Flo's 2006 October Travels

Lake Georgetown Cedar Breaks

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October Trips 2006

LOCATION: Corps of Engineers Georgetown, Texas     SITE: Cedar Breaks Park
DATE: 10/13/06 – 10/15/06     SPACE: 51     TRIPS: 8     DISTANCE: 42 miles

I'm back from my vacation with my cousins. I had fun running and playing with Rusty and Regal. I really enjoy staying there because my Aunt Louise will let me sleep in her bed with her. At home I have my own bed in a kennel. I don't mind sleeping in the kennel because it is my own space but I really like sleeping with my aunt and cousins. In the summer we stopped camping because it was too hot, instead we go boating. My mom and dad like to waterski, wakeboard, and air chair, I like to swim so it works out very well. Mom and dad let me go riding in the boat and after they are finished skiing they let me go swimming. I swim off the back of the boat. My dad bought me a life jacket so mom and him can lift me up onto the platform. After they do that I climb into the boat. Summer is now over so dad put the boat up for the winter. It time to get back into camping because the weather is cooling off.

I am excited because we're camping again. When ever my mom starts packing the Minnie I jump inside and run to her seat. This is my favorite seat because I can see out the window. I sit here waitng for my mom and dad to get ready. After the Minnie is packed I jump off the seat and get in my spot. I sit on the floor next to my mom and dad. I stay there until we get to the campsite. The campsite we're going to is Cedar Breaks Park, we've been here before but it's still exciting.

Friday October 13, 2006

My family and I arrived at Cedar Breaks Park about 5:00 p.m. Mom and dad setup camp for the weekend and we met our neighbors. Our neighbors were from Lago Vista. Lago Vista which is located northwest of Austin. Our neighbors came to the park with a group from their church. The neighbors had two poodles, I enjoyed that because now I had buddies. After dinner we went for a walk before it got dark, we walked around the campgrounds. It was beautiful evening so we sat outside, until about 9:00 p.m.

Saturday October 14, 2006

We woke up about 7:00 a.m. It was still dark so my mom and dad waited for the sun to come up, while they waited we had breakfast. We started on our hike about 8:00 a.m. and we walked about 3 ½ miles. Mom and dad were going to hike a little farther but this was the first hike we had done in about 6 months and they didn’t want to get too tired. I liked the hike because I went exploring. I was ready to go back to the site and relax. I met another lady from Lago Vista in the morning and she was happy to see me, She asked mom if she could come over and visit me, mom said she was welcome anytime. The lady had left her dogs at home. In the afternoon we walked around the campground and just took it easy. It was a fun day because I met a lot of dogs.

Sunday October 15, 2006

We got up about 7:00 a.m. We had some breakfast and we hiked for about 3 miles to the dam. During the hike I met a man who was jogging with his dog. We saw people riding their bikes on a trail that went over the dam. I also met a lady and she said hi to me. I had a great time. After our hike we watched the other campers break camp. It doesn't take mom and dad long to break camp. The other campers take a little longer because they had pop-up campers. We broke camp about 10:00 a.m. I had a fantastic trip so we'll be going on other trip pretty soon.

Flo at the end of a hike

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LOCATION: Corps of Engineers Georgetown, Texas     SITE: Jim Hoggs Park
DATE: 10/20/06 – 10/22/06     SPACE: 126     TRIPS: 9     DISTANCE: 46 miles

This trip mom and dad decided to take me back to Jim Hoggs Park. I always have a lot of fun there and it's close to my house. The hiking trail goes around the lake and is very long.

Friday October 20, 2006

My family and I arrived at the campsite about 5:00 p.m. After mom and dad set up camp we ate some dinner and went for a walk around the campsite down to the boat ramp. As we were walking down the trail that led back to our campsite we saw a tent in the middle of the trail, we thought maybe they didn't realize it was a trail because it was dark when they setup. We met the owners of the tents, tt was a group of young people just camping out for a few days. One of the girls came up to me and gave me some attention, she warned dad and mom that they may be noisey. Her boyfriend petted me, I decided I liked them. When we finished our walk we sat outside for awhile. We went to bed about 9:00 p.m.

Saturday October 21, 2006

We woke up about 7:00 a.m. and had breakfast. After breakfast we went for a hike to Russell Park. We didn't get there because it was farther than we thought. We walked about 5 miles. On the way back I met an eight year old dog named April and I was very excited, April and I played while mom and dad talked to her master. He was just going for a morning walk through the woods, he lived close by and was taking care of his father. Further down the trail I met another dog, she was 14 years old but she acted like she was younger than me. I really enjoyed my hike because I met a couple new friends. We went back to camp and relaxed awhile. In the afternoon we walked around the site and just took it easy because I and my parents were tired.

Sunday October 22, 2006

We woke up about 7:00 a.m. and went for a little hike, it was a great morning. We walked about 3 miles. I met April again and we played again, it was a lot of fun. We went back to the campsite and got ready to go home. I had a great time and I want to go back so I can play with April.

Flo swimming in Frio River at Gardner State Park

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Fall Trip to the Hill Country 2006

I’m very excited. My mom and dad just told me that I’m going on a week long trip with them. They told me that we’re going to go to Lost Maples to see the trees turn color, but before we go there we’re going to stop at Garner State Park. After we see the trees we’re going to South Llano River Park so I can watch the wild turkeys. This sounds great because I have never seen wild turkeys.

On the way to Garner, we stopped at Lady Bird Municipal Park. This park is located right outside of Fredericksburg, it was a very nice park. I saw ducks swimming in the river. There was a small R.V. park inside the park. Mom took a few pictures of the R.V. Park, river, waterfall, ducks and the rest of the park. We hung out for awhile, it was very relaxing.

LOCATION: Rio Frio, Texas     SITE: Garner State Park
DATE: 10/28/06 – 10/31/06     SPACE: 318     TRIPS: 10     DISTANCE: 192.4 miles

Garner State Park is located in Garner Texas. It’s a very beautiful park. My family and I stayed there for three nights. It was great and I saw and did a lot of new things.

Saturday October 28, 2006

We arrived at Garner State Park, Saturday afternoon. Dad checked into the park, while he was checking in mom took me for a short walk. Dad drove around the camping areas to decide which area we were going to stay. There were 7 different sites. Some of the campsites were set up just for tent camping, they only had water. The other sites had water and electricity. Mom and dad decided to stay in Live Oak camping area because it wasn’t as popular as Pecan Grove. Pecan Grove is very popular because it backs up to the Frio River and close to the hiking trails. While we were driving around we saw children playing in the river. After mom and dad settled in, we went for a walk around Live Oak. I saw some deer and I chased an armadillo into the trees. Mom wanted to take a picture but he already disappeared into a hole. Then we went back to the campsite and had some dinner.

Sunday October 29, 2006

We woke up about 7:00 a.m. After breakfast mom and dad took me for a 5 mile hike. We decided to walk to Pecan Grove Camping Area, I really liked this hike because I saw a lot of animals and things. On the way to the site I chased some deer through a meadow, that was fun. I went back to my mom and dad afterwards and we continued our hike. When we got to Pecan Grove I saw geese swimming in the Frio River, dad took some pictures. As we were walking around the area we saw some mountain goats, there were a lot of them I think over 100. We never saw goats out in the wild so that was fantastic, we watched them for about 20 minutes. Dad followed them to the river to take some pictures. Dad asked mom to keep me back because he was afraid I would spook them. Image me spooking them, I think they would spook me first. We continued our walk where we saw shelters for people to stay in, it was a great hike. In the afternoon we hung out at the campground because I was tired. Later we walked down to the river so I could go swimming, my mom and dad walked in the river. I never swam in a river so it was a challenge swimming against the current. I tried to go one way and the river pushed me another, I had a great time. When we got back to the site we watched a woodpecker making a hole in a tree, mom named him Woody. We watched some squirrels playing in the trees. After we ate dinner we went for a walk around our campground, we saw some deer and a couple of jack rabbits. It was a nice relaxed walk. We didn’t go too far because I was tired.

Monday October 30, 2006

We woke up about 7:00 a.m. and had breakfast. After breakfast we went for a 6 miles hike. At the beginning of our hike we saw a big herd of deer, I chased some up the hill. Further down the trail we saw a beautiful buck, he was a light brown color with spots and a big rack. He ran up the hill and just watched us. That was the first time dad saw a deer that color. We climbed up and down a big hill. The hike was very peaceful and beautiful because of the scenery. We didn’t see a lot of people. During the hike we stopped at a cave, it was called Crystal Cave. Dad walked into the cave and took some pictures of the cave, he was in the entrance and took a few pictures of mom and me looking at him and the cave. On the way back to the campsite we stopped at the river so I could go swimming. As I was swimming I decided I would try to catch the fish, that was fun. After we ate lunch we walked down to the river and walked in it. We probably walked a mile, I swam and explored. As I explored I found a bone. Some places the current was strong and the water was deep. We walked farther down the river to take some pictures of these big Cypress trees, they were very tall. Dad went wading through the river and found a spot where the water went up to his chest. Dad wanted to check out how deep the river was because he saw some ropes hang from the trees. When dad was in the water I decided to swim to him, afterwards we walked back to rest. The rest of the day we stayed around the site because I was tired. While we were sitting there I saw another armadillo, I chased him into a bush and mom took a picture. She also had to take me back to my chair so the armadillo could continue on his way.

Tuesday October 31, 2006

We woke up about 7:00 a.m. and had breakfast. After breakfast we broke camp so we could go to Lost Maples. Lost Maples is a state park about 31 miles from Garner State Park.

Lost Maples Trail

Lost Maples State Park

LOCATION: Vanderpool, Texas     SITE: Lost Maples Park
DATE: 10/31/06 – 10/31/06     SPACE: 00     TRIPS: 10     DISTANCE: 31.3 miles

Tuesday October 31, 2006

When we got to Lost Maples dad went into the check in place to see if could get a site for the night. The man inside said they were booked up until the first of the year, so we decided to just stay there for the day. Dad drove to the picnic area where we parked the Minnie, the picnic area is located by the river. The river name was Sabinal River. We decided to hike the East Trail which was about 5 miles long. We walked down the trail and I met a couple of dogs. It was beautiful to see all the trees turning fall colors. I walked through some creeks, mom and dad walked on the rocks that went through the creeks but I decided to walk in the water. We only hiked about 2.5 miles because I was tired. We walked up the trail until we got to a restroom. If we had continued it would be steep so we decided to turn around and go back. On the way back we took the Maple Trail, it was .6 miles. Mom read some river markers on this trail on how the limestone was formed, the different fish that live in the river and the different trees that were there. Dad took some pictures of the trees turning color. When we got back to the Minnie it was lunchtime. We had a picnic along the Sabinal River and just enjoyed the scenery. After lunch we headed towards South Llano River State Park. This park is located 77 miles from Lost Maples.

Turkeys at South Llano River State Park

South Llano River State Park

LOCATION: Junction, Texas     SITE: South Llano River State Park
DATE: 10/31/06 – 11/04/06     SPACE: 45     TRIPS: 10     DISTANCE: 76.5 miles

On the way to the park we saw a wild hog. Dad tried to take a picture of him but he was too fast. He was on his way down to the South Llano River. Dad checked in at the headquarters, which was an old ranch house and was decorated very cute. The yard had a dragon, rabbit, windmill and some seasonal decorations. Where the campgrounds were located the river was closed and the river hiking trails were also closed, this was because the wild turkeys were roosting, about 600 turkeys migrate to the South Llano River to roost. The river is closed from October to April. The reason for the closure is because the park rangers were afraid the turkeys wouldn’t come back if people scared them away. But you can still hike because there are other trails that are open.

Tuesday October 31, 2006

We arrived at the park in the afternoon so we didn’t do too much. Mom and dad set up camp and I did a little exploring around the site, it was a beautiful site. There were a lot of oak trees and they had a lot of acorns in them. We walked around the campsite and down to a bird blind. You couldn’t walk any further then the blind because of the roosting. There was a temporary fence put up to prevent people from disturbing the turkeys. There were signs posted at every trail that was off limits. We went back to our campsite and just relaxed for the rest of the day. While we were relaxing I saw a lot of deer. There was so many deer I didn’t know what to do so I just laid in my chair and watched them. While I was watching the deer, the turkeys decided they were hungry so they showed up. I wasn’t sure what they were, mom told me they were turkeys. Mom explained the turkeys were birds but I’m not sure because they weren’t flying in the sky. The turkeys were eating the acorns. They ate right next to the deer and neither the deer or the turkeys cared the other was there, I thought that was neat. Dad took pictures of the turkeys. We had some dinner and afterwards we watched the wildlife again. There was so many deer. There were deer in front of me, behind me, to the left of me and the right of me, they were everywhere. I didn’t know what to do so I just watched them. I had fun. I met my neighbors who had two dogs, I even saw a cat. There were so many acorns they kept on falling everywhere, they fell on our heads, chairs and the roof of the Minnie. It’s getting dark so we went in the Minnie.

Wednesday November 1, 2006

We woke up early and went on a hike that was about 4 miles. Before we went for the hike we saw about 40 turkeys walking around our campsite eating and heading towards the river where they do their roosting. Dad took some pictures while we waited for mom to get ready for the hike. During the hike we saw deer and I chased a wild hog down the creek. I was exploring and I smelled him in the brushes, then he saw me so he ran and I ran after him. Mom and dad saw a couple of white deer, they blended into their environment. We had a great hike and went back to the campground, I was tired. In afternoon mom and dad left me in the Minnie while they walked down to the part of the river that was still open to the public. They left me there because I was really tired. When they came back mom told me what they saw. She told me they saw some black-buck antelopes in a field right outside the park. The river was about 1 ½ miles away. They saw a park where people put their tubes in to go tubing down the river in the summertime. When they came back I was still sleeping. In the evening we saw a lot more turkeys and met our new neighbors. They had a dog so I was very excited because I found a new friend. It was getting cold so we went inside and watched the wildlife through the windows.

Thursday November 2, 2006

We woke up in the morning and hiked about 4 miles. During the hike I went exploring and found a piece of a deer skull, a couple of pieces of a deer hide and a bone, dad took them all away from me. We had to change the direction of our hike because the trail was closed for hunting. We saw two white deer that blended into the rocks for protection, they were beautiful. Dad saw a hog and while we were resting we saw a red fox, he was walking across the trail. Dad tried to get a picture but the fox was too fast and ran down the hill. When we got back we met a man who had a dog, I really liked that. We also met George and Evelyn and we also met the camp hosts Ben and Beverly, they had two dogs. The hosts were very nice and friendly. In the afternoon we took a nap then watched the deer and turkeys. I was very good I just sat in my chair and watched them, I was really tired. George came over and invited us over to their site for a campfire. I was very excited because it was the first time I ever saw a campfire. While we were there I saw a cat but dad wouldn’t let me chase it because it was dark. George went and got a flashlight just to make sure it was a cat and not a skunk. The night before two skunks came to their site in the dark and he thought they were cats. It was a fun evening.

Friday November 3, 2006

In the morning we hiked for about 5 miles. We saw deer and I even chased some of them. We went to observation point where I did a little exploring. We also saw goats on a private ranch, it was a big spread. It was a relaxing hike and day because it was our last day here. We spent most of the day just relaxing and watching the wildlife. It was ok by me because I was very tired.

Saturday November 4, 2006

We woke up in the morning had breakfast and got ready to go home. I slept all the way home. I really had a fantastic time even if I got tired.