Flo's 2009 March Adventures

March Fun Stuff Adventures 2009

Flo, Ragal and Rusty

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Mom and dad keep me very busy all the time. Once in awhile I need a vacation from them to rest. When I go on vacation  I go over to my Aunt Louise and Cousins Rusty and Regal house. During my stay at Aunt Louise's I get very tired because my schedule is different. Even though I get tired I still have a great time. While I was vacationing with Aunt Louise and my Cousins mom and dad went on a snow ski trip to New Mexico.   

LOCATION: Taos, New Mexico     SITE: Angel Fire Ski Resort, Red River Ski Resort and Sipapu Ski Resort
02/27/08 – 03/05/08     DISTANCE: 730 miles       

On Thursday mom and dad took me to Aunt Louise’s house. I was very excited to be here. Mom and dad visit with Aunt Louise while I played with Rusty and Regal. After awhile mom and dad said good-bye. When they were leaving I realized I wasn’t going with them I wasn’t too happy about being left but Aunt Louise told me that my mom and dad was just going to be gone for a week and I was going to have a great time here with them. After mom and dad left Aunt Louise gave me a snack and this made me feel a lot better. Now it’s time for mom to tell you about their adventure.

Riding to the top of the slopes at Angel Fire Resort    Mom at Red River Resort       

Angel Fire Resort                                            Red River Resort

Sipapu Resort

Friday February 27, 2009

Every year Larry and I try to go on a snow skiing trip. This year we decided to go to New Mexico. We knew before we started on adventure that the snow condition may not be too great but we were willing to take a chance.

After I got home from work on Friday we started our adventure to New Mexico. Larry drove to Abilene, Texas where we stayed for the night. Abilene is 222 miles from the house.

Saturday February 28, 2009

Saturday we got up early to continue our adventure to New Mexico. Our first stop was in Taos where we spent the night. Taos is 519 miles from Abilene so we knew it would take us awhile to get there. The drive to Taos you see a lot of prairie land. We saw ranches and a lot of open land. One of the ranches had llamas and this made the drive a little more interesting.

On the way to Taos we drove by Sipapu Resort. As we drove by Sipapu Resort we checked out the snow condition. The condition didn’t look too great but we decided we were still going to try skiing.

Taos is 20 miles from Sipapu. When we got to Taos it was still light so we drove around the downtown area. Taos is a cute little town. There are a lot of artists in Taos so there are shops for people to stop in buy some of the artists’ wares. After driving around Taos we drove back to the Super 8 to check in for the night. After we checked in we walked next door to drop off the skies to get them waxed. While we were there we talked to a worker. Larry asked him about the snow condition and he told us that the skiing wasn’t the greatest because they hadn't had any snow for a while.

As we were walking back to the room we decided that we came all this way we might as well go skiing.

Sunday March 1, 2009

We woke up about 7:00 am. We went down to the breakfast room and ate breakfast. After breakfast we picked up our skies. Today we were going to Angel Fire Ski Resort. Angel Fire is located 24 miles from Taos. We have been to Angel Fire Resort a few times before so we knew what the trails were like. We always enjoyed the skiing there. As we were riding the lift up to the top of the mountain we noticed that you could see bare spots along the trails and had to be careful. There weren’t a lot of people here so the trails weren’t busy. The snow conditions weren’t great but we still had fun. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for skiing because we’re going to Red River. When we left Angel Fire Resort we went to Sipapu Resort. 

Sipapu Resort is a small resort. The resort has apartments, bunk rooms, cabins, duplexes, lodge rooms, mobile homes, R.V. spaces and campsites and suites.  

The suite features are:

  • 1 Large Bedroom with 2 queen beds
  • 1 Full Bathroom with a tub and shower
  • 1 Kitchen Area (stove, refrigerator, pots, pans, dishes, glassware, toaster and coffeemaker)
  • 1 Living Room with a fireplace
  • Pets are welcome for an extra $20 a night per pet

Larry had made reservations at Sipapu Resort for four nights so when we arrived at Sipapu Resort we checked in. During our stay we were in a suite. The suite was very nice. We really liked having a kitchen because when we finished skiing all day it was great to be able to eat in instead of going out to dinner. After we checked in we took a relaxing walk around the resort to check it out. The scenery was very beautiful. There was a small creek that runs a long the bottom of a mountain through some trees. The walk was very peaceful. After our walk we went back to our suite and had dinner.    

 Monday March 2, 2009

In the morning we woke up about 7:00 am and had breakfast in the suite. After breakfast Larry drove to Red River Resort. Red River is 59 miles from Sipapu. This is the first time we have been to Red River so it’s very exciting. We arrived at Red River when it opened. There wasn’t a lot of snow but there was more here then at Angel Fire.We skied a half a day because the snow conditions weren’t great. As we skied down the slopes we had to be careful because at places there was ice. We would be skiing down the slopes and all of sudden we would hit ice. When we hit the ice we would get scared so we slowed down so we wouldn’t fall but we still ended up sliding down the hill. If though the snow wasn't great we still had fun. The trails were wide and very well groomed. While we were skiing the trails we saw different exhibits to see. One exhibit that we saw was the Moonstar Mining Camp. We stopped and took pictures of it. It was very cute.There was a building with pots and pans in it. Across the trail from the building was another building with a wagon, pots, flag and other mining equipment. We left Red River after lunch because we were tired. 

Tuesday March 3, 2009

Today we’re stay here at Sipapu Resort to ski. We have been at Sipapu before so we knew where to go. We were at the slopes when they opened. As we were getting ready to go skiing the resort owner came by and talked to us. He had seen us at Red River the day before. He was checking out the snow condition at Red River to compare it to Sipapu. After we visit with him for awhile we skied a few runs. The snow conditions were worse at Sipapu than Red River. The runs were icy so we decided to rest so the runs could soften a little. After we rested for awhile we skied again the slopes had soften a little so it was better. We skied a half a day and decided to call it a day. When we got back to the suite we decided that we would  leave in the morning and go back to Texas.After we decided to leave we walked to the office to see if we could get a refund for the two nights we weren’t going to be there. They told us if they could rent the room out we could but they couldn’t so we didn’t get a refund. That was ok.  

Wednesday March 4, 2009

This morning we left Sipapu Resort to go to Fort Worth. Fort Worth Texasis 635 miles from Sipapu so today is going to be a long drive. On the way to Fort Worth Texas we stopped at a rest area. The rest area was nice. It had statues of longhorns,  a big visitor center and restrooms. After we rested for awhile we continued our adventure.  We arrived at Fort Worth about 7:00 p.m.so we called it a night. We checked into a motel in downtown Fort Worth. After we checked in we walked next door to Jack in the Box for dinner.

      One of the exhibits at Fort Worth Zoo    Entrance to Waco Zoo  

Fort Worth Zoo                                            Waco Zoo
Thursday March 5, 2009

We arrived at Fort Worth Zoo about 9:15 a.m. The zoo didn’t open until 10:00 a.m. So we waited in the parking lot. As we were waiting a lot of vehicles were starting to arrive. We were surprise because it was Thursday and school was still in session. When we got to the gate to buy our tickets we found out why there was so many people. The reason was because it was Home Schooling Day at the zoo. This was great because it gave the children an opportunity to learn things and at same time bring in money for the zoo. It was very well set up. The zoo had tables set up so the children could sign in for different classes that were going on during their visit.

When ever we go on vacation to different cities we try to visit their zoos. We have been in Texas for about 19 years and been meaning to go to the Fort Worth Zoo but never made time. This was a prefect opportunity for us to visit the zoo. Fort Worth Zoo is the oldest zoo in Texas. It was founded in 1909. It has 12 permanent exhibits. We had a fantastic time. The exhibits were very nice and the animals had a lot of room to play in. We saw some animals at Fort Worth Zoo that we never seen before such as a Bongo, Lesser Kudu and Gerenuk. We finished walking around the zoo at 1:00 and didn’t have any plans to see anything else in Fort Worth so we decided to go to Waco.

Waco is 87 miles from Fort Worth. We were in Waco by 3:00 so we decided to go to Cameron Park Zoo. The zoo is located in Cameron Park. Cameron Park is a beautiful 416 acres park that runs along the Brazos and Bosque rivers. It has accommodations for everyone. It has the Brazos River and Bosque River for people who enjoy fishing, canoeing, kayaking and water sports. For people who are wildflower enthusiasts it has, Miss Nellie’s Place showcases Texas’ many native wildflowers and plants, with rocks-lined paths and an amphitheater so you can rest. For people who are athletic there are volleyball courts, hiking trails, mountain-bike trails, bridle paths, horseshoe pits and disc golf courses. There are riverside pavilions and giant trees for picnicking. There is a playground for the kids to play.

We arrived at Cameron Park Zoo about 3:30 pm. Cameron Park Zoo is a fantastic 52 acres zoo. It wasn’t as big as Fort Worth Zoo but we had a great time. The zoo’s exhibits were very well maintained. We saw exhibits here that we didn’t see at Fort Worth. The exhibits were tortoises from the Galapagos Islands, birds from Africa, Butterfly Garden and the Brazos River Country. The Brazos River Country gives you the history of the early Spanish explorers who search for the seven cities of gold along the Brazos River. When you walk through the exhibit you will see plants and different animals that can be found along the Brazos River. There are teepees along the path you walk down through the Brazos River Country. We had a great time.

We were finished with the zoo about 4:45pm. so we decided to go to the Dr. Pepper Museum. When we got there we found out that the museum part was closed but we could still walk through the gift shop. This was cool because you could buy a “I’m a Pepper” shirt, 6- pack of glass-bottled sodas and you can stop by the old-fashion soda fountain a try a Dr. Pepper. We didn’t stay long because the workers were getting ready to close the doors. When we left the Dr. Pepper museum we checked into a motel for the evening.    

Friday March 6, 2009

We woke up about 8 to go back to Austin but on the way back we had to go to Round Rock to pick up Flo at her Aunt Louise’s house. Louise wasn’t excepting us until Sunday so we took our time getting to Round Rock. Round Rock is 89 miles from Waco.

On the way back home we stopped at Waco Lake. Waco Lake is a Corp of Engineer lake run by the Fort Worth District. Waco Lake is 7270 acres and a maximum depth of 85 feet. It is a beautiful lake. There are 4 campgrounds around Waco Lake. We drove through Airport Park campground. The man that was manning the gate told us that the park was closed because of the flooding they had been having this year. The lake was still high and there was some damage to the facility. The Corp was cleaning up the park so they could reopen it. After driving around the park we drove down to the dam where there was a hiking trail. The trail is about 2 miles long and it goes the length of the dam. We walked about a mile of it. As we were walking the trail we took pictures. It was a very nice hike. We saw a few people running and riding the trail. When we got back to the truck we continued our adventure back home.

Mom and dad arrived at Aunt Louise’s house about 1:30. Aunt Louise was very surprise. Regal, Rusty and I were excited. We ran around the house and gave mom and dad a lot of kisses. Mom and dad played with us for awhile and visit with Aunt Louise. After their visit we went home. I slept all the way home. I was tried and glad to go home.