Flo's March 2011 Travels

March Camping Adventures 2011

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Dad and I enjoying Muleshoe                                       Horseback riding along Lake Travis

LOCATION:  Spicewood, Texas    SITE:  Muleshoe Bend Park
DATE:  03/11/2011 - 03/13/2011    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  76   DISTANCE:  33 miles

Friday March 11, 2011

This weekend we did a Camping Adventure to Muleshoe Bend Park. Mom came home from work about 2:00, I was excited to see her so I ran down the driveway to greet her. After mom played with me, she changed clothes and then finished loading the Minnie for the weekend. We arrived at Muleshoe about 3:30 it took us a little longer to check in this time because we had to renew our yearly pass, which was $60.00. After checking in we went to our favorite campsite and we set up camp for the weekend. After setting up camp we went for an hour walk around the park. At the beginning of our walk we walked by the restroom, the site by the restroom was being occupied by a man and his beagle. While mom and dad visit with the man the beagle and I went exploring around the campsite. This was the first camping experience for the beagle so it was very exciting for her. She checked out everything out but it doesn't matter how many time I visit Muleshoe Bend Park I still check everything out. The man told mom and dad the last time he came to Muleshoe he couldn't get in because it was full so he had to go down the road to Narrows Park. Mom and dad didn't know there was any camping there but they had put our boat in the lake there. He said he was surprise how nice park was but he was happy that this time he could get in Muleshoe. After our visit we continued our walk around the park. As we were walking on the main road I noticed that there was a lady (Deana) jogging behind us so I kept looking over my shoulder to see if she was getting any closer because I really wanted to say hello to her. When she finally got closer I ran to her to say hello mom and dad told her that I was very friendly. She stopped jogging to say hello to me and my parents. Then she continued her jog around the park and we continued our walk down to the lake. As we were going back to our site we heard a few ladies cheering and found out they were friends of the lady we saw earlier. When we were walking by Deana's campsite she came down to say hello and Deana brought one of her friend's down to meet me. The other two friends stayed at their site but they still waved at us and said hello. They told us that they were between dogs and it was great to be able to play with me. After they finished petting me and visiting with mom and dad we went to our site and had dinner. After dinner we went for another walk around the park and the four ladies said hi to us again. After another hour walk we decide to go inside the Minnie and call it a night.

Saturday March 12, 2011

We woke up at 7:00 and had breakfast. After breakfast we hiked the 6.5 mile mountain bike trail for about 3 hours. As we were hiking we didn't see anyone on the trail, we thought maybe we would see the ladies we met yesterday on the trail because they told us they were going to hike the trail. l. On the way back to our campsite we walked by the ladies campsite and they were still sleeping. When we got back to the site it was too early for lunch so we went to our chairs to rest. As we were resting mom fix a little snack for us. After sitting in our chairs for about an hour mom got up and fixed lunch. After lunch we sat in our chairs and relaxed. As we were relaxing we watched people enjoying the park just like us. We watched a family next to us setting up camp for the weekend. The wind was blowing so hard that it was a challenge for the family to put up their tents. Once their tents were up the dad got a kite and tried to teach his daughter how to fly it. The kite kept crashing and the daughter lost interest so dad gave up and put the kite away. We watch other people boating, riding bikes and riding horses. As I was sunning a couple of horses showed up so I watched the horses. A little later in the afternoon mom and dad took me for a walk around the park. We walked down to the lake so I could go for a swim. It hasn't rain for awhile so the lake was going down and there was a lot of mud on the shoreline. Mom and dad didn't want me to get muddy so we walked along the shoreline until we got to a place that wasn't too muddy. After I finished my swim mom dried me off and than we went  back to the Minnie. We sat in our chairs for about an hour and then we decided to go for another walk around the park. As we were walking we saw more people showing up to camp. When we walked by the ladies camp site Deana came down the hill to say hi to me but I wasn't to interested because another dog had come to see me. After the dog went back to its masters I said hello to Deana. Deana asked me if I was finished two timing her with the other dog. The reason the dog came to say hello was because her master's truck was stuck in the mud and their friends were trying to get him out. As we were watching the people trying to get the truck out of the mud we visit with Deana. It took them awhile but they did succeed to get the truck out of the mud. We thought they we weren't too smart because they drove right back though the mud to get closer to the lake to camp but this time they didn't get stuck. Deana noticed that dad was wearing an OS2 hat and Deana asked him if it really was an OS2 hat and he said yes. She was very surprise because not too many people knew anything about OS2. OS2 was an operation system for the computer that IBM was developing but discontinued it. She was very excited because it brought back memories when she first started her sales career which was selling OS2. So dad and Deana talked for awhile about OS2. After they finished visiting we went back to our site but before getting back we stopped by the ladies site to visit. After our visit we went back to our site and had dinner. After dinner we decided to stay inside for the evening. While we were inside relaxing we heard a bell outside so we went outside to find out what it was. There was a little dog walking around our campsite. The dog wanted inside but mom and dad didn't want to let him inside. A few minutes later a car came by so the dog left and didn't come back.
Sunday March 13, 2011

We woke up about 7:00 and had breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk around the park by the lake. As we were walking around the park we saw a couple of dogs in a truck so instead of doing our normal walk by the lake we decided to cut it a little short. We decided to let the other two dogs play in the area I usually walk and I walked another area a little way from them. All three of us knew about each other and we wanted to play but our masters didn't us to disturb each other. As we continued our walk along the lakeshore we walked by people camping. When we got close to the group of people that were stuck in the mud yesterday we decided to take another route because my parents didn't want me to disturb the people. We walked back to the main road that took us back to our site. But before going back we stopped by and visit with Deana and her friends. Mom and dad mentioned the dog with a bell around its neck that came by our site and the ladies told us that it had come by their campsite also. The master came by and got the dog she told them that she put the bell around her neck because she always runs off and this way she could find her. During our visit with the ladies I laid on the ground and rested. Afterwards we went back to our site to get ready to leave. We had a great time at Muleshoe but now it's time to go home so I can rest up for my next adventure.

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Camping at Muleshoe during Spring Break                                        Playing in Lake Travis

LOCATION:  Spicewood, Texas   SITE:  Muleshoe Bend Park
DATE:  03/18/2011 - 03/20/2011    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  77   DISTANCE:  33 miles

Friday March 18, 2011

This weekend was Spring Break and we knew that it maybe difficult to get into the parks we usually camp in so we decided to go back to Muleshoe Bend Park. Muleshoe Bend Park is a primitive park and we have never had any problems getting in Muleshoe Bend Park before so we decided to take a chance. Once mom got home from work we headed on our adventure to Muleshoe Bend Park. While we were checking in the park host told us that the park was very busy and wished us luck on finding a campsite. As we were driving through the park we noticed that all the sites with a table were taken and mom said maybe we should leave but dad said we should stay. Dad told mom that he was going to drive down by the lake and look for a place to set up camp for the weekend. We didn't have any problems finding one. This was very exciting because this was the first time we had ever stay this close to the lake before. After setting up camp we went for a walk around the park. Our site was a little farther away from the bathrooms but that was ok because we really needed to use a bathroom we have one in the Minnie. During our hour walk I had to stay on leash because it was too busy. When we were walking by one of the campsites a dog came running out to say hi and her master called her back but she ignored him and came to me. Dad was a little worried because she was a pit bull. After her master came and got her back we continued our walk. We walked a little while longer and than turn around and headed back to the Minnie. When walking by the campsite with the pit bull she came running towards me but this time she was aggressive so dad stood in between us because I was on leash and I couldn't defend myself and he was afraid she would hurt me. When the master came to get her dad told the master to put her on leash because she was too aggressive to be off leash. When we returned to our site we sat on our chairs and relaxed. As we were resting we watched people fishing and kids playing in the mud. When it was time for dinner mom was going to barbecue but it was too windy so she made sandwiches instead. After mom made sandwiches for dad and her, she fed me my food. After dinner we went for a little walk around the park but this time we walked the opposite direction of the pit bull. When we returned to the Minnie we sat in our chairs until dark and than we called it a night.

Saturday March 19, 2011

We woke up about 7:00 and ate a little breakfast. After breakfast we went on a hike but today we only hiked the last half of the mountain bike trail because it was warm and there were too many people. We hiked the last half, which was 2.5 miles one way so the total hike was about 5 miles. It was a very peaceful hike no one was on the trail and we didn't even see any deer. We hiked to the main entrance, where we sat on the table to rest for awhile. After our rest we went back to our site to sit on our chairs. As we were sitting on our chairs we watched people fishing, riding jet skies, swimming in the lake and playing ball. When it was time for lunch mom went inside and made sandwiches again because it was hot and windy again. After she made lunch for dad and her, she gave me a snack. After lunch we continued watching people. As we were relaxing a family showed up with a dog. The family had four girls (Ashley, Carrie, Abbie and Cameron) and a black lab named Scooter. While their parents set up camp the girls decided to take Scooter for a walk they walked right by our campsite. When Scooter saw me he decided he wanted to play and I barked at him. Mom and dad told Ashley that I was friendly and it was ok. So Scooter and I checked each other out. Afterwards the girls continued their walk to the lake. After Scooter got wet they took him back to the site. The girls went back to the lake so they could play in the mud. After awhile their mom came and took them back to their site. They weren't at their site too long before mom loaded them in the car and took them to the entrance so they could take a shower because they had mud all over them. As we were relaxing Scooter would occasionally come by and visit me. Mom and dad would visit with Scooter's mom and the girls. The oldest girl Ashley was very athletic, we watched her do cartwheels and flips. Mom and dad were impressed by it and told her. She told them that she was a cheerleader thats why she was athletic.  We sat in our chairs all afternoon watching people fishing for bait, playing ball, riding bikes and enjoying the lake with jet skies, boating, swimming and kayaking.  We also took a couple of walks around the park. We had a great day watching people and when it got dark we went inside.

Sunday March 20,2011

In the morning we woke up about 7:00 and had breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk around the park and than went back to the Minnie. On the way back to the Minnie dad found a flashlight and put it in the Minnie. As we were breaking camp a truck came by to see if we had found a flashlight dad said and gave it to the driver. The driver thanked dad and then went back to his site. After the man left we finished breaking camp. Mom was glad dad decided to stay because we had a great adventure at Muleshoe Bend Park and we will be back.

March Hiking Adventures 2011

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Hiking the Boardwalk at River Place                                         Exploring during our hike

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  River Place Hiking Trail    DATE:  03/06/2011    DISTANCE:  11 miles

Sunday March 6, 2011

Mom and dad decided to go hiking this weekend instead of camping. We had hiked the trails around our house many times and this weekend dad wanted to hike a new trail. Dad got on the Internet and looked for new trails in the Austin area. He found out that there was a nature trail located in River Place, which is about 11 miles from our house. The trail is 3.5 miles one way and dogs are allowed on the trail. The trail was developed by the River Place MUD (Municipal Utility District) and the trail is fantastic.  The trail has three trailheads we took the trailhead on Big View Drive across the street from the tennis courts and the soccer field. We hiked a mile of the trail and it was a fantastic hike. When we arrived at the parking lot there were a man and woman talking in the parking lot. The man was getting ready to teach a couple of kids to play tennis and the lady was walking her two poodles. But when she saw me she wasn’t sure if I was friendly so she put her poodles in her SUV. Mom and dad explained to her that it was ok to let them out because I was very friendly and liked other dogs. She was grateful because they like other dogs too. She explained that the reason she put them in the car was because another owner told her that their dog was friendly but he attacked one of her dogs. The owner of the dog said I thought you met if he was friendly to people. Now she asks people if their dogs are friendly to other dogs. We played for a little while until they had to leave. After they left we cross the street and went on our hike.

At the beginning of our hike we hiked over a Boardwalk that goes over the retention pond, where you can see ducks and frogs occasionally. After crossing over the retention pond the trail is rough and runs along the Panther Hollow Creek. During our hike we hiked up and down stairs, across the creek and though trees. The hike was great because it gave me a chance to do some exploring and walk through the creek. As we walked by along the creek we saw small waterfalls and beautiful scenery. The stairs we challenging for mom and dad but I didn’t mind at all. As we were climbing the stairs we saw a couple of cardinals. We hiked until we got to the main road by the golf course where there was another trailhead. When we got to the trailhead I met a couple dogs and there master. Mom took a few pictures of the trail and the scenery. As we were walking back to the tennis courts I met the same two dogs again and we saw people just starting their hike. When we got back to the Boardwalk there was a group of people taking pictures and starting their hike. I said hi to them and than we continued back to the truck. By the time we got back to the truck the trail was starting to get busy. After climbing into the truck I went to sleep because I was exhausted.