Flo's 2007 November Travels

November Camping Trips 2007

Dad picking cotton

 Fall Trip to the Panhandle Plains November 2007 

Fall Trip to the Panhandle Plains November 2007

I’m very excited, mom and dad just told me that I’m going on a week long trip with them. They told me that we’re going to go to the Panhandler to see the beautiful canyons. The parks we are going to visit are Palo Duro Canyon and Caprock Canyons. On the way back from the canyons we are going to stop at Inks Lake. I'm not sure what canyons are but it sound like its a hole in the ground made by water.

LOCATION: Abilene, Texas     SITE: Flying J's Truck Stop
DATE: 11/02/07      SPACE: 00    TRIPS: 26      DISTANCE: 246 miles

Friday November 2, 2007

Mom and dad had to work today, while I waited at home for them. When mom and dad came home they finished loading up the Minnie. We started our Fall Trip to the Panhandler at 2:30 p.m. During our drive to Goldthwaite we saw a camel, llamas, cows, donkeys and goats. There was a little goat that was so small you could barely see him, but he was cute trying to keep up with his mom. When we arrived at Goldthwaite we stopped at the city park so we could stretch our legs. The city park is beautiful with volleyball and basketball areas, playscape, picnic tables, barbecue grills, cover pavilions, restrooms and a swimming pool. Mom and I took a walk around the park where we saw a couple of buses with athletes from Waco. There were mothers and their children playing on the swings and slide. I also found some pecans that fell from the trees. There is a creek that runs through the park with a couple of little bridges over it. While mom and I went on the walk dad took pictures of the park. I had a great time exploring and watching people but now it’s time to continue our adventure to the Panhandler. Dad was driving for about 5 hours and 246 miles when we entered into Abilene. It was getting late so dad decided to call it a night. We were looking for a Wal-Mart’s parking lot to park the Minnie for the night but we didn’t, instead we found a Flying J’s. Dad pulled in the lot and parked the Minnie. We ate dinner and settled down for the night. Mom and dad had sandwiches and potato salad and I had my special food.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park


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LOCATION: Canyon, Texas     SITE: Palo Duro Canyon State Park
DATE: 11/03/07 – 11/05/07     SPACE: 30     TRIPS: 26     DISTANCE: 274 miles

Palo Duro Canyon State Park is located 274 miles northwest of Abilene. It is a beautiful State Park with great hiking trails and gorgeous view of northern Palo Duro Canyon. The area has many things to offer.

Saturday November 3, 2007

We woke up about 5:00 a.m., it was the first time we stayed at a Flying J’s and there was a lot of noise from the trucks, cars, trains and airplanes coming and going all night mom and dad wasn’t sure how well they would sleep. But they slept very well and so did I. We ate breakfast and went for a little walk around the parking lot. Now it is time to continue our adventure to Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Palo Duro State Park is 274 miles from Abilene. It took us about 5 hours to get there. On the way to the park we saw oil rigs and cotton fields. Mom took pictures of the oil rigs and wanted to take pictures of the cotton fields. Dad pulled over so mom could take pictures. I never saw cotton fields before and it was very exciting to see them. While mom was taking pictures dad decided to pick a piece of cotton to show mom and me what cotton looked like up close. Mom showed me the cotton and I thought it was something to eat so I bit it. I was surprise it had a thorn in it so I let it go but it was very soft.  

We arrived at Palo Duro Canyon State Park about 11:30 a.m. While dad checked in mom and I went for a walk. Mom took pictures of the entrance of the park. We met a 14 year old Dachshund his mom said he was friendly but that was ok because his mom and her friend were friendly. I said hi to the ladies and continued on my exploring. When mom and I finished dad was waiting for us. Dad drove around the park to check out where the campgrounds and trails were located. It's a big park and dad knew we wouldn't be able to do all the hiking trails. There is water running through the park and under the street. You have to drive over a few water crossings. After we looked over Palo Duro Park we went to Hackberry Camp Area and located our campsite number 30, where my parents setup camp and went exploring. After we settled in mom and dad had lunch.

After lunch we went for a short hike but it ended up being over 6 miles long. The trails are gorgeous with all the red rocks and different rock formations. We saw a lot of people hiking and mountain biking. We met one hiker multiple times during our hike. We met a couple from Houston when we had hiked 3 miles. They were very nice. They played with me while they were resting. Mom and dad visit with the couple and I rested. Then it was time to say good-bye so everyone could finish their hike. We hiked another mile when we met another couple, they were from Amarillo. The man told us that there was going to be a big race Sunday. The race was going to be 10 hours long and the trails may be busy. After we rest awhile we continued our hike. The trails were starting to get busy because it was later in the afternoon and families wanted to go for a hike. It was nice to see all the people using the trails. I was hot and tired by the time we got to the parking lot and we had another mile to go before we got back to the campsite. We walked along the road to get to a trail that leads back to the campgrounds. There was a creek that runs through the park and under the road. When I saw the creek I took advantage of the opportunity to get my feet and have a drink. Oh, does this fell good. After we finished getting my feet wet we hiked the short trail. The trail is a mile long and that was the toughest mile of the hike because I was tires. When we got back to the Minnie I went to my chair and rested. After we rested we went for a small walk around the campground. During the walk we saw wild turkeys. Mom and I walked down a small trail behind a campsite and we saw an owl in a tree. When we returned to our campsite we had dinner. Mom and dad had burritos and I had my special food. After dinner we went inside for the night and mom baked cookies.   

Sunday November 4, 2007

I woke my mom and dad up at 7:00 a.m. Mom took me for a short morning walk around the campground. During our walk we saw wild turkeys. We walked back to the Minnie and had breakfast before going for a hike. My parents had rolls and I ate my special food. Today our hike will be up a tall hill at the end of the campground. My parents are afraid that there will be too many mountain bikers on the other trails because of the 10 hour race. The hiking trail is very challenging because it basically went straight about 400 feet in elevation. The trail is very beautiful with the huge rocks and the scenic views. The trail itself was very well maintained and didn’t have a lot of rocks you had to walk on. In fact most of the trail was soft on you feet. The hike takes you between boulders, which is great for people to crab on to, when needed to help them up the steep and narrow areas of the trail. There are places you can stop to rest and look at the scenery. One area we stopped at over looked Hackberry Camp Area. This is cool because I saw people and their dog. We also saw turkeys walking around and talking to each other. We stopped a second time to rest on one of the huge boulders and saw the turkeys in the trees. By the time we got to the top we were exhausted even though the GPS said we just went ½ mile but it was straight up. We rested and took pictures of the scenery. The scenery takes your breathe away. It was great just sitting there resting and looking around, but now it’s time to head back to the campground. When you climb down from Sorenson Point be careful you don’t fall because there are places that have sands and loose rocks. I had no problems but I also a dog even though mom doesn’t think so. The hike down seemed to be faster and easier. When we returned to the campsite it was about 9:30 a.m., so we decided to rest and then go for another hike before lunch.

After our rest we hiked over to the parking lot to get to the main trails. The trail that takes you to the parking lot is Paseo Del Rio and its 2 miles round trip. During our mile hike to the parking lot I did some exploring. Right before the parking lot there is a water crossing, I never can resist the water so I had to get my feet wet. When we arrived at the parking lot we were surprise there was only a few cars, we expected a lot of cars because of the 10 hour race. My parents were relieved because that way we didn’t have to fight too many bikes on the trails. While mom and dad were deciding which trail to take a group of college students showed up and they had a couple of dogs. One of the dogs was a puppy, she was a black lab. The other one was a dachshund. One of the couples asked dad what trail is the easiest. Dad showed them his map and they decided to go down the Juniper Trail. That was good because mom and dad decided to hike with me was Rojo Grande Trail. When the rest of the group came where we were I played with the lab a little bit but she was too hyper for me. Mom and dad let the group start their hike first because they know how I like other dogs and we were go on other trail. The trail we hiked is very easy and gorgeous looking over the riverbed. When you hike this trail be careful because it’s on a rim surround by beautiful red rock and a deep revine. The trail was narrow at parts where you have to hike single file. During the hike we saw a snake crawling across the trail and dad took a picture of it. Dad also made sure I didn’t get to close because he was sure what kind of snake it was. We hiked 1 mile when we decided to rest before turning around to head back. I was glad that mom and dad needed to rest because I was tired from the hike earlier. Where we rested overlooked the Fortress Cliff Camp Area. Fortress Cliff Camp Area is for tent camping only. It looked like a very nice camping area where we were sitting. After our rest it was time to head back to the Minnie. When we returned to the parking lot we sat down at the picnic table to rest. When we got to water again I walked in it to cool off and it felt so good. Now we have to hike another mile to get to the campground.

At the end of the last mile we met one of the park hosts. Her name is Mary Ann. She is very nice lady and she had been park hosting for 6 ½ years at different parks. She has a 20’ RV like us. My parents and she talked for awhile. She talked about the different parks she had been to and how much she enjoyed being a host. While my parents and the host talked I lied down and slept. When it was time to go mom and dad had to wake me up. We hiked 4 miles by the time we returned to the campsite.

In the afternoon we sat in our chair and enjoyed the campsite. Some deer came to visit us. There were four deer and walked right next to our campsite. I like that very much but I was too tired to chase them. A little while later mom took me for a walk around our campground and I met our neighbors. Our neighbors were two ladies from Arkansas and they had a dog, she is a boxer. The neighbors were very nice it was the first time their dog ever met another dog so they weren’t sure how friendly she would be. She was great we checked each other and played a little. Then I finished my walk and went back to my chair to sleep.

Right about dinnertime, we saw a coyote. Our neighbors were gone so he decided to check out their campsite for food. I’ve never seen a coyote before so this was neat. He just looks like a dog to me but I guess he would hurt me if I decided to play so I’ll just stay on my chair and watch him. After he left we had dinner. When we finished dinner we went inside because it was starting to get chilly. Mom made cookies for dad and Mary Ann. After they cooled off mom took Mary Ann’s cookies to her. Mom said Mary Ann was very happy to have fresh baked cookies. Mary Ann said she didn’t remember the last time she had cookies. Mom and Mary Ann talked for a while and mom came home to dad and me. Now it’s time to say good night.   

Monday November 5, 2007

I woke mom and dad up about 7:00 a.m. I needed to go for a walk before breakfast. During my morning walk I saw turkeys all over the campground because there weren’t a lot of people here. When mom and I got back to the Minnie dad was dress and we all sat down and had breakfast. Today is an exciting day because we’re going hiking to the lighthouse, which is the biggest attraction to see on the hiking trails. The Lighthouse Trail is 6 miles long round trip. You still have to hike Paseo Del Rio Trail to get to the Lighthouse Trail. The first day we were here we hiked about 2 miles of the Lighthouse Trail but today we’re going to hike the whole trail. I can hardly wait.

The Lighthouse Trail is easy but long, so make sure you have enough water for your adventure. Mom made sure we did. When we got to the parking lot to start our hiking adventure down the Lighthouse Trail we saw a man getting ready to go hiking. Dad didn’t want me to bother him so we started our hike. Shortly after we started our hike, I saw the man again so I ran to him to say hi. The man was very friendly and he pets me. When I returned to my parents, the man asked us if we were going to the lighthouse. Dad said we were and he told us he was going to do the loop. So we went one way and he went the other way, where the trails divided. I hope to see him again. The trail is very well marked and maintained. There were a lot of beautiful rock formations along the trail and the scenery was outstanding. The trail was made of sand there weren’t any big rocks to walk on, so it was great on your feet. The trail goes through riverbeds. One of the river beds had water in it so I walked in the water and took a drink. When we were at the base of the hill that goes to the lighthouse, we sat at a picnic table to take a break. In order to reach the lighthouse you had to climb some manmade stairs. The stairs weren’t in too good of shape because of the many years of rain caused some erosion. Mom and dad had to be careful and the erosion created a challenge to get to the lighthouse. It was not a problem for me because I can climb on the side of the hill. Once you get up the stairs the scenery is gorgeous with all the growth and rock formation. We found out that the lighthouse looked more magnificent from afar than up close. The lighthouse was still pretty. Dad took picture of mom and me climbing down the stairs and the scenery around us. It’s beautiful up here but now it’s time to head back. On the way back we met Mary Ann, she was on her way up to the lighthouse. My parents talked to Mary Ann a little while and than we let her continue her hike before it got too hot. We hiked to where the trail Y into two trails. One trail goes to the campground and the other goes down to the parking lot. We decided to go on the trail that goes to the campground. We hiked this part the first day we were here so dad knew way to go. It was neat to hike the trail the opposite way we did the first time because it looks different. On the trail back to the Minnie we saw a dead rattle snake. We were tired so when we reach a point of interest called Red Star my parents sat on a bench and I laid under one of the rocks. It was nice and cool under the rock I could lay there all day but I knew we had to get back. When we got back it was time for lunch.

In afternoon we didn’t do too much because we were exhausted. After we rested we went for a walk around the campground. I saw my new friend from Arkansas and we played while mom talked to the ladies. When I finished visiting we went back to the campsite and sat on our chairs for the rest of the day. While my parents and I were sitting on our chairs we saw deer and a lot of turkeys. Mom took pictures of the turkeys and deer. It is so cool just sitting in my chair watching the wildlife. The wildlife goes right up to your campsites. Now I need to rest because tomorrow we’re going to head out to Caprock Canyons State Park 


Caprock Canyons State Park

Caprock Canyons

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LOCATION: Quitaque, Texas     SITE: Caprock Canyons State Park
DATE: 11/06/07      SPACE: 118     TRIPS: 26     DISTANCE: 107 miles

Caprock Canyons State Park is located 107 miles southeast of Palo Duro State Park. It is a beautiful State Park with hiking trails and gorgeous view of the redrock canyons. Caprock Canyons is the official home of the Texas State Bison Herd. The area has many things to offer.

Tuesday November 6, 2007

I woke my parents up about 7:00 a.m. and I went for a walk around the campground for the last time. When I got back to the Minnie we had breakfast. After breakfast we broke camp. We are going to Caprock Canyons State Park. I’ve had a lot of fun at Palo Duro but now I have to say good-bye.

We arrived at Caprock Canyons State Park about 11:00 a.m. Dad checked in at the main entrance and started to drive to Honea Flat Camping Area. We were stopped and told that the water and electricity was turned off because while they were putting in new cable they hit the water line. They hoped to get the electricity and water back on by the end of the day. Dad drove mom and me to see the canyons because where we’re staying is too far away to hike them. The canyons are located by the tent camping areas. Occasionally dad pulled over so mom could take pictures. The canyons are gorgeous with all the redrock. The tent camping areas are real close to the canyons. It’s too bad that there isn’t a RV camping area where the tent camping is. There are hiking trails close to the tent areas. It was amazing looking at the canyons. After looking at the canyons for awhile we went to our camping area.        

When we got to Honea Flat Camping Area, mom and dad setup camp. Afterwards we had lunch and than went on a hike. There is one hiking trail by Honea Flat, it’s called Canyon Rim Trail. The trail is 3 miles long and view is very beautiful. We didn’t hike too far down the trail because very where I walked I would get stickers and this isn’t fun. We only hiked ½ mile. We went back to our campsite. For the rest of the day we hung out at the campsite. My parents got a little bored so we walked around the camping area and I watched where I step so I wouldn’t get any stickers. During one of our walks we saw a few deer. They did get the electricity and water on by 5:00 p.m. This is great now we don’t have to run the generator tonight if it gets cold.

In the evening when we were in the Minnie mom and dad looked at the map to see where to go in the morning. We had planned to stay for a few days but because I keep getting stickers in my paws, my parents decided to leave the morning. They decided to go to Lake Brownwood State Park. I’m so excited this will be my third state park on this trip.      

Lake Brownwood State Park

Flo and dad on the fishing pier at Lake Brownwood

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LOCATION: Brownwood, Texas     SITE: Lake Brownwood State Park
DATE: 11/07/07      SPACE: 22     TRIPS: 26     DISTANCE: 264 miles

Lake Brownwood State Park is located 264 miles south of Caprock Canyons State Park. Lake Brownwood State Park is located in Lake Brownwood Texas. It is a beautiful state park with the campsites located on the banks of Lake Brownwood. Lake Brownwood is a 7300-acre reservoir. This state park was built in the 1930s by the CCC. Lake Brownwood has a lot of amenities.  

Wednesday November 7, 2007

We woke up at 7:00 a.m. Mom took me for a walk around the camping area. When returned to the Minnie, mom and dad had breakfast and fed me my special food. After breakfast my parents took their time breaking camp because they were waiting for the main office to open. Dad was hoping to get part of his money back because we were leaving a couple of nights early. We left the campsite about 8:30 a.m. and stopped at the office to check out. Dad told them we were leaving early and the lady at the desk gave him part of the money back. Dad was happy about that. Dad asked the park ranger in the office about the Bison and the ranger told him where they were. When dad returned to us, he drove to show me the Bison. After we saw the Bison we headed towards Lake Brownwood.

On the way to Lake Brownwood, we saw an old drive-in theatre. The drive-in theatre was still being used and it was cool to see so mom took pictures of it. There were a lot of cotton fields and I was tired so I slept and mom even took a nap. We were half way to Lake Brownwood when dad stopped at a Dairy Queen for lunch and he thought maybe I needed to stretch my legs. Mom took me for a walk while dad went in the Dairy Queen to buy lunch. I was glad that dad stopped because I needed to stretch my legs. At the same time I did a little exploring.

We arrived at Lake Brownwood about 3:30 p.m. The camping area we were staying in is Willow Point and the campsites are located close to Lake Brownwood. This is way too cool, I can go swimming and chase the ducks if I wanted to. While mom and dad were setting up camp the park hosts came by. So my parents and they visit a while. The park hosts were a couple and they have been hosting for 12 years. This was their first time at Lake Brownwood. They live in Lubbock so it’s not that far away from here. They have two dogs. They were staying at Council Bluff Camping Area, so if we need them that’s where they’ll be.

After the visit my parents finished setting up camp we decided to go on a hike. While dad and I were waiting for mom dad took me on a walk by the lake. He thought I wanted to go swimming but I was interested in finding food to eat. When dad and I returned to the Minnie mom was ready to go hiking. We hiked to the fishing pier to where the hiking trail begins. The hiking trail runs along the bank of Lake Brownwood to the other camping are Council Bluff. The hiking trail is 2 miles long round trip. The trail is beautiful with all the growth and rock formations. In some places you had to be careful because the plants were growing close to the trail and they had thorns on them. The trail runs between some of the rock formations. This was neat because you had rock walls on both sides of you as you hike. The rocks on the trail formed steps to make it easy to hike. The trail’s surface was comfortable to hike because of all the leaves on it to cushion your feet. The trail’s terrain is a little steep at places. Where the trail goes up hill it is a gradual incline so you don’t even know you’re going up the hill. When we arrived at Council Bluff, one of the park hosts was fixing a post that someone had run over. It looks like there is always something to do around the park to keep you busy when you’re a host. Council Bluff is a beautiful camping area even though it’s located on the hill and not on the lake. We walked around Council Bluff and than we started back to Willow Point before it got dark.

When we returned to the campsite we had dinner. My parents had chicken and dumpling and I ate my specail food. After dinner we sat on our chairs and dad took pictures of the sunset. It is so beautiful and peaceful sitting on our chairs looking at Lake Brownwood. 


Inks Lake State Park

People enjoying Inks Lake

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LOCATION: Burnet, Texas     SITE: Inks Lake State Park
DATE: 11/08/07 -11/11/07     SPACE: 225     TRIPS: 26     DISTANCE: 129 miles

Thursday November 8, 2007

I woke my mom and dad at 7:00 a.m. We’re going to leave Lake Brownwood today to go to Inks Lake. Before we left we went on a walk around the park. We walked the banks of the lake towards the boat ramp and the other amenities. Right before you get to the boat ramp there’s a beach and picnic areas. At the boat ramps there are lodges and boat slips you can rent. It is a very nice setup. There is a bridge you have to cross in order to get to the boat slips. The bridge is a wooden bridge and is very cool to walk over. There is a fishing pier on the boat slips. We walked through the softball field to get to the cabins and group dining hall. The cabins are old but they are very nice. When you get to the group dining hall check it out. It’s a cool big building with stairs outside that leads to a balcony that looks over the lake. After looking at the cabins and the group dining hall, we walked to the tent sites. The tent area looks over Lake Brownwood. Lake Brownwood is a beautiful lake so every chance we got we looked at the lake. After the tent area we headed back to the Minnie. When we got back to the Minnie we had walked 3 miles. We rested a little while and than broke camp so we can go to Inks Lake. We left Lake Brownwood at 9:30 a.m. to go to Inks Lake.        

Inks Lake State Park is 129 miles from Lake Brownwood State Park. It was a nice drive to Inks Lake. I was tired from all the hiking I’ve done the last week I slept all the way to Inks Lake. We arrived at Inks Lake State Park at 1:00 p.m. and dad checked in. We got the same spot we had the last time we were here. There weren’t as many people here as there was our last visit. Dad could choose what campsite he wanted and he decided on 225 because he was familiar with the campsite. Mom and dad set up camp while I did my normal exploring around the campsite. After my parents finished we went for a walk around the park. Inks Lake is a small fishing lake but it’s a very pretty lake. We walked to the lake so I could go swimming. I was too tired to actual swim but I did go in the lake to get wet. As we walked by the lake we met a young couple fishing. The man was bringing in his line and I saw a bobber on the line so I stopped to watch. I have never seen this before so it was fascinating to see. We saw ducks swimming in the lake I didn’t swim after swim after them I was tired. We continued our walk through the park. We walked to the boat ramp. On the way to the boat ramp we saw a dad and son in a paddle boat on the lake I thought this was very nice to see. At the boat ramp there is a park store, a store to rent paddle boats, canoes and kayaks, a playground and parking lot. In the parking lot there was a car with horns on its hood and it was painted the University of Texas colors so mom had to take a picture of the car. As we were walking back to the campsite we saw a few ladies on little motor scooters. We were almost back when I met the park host and his dog. Her name is Abby and she is fourteen years old but she acts like she’s still a puppy. I couldn’t resist I had to play with her. Mom and dad visit with her dad while Abby and I played. When Abby and I finished playing my parents and I went back to the Minnie. When we return to the site we sat in our chairs to enjoy the peace and quite. I needed a rest. As we were sitting on our chairs, we saw squirrels playing in the trees. We sat in our chairs until it was time for dinner.

After dinner we stayed outside until it got dark. It was very peaceful because hardly anyone was there. In fact we had the whole circle to ourselves. While we were sitting there we saw a few deer. They were walking around the campground and eating. They were scared of me so they kept their distance. I watched them and they kept an eye on me. I was happy just lying in my chair watching them. I think deer are beautiful animals and their fun to chase but I’ll leave them alone right now. Now it’s time to go in for the night and mom’s going to bake cookies.

Friday November 9, 2007

I woke my parents up at 7:00 a.m. like I always did. Mom took me for a morning walk. As we were leaving the Minnie, there were a few deer grassing behind the Minnie. Mom and I didn’t even know they were there until they snored as us. Mom and I looked where they were and we decided to let them continue eating. We walked towards the end of the circle where we were staying, we saw a beautiful buck and when he saw us he ran away. Mom and I finished our walk. When we returned to the Minnie dad was ready to go for a hike. Before we went on the hike we had breakfast.

Our hike was 6 ½ miles long through trees, cactus and other plants. We climbed over rocks, between rocks and up rocks. The hike is beautiful hike. It is a prettier hike than what we remembered the last time we were here. When we climbed on the rocks we saw magnificent views of hills and Inks Lake. There are 4 hiking trails at Inks Lake, they are green, yellow, red and blue. The hiking trailhead is at the entrance gate of the park. We hiked the green trail to where the yellow trail begins. During our hike down the green trail we saw some deer. When I saw the deer I chased after them. This is fun even if I can’t catch them. We hiked the yellow trail through the Pecan Flats Camping Area, which is the primitive camping area. The primitive camping area has a lot of growth on the sites. This is nice because the growth keeps the tent campers cool. We also saw more deer at Pecan Flats Trail Camp. We hiked the yellow trail until it met up with the red trail a second time. The first place that the yellow trail meets with the red trail is shorter and wanted to go for a longer hike today. We hiked the red trail to the blue trail. The blue trail is a loop so we hiked the whole trail back to the red trail. During the hike on the blue trail we rested a few time to look at the scenery of the trees and Inks Lake. When we reached where the red trail meets with the yellow trail we went right because it takes you back towards the trailhead. We hiked the yellow trail back to the green trail. Along the green trail there were some rocks you had to climb over. While we were doing these I met a couple of young girls and they said hi to me, I said hi but I was more interested in the lake than them. When I saw a way down to the lake I took it because I wanted to go swimming. I was hot and thirsty. While I was swimming mom and dad rested on the rock. After my swim I was refreshed so I was ready to finish my hike. When we returned to the Minnie I was dead tire so I crawled into my chair and went to sleep. While I was sleeping mom and dad rested before lunch.

In the afternoon we stayed around the campsite. While we were hang out a lady came around and was putting signs up on all the campsites. Mom was curious, so she asked the lady what was going on. The lady told her that the all the sites were reserved by The Boys Scouts for the weekend. That explained why we saw the reserved signs on the campsites on the way back to our campsite from our hike. How exciting I can play with some boys this weekend. After I got some energy my parents took me for a walk to the lake. When we got to the lake I went swimming and than we went back to the Minnie to have dinner.

For dinner mom and dad had some chile while I ate my special food. After we ate mom took me across the street so I could play with Abby. Abby’s dad came out of their RV to visit. While mom and Abby’s dad visit Abby and I played. I have a lot of fun playing with Abby but now it’s time to go back to dad. My parents and I sat in our chairs until it started to get dark than we went inside for the night.    

Saturday November 10, 2007

I woke mom and ad up about 7:00 a.m. Mom took me for a walk around the camping area. We saw a lot of tents in the campground. Some of the boy scouts and their families showed up after my parents and I went inside last night. We returned to the Minnie and ate breakfast with dad. While we were eating breakfast more boy scouts and their families were showing up. Moms and dads were putting tents up with their kids. It was fun just watching them. After we watched them for awhile we went on a short hike. On the way to the trail head there were a lot more boy scouts and their families. The boy scouts had reserved the whole park for the weekend.

Our hike was 4 miles. We hiked part of the green trail to get to the yellow trail. To day we decided to take the shorter yellow trail at Pecan Flats Trail because I was tired. Right before we started down the first red trail to do the shorter part of the yellow trail I saw a deer. I wanted to chase him but we were going the opposite direction. We arrived at the first red trail and decided to hike it because it was the short cut. When we got back on the yellow trail we saw a lot of boy scouts. The boy scouts had hiked in the primitive camping area during the night and camped there. I guess they were earning some type of badge. When I saw them I was too tired to even pester them and this is very unusual. One of the dads was walking down the trail so he said hi to me. I was happy he did. We continued our hike back to the green trail, where the lake is and my parents let me go swimming. The swim perked me up so now I’m ready to finish up my hike. When we returned to the campsite I was tired and my feet hurt now I need a rest.

We spent the rest of the day around the campsite. I really didn’t get much sleep because there were so much activities going on with the boy scouts. Some of the activities were football, climbing trees, hiking and exploring. People were coming and going all afternoon. I had fun just watching the kids doing the different activities. Now it's time to go in for the night.     

Sunday November 11, 2007

We woke up a little before 7:00 a.m. and mom took me for a walk. The boy scouts and their family were starting to get up. We met a few of the families and some of the families were getting ready to go home. After mom and got back we ate breakfast with dad. About 8:00 a.m. we broke camp to go home. I’ve had a great time on my adventure to the Panhandle now it’s time to go home. I’m exhausted and my feet hurt I need to get home to rest so we can go on another adventure next weekend.

Emma Long Park

Flo and her new friend

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It’s Friday, so it’s time to go camping for the weekend. The weather is beautiful and I’m all rested from my week long trip to the Panhandler. Mom and dad told me we’re going to Emma Long Park. I’ve never been there before, it sounds great because it’s right on the shores of Lake Austin. I can go swimming in the lake and I really love to swim. Mom and dad said there’s not a lot of hiking. Ok, that way I don’t have to hike too far. Emma Long Park is a city park and has many amenities to offer are:

LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Emma Long Park
DATE: 11/16/07 -11/18/07     SPACE: 20     TRIPS: 27     DISTANCE: 19 miles

Friday November 16, 2007

We arrived at Emma Long Park about 3:30 p.m. It took us about 40 minutes to get here. There is a curving steep road you have to drive to get to the entrance of Emma Long Park. The road goes for about 6 miles. Dad checked in at the entry booth, our assigned campsite is 20. Each campsite has a picnic table, shade trees, grill and trash receptacles. The campsites are gorgeous with pecan trees, cypress trees and oak trees. The campsites either backup to Lake Austin or the beautiful hills. The hills have a lot of trees and other plants. If you want to take a challenging hike you can hike up the hills. After we arrived at Emma Long Park, mom and dad setup camp for the weekend while I checked out the campsite. After mom and dad finished we went for walk around the camping area of the park. I met a few dogs and their masters. I saw some swans on the bank of the lake. One of the dogs came and introduced himself to me I thought that was nice. It was nice short walk and we went back to the campsite. A few minutes later my parents took me for walk to where the beach is. The lake was very calm it looked like glass. On our walk we saw some boats on the lake, a lot of birds, some squirrels and trees. I found some chicken bones to eat while I was exploring. We saw people setting up camp for the night with their tents. The trees had a lot of pecans in them and under them. I had to be a little careful because there were stickers on the edge of the road. Once you get closer to the lake the stickers went away. When we got to the beach no one was there but it was a nice beach. In front of the beach there were some docks so you can tie-up your boats while you enjoy the picnic area at the beach. There are restrooms at the bench so you can take a shower after your swim and change into dry clothes. We walked to the boat ramp and looked across the lake to see the beautiful homes on the other side. The homes had their own cover boat slip and the homes were big. It was nice to enjoy the view of the homes on the lake. We turned around and headed back to the campground. When we returned to the campsite I met a new friend his name was Rambo and he was a German Sheppard. We played for awhile. Now it’s time to have dinner. Dad barbequed hamburgers for mom and him, I had my special food. After dinner we sat on our chairs and watched the neighbors. There were some fishermen a couple campsites down from us. While we were sitting there we saw one of the fisherman catch a big fish. This excited a lot of people so they went over there to see the fish and see how big he was. It started to get dark and we went in for the night. Before we went to bed mom baked some cookies. 

Saturday November 17, 2007

I woke my parents up about 7:00 a.m. Mom took me for walk around the campground and when we returned to the Minnie we had breakfast. After breakfast we went on a hike. In order to get to the hiking trail you have to walk about 1 ½ miles. You walk by the beach area to the entrance booth which is about ½ mile. Once you get to the booth you have to walk 1 mile along the main road. During our walk along the road we saw some deer. I wanted to chase them but I couldn’t because I was on leash. Mom took pictures of them. When we got to the hiking trail dad took my leash off. The name of the trail is Turkey Creek Nature Trail. This trail is one of the few trails that dogs can be off leash. This is so cool I can have freedom to play and explore without worrying about being a pain. The trail is about 3 miles long. I had so much fun on this hike because I met a lot of other dogs and their masters. I played very hard with a few of the dogs. One dog was a red dog I don’t know his name but he was a lot of fun. We ran around and swam together in the creek. Where Red and I swam in the creek the trail turned into a little loop and dad wasn’t sure which way to go so he asked Red’s dad. Red’s dad told him he could go either way it depends on how much of a workout you wanted. Mom and dad decided to climb up the steeper part of the trail to get the workout and Red’s dad decided to go the other way. The loop is about 1 mile. The trail we took was a very steep hill and on the top we had to we rest a few minutes. After our little rest we continued our hike. We met Red again and we said hi to each other again. We also met a lady that had three dogs and I played with them. One of the dogs was a black dog and he was a little over a year, so we ran around for awhile. We ran up and down a small hill and into the creek, we had a lot of fun playing with each other. I was happy to get back to the creek where the loop began because I was hot and thirsty, so I jumped into the creek and went for a swim. Oh, boy did this cool me off now I can finish my hike. I met so many dogs and their masters during the hike I hope to come back again. When we return to the parking lot there was a lot more cars there and we were tired. Mom and dad sat down on a pole to rest and I lay down. While we were resting I saw a lot more dogs showing up and I wanted to play again but I knew we had to walk another 1 ½ miles to get back to the campground so I decided to rest a little longer. On the way back dad checked his GPS to see where we hiked and decided maybe we could save some time and distance if we could find a shortcut through the trees. We found a shortcut, dad took my leash off because we had to walk through the trees and hike down a steep hill. This shortcut was fun and it took us right to the campground. When we entered the campground our neighbors were up and playing. Our neighbors were 3 families, 6 adults and 7 kids. The shortcut saved us about 1 mile. Now we back to the campsite and I can rest. Mom and dad rest a few minutes and than barbequed bacon for lunch. Mom gave me some chicken for a snack.

After lunch we went in the Minnie and took a short nap. When we got up from our nap we went on another hike. The hike is the Nature Trail at the end of the campground, it’s only 1 mile long. The hike was a pretty hike along the bank of Lake Austin and up a small hill. The trail has trees and other growth on both sides of it. The trail wasn’t kept up too well so it was hard to see where it went. We only could walk part of it because it sort of disappeared. We turned around and ahead back to our site where it disappeared. On the way back I went swimming in the lake. I’m having so much fun today. When we almost back to our site my parents went over to visit the fishermen. I already met one of the guys the day before so he played with me again. The fishermen had a great set up for fishing. They are carp fishermen and they had done this for years. Their set up is very cool. They put their fishing rods on 2 stands a piece and each stand has a sensor to let the fishermen know when they get a fish. When ever anything comes in contact with the line the sensor will go off and than the fishermen can check their line and know which one to check. The fisherman had a remote control in his pocket when the sensor goes off on the line it will trigger the remote to beep. It works very well because yesterday, they catch a 22 pound carp. This is way too cool. We said good-bye and went back to the Minnie. Our neighbors were playing horseshoes and climbing the hill behind the campsites. It is so nice to see everyone having fun and enjoying themselves. We sat in our chairs just enjoying the lake and watching the squirrels playing with each other.

After awhile we ate dinner mom gave me my special food and my parents had chile. When we finished dinner we went for a walk towards the beach. I saw squirrels and I wanted to chase them but I was on my leash, even if I wasn’t I think I was too tired to chase them anyways. Now it’s time to go back and call it a night.

Sunday November 18, 2007

I woke my parents up about 6:00 a.m. because I heard some bass boats on the lake. So mom got up and took me for a morning walk. It was a nice walk and everyone was starting to get up. Check out time is 12:00 p.m. When mom and I get back to the Minnie dad was dressed. We all had some breakfast. Our final hike was to the beach area. It’s an easy walk I’m glad because I’m still tired from our hike yesterday. When we were walking we saw some vehicles in the far end of the park, so we went over to see what was going on. I found out why I heard a few bass boats on the lake. There was a tournament going on. It was the Big Sandy Club’s tournament. The Fish and Game Warren was there. We saw some people fishing from the dock and bass boats in the lake. The tournament had not started yet so people were just getting ready. We walked around the parking lot and headed back towards to campground. When we returned to the site we started to get ready to go home. Our neighbors were all ready to go or gone. Now it’s time for us to go. It’s not too far to go so we took our time. I’m glad I came to Emma Long Park and I hope I can come back. I had so much fun.