad barbequed quail. While mom and dad ate their quail I had a chicken snack. I was going to go play with Bear today but I was too tired. I spent the rest of the day sleeping in my chair.

Sunday March 23, 2008

I woke mom up at 7:30 a.m. and she took me for my morning walk. When we return to the Minnie we ate breakfast with dad. After breakfast we walked to the lake. We didn’t walk too far because I was still tired from yesterday’s hike. When we got to the lake dad took pictures. We walked about an hour. It was a very relaxing walk. When we returned to our campsite we rested a little while. Than mom and dad broke camp and we left for home. We got an early start so we could beat the crowd on the road because it was Easter. We had a great time at Buescher and we will be back.

Flo and mom resting

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LOCATION:  Bastrop, Texas     SITE:  Bastrop State Park
DATE:  3/28/08 – 3/30/08     SPACE:  13    TRIPS: 36      DISTANCE:  58 miles

Friday March 21, 2008

It is Friday and we’re on our way to Bastrop State Park for our third camping adventure this month. Bastrop State Park is about 10 miles away from Buescher State Park. The traffic wasn’t as heavy as it was last week. It only took us about 1 ½ hours to get there. When we arrived at Bastrop State Park it was about 4:30 p.m. Dad checked in and went to Piney Hill Camping Area to set up camp for the weekend. Piney Hill Camping Area is for RVs with full hook ups. The other camping area is Creekside Camping Area where both RVs and people with tents. Creekside Camping Area is bigger and busier than Piney Hill Camping Area. This is the reason we stay at Piney Hill Camping Area. When we arrived at Piney Hill Camping Area there were a few spaces available. This weekend it’s busy because there is a Boy Scout gathering and the 75th Anniversary of the CCC. Bastrop State Park was one of the parks in Texas that were built by the CCC.  

After mom and dad set up camp we went for a walk around the campground. I met a golden retriever the same age as I am. We said hi to each and than I continued my walk with mom and dad. When we returned to the campsite we had dinner. Mom and dad had sandwiches and I had my special food. After dinner we went for a hike. Before we went on our hike we met our neighbors. Our neighbors were from Marble Falls. The family was mom, dad and two boys. While my parents visit with the boys parents the boys played with me. I enjoyed this very much. After the family left mom and dad took me on our hike. The hike was about 1 mile loop. We hiked the yellow trail (Piney Hill Spur .15 miles) to the orange trail (Lost Pines .60 miles of it) back to the campground on the black trail (Pine Warbler trail .25 miles).

When we returned to the campground we went over where they were celebrating the CCC 75th Anniversary. We didn’t know this was going on so we missed most of it. We walked around the area and read signs about the CCC and all the parks they built in Texas. It was very interesting to read about how the CCC built the parks and which park they built. Now it’s time to go back to the Minnie. When we got back we went inside for the night.    

Saturday March 22, 2008

I woke up about 7:20 a.m. and woke mom and dad up. Mom fed me my special food and than got dress. After I ate mom took me for my morning walk around the campground. When we returned to the Minnie mom had breakfast with dad. After mom and dad finished breakfast we went on an 8 ½ miles for 4 ½ hours.

The beginning of our hike started at Piney Hill Spur Trail which starts at the end of Piney Hill Campground. On the way to Piney Hill Spur I met a couple of dogs one was a small dog and the other one was a chocolate lab. Both dogs were very friendly. The lab was bigger than me and pulled his master towards me to say hi. After we finished visiting they went back to their campsite and we continued towards Piney Hill Spur Trail. Piney Hill Spur Trail is a short trail and ends at the Creekside Camping Area. In order for us to get to the main hiking trails we had to hike through Creekside Camping Area and Copperas Creek Camping Area. Creekside Camping Area is for tent campers and is very small so it always looks crowded. Today was no exception but I made it through the camping area without disturbing anyone. Copperas Creek Camping Area is the biggest camping are set up for both RVs and tent campers. When we walked around this camping area it was very busy because the boy scouts had had a big outing this weekend. I saw a lot of activities going on. People were cooking breakfast, children were walking around and the dogs were barking when saying hello. There was so much going on I could only look around and try to take everything in. 
When we got to the end of Copperas Creek Camping Area we walked along the main road to the main trailhead.

When we got to the trailhead we saw a jogger reading the map so she wouldn’t get lost on the trail. After she left dad read the map to decide which trail to take. Dad decided to take the purple trail which is the Lost Pines Trail and is 8.1 miles. We hiked 7.5 miles of the trail. The trail is a loop around the primitive camping and hiking area to the Lost Pines Overlook and back to the camping areas. Mom and dad decided take Harmon Road back to the camping areas instead of going all the way to the overlook. They thought it would be too crowded and I would have to stay on leash. When I get tired I slow down and if I’m off leash I don’t slow down as much.

During our hike we saw joggers, hikers, dogs and beautiful scenery. Last time we were here we didn’t go as far on the Lost Pine Trail as we did this time. When we started our hike at the primitive camping area we saw some boy scouts and their tents. We saw a jogger by the power line road and I wanted to jog with her but she was afraid I wouldn’t go back to mom and dad so dad held me back until she jogged passes us. The terrain was very nice. There were a lot of pine needles on the trail and the pine trees kept the trail shaded. The trail went up and down hills but it was very gradually. While we rested during our hike people and dogs would hike by. Every time I saw a dog I wanted to play with it but dad would hold me back. At the end of our hike I saw the small dog and the chocolate lab I met earlier. I was so tired I didn’t get as excited as I usually do. When we returned to the Minnie I was glad because I was really tired and so were my parents. The rest of the day we stayed around the campsite and rested. While we were resting we watched the birds and enjoyed the peace and quite.           

Sunday March 23, 2008

I woke mom and dad up at 7:30 a.m. Mom got dress and took me for my morning walk. We walked to the restrooms and back to the Minnie. When mom and I returned to the Minnie we had breakfast with dad. After breakfast mom and dad got ready to go home because it was drizzling. On the way home dad drove by Lake Bastrop LCRA Park. It was very nice with cabins and some RV sites on the shores of the lake. Maybe sometime we will stay here and bring our boat. I think this will be fun. After we left the park we went home. I was so tired I slept all the way home.   


March Fun Stuff 2008

Mom in Santa Fe

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LOCATION: Santa Fe, New Mexico     SITE: Santa Fe New Mexico
02/29/08 – 03/05/08     DISTANCE: 712 miles

Because I needed a little vacation from my parents I'm going let my mom write this adventure to Santa Fe New Mexico. I'm going to visit my Aunt Louise and my two Cousins Rusty and Regal. I’m very excited even though I get very tired every time I visit my Aunt and Cousins. Here is my parents’ adventure. Larry and I went to Florida to get a boat instead of going on a snow ski trip. Now it’s March and we are ready to go on a snow trip. Our trip was to Santa Fe New Mexico. Santa Fe is known for its history, heritage, arts and culture.

We decided to go to Santa Fe because we could drive there and there was plenty of snow on the ski slopes. We dropped off Flo with her Aunt Louise on Thursday because it was easier for us. Louise wasn’t working so gave Flo a chance to play with her aunt and cousins. We started our adventure to Santa Fe on Friday as soon as Larry got off of work.

Friday February 29, 2008 and Saturday March 1, 2008 

Friday we start on our adventure to Santa Fe about 3:00 p.m. Larry drove to Abilene. Larry had driven about 230 miles and decided to call it a night. We got up Saturday morning and continued our adventure to Santa Fe. Larry drove another 482 miles to Santa Fe. We arrived at Santa Fe in the afternoon and checked into our room. After we settled in we dropped off our snow skies to get them waxed. While the skies were getting waxed we went to have a bite to eat. When we finished eating we picked up our skies and than called it a night.

Sunday March 2, 2008

Sunday morning we woke up about 7:00 a.m. to start our first day in Santa Fe. It takes about 45 minutes to get Ski Santa Fe Resort because Larry had to drive up a mountain to get to there. On the way to the resort we stopped for breakfast. When we got to the resort we had to climb up a hill from the parking lot to the entrance. I had to stop a couple of times climbing up a hill because I was out of breath. Larry didn’t have any trouble at all. Once I got my breath back we were ready to go skiing. We skied about 2 hours and than took a little break. After our break we went back on the slopes. About noon we decided to take a lunch break but we couldn’t because the restaurant was busy. So we decided to ski a couple more runs. The reason it was so busy was because it was the second day of the Southern Series Championship. During this event young people from all over the Rocky Mountains participate in a downhill racing event. When we returned to the restaurant it was about 1:30 p.m. We decided to call it a day and went to have lunch back in Santa Fe. As we were driving around in Santa Fe we saw some sculptures at the Ghost Ranch Retreat in Santa Fe and stopped to take pictures of them. By the time we got back to the motel we were exhausted so we decided to stay in the room for the rest of the night.

Monday March 3, 2008

Monday morning we woke up the same time as we did Sunday. Today Larry was going to drive to Angel Fire Resort which is about 90 miles from Santa Fe. It had snowed the night before and the streets were icy so Larry had to be careful driving. As he was driving towards Angel Fire the roads were getting harder to drive down so Larry turned around and we went to Ski Santa Fe instead. Sometimes when it snows in Santa Fe the road getting to Ski Santa Fe can be a challenge. You go up a mountainside and with all the sharp curves you have to be extra careful because you never can tell when you’re going to hit ice. Larry is always more conservative then others but we’re never in a hurry so that’s great. Today the road to Ski Santa Fe was fantastic they already had clear the snow off it. Ski Santa Fe wasn’t as busy as it was yesterday because it was Monday the championship racing was over. We skied a half day because it was our second day and we had another day to ski before going home. It was super skiing on fresh snow and where they groomed it wasn’t as icy as yesterday. On the way back to the motel we stopped and had some lunch. After lunch we went back to the motel and relaxed for the rest of day and evening.

Tuesday March 4, 2008

Tuesday morning was gorgeous the sun is shining and the roads are clear. You can’t even tell that there was snow and ice on the streets yesterday. The drive to Ski Santa Fe was a very nice drive. There weren’t a lot of people going up the mountain and we just enjoyed our last drive up the mountain this trip. We skied another half day because we were going to start back to Austin after we finished skiing. It was a little windy on the mountain so one of the main lift that went further up the mountain was shut down. Everyone was forced to use one half of the mountain. This was ok because it wasn’t busy. All the runs at Santa Fe are very well groomed. The trails are wide so you have no problem getting around slower skiers and the faster skiers can get around you. We always have a great time Santa Fe and we’ll be back. This visit was no exception in fact it was fantastic.  

When we left Ski Santa Fe Larry drove all the way to Lubbock before calling it a night. We stayed at a Super 8 hotel right off the highway. It was great because it was different than the other Super 8. The rooms were huge. It had two big tall beds, desk with a nice executive leather chair, internet excess and a big bath with a huge shower. The room was like a suite. The big was so tall you had to stand on your tip toes to get in it. The entrance of the Super 8 was very fancy. The entrance had marble flooring with a sitting area and the check in desk. There is a huge staircase leading to the rooms and décor was beautiful. We were very impress and the next time we’re in Lubbock we’ll stay there again.   

Wednesday March 5, 2008

We got up fairly early Wednesday to continue our adventure back home. Before we left we had breakfast in the dining room at Super 8. The breakfast was very nice it was like a continental breakfast except you could have Belgium waffles if you liked. So we did. After breakfast we checked out and started back home. We were over half way home so the trip today shouldn’t be too bad.

Alright mom and dad are here to pick me up. I’m so excited I’m ready to go home. I always have a great time visiting my Aunt Louise and cousins but I need to go home to get some rest. I get so tired visiting Rusty and Regal. I also miss my mom and dad.