Flo's March 2012 Travels

March Fun Stuff Adventures 2012

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           Keeping dad company while he works                 Dad checking out boat skins after replacing them

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Our House    DATE:  03/02/2012    DISTANCE:  00 miles

Friday March 2, 2012

Dad took off the boats skins on the back of the boat a couple of months ago to get them remade. He called the company a couple of times and asked about them. The owner of the company apologized for the delay but they were very busy. He would put the skins on the list and would send them out in a week. A week went by and dad called the company back and the owner told him the same thing. Dad told him that he told him that last week. The owner assured him that it would be done this time. The owner called dad a couple of days later and told him the skins were done. Dad was very excited when we received the skins a couple days later. Mom and I kept dad company while he put the skins back together. He first of all had make sure the skins fit tight over the foam. He did this by stapling the vinyl to a plastic board. The next step was to put a piece of netting on the back of the board and over the vinyl. He stapled the netting to the vinyl. The final step was to put a vinyl trim around the edges to cover the staples. After he finished putting the skins back on the boards mom and dad put it back on the boat. Dad likes doing projects like this and he does a fantastic job doing each project.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  03/04/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Sunday March 4, 2012

We didn't go camping this week because the weather was a little iffy and dad worked on the boat skins. Today the weather was gorgeous so we went down to Mansfield Dam. We have been getting rain so we were curious about how much Lake Travis had gone up. When we got to the dam there weren't a lot of people there. As we were walking down the ramp we saw that the expansion ramp was far enough under water that you can launch a boat. We walked along the bank and watched a few boats on the like. We saw a couple of people wake boarding by the dam. It was a little windy and mom and dad were surprised that they were trying to get up by the dam and not on the other side of lake by the bank where it would be smoother. Mom and dad thought that the lake was still too cold to do any water sports. As we were watching the wake boarder we saw a sail boat and a couple of other boats just riding around. We also saw a few people walking around just like us. When we got down to the bank I went swimming and a family with two girls watched me swim. The water wasn't too cold for me it was great. We stayed there about an hour and then we went home. We had a fun time.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  My House    DATE:  03/14/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Wednesday March 14, 2012

Dad has been meaning to put a smaller heater in the Minnie for a long time but didn't want to spend the money. Now that mom is retired he decided he might as well spend the money because we're going to be camping more often and we may need to use a heater. We have a small electric heater but sometimes we camp where there is no electricity so we needed a heater that runs on propane. We have occasionally used the big heater that is in the Minnie but it uses a lot of gas so dad bought a Wave 3 Catalytic Safety Heater. Once dad got the heater and all the parts he needed to install the heater it didn't take him too long to install the heater. Dad decided he would install the heater by the stove because it was easier to connect it to the propane and the gas line wouldn't have to go too far. Dad always does a super job when ever he does a project. This project came out just as super.  

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            Dad and Cousin Regal                                      My cousins checking each other out


  Cousin Regal and I relaxing during my visit                                 Cousin Autumn relaxing                

LOCATION:  Round Rock, Texas    SITE:  Aunt Louise House's    DATE:  03/15/2012    DISTANCE:  24 miles

Thursday March 15, 2012

Aunt Louise called last night and told dad that her computer wasn't working so we went over to help her out. Aunt Louise has been talking about buying a computer because her computer is about 10 years old. Before we went over to Aunt Louise's house dad did a little research on computers and how much one would cost. Dad found a laptop at Best Buy for $400. When we got to Aunt Louise's house dad told Aunt Louise that her current computer may continue having problems and so Aunt Louise decided she should buy a new one. Dad told her about the computer he found and she said ok. While mom, dad and Aunt Louise went to get the computer I stayed at her house and played with my cousins Autumn and Regal. When they got back we were all excited to see them so we pestered them for awhile. It took dad a few hours to set up the computer with Aunt Louise's data and different programs from her old computer. I didn't care because I got a lot of attention from Aunt Louise and mom. In fact all of us dogs did. I really had a great time visiting with Cousin Regal, Cousin Autumn and Aunt Louise. When we left Aunt Louise was one happy lady.

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The list of when and who was perform                                     Dad enjoying the hill country


       Blanco River behind Blue Rock Studio                 One of the cabins for the artist during their stay

Saturday March 17, 2012

Today was Blue Rock Studio 6th Birthday. Congratulation Billy and Dodee !!!!! Mom and dad were invited to attend the birthday celebration. Mom and dad left me at home with a Kong while they were at Blue Rock Studio. The celebration started at 1:00 and ended at 7:00. Mom and dad weren't interested in the studio tour but wanted to get there when the artists performed so they didn't leave the house until 1:00. The birthday celebration was outstanding!!!! They listened to many singers they never heard before. In fact the only singer they knew was Tish Hinojosa. The celebration was free and so was the food. They had snacks such as cookies, chips and dips, popcycles, coke, water and peach teas. They also had cazones and tamales if you really hungry. Mom and dad weren't hungry so they had tea and cookies. There was a big sheet cake to celebrate the birthday. The music that mom and dad listened to was Folk, Country (Zane Williams) and Blues (Woody Russell). They enjoyed all the performers very much but they only bought a CD by RJ Cowdery. They listened to it on the way home. They didn't get home until 8:30 because they stopped for dinner. When mom and dad finally got home I was a very happy dog I ran down the driveway to greet them. Once I finished saying hi mom fed me my dinner. After I ate my dinner we relaxed for awhile and then we called it a night.

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          Sara's (neighbor next to us) wildflowers              Jan's (neighbor across the street from us) wildflowers

Mom's injuries from her fall

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  My House    DATE:  03/23/2012    DISTANCE:  00 miles

Friday March 23, 2012

We're going to start our Spring Trip tomorrow so mom and dad got the Minnie ready. After they finished they took me down to the Homeowners Park so I could going swimming. When we got to the park mom and dad sat on the walkway to the docks and I went swimming. After I swam for awhile we walked on the docks to look at the lake. Lake Travis has come up 6 feet in the last week because Texas finally got a lot of rain in the right place. Now mom and dad may be able to use the lake this summer because the dam has opened a ramp. The lake was very flat but the water is still too cold for mom and dad. After we walked on the docks mom and dad asked if I wanted to go swimming. Mom walked along the cove so I could go swimming. She didn't get too far before she tripped and fell. She went face forward and hurt herself. Her fall broke her glasses but dad fixed them when we got home. She also bumped her head and got a few cuts on her face. Dad took off his shirt so mom could use it to wipe the blood off her cuts. She didn't bleed too long but her head hurt and she got a bump on her head. When we got home dad wiped me down and mom took care of her cuts. After mom finished taking care of her cuts she laid down and put some ice on her bump to get it down. After awhile mom went outside and took pictures of our neighbors wildflowers because by the time we get back from our trip the flowers will be gone. The neighbors flowers are gorgeous.


March Camping Adventures 2012



click on photo for more pictures of Junction Texas


Dad walking me at a rest area in Johnson City                             Camping at Junction City Park          


80 mph Speed Limit                                                             86 degrees at 7:00

LOCATION:  Junction, Texas    SITE:  Junction City Park
DATE:  03/24/12    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  152 miles

Saturday March 24, 2012

We started our Spring Trip today!!!! We left the house about 9:00 and arrived at Junction at 12:30. Our drive to Junction was very relaxing. The speed limit on the highways to Junction was 80 mph but dad still drove only 55 mph. We didn't care because we weren't in any hurry. When we got to Johnson City we stopped at the rest area to stretch our legs. The drive to Johnson City was gorgeous because we saw a lot of wildflowers (blue bonnets, daisies, Indian paintbrush and others). We're going to have a fantastic year for the wildflowers because of the rain we've had. In some places the blue bonnets were very thick. After we left Johnson City we didn't see as many wildflowers but it still was a pretty drive to Junction. The Llano River runs right through Junction City Park so we were able to camp by the river. During our stay we walked around the park, watch people enjoying the park and walked to town. While we were sitting in our chairs we watched people swimming in the river, shooting hoops and playing on the playscape. Mom lets me swim in the river but she didn't go swimming because she thought the water was too cold. For lunch mom made ham sandwiches and gave me a milk bone. For dinner mom made a chef salad for dad and her. While mom was preparing the chef salad she mixed some ham with my food for my dinner. After dinner we sat in our chairs waiting for the sun to start to go down before walking to town because it got a little warm today. After it started to cool off a little we walked to town, which wasn't too far it was only about a block or two away from the park. Junction isn't that big of a town and I was starting to get tired so we didn't walk too long. As we walked around town mom took pictures. One picture she took was of the temperature, which was 86 degrees at 7:00. When we got back to the Minnie we sat in our chairs for a little while. While we were seating in our chairs a breeze came up and it started to cool off. We were glad because the sites at the park don't have any electricity and mom was afraid it was going to be too hot to sleep. When it started to get dark mom and dad packed up our chairs and we went inside for the rest of the evening. We had a very relaxing day.

click on photo for more pictures of Balmorhea State Park


          Our clock in the Minnie                                  Dad and I standing on one of the bridges


             A bridge over the stream                                  Dad and I relaxing at our campsite   

LOCATION:  Balmorhea, Texas    SITE:  Balmorhea State Park
DATE:  03/25/12    SPACE:  09    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  260 miles

Sunday March 25, 2012

Today we woke up at 7:15 and ate a little breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk around the park. As we walked around the park we saw three men and a lady fishing. When we got back to the Minnie mom and dad finished getting the Minnie to move on down the road. Today we're going to Balmorhea State Park, which is 260 miles from Junction City Park. After the Minnie was ready we left Junction. The drive to Balmorhea was very relaxing I slept and mom dozed off once in awhile. Once we left Junction we didn't see too many wildflowers because it was mainly desert, the wildflowers we did see were little daisies. We were about 50 miles from Balmorhea we stopped at a rest area to have a little lunch. Mom and dad had ham sandwiches for lunch and mom gave me a milk bone and a little ham. While we were at the rest area we stretch our legs. After we finished we continued our adventure to Balmorhea State Park. We arrived at Balmorhea around 1:45 and dad stopped at the office to get a site. As he was checking in the man in the office told him that they were closing the pool at 2:00. He told dad that the main office was getting calls about something in the water that was causing wilts and the wilts itched. They had to get a water sample and wait for the test results. Dad thanked him even though mom and him weren't going to use it but than again they might have. The water in the pool is from a fresh water spring and the temperature is probably the same temperature year round. After dad came back we went to our site and set up the Minnie for the night. The temperature was already getting hot so we set up our chairs and just relaxed. At 3:30 mom went inside and took a picture of our clock, which shows what the temperature is inside and outside. The temperature outside was 92.7 degrees and the temperature inside was 90.9. We stayed outside because there was a wind which kept it a little cooler. When dinnertime came around it started to cool off inside so we went inside to have dinner. Mom made tostadas for dad and her and she fed me my food. After dinner we walked around the park and mom took pictures. We walked to the day area and the pool area. There are bridges all over the park so you can get across the stream. We had to cross a couple of bridges to get to the day area. The day area was very nice it had ramadas with picnic tables and barbecue grills. The pool is located right next to the day area so we walked by the pool. We didn't go in the area because I wasn't aloud to go in. On the way back to our site we walked around the motel and by a view area of the fish that leave in the stream. We couldn't see any fish because the glass was all messed up. When we got back to our site we sat outside until it started to get dark which was about 8:30 and then we went inside for the rest of the evening. We had a great day and I'm tired so I'll say good-bye until tomorrow.

click on photo for more pictures of City of Rocks State Park


         Dad passing someone on the highway                       Our camping site at City of Rocks State Park


Dad and I waiting for mom during our walk                              Our campsite from behind

LOCATION:  Deming, New Mexico    SITE:  City of Rocks State Park
DATE:  03/26/12    SPACE:  38 Sagittarius    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  319 miles

Monday March 26, 2012

We woke up at 7:15 and had breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk around the campground. Mom stopped by the restroom and dad and I went back to our site and got the Minnie ready to leave. Mom was gone longer than she expected because she stopped and talked to a park ranger. When mom got back to the site we left Balmorhea State Park. Our next stop was City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico. The drive there was very relaxing. Mom teases dad about just driving 55 mph and everyone passes him on the highway but today dad passed someone so mom took a picture of it. When we got to El Paso Texas it was lunchtime, so we cross into New Mexico and stopped at the rest area for lunch. Mom and dad had ham sandwiches. After lunch we continued our adventure to City of Rocks. As soon as we past the New Mexico welcome sign we had a time change so we had to adjust our clock back on hour. We were at City of Rocks a few years ago and we liked it very well so we decided to come back again. Last time we were here it was hot so we got a site with power but this time we decided to get a site in the rocks without power. When we arrived at City of Rocks we went to the office to see what was available. The lady in the office said there was plenty of sites available, just drive around and find one. After you find one just put the money in an envelope and put it in the pay slot. We decided on Sagittarius because it was a big site with a nice oak tree that gave the site some shade. After we set up camp we walked down to the office to pay for the site, which was $10. After paying we went back to our site and sat in our chairs because it was a little too warm to walk around the park. As we were sitting in our chairs the wind came up which made it fell a little cooler. When dinnertime came around dad barbecued some polish sausage for mom and his dinner. Mom fed me my food. While dad was barbecuing a little boy and his mom came by our site. The little boy didn't know we were there until mom said hi to him and then I barked at him. Mom and dad told his mom that I was friendly. She said ok but she told her son that they were going to walk the other way because she didn't want to bother us. After dinner mom and dad went to restrooms by the visitor center to take a shower. When they got back they took me for a walk around the campground. As we walked around we hiked through the rocks and saw some people and a few dogs. This visit had more people camping in the rocks than the last time we were here. Our walk was fabulous. While we were hiking among the rocks we did a little exploring, we walked through passageways and saw a lot of neat rock formations. When we got back we sat in our chairs and watched the sunset. As the sun was setting we heard a few coyotes howling at the sun and when the moon was coming out the coyotes howled at it. We also heard an owl but we never saw it. When it started to get dark we bagged up our chairs and then went inside for the rest of the evening. The temperature today got up to 74 degrees but tonight it's suppose to get down in the 40s. 

click on photo for more pictures of Gila Cliff Dwellings

 Dad standing on one of the bridges over the Gila River                           The stairs to the Gila Cliff Dwellings


Touring the Gila Cliff Dwellings                                   One of the dwellings caves

LOCATION:  Silver City, New Mexico    SITE:  Gila National Forest (Upper Scorpion Campground)
DATE:  03/27/12    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  75 miles

Tuesday March 27, 2012

Today we woke up about the same time as yesterday. It only got down to 50 last night so it's a little nippy this morning. So mom and dad put a little jacket on but I liked the cool weather. We had a little breakfast and then we went for a walk around the park but this time we walked the bike and hike trail for a mile and a quarter. We were the only ones walking the trail so dad took me off leash. While we were hiking I did some exploring. I met a lady jogging who liked dogs so she stopped and said hi to me. As we were walking towards the entrance of the park we saw people cooking their breakfast in the rocks which was cool. When we we walking towards the Minnie I saw a rabbit but I couldn't run after it because dad had put me back on leash. When we were walking by the restrooms mom stopped to use it and dad and I went back to the Minnie and got it ready to leave. Mom wasn't gone too long so when she got to the Minnie she helped dad. When mom and dad finished getting the Minnie ready we left City of Rocks. Our next adventure is going to be the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, they're located in Gila National Forest.

The last time we were in New Mexico we didn't stop and look at the Gila Cliff Dwellings so this time we decided to see them. The road dad had to take to the Gila Cliff Dwellings was very curving and steep so it took us 2 hours to go about 45 miles. We have driven this road before because we had camped at Roberts Lake Recreational Area before so dad knew what to expect. Roberts Lake is 23 miles from the Gila Cliff Dwellings so we stopped at a overlook of it and mom took pictures. After mom finished taking pictures we continued our adventure. We arrived at the visitor center about 11:00. Mom and dad went inside to get information about the Gila Cliff Dwellings. The lady was very friendly and helpful. While mom and dad were in the visitor center dad bought an annual pass for the National Parks and Monuments and post cards. When they got back to the Minnie mom fixed some lunch. After lunch we drove to the Gila Cliff Dwellings. Before the dwellings there are a few campground and we decided that we were going to stay at the Upper Scorpion Campground for the night. The campground was set up a little different than other campgrounds because you parked your RV in a parking lot and then carry your grill to a picnic table that you wanted to use. No one was there so we didn't have any problems finding a spot or a picnic table. After we set up camp mom and dad walked down the road to the Gila Cliff Dwellings. It cost $3.00 for adults or $10.00 a family but if you have a pass it doesn't cost anything. When they arrived at the check-in center a lady greeting them and checked them in. In order to get to the dwelling you take a trail to them. Mom and dad started their adventure at a bridge that goes over the Gila River. Once they cross the river they took a rocky trail that steeply to reach the dwellings. As they hiked the trail they had to cross over the river many times so they had to use many bridges. The trail runs through a beautiful canyon with super views. The tour wasn't until 1:00 and it was only about 12:00 so mom and dad took their time get to the dwellings. They stopped a few times to enjoy the view, to take pictures and rest. Once they were at the dwellings they waited for the tour to start. As they were waiting they talked to their tour guide. He has been a volunteer at Gila Cliff Dwellings for almost a year and really enjoyed it but he was leaving tomorrow so this tour was his last one. During the tour mom and dad learned the history of the dwellings and how the cliffs were made. The people that lived in the dwellings were called Mogollon (pronounced mo-go-yon). Their tour was about an hour and half and they saw five caves. Mom and dad had a great tour and met a lot of nice people. After the tour was over they had to take a trail that went down hill to get back to the entrance. When mom and dad finally got back I was happy to see them. After they relaxed a little bit and I finished talking to them we went on a little walk. We walked across the street to the Gila River so I could get my feet wet. As I was walking in the river I tried to get into deeper water so I could swim but I couldn't because the river wasn't that deep and the current kept me from go too far. When I got out the river dad put me on leash again and told mom that the water was cold but I didn't care. When we went back across the cross we didn't go back to the Upper Campground instead we went to the Lower Campground. Once we were there we walked a little trail that took us to a small dwelling, which was very nice. When we got there I laid on the ground because I was hot. After mom finished taking pictures and I finished my rest we took the trail to where there were some pictographs. After looking at them we went back to our campground and relaxed at a picnic table. When dinnertime came around dad barbecued some sausage patties for mom and his dinner and mom fed me my food. After dinner we sat at the picnic table and enjoyed the campground. As we were relaxing a young couple turned up so we were no longer by ourselves. We all waved at each other. A little while later mom and dad decided they wanted to go on a walk to the dwelling entrance, they tried to take me with them but my feet were hurting and I started to limp so they took me back to the Minnie. They weren't gone long they only wanted to go down there to look at a map of the forest campground and hiking trails. While they were there they walked around and looked at the kennels that are supplied for free for your dogs while you're visiting the dwellings because we're not allowed in the dwellings. As they were walking around they saw a snake so they turned around and came back to the Minnie. When they got back I was excited again. It was still a little warm inside the Minnie so we sat outside until it got dark. I'm tired so I'll say good night.

click on photo for more pictures of the Catwalk


                  Dad walking The Catwalk                           Some of the rock steps mom and dad climbed


            One of the waterfalls in the canyon                     Mom on the expansion bridge at the end of the trail

LOCATION:  Clifton, Arizona    SITE:  Apache National Forest (Blackjack Campground)
DATE:  03/28/12-03/29/2012    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  150 miles

Wednesday March 28, 2012

Last night we used our new heater for the first because it got down to 35 degrees. Mom turned it on before she went to bed and it work super the Minnie only got down to 50 degrees. I like the heater because it was in the kitchen where I sleep so I was nice and toasty when I got up in the morning. We woke up at 7:15 and had breakfast and then we went on a walk around the campground before we left. Our next adventure is to The Catwalk. As we were driving to The Catwalk we saw four deer jumping over a fence.

The Catwalk is a big catwalk that goes through Whitewater Canyon for 1.1 mile. In the 1890s Whitewater Canyon was used as a pipeline to get water to the mills so their generators could run. In the 1930s the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) changed the pipeline into a wooden trail for recreation. In 1960s the U.S. Forest Service replaced the wooden trail with metal grating. In 2003 the first half mile was replaced and made wheelchair accessible.

It took us a few hours to get to the Catwalk because we had to drive 42 miles to Silver City which was a steep curvy road. Some of the curves were very tight but the scenery was beautiful with tall pines trees. During our drive we saw a gray squirrel with a big bushy white tail. Once we got to Silver City we got some gas in the Minnie and then we drove to Glenwood which wasn't very interesting but it was relaxing. The Catwalk was 5 miles from Glenwood. We arrived at The Catwalk about 11:30 mom and dad decided they would do the catwalk before lunch. So mom took me for a little walk and dad talked to the park ranger. The ranger said I could go on The Catwalk but mom and dad said I didn't like walking on metal grates so they left me in the Minnie. I was ok with that because I could sleep while they were gone. Mom and dad were gone for a couple of hours and had a great time. After mom and dad said good-bye to me they walked across the parking lot and through a very nice picnic area to get to The Catwalk. The Catwalk weaved through the Whitewater Canyon. The first half was very easy but the second half was very hard. While they walked the trail they stopped and took pictures of the scenery and river that runs through the canyon. The last half was more challenging because they had to climb a lot of stairs there were so many stairs mom couldn't count them all. Some of the stairs we rock and other stairs were metal. Some places the trail went up hill and it was very steep. They had to cross from side of the canyon to the other side by using a big metal bridge. As they walked they saw dogs and a lot of people. At the very end they had to cross over an expansion bridge. Mom and dad said that bridge was so cool. After they cross the expansion bridge they turned around and came back on the same trail they took up. When they got back to me I was very excited to see them. After we finished saying our hellos mom fixed some ham sandwiches for lunch and gave me a little ham. We rested a little bit before we left The Catwalk. We left The Catwalk about 2:00 and dad was ready to call it a day so we drove to Big Horn Campground which was very close to The Catwalk. We drove through it and decided to drive a little farther because we didn't really like the sites.

Dad knew there were some more campground down the road in Arizona. The drive to Arizona was prairie so it wasn't too exciting. Once we were in Arizona we enter into the Apache National Forest which had gorgeous pine trees so this made the drive very nice. As we were driving mom and dad looked for a place to stop for the night. They found Blackjack Campground. We pulled in and dad found a fantastic site so we parked the Minnie. After we set up camp we walked around the campground to get familiar with it. I thought this was a great place because of the nice smells the pine trees have. When we got back we set up our chairs and relaxed. As we were relaxing we decided that we were going to stay two nights instead of one. Dad was tired so he went inside to take a nap. While he was napping mom and I stayed outside mom worked on her Sudoku and I slept. While mom and I were outside a older man from Clifton drove in the park and stopped by our site and visit with us. He visit with us for about an hour and then he left because it was dinnertime. After he left we went for a little walk and then mom started the generator to heat up the leftover sausages for dad and her dinner. Mom fed me my food. After dinner we went on a walk but I didn't go too far I was tired and my feet were hurting so mom and dad took me back to the Minnie. They walked around the campground. When they walked by a young couple site they stopped and visit with them. The couple was from Illinois and they were visiting the National Parks just like us. Mom and dad visit with them until it got dark. Mom had a flashlight so they used it to get back to me. They were gone for a couple hours and I was very happy to see them. After we said our hellos again we called it a night.

click on photo for more pictures of Blackjack Campground


Camping at Blackjack Campground                                     Relaxing after a long day          


                    Dad resting during our hike                      Two horses walking through Blackjack Campground

Thursday March 29, 2012

We woke up at 7:15 and had a little breakfast. Yesterday when we entered into Arizona we had to change our clocks again because Arizona doesn't participate in Daylight Saving so we had to move our clocks back an hour. So we really woke up at 6:15 Arizona time. After we had breakfast we went on a hike for a few hours for about 5 miles. The trail was very challenging at places because we climb up a mountain side. The trail took us through washes and pine trees. We hiked about 2.5 miles up the hill and then turned around and came back down the hill. As we hiked the trail we walked through tall pine trees and some of the pine needles were on the trail and some places had loose rocks. I liked walking on the pine needles because they were soft on my feet and the places where there were loose rocks we had to be extra careful so we wouldn't fall. During our hike we didn't see anyone but we did see a black bird. The only reason we saw him was because he was noisy. We rested a few times during our hike because the trail was very steep. While we were resting we enjoyed the beautiful scenery around us and mom took pictures. The hike was very nice even though I was exhausted when we got back to our campsite. When we got back to our site we rested in our chairs for an hour. While we were resting mom and dad had a little snack. When lunchtime came around mom made tostadas for dad and her lunch and she gave me a milk bone. After lunch mom took a little nap. While she was napping dad and I stayed outside in our chairs sunning. I didn't stay in my chair the whole time, sometime I would lay in the dirt. When mom woke up she joined us outside. A little before we had dinner we walked over to visit with the couple from Illinois. I didn't meet them last night so I was excited to meet them today. While we were visiting them I laid in the dirt and relaxed. About 4:00 we went back to our site. They felt sorry for me because I was limping a little bit and I was walking slow. Mom told them my feet were tired and hurting from our hike. Mom was right my feet were hurting. When we got back I went straight to my chair to get off of my feet. We sat in our chairs for about an hour and then dad barbecued some pork so mom and he could have wraps for dinner. It's so dry here that when I lay in the dirt I get filthy so before mom lets me in the Minnie. After she finished wiping me down she fed me my food for dinner. After dinner we went outside to relax in our chairs. Mom and dad made me stay in my chair because they didn't want me to lay in the dirt. As we were sitting in our chairs we saw a couple of horses walking through the campground. When I saw them I started to bark at them. One horse was black and the other one was brown. The brown one was walking through our site until I barked at it and then it joined the other one on the road. They walked slowly through the campground. This was so cool. When it started to get dark mom and dad bagged up the chairs and we went inside for the night. We had a fantastic day.

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            Dad and I waiting for mom during our walk           Snow on a mountain range in the Coronado National Forest

LOCATION:  Safford, Arizona    SITE:  Coronado National Forest (Arcadia Campground)
DATE:  03/30/2012    SPACE:  12    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  70 miles

Friday March 30, 2012

This morning we woke up at 6:15 because we haven't adjusted to the time change yet. After mom and dad got dressed mom fed me my breakfast and then she sat down with dad to have breakfast. After everyone was fed we walked around the campground for the last time. As we were walking around we saw the two horses we saw yesterday, they were still hang around the campground waiting to get claimed. I hope their master comes for them. When we got back to the Minnie mom and dad got it ready to move on down the road 70 miles to Arcadia Campground. The drive to Arcadia was very nice we saw a lot of beautiful pine trees and mountain ranges. Arcadia Campground is located outside of Safford in the Coronado National Forest. The road to Arcadia is a curving mountain road to goes up to 6700 feet elevation. Some of the road had very tight curves so dad had to drove very slowly. The curves were so tight there were signs that told you to slow down to 15 mph. Even though the road had tight curves the scenery was gorgeous. We arrived at Arcadia Campground about 9:30 so we walked around the campground to get familiar with it. The campground is very nice with beautiful tall pine trees at every site. We have been staying in the National Forest Campground for free but Arcadia cost $10.00 a night, which isn't bad. As we walked around we met the other two campers. The other campers were men and they both said hi to us and one of them paid attention to me which was great. When we got back to our site it was too early for lunch so we sat in our chairs until lunchtime. There is a hiking trail here but we're still tired from yesterday's hike. While dad was setting up his barbecue grill and family showed up next to us. While the mother and boy went hiking up the hill, the father and his daughter came over to visit. While dad was visiting with the father and daughter, mom visit with another man that came by. I went with mom because I had met this man early and he had paid attention to me and I wanted more attention. He was happy to see me again and he paid attention to me again. After he left mom and I joined dad. When his wife and son came back from their hike they came over. The wife brought us some vegetable and shrimp egg rolls and French fries for us to snack on. The egg rolls were delicious. The couple was from the Philippines so the egg rolls were made different than the other egg rolls mom and dad were use to. The son fed some fries and a piece of an egg roll, I agree the food was delicious. The man worked at the mines in Safford and the mine gives him three days off so it gives him time to play. After about an hour the family said good-bye. When they left dad lit the grill and barbecued hamburgers for mom and his lunch. Mom didn't give me a snack because I had enough French fries for a snack. After lunch we stayed outside and relaxed in our. As we were relaxing a few people came in to enjoy the campground. About 4:00 mom decided she wanted to go for a walk so we did. We walked up a hill to get to way the hiking trail was. When we got to the trail we walked about 1/4 of mile of it. The part we walked was very nice it had switch backs that got you up the hill easier than the hill we walked up. There were trees on the trail one of the trees we walked right under it. The next tree that was on trail mom and dad couldn't walk under it so we decided to turn around and go back. But I showed off and walked under the tree and then came back to mom and dad. The real reason we turned around was because mom didn't bring any water and it was 4:30. While we walking a family showed up to camp so we had a neighbor. When we got back to our site we sat on our chairs and watched the family set up camp. When dinnertime came around mom cooked up leftover sausage patties for dad and her dinner and she fed me my food. After dinner we walked around the campground so mom could take pictures. As we were walking we watched the family playing ball. The family had a dog in a kennel so when we walked by the dog barked at me so one of the kids came over to calm it down. The dog was in the kennel so the kids could play ball. When we got back to the Minnie we called it a night. Mom and dad bagged our chairs. Afterwards mom baked some cookies (Oatmeal Scotties). Good night.