Flo's 2006 September Travels

Stephenville Texas

 Stephenville Texas City Park
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Fly-In Trip September 2006

Because I needed a little vacation from my parents I'm going let my mom write this adventure. I'm going to visit my Aunt Louise and my two cousins. My cousins are beagles, their names are Rusty and Regal. Here is my parents adventure.

LOCATION: Stephenville, Texas     SITE: Stephenville City Park
DATE: 9/15/06 – 9/16/06     SPACE: 00     TRIPS: 7     DISTANCE: 193 miles

Stephenville City Park: Stephenville City Park is located downtown Stephenville Texas, there are 10 permanent spaces for over night camping. It is on the honor system, you can either mail a check for $15.00 a night or slip the payment under the door at the Recreation Hall. We stayed over night here on the way to the Fly In.

Friday September 15, 2006

Larry and I arrived at Stephenville City Park at 6:00 p.m. It had 10 permanent camp sites with water and electricity. There were also 50 temporary sites if needed. The camping fee was $15.00 a night, if you’re a senior citizen it is $10.00. It was a fantastic park that appeared to be well used by its citizens. A Recreation Hall is located by the entrance of the park and the public is welcome to rent it out. There is a small Century Park and Gazebo located within the park. The park ran along the Bosque River and has many amenities to offer.

º 2 Group Pavilions
º Picnic Tables with Grills
º 2 Playgrounds
º Swimming Pool
º Horseshoe Courts
º 4 Lighted Tennis Courts
º Volleyball Courts
º Soccer Field
º 1.3 Mile Walking Trail
º Outdoor Stage
º 2 Basketball Courts
º 3 Baseball Fields
º 3 Softball Youth Fields

We walked around the park and downtown and the downtown was very small and all the shops were closed. There wasn’t much activity going on downtown. We enjoyed walking around the park, we observed the citizens playing frisbee, soccer, jogging, children playing in the playground, girls practicing dance steps, girls roller skating and people walking their dogs. There were ducks playing in the river. It was great.

Saturday September 16, 2006

Larry and I woke up about 7:00 a.m. to go up to the Fly-In. The Fly-In was located near Tin Top, Texas about 60 miles from Stephenville, along the Brazos River. We arrived at the Fly-In about 10:00.

Dad Flying the Airchair                        Mom Flying the Airchair

 Bravos River Fly - In

LOCATION: Granbury, Texas     SITE: Lake Granbury Thorp Spring
DATE: 9/16/06 – 9/17/06     SPACE: 00     TRIPS: 7     DISTANCE: 60 miles

Lake Granbury Thorp Spring: Lake Granbury Ramp is located off Highway 51 at Thorp Spring Road. We spent the night in the parking lot and ran the generator for about 8 hours we went through 4 gallons of gas. We spent the day at the Fly-In and arrived we at the boat ramp at about 6:00 p.m.

Saturday September 16, 2006

Larry and I arrived at Tin Top about 9:00 in the morning. We spent the whole day at the Fly-In. After being there all day we learned what to do next year to get more out of it. We had met Al Lewin in Austin and flew with him on Lake Austin, we also were able to fly with him at the Fly-In. We took a lot of pictures of the river, flyers, and spectators. The Fly-In is a get together of people from all over the U.S. who fly Air Chairs and Sky Skis. It’s an event that last 4 days and you fly as much as possible and get to know other flyers. When we first arrived at the Fly-In we didn’t know what to do. We talked to Todd, who organized the Fly-In.

º Todd’s house was like a tent and R.V. city
º Went to dock to catch a boat to the beach
º At the beach you signed up and paid
º Catch a pull there
º There were food and drinks
º Buy raffle tickets and tee shirts
º You watch people fly
º There were vendors
º Professional flyers

This was the first time we were ever on the Brazos River. The water was great. We drove around the area and liked what we saw. Todd's community has a  homeowner park, boat ramp, playground, grills, and the homes are medium size. We planned to go back to the Fly-In Sunday morning to get a pull from Al.

We camped out at Lake Granbury boat ramp. There was a parking lot, where you can park all night. There is no electricity or water, so to run the air conditioner we had to run the generator. It was a nice little park, there is a grill and bathroom. We had dinner and then decided to drive around a little bit. We drove through Granbury downtown, it is a beautiful little town. There was some activity going on, shops were open and people taking advantage of it. We went back to the ramp and a family showed up. A young girl came up to Larry and me to show us the frog she got from the lake. A man came in with his canoe. It was nice to see people using the lake. It was pretty shallow and there were lots of stumps. It rained during the night, it wasn’t a hard rain but it was steady.

Sunday September 17, 2006

Larry and I woke up about 7:00 a.m. to go back to the Fly-In but we decided not to. Since it had rained during the night and where you park at the Fly-In  is a field, it would be too wet. Larry was afraid that the R.V. would get stuck. We decided we would tour the area, we drove to a Corp of Engineering park, where the wake boarders were going to meet at the end of the month. The lake was very low and there was a sand barge across the center of the cove, there were a couple of warning buoys to let people know. While we were there a wake board boat came in and decided not to launch. A little later some fishermen came and launched. Larry asked them, where they had to go in order to avoid the sand barge. One told us that you had to go close to the buoy close to the bank and then you would be ok. We watched them and he was right. We watched a couple more people launch and we took some pictures. It is always entertaining watching people launch because everyone does it different.

We drove on down the road towards Lake Whitney. The section close to the Brazos River was very low. We stopped at a park that had a marina. The lake didn’t look pretty at all. We watched some people take their ski boat out at the marine to put on a trailer, it was so shallow that they couldn’t put it on the trailer on that ramp. We saw some sand barges in the lake and that was the reason they didn’t put the boat on the trailer. We went into the R.V. and had lunch, after lunch we went further down the road and went over the dam of Lake Whitney. Lake Whitney was bigger than we thought and it was also a lot prettier. There weren’t a lot of homes around the lake, which was a surprise because it is so close to Dallas and Fort Worth. In fact we thought maybe there were more homes on Lake Belton. We drove around for awhile then we headed towards Lake Belton.

Dad at Lake Belton

Lake Belton 

LOCATION: Belton, Texas     SITE: Lake Belton
DATE: 9/16/06 – 9/17/06     SPACE: 26     TRIPS: 7     DISTANCE: 144 miles

Lake Belton: Lake Belton is a Corp of Engineer Lake located in Belton Texas. Belton is a small city right outside of Temple. We have water skied on Lake Belton many times but we have never camped there.

Sunday September 17, 2006

There are a few parks on the Lake. The one we stayed at was right down the lake from the marina. Lake Belton is a very nice lake. We walked around the campground and went down to the boat ramp. There we took some pictures and enjoyed the view of the lake. We went back to the campsite, where we sat on a swing. While we were sitting on the swing we watched the deer playing in the field across the road. The fawns were chasing each other like they were playing tag. We have never seen the deer doing this before. A little while later a couple of deer very near us, that was the first time we saw deer that close. It was amazing to see how tame they were. After awhile we made dinner and just relaxed. It was very peaceful.

Monday September 18, 2006

It was a beautiful day. We watched the deer and I took some pictures. There were two fawns and a doe eating at the site just right across the road from us. They were very close and they weren’t scared of us. We broke camp and started back to the house. Before we went home, we stopped to pick up Flo. She was vacationing with her Aunt Louise and Cousins Rusty and Regal. Flo always enjoys visiting but she also likes to go home.


Mom and her parents

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September Fun Times 2006

In September my mom celebrated her 50th birthday, so we had some more visitors from Tucson. My mom's mom and dad was coming to town for the weekend, I was very excited I get to meet my grandpa and my other grandma. While they were in town dad took them to Lake Marble Falls, Lake Georgetown and to dinner. When my parents and grandparents went to dinner Louise met them at the restaurant . After dinner Louise followed dad home so mom could open her presents, I was happy to see everyone come home. Mom had a fantastic 50th birthday and I really enjoyed meeting my grandparents I hope to see them again.