Flo's May 2011 Travels

May Boating Adventures 2011

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                           Sailing on Lake Travis                             Dad wiping down the boat after a day of boating

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  05/2011    DISTANCE:  5 miles

In May mom and dad had 7 days of Boating on Lake Travis. Mom and dad usually do most of their boating in the Pedernales River side of Lake Travis but this year we haven't had much rain so they'll have to do their boating by Mansfield Dam. Lake Travis is already down 26 feet so they can't put the boat in at our park, they'll have to trailer the boat to the dam. The first day of boating was May 10, mom and dad didn't get in the water because the water was too cold for them. So they drove around the lake. The second visit to the lake was a week later and the lake temperature was 70 degrees so  mom and dad decided to get in the water. It was a little windy so mom and dad air chaired. The other five days were the following week. During those days mom and dad did some water skiing, wake boarding, air chairing and floating. Mom and dad are lucky that they know how to do so many different things on the lake because if it's too rough for them they either air chair or float.  


May Fun Stuff 2011

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          Dad and I visiting                                                Relaxing during Family Visit


     Uncle Mike and dad visiting at the park                       Cousin Joey teach his mom how to skip rocks

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Our House    DATE:  05/04/2011 - 05/06/2011    DISTANCE:  0 miles

My Cousin Joey has been living in Texas for the last year because of personal problems and now he is ready to go home. So his parents (Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike) came to pick him up and take him home. On their way back to Tucson they came and visit us for a couple of days. During the family’s visit mom and Aunt Andrea made homemade ice cream and we went to the park for a picnic. When we went to the park we had brisket and potato salad for dinner and I had my food. While dad and Uncle Mike visit, Aunt Andrea, Cousin Joey and mom skipped rocks and I swam and explored. I had a great time with mom’s sister and her family to bad they couldn’t stay longer.

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Austin Convention Center     DATE:  05/14/2011    DISTANCE:  23 miles

The water temperature of Lake Travis is still a little cool so mom and dad decided they would go downtown to the New Car Show at the Convention Center. Before they went to the car show mom put a Kong together for me. They were only gone a couple of hours. They told me that the car show wasn't as big as it usually was but they still had a get time. Before they came home they stopped and had lunch. When they got home I was very happy to see them.


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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  05/14/2011 & 05/21/2011    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Mom and dad has a yearly pass to go to Mansfield Dam for the truck so they took me down to watch people taking their boats out of the lake. Mom and dad have been taking me to the homeowners park in the evening so I can go swimming but this month they decided to take me to the dam a couple of Saturday evenings to give me a change of scenery. The first Saturday was May 14, there were a lot of people there. People were picnicking, swimming, boating and kayaking. We saw people riding their jet skies, wake boarding and tubing. The second Saturday was May 21, it was a little busier then last week. As we were sitting on a bench we saw a Sea Tow boat towing a boat to the ramp because the boat wouldn't run. This was interesting because the driver of the Sea Tow boat tow the boat all the way to the ramp and made sure the owner of the boat had it safely on the trailer before he left. This week we also saw ducks and geese. We always have a great time going to the dam and watching people putting their boat on their trailers. Even though I have to be on a leash I still have a fantastic time because kids and adults come up to me and pet me. I also meet other dogs.

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Cory air chairing                                                                Cousin Joey air chairing

Boating on Lake Travis

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  05/23/2011    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Monday May 23, 2011

After being back in Tucson for a couple of weeks Cousin Joey decided to move to Austin because he realized after being gone for a year his life had changed. He wasn't hanging out with his old friends any more and was just hang around the house. When he was in Texas for a year he had made new friends and started a new life so he decided he would move to Texas. One friend he had made a year ago was Cory and he told him that he could live with him for awhile. Cory lives in Cedar Park, which is a city right outside of Austin. So Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike decided to help Cousin Joey move to Cedar Park. While they were in Texas Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike stayed with us a couple of days. On May 23, mom and dad took Aunt Andrea, Uncle Mike, Cousin Joey and Cory to Lake Travis to do some water skiing and air chairing. Cory knew how to water ski but he didn't know how to air chair so dad taught him how to fly. While they were at the lake they saw people windsurfing and kite surfing. After they finished doing their watersports they came back to me. I was very excited to see them so I said hi to them all. After our hello mom made dinner. Cousin Joey and Cory had frozen pizzas because they had to leave. Mom barbecued hamburgers everyone else and she fed me my food. After the boys left everyone visit until it was time to go to bed. Aunt Andrea and Uncle Mike stayed a couple more days with us before they went back to Tucson. It was great to see mom's sister and her family again.