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May Camping Adventures 2012

SPRING TRIP 2012 Continues

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          A ski lift at Ski Santa Fe Resort                            The Minnie at Hyde Memorial State Park

LOCATION:  Santa Fe, New Mexico    SITE:  Hyde Memorial State Park
DATE:  04/30/2012 - 05/01/2012    SPACE:  14    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  60 miles

Monday April 30, 2012

Today we woke up at 6:45 and had a little breakfast. After breakfast we went for a walk around the campground. As we were walking we saw people getting ready to leave. We said hi to our neighbors. The neighbors told us to eat some hot sausages from Elgin, Texas for them. Southside Market in Elgin is known for their sausages. The neighbors use to leave in Elgin so dad said he sure would. After our walk mom and dad got the Minnie ready to leave. Our next adventure is going to be in Santa Fe at Hyde Memorial State Park. When mom and dad finished he headed to Santa Fe, which is about 60 miles from Abiquiu Lake State Park but before going to Santa Fe we stopped in Espanola to do a little shopping at Wal-mart. After mom and dad finished shopping we went to Santa Fe. When we got to Santa Fe we drove through town and up the mountain range right outside of Santa Fe. Mom and dad have been to Santa Fe many times to do some snow skiing and site seeing but they never camped here. We drove 8 miles of the mountain road to get to Hyde Memorial State Park. The road was very curving and at places steep and narrow. When we got to Hyde Park we drove through both sides of it. One side was the Main Loop without electricity and the other one was the RV Campground with electric. There was no problem finding a site to stay at so we decided to go all the way to the top of the mountain, where the ski resort was. It was another 8 miles up the mountain to the ski resort. As we were driving up the mountain we saw a lot of places where you can hike and a couple of places you can camp at. Once we were at the ski resort we walked around. It's off season so it was neat to see how it looked without snow. As we walked around mom took pictures. After we finished walking around we headed back to Hyde Park. On the way back we stopped a couple of places to look at the scenery and take pictures. When we got back to Hyde Park we parked the Minnie and had lunch. Mom made soup and a ham sandwich for dad and her lunch. She gave me a chicken bone and a half of milk bone. After lunch we went on a hike. We hiked 3 miles for 2 hours. While walking to the trailhead we passed a park truck with a few prisoners in the back of it. The prisoners were cleaning the campground. Once we hiked 1 1/2 mile down to a creek, where I waded up to my chest. This felt so good to get wet and take a drink. While I was wading mom and dad rested. After I finished I joined them. The trail was very nice and challenging. We hiked up and down the mountain side. Mom and dad climbed over a tree and I crawled under it. The trail was narrow at places and switched back at other places. We hiked through pine trees and the trail at places had rocks and sand which made it a challenge. On the way to the creek we hiked downhill but on the way back we had to hike uphill which really gave us a workout. During our hike met some people and I met a few dogs. One couple we met was from Austin just like us. We visit with them for awhile. During our visit we also found out that the man was raised in Tucson. They had two Germany Shepards that they had left in Austin. They also hiked the trail we hike in Austin and they live really close to us.  We were surprise that we had so much in common with them. After visiting with the couple we continued our hike back to the campground. Once we got back to the Minnie we were tired. Mom and dad rest for awhile and then they hiked down to the visitor center. They left me in the Minnie because I was too tired. The hike was 3/4 of mile to the visitor center. They walked through the main loop instead of the main road. They walked by the playground, volleyball court, shelters and group sites. When they got to the visitor center it was closed. They were very disappointed because they wanted to get a trail map. They walked around the visitor center and took pictures of the lodge. Then they headed back once again they had to walk uphill back to our campground. On the way back they met a lady and said hi. When they were almost back to our site they met the lady again she had walked the main road and they had walked through the main loop. They said hi again and she was a little winded so she stopped at our site to rest. As she was resting dad let me out of the Minnie and I met her. As first she wasn't sure about me but dad told her I was friendly so she relaxed. We visit with her for a couple of hours. When she left mom made salads for dad and her dinner. She fed me my food. After dinner we went for a walk. It was going to be a short walk but it ended up being longer. We hiked a trail up a hill for about a half mile and then turned around and came back. The trail was very steep and had a lot of loose gravel so we had to be careful. We didn't get to the top because it was starting to get dark and the trail was very steep. When we decided to turn around we were too tired to continue. When we got back to our site we went inside for the rest of the night. Mom went to the open hole bathroom, where she stopped and talked with a young guy from Holland. She talked with him for awhile and then she came back. When she got back we called it a night. Everyone is tried so I'll say good night.


The hiking trail we hiked                                               Hyde Memorial Park Lodge


Mom crossing over the creek                                        Resting after our hike
Tuesday May 1, 2012

Dad woke up about 1:30 because he was hot. Mom had turned on the heater before she went to bed and it was too high it was 72 degrees in the Minnie so dad turned it down. When we woke up at 6:45 it was 52 degrees in the Minnie and 42 degrees outside. Dad had to turned up the heater because mom didn't want to get out of bed until it was a little warmer. She finally did about 15 minutes later. After she finally got up she fed me my food and sat down with dad to have breakfast. After breakfast we went on a 4 1/2 mile hike. We hiked the same trail we did yesterday, except when we got to the creek we crossed over it and did the loop trail. While hiking to the creek we met a couple of men, who said hi to me. We stopped occasionally to rest because we were climbing uphill and we had to catch our breathes. After catching our breathes we continued down the trail. Before we got to the creek we hiked downhill so it was a easier. When we got to the creek I walked right in the creek to cool off and have a drink. We decided to cross over the creek because we thought it maybe easier than climbing uphill like we did yesterday even though it was longer. In order for us to get to the other side of the creek we had to walk on a log, which was like a bridge. When mom started to cross the creek I was in the creek and I watched her cross the creek. When it was dad's turn I decided walk behind on on the log. Mom and dad told me I could just walk in the creek but I decided that I would walk on the log because it would be more fun. Once on the other side of the creek we found the trailhead for the loop. The loop was very pretty and a lot easier than the trail back from the creek. The loop was 2 miles to get back to the parking lot. We hiked along the creek for about a mile. We hiked on a ridge and uphill but it was a gradually went uphill. As we were hiking back to the Y we stopped and rested. As we rested we met a group of hikers I saw them so I ran to say hi to them. It was a big group maybe 10 or 15 people. They all said hi to me. We let them go by us because the trail was narrow. That was ok because it gave us more time to rest. The scenery during our hike was very beautiful with tall aspens and pine trees. When we got back to the Y we hiked another 1/2 mile to the parking lot. We rested before continuing because this part of the trail was very steep. As we were resting we met a man and his dog. The dog and I said hi and then they continued their hike. After our rest we continued towards the parking lot. As we continued we met a lady hiking by herself and a man hiking by himself. When we following got to the parking lot we met a lady and her dog. After we said our hellos we continued our hike back to the campground, which was about 1/4 of a mile. This was easy because it was downhill. Once we got back we had hiked for 2 1/2 hours and we were beat. Mom and dad put our chairs out so we could rest in them. I was so tired I just laid on the ground. We rested awhile and then mom made salads for dad and her lunch. She gave me a milk bone for a snack. After lunch we just stand in our chairs relaxing. We sat there all afternoon. As we were relaxing we saw the prisoners they were cleaning the campsites again. This time they sweeping and blowing stuff off the sites. When it was time for dinner mom cooked some elbow noodles and pot roast soup to put on it for dad and her dinner and she fed me my food. After dinner we went for a little walk this time we walked up the hill to the trail marker. Once there we walked the trail towards the road. Then we walked across the street to the main loop. We walked off a foot bridge and saw the pond that is used for ice skating. The walk wasn't long and it was easier than yesterday. When we got back we sat in our chairs and mom baked oatmeal cookies for dessert. While sitting in our chairs our neighbor, who was from California came by and visit with us. While visiting with him another camper, who was from Canada came by with his dog and stopped to visit. After everyone left we bagged up our chairs and went inside for the rest of the night. As we were relaxing in the Minnie we saw a couple of deer come through the campground. This was the only time we saw any deer during our stay at Hyde Memorial State Park. It's time to say good night because we're leaving Hyde Park tomorrow. We had a fantastic time at Hyde Memorial State Park.

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     Oasis State Park pond                                          Dad and I relaxing after our walk

LOCATION:  Cloves, New Mexico    SITE:  Oasis State Park
DATE:  05/02/2012    SPACE:  20    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  240 miles

Wednesday May 2, 2012

Today we woke up at 6:00 because we wanted to get an early start. We're starting our adventure home today, dad's going to drive 240 miles to Cloves New Mexico. After mom and dad rolled out of bed we had a little breakfast. Our neighbor from California told us that they saw three elk walking through our campground yesterday morning so we were looking for them. When we finished eating breakfast we walked around the campground. As we were walking we looked for the elk but we never saw them. When we got back to the Minnie mom and dad finished getting it ready to move on down the road. On the way out of Hyde Park dad stopped to use the dump. After dumping our tank we continued our adventure which was 7:00. The drive to Oasis State Park wasn't that interesting but we did see some Pronghorns. We arrived at Oasis State Park about 12:30 and the temperature was 95 degrees already. We found a campsite with electricity so we could turn on the air condition. Oasis isn't that pretty but it has electricity and a bathroom with showers. Mom and dad really wanted to take a shower. Oasis Park has sand dunes, playground, fishing pond, 1.5 mile hiking trail on the dunes and a day area by the pond. The pond is stock with trout during the winter and catfish during the summer. Once we found a site with shade we set up camp for the night. Dad turned on the air condition as soon as he could. Dad and I stayed under the air condition while mom walked over to pay for the night. Mom wanted me to go with her but I didn't want to leave the air condition so I stayed with dad. When mom got back she made lunch, which was left over elbow noodles and soup for dad and her lunch. She gave me a little bit of the noodles and a milk bone for a snack. After lunch mom and dad went over to the restroom to take a shower. I stayed in the Minnie because I was enjoying the air condition. After they took a shower they walked to the pond and decided that they would bring me back here for a walk a little later. When they returned to me we said our hellos. We stayed in the Minnie all afternoon. Dad finished reading a book, mom did a little word searching, and I slept. Mom took a little nap. When she woke up she went outside and worked on her word search book. She tried again to get me to go out with her but I refused. Dad laughed at her because she had tried a few times to get me to go outside and she failed but she never gives up. At dinnertime mom came in and fixed dinner. She made tostadas for dad and her. She fed me my food. After dinner we stand inside waiting for the sun to start going down. We were going to wait to about 7:00 to go for a walk but about 6:00 dad saw a pheasant walking around. So mom and dad put on their shoes to see if the bird really was a pheasant. After they put on their shoes mom put my leash on me and took me with them to track down the pheasant. We never did see the pheasant again but we did see a few Spanish quails. We decided because we were already outside we might as well go for a walk. We walked around by the pond, where we saw people fishing. We walked by the playground, non-electric sites and the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center was closed because it was after 4:30 but we read a sign that told us why they built Oasis State Park. The reason was because of the ecosystem with the sand dunes, pond and the little bit of trees it has. Dad was right when he said he saw a pheasant because the sign said you could see ring-neck pheasants around the park. Mom took a few pictures as we walked around the park. We saw a few people camping in the non electric sites and in the electric sites. As we were walking around the loop we were in we met a man, who came up to me to pet me. This made my day. After he paid attention to me we went back to the Minnie. We sat under the ramada where our picnic table was for a little while. Once the sun started to go down we went inside and called it a night. We had a very relaxing day and tomorrow is going to be a long day so I'll say good night.

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Camping at Abilene State Park                                              Buffalo Wallow         


Swimming pool built by the CCC                                  A Yurt at Abilene State Park

Dad in the tower of a building built by the CCC

LOCATION:  Buffalo Gap, Texas    SITE:  Abilene State Park
DATE:  05/03/2012    SPACE:  52    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  280 miles

Thursday May 3, 2012

Today we woke up at 5:30 New Mexico time, which is 6:30 Texas time. We're going to be Texas very shortly after we leave Oasis State Park so dad reset all the clocks in the Minnie back to Texas time. After we got up we had a little breakfast and then we went for a walk around the campground. As we were walking around we saw a deer on top of a hill and mom took a couple of pictures of the sand dunes. When we got back mom and dad got the Minnie ready to go. Today dad is going to drive 280 miles so it's going to be a long day. After the Minnie was ready we left Oasis park, which was 7:00. The drive wasn't too interesting so mom and I napped. When mom wasn't napping during the drive to Abilene State Park, dad and her saw a lot of feed lots, farm fields and plains. One feed lot had buffalo grazing in a field and a llama. When we got to Lubbock we saw oil fields. We got to Synder we stopped for lunch at Burger King. In Synder when mom and dad went into Burger King to have lunch they left me in the Minnie. When mom was ordering lunch the lady told her she couldn't get any water because of a city ordinance. Mom and dad thought that this was strange but then dad remembered that there was a small town in Texas that was running out of water and figured it was Synder. They didn't care they couldn't get water but Burger King couldn't even make coffee or sell fountain drinks because they could make ice. Instead of fountain drinks they sold can drinks. When they got back to me mom took me for around the parking lot so I could stretch my legs. I really didn't feel like walking because it was already getting hot but I did have to take care of business. When we got back dad continued driving to Abilene State Park. We had to drive through Buffalo Gap in order to get to the park. Buffalo Gap is a cute little village with a few little shops. Buffalo Gap is where a huge herd of buffalo use to roam during the time of the Civil War. We arrived at Abilene State Park about 12:30. Dad checked in at the office and they assigned us a site. We drove to our site and setup camp for the night. The site is beautiful with a lot of trees, which provides shade from the heat. The trees also made it very humid. Once we set up the Minnie dad turned on the air condition because it already in the mid 90's outside. We stayed inside for the rest of the afternoon. Mom and dad took a little nap and I also slept. Mom also did some word searching. Mom also baked some cookies because dad got hungry. When dinnertime came around mom cooked up some chili and a couple of tortillas for dad and her lunch. She fed me my food. After dinner mom and dad walked around the park. They left me at the Minnie while they went on the walk because they knew I wanted to stay in the Minnie until it cooled off a little. They walked about an hour. They walked to the swimming pool, Wagon Circle (where you camp in a parking lot in a circle) and the day area. As they walked the walked part of a nature trail, which took them by Buffalo Wallow. This area was where they believed that the buffalo hung out when they roamed through this area. They saw the Yurts and shelters. They saw a gorgeous CCC building and tall tower which was built by the CCC but isn't being used any more. The pool area very nice it had a long walkway that went from the concession area to the pool. The CCC building is being used for selling concessions. While walking around the pool area they saw a young couple working out. They thought the couple was crazy because the temperature was in the mid 90s. On the way back to me they met a couple and a dog. After saying hi to them they continued the walk back to me. When they were back in our loop they met a lady who was walking her cat. They said hello and told her that her cat walked better than me on leash and she said the cat walked better on leash than her dog does also. Once back at the Minnie mom and dad were tired and hot. Dad came inside to cool off but mom didn't she went to the restroom instead. When she got back she tried to take me out but I refused to go. Mom waited until about 7:30 and tried again this time I agreed to go. We didn't go too far because it still was hot. I took care of business and then we came back. When we got back we went inside and called it a night.

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  My Home
DATE:  05/04/2012    SPACE:  00    TRIP:  84    DISTANCE:  260 miles

Friday May 4, 2012

We got home about 1:00. We had a fantastic Spring Trip. During our trip we camped in five states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado). We camped in Texas for 3 nights: 1 night at Junction City Park, 1 night at Balmorhea State Park and 1 night at Abilene State Park.  We camped in New Mexico for 10 nights: 1 night at City of Rocks, 1 night at Gila National Forest, 2 nights at Navajo Lake State Park, 2 nights at Heron Lake State Park, 1 night at Abiquiu Lake State Park, 2 nights at Hyde Memorial State Park and 1 night at Oasis State Park. We camped in Arizona for 9 nights: 2 nights at Apache National Forest, 1 night at Coronado National Forest, 5 nights at Grandma's house and 1 night at The Home Depot. We camped in Utah for 18 nights: 2 nights at Washington County Park, 2 nights at Zion National Park, 1 night at Bryce National Park, 2 nights at Kodachrome State Park, 3 nights at Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, 2 nights at Calf Creek Recreation Area in Escalante Staircase, 4 nights at Capitol Reef National Park and 2 nights at Natural Bridges National Monument. We camped 1 night in Colorado at McPhee Recreational Area. During our trip we met a lot of people and their dogs. We did a lot of hiking. We visited 9 State Parks, 1 City Park, 1 County Park, 5 National Forest, 4 National Parks and 1 National Monument. We traveled 3687 miles and the Minnie got 10.3 miles a gallon. We drove mountain ranges, rough roads and in wind. We started on our trip in Texas which was in the low 90s and we ended up our trip in the high 90s in Texas. During our trip the lows in the morning were in the low 30s and low 40s. This morning we woke up it was 80 degrees in Buffalo Gap. 


May Boating Adventures 2012

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Mansfield Dam    DATE:  05/7/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Monday May 7, 2012

Today was a beautiful day and the air temperature was in the middle 80s and the lake water temperature is 76 so mom and dad decided to put the boat in. They decided to put the boat in today because it's suppose to rain the rest of the week. When they went to the lake they left me at home with a Kong. I don't mind because I know they will be back. They were gone about an hour and a half. Dad had gone to the LCRA website before they left to see how many lanes of the ramp were opened. The site said that all four lanes were open but when they got there only one of the lanes were open. They were glad that it was early in the afternoon and it wasn't the weekend otherwise they would have to wait in line. They were almost the only boat on the lake. While they were there they skied, air chaired and floated. They didn't ski or air chair too hard because it was the first time in about 9 months and they didn't want to be too sore in the morning. They had a great time. When they were taking the boat out of the lake they saw a mom, dad and 5 ducklings at the boat ramp so mom took pictures. When they finally got home I did my routine I ran down the driveway to greet them. After they put the boat in the garage dad took me for a little ride down the drive and back. This always makes my day because I went for a ride with my dad even though it's only down the drive. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!

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LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Mansfield Dam and Homeowners Park
DATE:  05/26/2012 - 05/28/2012    DISTANCE:  5 miles

Saturday May 26,2012

Mom and dad didn't go to the lake this morning because it was Memorial Day weekend and they thought it would be too crowded so they took me to Mansfield Dam instead. The temperature got up to the mid 90s so we waited until about 8:00 to go because that was when the sun was starting to go down. We stayed for about an hour. While there we watched people pull their boats out of the lake. This is always very entertaining because people have some problems backing the trailer down the ramp. Today it was going very smoothly until someone didn't stop on top of the ramp to wait for his turn. So there were five trailers on the ramp at a time and there were only four lanes available. So this made it a little confusing for people. At one point there were six trailers on the ramp because people thought that was how it was done. We watched this for awhile and during this time we saw where a few people almost hit each other. After a little while people that had done this before decided to do it the right way. Once back the right way the loading and unloading boats went smoothly again.


Enjoying Lake Travis on Memorial Day Weekend                            Devil's Cove on Lake Travis             

Sunday May 27, 2012

Today mom and dad decided to go to the lake. They went to the lake about 8:00 because they figured that the lake wouldn't be busy. Before they left mom fixed me a Kong. When they got to the lake it was a little windy but they still were able to water ski. After doing a little water skiing mom and dad drove around the lake to see how many people were on the lake. As they drove around they saw some boats tied up to each other and enjoying the lake for the weekend. These boats were on the lake all night and people were sleeping on them. This happens every holiday weekend. They had a great time just driving around the lake and water skiing. When they got back I was happy to see them.

In the evening mom and dad took me down to the Homeowners park so I could go swimming. While we were there mom took pictures. There were a lot of people in a cove called Devil's. This cove is known as a party cove because people go in the cove and tie up to each other and drink beer and just have fun. We also saw a lot of people boating, tubing, sailing, jet skiing and just driving sown the lake. While there I did do some swimming, exploring and visiting with other dogs and people. When we go to the park mom and dad let me do my on thing. Today there were a few vehicles at the boat dock and a few people were by the vehicles so when I got to the vehicles I visited with them. We were there about an hour and mom had to get me so we could go home. When we got home mom and dad watched a DVD.  

Memorial Day dinner baked Zitti

Sunday May 27, 2012

Today is Memorial Day and we stayed around the house all day. Mom and dad read and I slept. We had a very relaxing day. For dinner mom made baked Zitti. In the evening mom and dad watched another DVD. We had a great Memorial Day weekend.


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          Aunt Louise water skiing                                   Dad barbecuing steaks for lunch


Dad and Aunt Louise relaxing before lunch                             Returning to my family after a swim

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas    SITE:  Homeowners Park
DATE:  05/30/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Wednesday May 30, 2012

Today was a very exciting day because Aunt Louise came out to visit. Aunt Louise didn't have to work today so she decided to come out to visit. Aunt Louise arrived at our house at 9:00. We said our hellos and then mom fixed me a Kong because Aunt Louise and my parents were going to the lake. While they were at the lake they water skied and my parents wake boarded. Aunt Louise didn't wake board because she thought the water was too cold. I don't think the water is too cold because the temperature is currently 76. After they finished water skiing and wake boarding they floated in the boat and visited. They were gone for two hours so when they got back to me I was very excited to see them. After mom and dad put the boat in the  garage and straightened things up we went inside. Aunt Louise decided to stay for lunch. Mom and dad got the truck ready for a picnic. Mom and dad surprised me because we're going to the park to have lunch and I was allowed to go. I'm use to riding to the park in the truck so Aunt Louise said I could go in the truck and she would ride in the back with mom. When we got to the lake dad let me out of the truck I did my thing and he got the grill ready to barbecue steaks for lunch. While dad was getting ready to barbecue mom could see me so she decided to go down to the dock to find me. She couldn't find me because I was exploring and I was on the other side of a hill. She walked all the way back and back down by the marina that's next to our park. Dad saw me and told mom where I was so she was happy because she thought I ran away. We were at the park for about an hour and a half. While we were there I swam and explored. For lunch mom, dad and Aunt Louise had steak and Doritos. While everyone was visiting I saw a couple of guys next store so I decided to introduce myself so I started to walk to them. Mom didn't want me to get wet again so she followed after me. But by the time she caught up with me I was already at the marina, she called me back so I never got a chance to say hi. When I was going back to her I decided to go for another swim because I was already at the water. Mom returned around and started to walk back to dad and Aunt Louise. I followed after her up the hill. When we got back mom had to dry me off again before I was allowed in the truck. I don't care because I like being dried off. When we got back to the house Aunt Louise thanked us for a great day and we all said good-bye. After Aunt Louise left mom and dad read and I slept the rest of the day. Today was a fantastic day.      

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This year in May mom and dad had 7 days of boating. Lake Travis is still down a lot but we had some rain last month so it went up a few feet so mom and dad used it during May. The first day of boat the ramp at Mansfield Dam only had one lane open to use for launching boats. Mom and dad thought they would only be able to use the lake a short time and only during the weekend. But we got more rain which had the lake go up a few more feet and the other three lanes opened up. Lake Travis is still very low and the only boat ramp that is open is at the dam. The days mom and dad used the lake they water skied, wake boarded and Air Chaired. Since mom is retired now mom and dad can go to the lake anytime they want. When they go to the lake they go pretty early so the beat the crowd and they get fantastic water. So everyday they were at the lake they water skied.  


May Fun Stuff Adventures 2012

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Homeowners Park    DATE:  05/6/2012    DISTANCE:  0 miles

Sunday May 6, 2012

We have been home from our Spring Trip for a few days, mom and dad got caught up with things around the house so they decided to take me down to the homeowners park. When we got there there were a few vehicles there. Lake Travis is still down so the homeowners had to launch their boat off the bank. Dad parked the truck up by the gazebo and sat on a bench and enjoyed the park. I was so excited that I went down to the water to go swimming. I haven't been swimming of a long time and I was hot. Mom was keeping an eye on me so she followed me down to the lake. When I got to the water I went swimming. Mom came down to where I was. Our neighbors were trying to get their boat out of the water but they were stuck because they didn't have 4 wheel drive and their vehicle couldn't get a good grip. When they went to their golf cart it wouldn't start so they were going to go home and get a set of jumper cables. Mom told them to stop by to see dad and he would help jump start the cart. So May Kay stopped and asked dad but her daughter Megan continued towards home. She had to get another vehicle to help pull the boat out. When she returned with another vehicle they were unsuccessful but another neighbor was there and he went home and got his 4 wheel drive vehicle. He was successful. Now thats what is called help your neighbor out when they're in trouble. After the neighbors left we went sat at the picnic table for awhile. While we were there my friends Rio and Molly showed up with their mom. So we played for a little while. After playing mom, dad and I went home. We had a great time at the lake but now I need to rest.

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Will Sexton                                                              Eliza Gilkyson

LOCATION:  Austin, Texas   SITE:  Threadgill's   DATE:  05/19/2012    DISTANCE:  27 miles

Saturday May 19, 2012

Today was a special day for mom and dad because they're going to go to an outdoor concert at Threadgill's. They have been to Threadgill's a few times times to eat but they have never been there to enjoy a concert. Now that mom and dad are retired they can start going to more concert because they don't have to get up early in the morning to go to work. The concert didn't start until 9:00 pm so they didn't leave the house until 7:30 pm. The performers at the concert were Will Seton and Eliza Gilkyson,  Will Sexton is a country singer and Eliza Gilkyson is a folk singer. While mom and dad were at the concert I stayed home with a Kong. Before mom and dad left mom turned on the porch light and the lights on the garage so I wouldn't be in the dark while they were gone. Will Sexton started the concert out at 9:00 for an hour, This was the first time mom and dad have ever seen or heard him so he was real good. Eliza Gilkyson started at 10:00 and stopped at 12:00 because Austin has a curfew. Eliza was fantastic mom and dad has a few of her cds so they have listened to her many times. Mom and dad were a little disappointed because she only did a couple of her old songs but she still was great. Mom and dad had a super time at the concert. When they got back home I was very happy to see them. WE said our hellos and then we went to bed.

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During the month of May mom and dad tried to take me to the Homeowners park about once a week. While we were at the park mom and dad would sit at a picnic table and relax. When they're relaxing they let me do my thing, which is exploring, swimming and visiting. All the homeowners know me so they say hi to me and pet me. The homeowners also know that my parents are at the park with me.