Flo's 2007 September Travels

September Camping Trips 2007

Flo and dad visiting

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LOCATION: Bastrop, Texas     SITE: Bastrop State Park
9/28/06 – 9/30/06     SPACE: 04     TRIPS: 21     DISTANCE: 58 miles


Summer is over, the kids are back in school and now it’s time to go camping again. I’m very excited my parents told me that we are going to go to Bastrop State Park. We tried to get a campsite at Bastrop State Park last year but couldn’t get one. This weekend Bastrop had a few campsites available. Mom and dad were very surprised to found a campsite and now they’re excited.

Bastrop State Park is located right outside of Bastrop Texas. Bastrop State Park is 58 miles southeast from my house. Bastrop State Park has many amenities to offer to people of all ages.

Friday September 28, 2007

The area we are staying at is called Piney Hill, it has 25 spaces and each space has full hookups. There is a hiking trail at the end of the camping area called Piney Hill Spur. The hiking trail is located right next to space 10. We arrived at Bastrop State Park about 4:00 p.m. dad checked in at the office. Our camping space is 4 and gorgeous with all the tall pine trees. Mom and dad setup camp while I explored around our campsite. After my parents finished setting up camp, we walked around the camping area to get familiar with our surroundings. We returned to our campsite afterwards and mom barbequed some bacon for dinner. While my parents ate bacon sandwiches I ate my special food.

When we finished dinner my parents decided to take me for another walk before it got dark. We walked down to the group barracks, where I saw some children playing and their parents visiting with each other. Behind the barracks there is a hiking trail called Pine Warbler. Right next to the barracks are some cabins you can reserve to stay in. At the playground there were more children playing on the slide and swings. I was very exciting to see all the children playing and having fun with each other. I wanted to play with them but I couldn’t dad said there was too many people. Now it’s time to go back to the Minnie because it’s starting to get dark. I need to rest because tomorrow I will be going on a hike.         

Saturday September 29, 2007

My parents woke up about 7:30 a.m. and I was waiting for them to get out of bed so we could go for a hike. Mom got out of bed and took me for a walk around our campground before breakfast. While mom and I were walking I met two dogs. One dog was very friendly she came over to us to play with us but her brother wasn’t as friendly he just stood there and barked at me. Their mom came out and told mom that he isn’t as brave as he pretends. I finished visiting and started to walk back towards the Minnie when I met a beagle dog. He really liked me but when mom tried to pet him he backed away. His mom told mom that he doesn’t trust people but he really likes other dogs. When mom and I got back to the Minnie dad was up and we all ate breakfast.

After breakfast we went on a 6 mile hike. The hike started in Piney Hill Campground at Piney Hill Spur Trail and ends up back at Piney Hill Campground. The hiking trials run through the pine trees which makes the trails nice to hike because of the needles on the trails. The pine trees also keep you cool while you hike. The first trail I hiked with my parents was Piney Hill Spur Trail it starts at our campground (Piney Hill) and runs through two other campgrounds (Creekside and Copperas Creek). These campgrounds are a lot busier than our campground. When I hiked with my parents through these two campgrounds I saw a lot of people and dogs. Most of the campers had tents to sleep in. I was glad I was staying where we were because it looked like the sites were smaller and people were on top of each other. As we hiked the trail in the campgrounds people were starting to get up and making breakfast. At the end of Copperas Creek Campground there is a cool bridge you have to cross to get to the main hiking trail (Lost Pines). The bridge leads to the parking lot and one of the main roads 1A. On the other side of the road is where Lost Pines Trail begins. When we reached the road I met a young dog and his master. The puppy was scared of me and wanted to get away from me. His master said that she didn’t understand why he was acting that way because he really liked other dogs. We crossed the road to continue our hike right before you get to the Lost Pines Trail there is a Scout Camping Area. You hike a little farther you reach a sign to the trail where you can go two ways (orange trail Roosevelt’s Cutoff or purple trail Lost Pines Trail). While we were at the sign deciding which way to go the puppy came buy this time his wasn’t scared we introduced ourselves to each other and than he went one way and we went the other way. We decided to hike the Roosevelt’s Cutoff. We hadn’t hiked that far on the trail when we saw a small tent right off the trail and there was a cool looking rock wall right behind the tent. As you hike the trail you will see a small pond called Toad Pond. At the end of Roosevelt’s Cutoff Trail you will meet up with Lost Pines Trail. Once again you have to make a decision on which way to go you can either go to the Primitive Camping and Hiking Area or Lost Pines Overlook. We decided to hike the primitive area but before we continued our hike we decided to rest. As we were resting on a bench we saw some hikers and one of them said hi to me. I really enjoyed that. After our rest we hiked down to Harmon Road. While we were hiking to Harmon Road I met a lady jogging and I decided to join her but that didn’t last long because I had to get back to my parents. When we reached Harmon Road we turned down the road to head back to our campsite. As we hiked I explored in the trees and along the edge of the roads. We cross over bridges, met people hiking and jogging and we met people and their dogs during our hike. Every time I met a new friend I would introduce myself and my parents would talk to their parents. At the very end of our hike there was family with a dog but I was too tired to play with the two girls or the dog. When we got back to our campground my neighbor came to say hi but I was way too tired to even say hi. When we got back to our site my parents sat in their chairs to rest and I wanted to go in the Minnie to rest because I was hot and tired. The air conditioner was on in the Minnie and I knew it would be cooler so mom let me in the Minnie. After we rested mom barbequed hamburgers for lunch. The rest of the day we stayed around the site because it was hot and humid.                       


Sunday September 30, 2007

I woke my parents up about 7:30 a.m. Mom got out of bed to take me for a walk before breakfast. We walked around our campground and I visit with my new friends I met yesterday. When we returned to the Minnie dad was waiting for us and we all ate breakfast. After breakfast we went on a 5 mile hike. Today we’re going to go hiking to the Lost Pine Overlook. We started our hike like we did the day before. We started our hike at Piney Hill Spur through Creekside and Copperas Creek. When we were at Creekside I met a beautiful black dog I saw him the day before but I really didn’t meet him. Today I introduced myself to him and he was very excited to meet me. While we played mom and dad talked to his master. I had a great time playing with my new friend but now it’s time to go hiking. We hiked back down Lost Pines Trail and took the Roosevelt’s Cutoff towards Lost Pines Overview. When we started down the trail to get to the overlook we met a couple of Labradors and their masters. One Labrador was a yellow lab like me and her sister was a black one. I really wanted to play with them but we were all on leashes so we couldn’t. By the time we got to the overlook we were tired so my parents sat on a bench and I laid on the ground to rest. While we were resting we saw a family at the Overlook and dad was teaching the kids how to use binocular. After we were rested we continued our hike down the Lost Pines Overlook Trail. It was a beautiful hike over bridges through the trees. Along the trail we saw some old water faucets, the faucets aren’t being used any more but they were neat to look at. Towards the end of the hike there are stairs you have to hike up. While mom and dad took the stairs I decided it was easier to walk on the side of the hill. After we finished our hike we went back to our campground and rested before we broke camp to head back home. I am so tired I think I will sleep all the way home.              

September Hikes 2007

Williamson County Regional Park

Flo playing with her new friends

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LOCATION: Cedar Park, Texas     SITE: Williamson County Regional Park       DATE: 9/3/07    DISTANCE: 17  miles

On Labor Day, my parents took me on a hike to Williamson County Regional Park. It was a beautiful day for a hike because it wasn’t too hot but it was a little humid. We started our hike about 8:00 a.m. we hiked about an hour. During our hike I met new friends with their families. The first family had a mom, a girl, a boy and two dogs. The two dogs were Jack Russell Terries. I wanted to play with them but their mom said that one of the dogs didn’t like Labs. The reason was because when he was younger he was put in a kennel with a big lab and he didn’t like that, so now he doesn’t get a long with any lab. The dog that doesn’t like labs started to bark and his mom was having a little trouble calming him down, so my parents decided to continue our hike and leave the dogs alone. I did some exploring in the trees and along the trail. When we arrived at the part of the hike where we usually see a pond it was gone that was a surprise. I guess it’s because we had not had any rain for awhile. We hiked a little farther and than turn around to go back when I met some more new friend. A nice lady had three dogs, one was a Lab, another one was a young Pit Bull and the third one I wasn’t sure what it was. I was very excited maybe I can play with the dogs. But once again one of the dogs wasn’t friendly. The dog that wasn’t that friendly was the young Pit Bull. The lady said she only had the Pit Bull for a few days and she was working with him so he would get alone with other dogs besides the one he leave with. We said good-bye and continued our hike back to the truck. We were almost finished with our hike when we met a couple of hikers like us and another lady with two dogs. Both dogs were young dogs and very friendly and their mom let me play with them. One of the dogs was Dachshund and I wasn’t sure what the other one was but he was cute. While I played with my new friends my parents talked with their mom. My dad warned their mom that it was starting to get a little busy and to be careful. I had a great time playing with my new friends now it’s time to go home. When we got back to the truck I was very tired so I slept all the way home.     

   Canyonland Trails of Lakeway

Welcome Sign to the Canyonlands Trails

LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Canyonland Trails of Lakeway    DATE: 9/15//07    DISTANCE: 8 miles

Today, my parents took me to Lakeway for a hike at the Canyonlands Trails. While dad was driving towards the trails I saw two deer, I really wanted to play so I cried for them but I couldn’t play because we were still moving. I finally calmed down by the time we got to the trails. We arrived at the trails about 8:00 a.m. My parents wanted to arrive as early as possible before it got too hot. As we were getting out of the truck we noticed that the swimming pool was starting to get busy. My parents told me that the reason why it was getting busy was because they were probably having a swimming meet. The trail we hiked today was the loop, the loop was about a mile round trip. While we were hiking we hiked over a bridge, through the trees and up and down small hills. As you hike the trail you can hear the creek flowing. We were almost finished with our hike when I met two German Shorthaired Pointers. It was great because they were very friendly so we played and their mom paid attention to me. I liked that a lot. The Pointers continued their hike and I so did I. We were going to hike the trails we usually do but dad didn’t want to disturb the other hikers so we decided to go home. Even though the hike wasn’t too long I still was tired and hot so I slept all the way home.

In the afternoon I had visitors. The vistors I had were JB and his parents Paul and Roberta. I was very excited to see JB now I have a buddy to play with. While my parents visit with JB's parents JB and I played. JB and his parents didn't stay too long but I still had a fantastic time. I can hardly wait to see JB again.   

Canyonland Trails of Lakeway

Here I come

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Canyonland Trails of Lakeway    DATE: 9/22//07    DISTANCE: 8 miles

Today we are back at the Canyonlands Trails of Lakeway because they are very close to where we live. I didn't see any deer today in Lakeway but I did see a lot of people jogging along a trail that runs through the main entrance of Lakeway. If you use this trail it is very safe because it's located in a the medium where cars can't run over you. When we arrived at the Canyonlands Trails there was no one there so there was plenty of places to park. My mom and dad decided to hike the longer trail because last week we hiked the shorter trail. I had a great hike today. We hiked up and down the canyons and crossed a few bridges. The creek was flowing very nicely. Dad knew I would go for a little swim in the creek so he put my leash on because the creek didn't look too good in fact it looked very nausty and didn't smell too good. We hiked farther down the trail and dad let me off leash so I could explore. We were starting to cross over another bridge and this time I couldn't resist the creek. So I jumped off the bridge and went wading in the creek. My parents let me do it this time because it was ceaner and didn't smell. I had a great time playing in the water now I need to finish up my hike. WHen we arrived back at the truck another car was parked next to us but we didn't see anyone in it. SO we loaded up in the truck and started towards the house.  

September Fun Stuff 2007

Lake Travis Homeowner Park

FLo walking on the dock

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas     SITE: Homeowner’s Park     DATE:  September 2007

It's September, school has started and the homeowner's park is very quiet. Lake Travis is going down but the water temperature is still warm. I love people and other dogs but sometimes I just like being at the lake with my mom. Today is a georgeous day and Lake Travis is very calm. WHile mom was at the dumpster get rid of our trash I went looking for my friends Zena and SAS but I couldn't find them. I guess they were in their homes. When mom finished dumping the trash we walked around the park. This is my favorite part because I can explore, swim and chase some ducks. The very first thing I always do when I walk with my mom is to check out every tree. When I finished this I see the lake so I run as fast as I can to go for a swim. During my swim I explore the weeds in the lake for fish and I look for ducks swimming. After I swim for awhile I need a little rest so I climb up on a ramp that leads to the docks. While I on the dock I go to each side of the dock to see if I can find any ducks, I sometimes check out each slip to see if I can see any fish swimming. Checking out the dock is a lot of fun because when I do see some ducks I run off the dock, jump into the lake and start swimming after the ducks. When I'm very close to the ducks I barkand the ducks fly away, than I turn around and swim back to mom on the bank. When I get to the bank I shake off the extra water and continue my walk. Today I did see any ducks but I did go for another swim. After I finished my swim I did some more exploring and played on the playscape's bridge I like running back and forth on it. Now it is time to finish up my walk and head back to the truck because it's a little hot and I'm getting tired. 

Our House

Mom and Flo playing

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LOCATION: August, Texas     SITE: My House House      DATE: 9/23/07

Mom's birthday is in September, so we decided to celebrate it Sunday September 23. Aunt Louise came out about 11:00 a.m. with a cake and mom's presents. My parents and Aunt Louise went to Chili for lunch shortly after her arrival. I was very excited to see them when they returned home. My parents and Aunt Louise visit a little while and than mom opened her presents. One of her presents was a big stuff dog when mom opened up the dog she decided to tease me with it. I really wanted it but I knew it was mom's stuff animal and I couldn't have it. I just let mom tease me with it and occassionally I would try to get it. I had fun just playing with mom. After mom finished opening up her gifts they all had cake. Aunt Louise had brought a cool cake it had five different flavors of cake together. So everyone could have their favorite flavor of cake. My parents and Aunt Louise visit a little while longer than Aunt Louise left to go home to my cousins Rusty and Regal. Mom had a great birthday and I had fun playing with her new stuff dog.