Flo's 2009 May Adventures

May Boating Adventures 2009

In May mom and dad spent a lot of time skiing, wake boarding, air chairing and swimming. During the week dad trailered the boat to Lake Travis. On the weekend they either went to Lake Travis or Lake Belton. When mom and dad go boating they would leave me at home because I when I go with them I’m always in the way. I don’t mind being left behind because mom makes sure that I have a Kong filled with my favorite treats. Mom puts my dog food with either chicken or pork in the Kong. 

Flipping on a Sky Ski

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Saturday May 23, 2009

On Saturday mom and dad pulled the boat up to Lake Marble Falls. Mom and dad didn’t ski, wake board or air chair because it was a little too cold for them. They drove around the lake and did a little floating. While mom and dad were driving around the lake they saw a man flying a sky ski. They told me that the man was very good he did a lot of flips and jumps. Lake Marble Falls isn’t that big of a lake so mom and dad decided to float awhile. As they were floating they saw a few people enjoying the lake. People were wake boarding, boating and tubing. When it started to warm up a little mom and dad went for a swim. About lunch time mom and dad decided to come home to me. I was very excited to see my mom and dad when they got home. They told me that they had a great time even if they didn’t do much.

Sunday May 24, 2009

Mom and dad decided that they were going to Lake Belton. They knew that Aunt Louise likes to go to Lake Belton and she didn’t have to go to work this weekend so they invited her to go with them. Mom and dad met Aunt Louise at a McDonald’s in Round Rock. I was disappointed that Aunt Louise didn’t come out to the house to visit but she leaves in Round Rock and Round Rock is on the way to Belton.

Mom, dad and Aunt Louise had a great time at Lake Belton. They skied, boarded and air chaired. After everyone finished their water sports dad drove around the lake. As they were driving around they saw people tubing, wake boarding, skiing and swimming. When they were driving around one of the campgrounds dad decide to anchor the boat in a cove because it was lunchtime. Before mom and dad left the house mom put a lunch together. For lunch they had ham sandwiches, chips and cookies. After lunch they did a little swimming. When they finished swimming they decided it was time to go home. I was very excited to see mom and dad when they got home so I ran down the drive to meet them.     

Monday May 25, 2009

Mom took Memorial Day off so they went to Lake Travis in morning to go skiing, wake boarding and air chairing. This time the actually did do exactly that. They had a great time. They were surprise that the lake wasn’t that busy.

In the afternoon we went to the Homeowners’ park to have a picnic and watch people enjoying the lake. While we were at the park I went swimming. After lunch we went home.

After dinner we went to Mansfield Dam to see how busyLake Travis was. There were people picnicking and boating. But it wasn’t that busy. We sat on a bench and watched people putting their boats on trailers. As we were watching people coming in for the day some children came up to me to say hi. This was great because I really like this. When it started to get dark we went home because mom has to go to work in morning.

Oh No !!!!

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Thursday May 28, 2009

When mom came home from work today dad and she decided to go to Lake Travis. Mom made me a Kong before they went down to Mansfield Dam. Mom and dad did some skiing and air chairing. After they finished doing their water sports they drove around the lake. Dad had to be very careful when he was driving around because the sometimes islands were out of the water. Central Texas hasn’t had any rain for awhile so the lake is getting low. As dad was driving around the lake mom and dad saw a boat on one of the islands. When they saw the boat they decided to check it out. As they were checking out the boat they saw other boats on the lake enjoy it just like them. After mom and dad finished boating around they decided to ski a little more. After they finished skiing they came back home to me.

Saturday May 30, 2009

Saturday morning mom and dad drove up to Lake Belton to spend the day. Mom and dad did some skiing, wake boarding, air chairing and swimming. Lake Belton was busier this weekend then it was last weekend. Mom and dad was surprise because usually on Memorial Weekend it is extremely busy. They decided the reason this weekend was busier because it was the first weekend of the summer and the children were out of school. After mom and dad finished doing their water sports they drove around Lake Belton. They saw families enjoying the lake, the campgrounds were full and the beaches were full. When they got to the bridge they decided to do a little swimming. As they were swimming they saw fishermen fishing around the bridge. After they finished swimming they decided to go back to the ramp to go home.

In the evening mom and dad took me to the dam to watch people leaving the lake. I always like this because I meet a lot of people and dogs. After about an hour we decided to go home.

Sunday May 31, 2009

Sunday morning mom and dad decided to go to Lake Austin. They had been there for awhile. They didn’t do any of their water sports because the water in Lake August is colder than Lake Travis. They didn’t care about not skiing they still had a great time boating. As they were boating they saw other people skiing and wake boarding. In fact one of the boats on Lake Austin was our old boat. Dad stopped and talked to the new owners. The owners said they still love the boat. After mom and dad finished visiting with the owners they drove back to the ramp to go home. As dad was pulling the boat up the ramp the truck was having trouble getting a grip so another man came and helped. The man got a board and put it in front of the truck’s back tires and dad drove on the board and pulled the boat up the ramp. Mom and dad thanked the man and came home to me.

May Fun Stuff 2009

Mansfield Dam Fun Stuff

The fun stuff we did this month was to go up to Mansfield Dam and watch the people. Mom and dad would take me up to the dam to watch people pulling out their boats. As we watched the boater I met a lot of people and dogs. I even saw a few geese and birds. During the week dad would walk me to the lake so I could go swimming and visit my friends.