Flo's 2008 Photo Page

Here are the photo albums of my adventures. Just click on the links and a new window will appear with my photos, if photos don't appear I didn't take any.

2008 Photos
Canyonlands Trails of Lakeway January 2008  
Canyonlands Trails of Lakeway April 2008
Canyonlands Trail of Lakeway Sept 2008
Hamilton Greenbelt of Lakeway Dec 2008

Guadalupe State Park January 2008 
Pedernales Falls State Park February 2008 
Muleshoe Bend Park Feb.2008 
Muleshoe Bend Park1 Feb. 2008  
Cedar Breaks Park Mar 2008  
Buescher State Park Mar 2008 
Bastrop State Park Mar 2008   
Jim Hogg Park April 2008 
Spring Trip 2008
     Martin Creek Lake State Park Apr 08
     Lake O' the Pines Corps Park Apr 08  
     Fairfield Lake State Park Apr 08
Cedar Breaks Park Sept 2008
Jim Hogg Park Oct. 2008 
Jim Hogg Park Nov. 2008  (Nov 2008)
Muleshoe Bend Park Nov. 2008  (Nov 2008)
Muleshoe Bend Park 1 Nov. 2008 (Nov 2008)
Lake Texanna State Park Nov. 2008  (Nov 2008)
East Texas Trip Dec. 2008 (Dec 2008)
    Granger Lake Wilson Fox Park 
    Mission Tejas State Park 
    Daingerfield State Park 
    Atlanta State Park 
    Martin Dies, Jr. State Park 
    Lake Livingston State Park
    Huntsville State Park
Christmas and New Years Trip Dec 2008  (Dec 2008)
    Garner State Park Dec 2008
    Lady Bird Park Dec 2008
    Inks Lake State Park Dec 2008