Flo's 2006 November Travels

Lake Granger's Beach

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November Trips 2006

LOCATION:  Corps of Engineers Granger, Texas     SITE:  Wilson H. Fox Park
ATE:  11/10/06 – 11/12/06     SPACE:  34     TRIPS: 11      DISTANCE:  55 miles

Wilson H. Fox Park: Wilson H. Fox is located at Granger Lake. Granger Lake is known for fishing and hunting. You can fish and hunt year round. There are three campgrounds; Wilson H. Fox, Taylor Park and Willis Creek. We stayed at Wilson H. Fox because Taylor Park was closed for roadwork. Taylor Park had hiking trails and Wilson H. Fox didn’t but that was ok because we still had a great time. Wilson H. Fox has many things to offer.

 Friday November 10, 2006

We arrived at Wilson H. Fox at 4:00 p.m. The campground didn’t have many trees but they were very nice. There are 58 campsites; each one has a covered patio over the picnic table, a barbecue grill and fire ring for campfires. Dad checked in and then we setup camp, afterwards we went for a walk to east boat ramp. I was very excited because it was a new park. When we returned to the campsite we had dinner and than we just relaxed. We saw some ducks, geese and gulls flying.

 Saturday November 11, 2006

 I woke my dad and mom up early in the morning before the sun came up. We had breakfast while we waited for the sun and for it to warm up a little. It was very cold and windy but we still hiked about 3 ½ miles. We hiked to the beach, beach shelters, beach picnic area and the second boat ramp. The beach was very nice even if the lake was very rough. On the way back to the campsite we stopped at the fishing dock where some fishermen were fishing. Lake Granger is known for the fishing but because it was so windy no one wanted to launch their boat. After lunch we walked down by the lake and ended up at the east ramp and I met some people and a dog. I wanted to play but the other dog didn’t want to, I was a little disappointed but I guess some dogs just are not that friendly. We went back to the site and tried to keep warm. Other campers were packing up to leave because it was too windy. I met a couple more dogs they were friendly and they wanted to play, I really liked that. I also met a lady who has two labs which she left at home. While mom and the lady talked I played with her young niece, that was fun. At the end of the day I was really tired.

Sunday November 12, 2006

I let my mom and dad sleep in a little longer today because I slept better. Now I’m ready to go again. We walked another 3 ½ miles, this time we found a trail that led to Taylor Park. We walked along the fence that separated the park from a farm. I liked this walk because I could explore. As we were walking we saw deer feeders, blinds and trees with some kind of fruit on it. Dad thought the fruit was hedge apples. We walked all the way to the main gate of Taylor Park and than turned around and went back to the campsite. On the way back we stopped at the east ramp and mom took some pictures of the lake because it was very calm. We went back to the campsite and broke camp so we could go back home. I had a great time at Lake Granger and now I’m tired so I will rest up to get ready for my next camping trip.


The fish that didn't get away

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LOCATION:  Smithville, Texas     SITE:  Buescher State Park
DATE:  11/17/06 – 11/19/06     SPACE:  07     TRIPS: 12      DISTANCE:  68 miles

Buescher Park: Buescher Park is a State Park located close to Smithville Texas. There are three campgrounds Cozy Circle, Lakeview and Oak Haven. We stayed at Cozy Circle that had 10 sites. It a small park with many things to offer.

Friday November 17, 2006 

We arrived at Buescher Park about 4:30 p.m. While mom and dad setup camp I decided to explore a little and met my neighbors. My new neighbors were a man, a lady and their dog; I didn’t play with the dog because she didn’t like other dogs. Afterwards we went for a walk around the campgrounds, I like doing this because then I can get to know where I’m at. We walked to where the tent campers were camped and the hiking trail we’re going to take tomorrow. It was very exciting, a new place and new smells.  

Saturday November 18, 2006 

I woke my mom and dad up early because I was excited about going on a new hiking trail. Mom told me to go back to sleep because it was too early and it was cold. So I went back to sleep until about 7:00. We had breakfast and then went for a hike. On the way to the hiking trail I met a baby, his dad and their dog. The baby was just starting to walk so I had to be careful not to knock him down, that was fun. We hiked about 8 miles, I was very tired. We saw a lot of trees and the trail was very nice because it had a lot of pine needles on it and it made my feet feel good. The needles were soft and my parents liked that too. On the way back I met a lot of people, there were four groups I was very excited to meet them all. By the time I met the last group I was very tired. When we got back to the campsite I took a nap while mom and dad relaxed. I think they were tired too. Later on I found out that some of the people I met on the trail were our next door neighbors. I thought that was neat because there were children right next door.
In the afternoon we walked another 2 miles. We walked down to the headquarters and around the park and lake. Dad took a picture of a man that caught a big fish. The man was very excited after he looked at it awhile he put the fish back into the lake. I thought that was neat because I saw the fish go back into the water. There were people in a canoe and dad took some pictures. We also walked around the rest of the campground where the cabins, playground and covered shelters were. It was very fun, I met a dog and his masters at one of the shelters. We relaxed the rest of the day because we all were tired. 

Sunday November 19, 2006 

I slept very well last night so I let my parents sleep until 7:00. I was ready to go for another hike it was our last morning at Buescher Park. We hiked about 4 miles of the trail, it was a lot of fun because I saw some deer. While I was exploring I missed seeing a few deer, that was disappointing. It was exciting to see the deer because the day before we didn’t see any deer at all. When we got back to the campsite we broke camp and some other people were doing the same. Dad wanted to look at another lake down the road so we left a little early. The lake we looked at was Fayette County Reservoir. Fayette County Reservoir was made for a power plant and is a fishing lake. It has 2 boat ramps, camping facilities, picnic area, bank and pier fishing and 2 parks. It is very nice lake, we may come back and spend some time here but for now I’m going home to rest for my next camping trip.