Flo's 2008 September Travels

September Boating Adventures 2008

Dad sunning on Lake Travis

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Camp Pedernales    DATE: 09/05/08 - 09/06/08    DISTANCE: 26 miles

Friday September 5, 2008

After dinner mom and dad took me to the homeowners’ park so I could go swimming. It was a beautiful evening with a nice breeze so people were sailing on the lake. We were the only ones at the park. I didn’t even see any of my friends. Mom and dad sat at a picnic table and I went exploring around the park and down by the lake. I like exploring by myself because it gives me an opportunity to be independent of mom and dad. Mom always worries about me when she doesn’t me for awhile but dad tells her not to worry that I would come back after I finish exploring. Dad is right I always do come back to them. During my exploring I take my time smelling different things and go swimming in the lake. After I finish exploring and swimming I went back to mom and dad. I was tired so mom and dad decided to take me home.         

Saturday September 6, 2008

In the morning mom and dad trailered the boat to
Camp Pedernales. Once the boat was put in the water dad drove it to the Y. Mom and dad rode around the Colorado River side of Lake Travis. Dad drove the boat all the way down to Muleshoe Bend Park. When mom and dad arrived at the park they decided to float until the temperature warmed up. While they were floating they saw people camping, birds eating and a couple of water skiers. Mom and dad thought it was a little cool to be skiing. After watching the water skiers for awhile dad started back to the Y. Mom and dad were almost back to the Y when they decided it was warming up to go swimming. After they swam they did a little sunning before they came home to me.

In the evening mom and dad took me to the homeowners’ park so I could go swimming. I was very excited because there were a lot of people at the park. Mom and dad sat on the picnic table and I went down to where everyone else was. I met a couple of dogs, some homeowners and their children. I played and swam with the children. Mom thought I was being a pest so she came to get me but the homeowners told her I wasn’t. I continued to play with the children while mom visits with one of ladies. When the sun started to go down everyone started to get ready to go home. While they were getting ready mom took me back to dad. After everyone left mom and dad took me home. I was very tired when I got home but I had a great time playing with everyone.      

Our boat at Lake Belton

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Lake Belton    DATE: 09/20/08    DISTANCE: 70 miles

Saturday September 20, 2008

Mom and dad trailered the boat to Belton Lake. They have been planning to go to Belton Lake all summer and never got around to it. Dad told mom if we’re going to go to Belton Lake this year lets do it today because it’s starting to cool off. Mom and dad loaded up the boat to go to Belton. Mom put a Kong together for me and than they headed for Belton Lake.

Dad launched the boat at Roger’s Park. Roger’s Park is open 24 hours and free. The boat ramp has two lanes and very well protected from the wind. Mom likes the idea that the cove is protected from the wind because that way she could put the boat on the trailer easier. After dad launched the boat he parked the truck and met mom at the dock. Once he was in the boat they drove around the lake waiting for the air temperature to warm up.

It was a beautiful day and the lake was very smooth almost like glass. Mom and dad drove the boat to the Fort Hood Recreational Area. On the way to Fort Hood Recreational Area mom and dad saw fishermen fishing. They drove by the beach area at Temple’s Lake Park but they didn’t see anyone there. Across the lake from Temple’s Lake Park there is a plant of some had that has a waterfall. Mom asked dad to go by the waterfall so she could take pictures. Right next to the waterfall area Miller Spring Park is located. After mom took pictures they continued towards Fort Hood Recreational Area. When they arrived at Fort Hood Recreational Area they noticed that there was an advent going on. Dad turned off the boat and they sat there watching the advent. There were tents setup and people were running a course. While people were running there was areas setup for the runners to get water. Mom and dad enjoyed watching the people running and floating in the boat. It was starting to warm up a little so mom and dad decided to continue the adventure on the lake.

After leaving Fort Hood Recreational Are they drove all the way to Iron Bridge. There are a few parks by the bridge where you can camp. One of the parks by the bridge is a state park (Mother Neff). This park is a primitive park. When mom and dad arrived at the bridge they saw people fishing, camping, swimming and waterskiing behind a jet ski. After mom and dad watched the jet skier they drove the boat towards Cedar Ridge Park. Before they got to Cedar Ridge Park they stopped so they could go swimming.

After their swim they went to Cedar Ridge Park where they a few children playing with their pup in the water while their moms sunbathed. They drove around Cedar Ridge Park and saw campers in tents and RVs. People were getting ready to go fishing and do some water sports on the lake. When they got back to Roger’s Park dad said we came all the way to Belton Lake and we didn’t do any watersports it would be a shame to leave without doing anything. So they decided to air chair. When the finished air chairing they pulled the boat out, wiped the boat down and headed towards the house.         

 I was very happy to see them so I ran down the driveway to meet them. After mom and dad put the boat in the garage dad took me for a little ride. Dad just drives down the driveway, turns around and puts the truck in the garage but I’m satisfied with the ride.


September Hiking Adventures 2008

Flo hiking at Canyonlands Trail

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: Canyonlands Trails at Lakeway    DATE: 09/27/08    DISTANCE: 8 miles

Saturday September 27, 2008

Mom and dad didn’t go to the lake this morning instead they decided to spend the day with me. I was glad they did. In morning mom and dad took me on a hike at the Canyonlands Trails of Lakeway. It was a little humid and we hadn’t hiked for awhile so we only hiked the lower loop trail. The hike was for about a mile and for 45 minutes we were going to hike longer but it was starting to get hot and I was getting tired. It was a gorgeous hike through the trees. During the hike I did a lot of exploring we didn’t see anyone on the trail. I was a little disappointed because I didn’t meet anyone or meet any new friends on the trail. But I soon got over my disappointment because when we were heading back to the truck down the trail I met a couple of people just starting their hike. I also met a couple of dogs. The first dog was a male poodle. His master wasn’t sure if he would get along with me but once he found out I was female he said his dog would be good with me. The poodle and I checked each other out and then continued our hike. The next dog was a small brown dog I’m not sure what type she was but she was beautiful. We got along real well. While we were saying hi my parents and her master talked. After our little visit mom, dad and I finished our hike. When we got back to the truck more people were walking around Lakeway. I had a great time hiking at Canyonlands Trails of Lakeway but I’m hot and tired. I’m going to go home and get rested up for my next adventure.   



September Fun Stuff 2008

WII Fit Board

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Austin, Texas    SITE: My House    DATE: 09/14/08

Sunday September 14, 2008

Dad bought mom an early birthday gift. The gift was a WII SPORTS and WIIFIT games. Mom and dad both have been playing with the games for the last week. Dad created a WII to look like mom, Aunt Louise and him. Mom and dad enjoy doing the sports games together. The most favorite game they play is bowling. Mom and dad are both getting good at bowling. Mom does the WIIFIT. Mom is doing super on all the fitness games. The WII tells her that she trips when she walks and she needs to work on her balance. Mom has been working hard on her balance she getting better but has a ways to go. Mom is a great sport she is not giving up yet. Dad and I are very proud of her for hanging in there and not giving up. Go mom go keep it up. Dad has been talking to Aunt Louise about the WII games so Aunt Louise decided to come out to the house to see what all the excitement is about. Aunt Louise arrived at the house about 11:00 a.m. I was very excited to see her. While mom was barbequing sausages dad introduced Aunt Louise to the WII games. Aunt Louise was very impressed. Aunt Louise bowled a few games before lunch. After lunch she played more games. Aunt Louise is doing very well at Tennis, Bowling and the Balance games. Way to go Aunt Louise. Aunt Louise left the house about 4:30 p.m. Mom, dad and I had a great time playing games with Aunt Louise. I know she well be back to play again.

Flo playing with Mo

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Monday September 22, 2008

Mom has been so busy working out on the WII that she has not had time to take me to the Homeowners’ Park. Today mom and dad decided to take me down to the park so I could go swimming. Mom and dad went to their favorite picnic table to enjoy looking at the lake and I started my normal routine around the park. I didn’t explore too long when a truck came by with a black lab in the back of it. I was very excited I have a friend to play with. At first I wasn’t sure who own the dog and truck. Mom told me that the dog’s name was Mo. Mo is a six month old lab. His parents are SAS and Major. He is now living with his dad and occasionally he visits his mom. Today his people dad and people brother decided to bring Mo down to the park to play. They were happy I was at the park because I could entertain Mo while they went to the dock to check up on their boat. I didn’t mind at all. Mom took us both down to the lake so we could swim and play. Mo and I explored and swam. While Mo and I were swimming we saw some stumps so we checked them out. Mo is a pup and is more active then I am. He would run around, jump over me and chase after sticks. I tried to keep up with him but I couldn’t. When his masters came back from the dock I was exhausted so Mo and I said good-bye. Mom took me back to where dad was and we all went home. When I got home I slept for the rest of the night.

Flo helping mom open her gifts       

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LOCATION: Austin, Texas    SITE: My House    DATE: 09/24/08

Wednesday September 24, 2008

Mom’s birthday is September 25 but Aunt Louise had to work that day so she came out to our house to celebrate mom’s birthday a day. Aunt Louise came out to our house about 3:00 pm. Mom, dad and Aunt Louise played with the WII. They bowled three games and played a few sets of tennis. When mom, dad and Aunt Louise finished playing with the WII they had dinner. For dinner they had hamburgers and chips. Mom fed me my special food. After dinner mom opened her birthday presents. She got some cool presents and I helped her open them. The presents she received were a yoyo, number and word books, Fiddle Faddle, a bag of candy and she got a great food basket from Grandma. After all the presents were open it was time for dessert. Aunt Louise had bought a chocolate crème cake and ice cream so they had a great dessert. After dessert Aunt Louise went home to Rusty and Regal.